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Bharti Airtel is one of the largest telecom service providers in India, with 403 million active users. The company serves in 20 countries in Asia and Africa and has 22 telecom circles in India. It provides the 2G, 3G and 4G services across the nation. With the advent of new technology, Airtel is among the forerunner in the 5G network in India. It offers mobile commerce services, high-speed broadband, Airtel Net Pack and Airtel DTH services. 

Among all the services mentioned above, Airtel is best known for its internet services, including 3G and 4G services. If you are looking for excellent internet connectivity at affordable cost and plenty of benefits, then you are in the right place. This blog has listed all Airtel net pack offers with validity, data you get, and recharge cost. All the mentioned plans are only for prepaid users; if you want to convert postpaid to prepaid, Airtel allows the users to do that. So, go through the plans and enjoy the high-speed net connection. 

List of Common Airtel Net Packs

In the list below, we have curated the most commonly used Airtel Data Recharge option by the active users. All the mentioned plans come with unlimited local and national calls with 100-300 SMS, free access to Wynk Music, and Airtel Xstream. Go through the list and pick the recharge options best suited for your needs.

Recharge Cost ValidityDataTotal Data
Rs.14928 Days2GB/day56 GB
Rs.17928 Days2GB/day56 GB
Rs.21928 Days1 GB/day28 GB
Rs.24928 Days1.5 GB/day42 GB
Rs.29828 Days2 GB/day56 GB
Rs.39828 Days3 GB/day84 GB
Rs.39956 Days1.5 GB/day84 GB
Rs.44956 Days2 GB/day112 GB
Rs.55856 Days3 GB/day168 GB
Rs.37984 Days6 GB
Rs.59884 Days1.5GB/day126 GB
Rs.69884 Days2GB/day168 GB

1GB/ day Airtel Net Pack Recharge

Airtel has one option for 1 GB of daily data usage. The recharge cost covers unlimited calling, daily 100 SMS, free access to Airtel Xstream, Wynk along with daily 1 GB data renewal.

Recharge Cost  ValidityTotal DataBenefits
Rs.21928 days28 GB• Unlimited Calling
• 100 SMS per day
• Airtel Xstream free subscription
• Wynk Music free access

1.5GB/ day Airtel Net Plans

There are three options for 1.5 GB of daily data usage. If you exhaust the data, wait for midnight to get another 1.5 GB credited in your data account. Airtel also gives plenty of benefits to its users, as listed below. 

Recharge Cost  ValidityTotal DataBenefits
Rs.249  28 Days42 GBUnlimited Calling
100 SMS per day
Airtel Xstream free subscription
Rs.39956 Days84 GBUnlimited Calling
100 SMS per day
Airtel Xstream free subscription
Rs.598  84 days126 GBUnlimited Calling
100 SMS per day
Airtel Xstream free subscription

2GB/ day Airtel Internet Pack Offers

There are four recharge options for Airtel net pack. You can go through the table below and get your number recharged with best-suited options. However, these plans may not be useful for your dongle. In that case, look for specific Dongle Plans.

Recharge CostValidityTotal DataBenefits
Rs.29828 Days56 GB• Unlimited Calling
• 100 SMS per day
Rs.34928 Days56 GB• Unlimited Calling
• 100 SMS per day
• Amazon Prime free subscription
Rs.44956 Days112 GB• Unlimited Calling
• 100 SMS per day
Rs.69884 days168 GB• Unlimited Calling
• 300 SMS

3GB/ day Airtel Data Recharge Plans  

Airtel gives two options for 3GB daily internet usage. We have also mentioned the total data you would be getting until the validity ends. Many times we wonder how much data have we already consumed. If this is the case with you, check the Airtel USSD code to get all the important information on your mobile.

Recharge CostValidityTotal DataBenefits
Rs. 398 28 days84 GB• Unlimited Calling • 100 SMS per day • Airtel Xstream free subscription  
Rs. 558 56 Days164 GB• Unlimited Calling • 100 SMS per day • Airtel Xstream free subscription

Long-term Prepaid Airtel Net Packs

Airtel Data Pack also allows users to opt for long term prepaid plans. In this season of Work from home, we need consistent and stable internet connectivity. Airtel knows your need, and the following data plans will satisfy your data demands. 

PriceValidityTotal DataBenefits
Rs. 1498365 Days24 GBUnlimited Calling100 SMS per dayAirtel Xstream free subscriptionFree hello tunesWynk music
Rs. 2398365 Days5475 GBUnlimited Calling100 SMS per day Airtel Xstream free subscriptionFree hello tunesWynk music

Airtel 4G Net Pack

Airtel high-speed 4G network comes in a range of recharge costs. The table below shows Airtel net pack options with validity, while some can be used as additional data on already active plans. If you are using Airtel hotspot devices for the internet, then go through Airtel hotspot plans as well.

Airtel 4G Data Plan CostDataValidity
Rs.483GB28 Days
Rs.9812GBAdd-on plan
Rs.25150 GBAdd-on plan
Rs.4013GB/Day28 Days

Airtel Data Packs

When the telecom companies are in the rat race for getting more users, the benefits lie in the court of users. Airtel gives many additional benefits with every recharge. There are specific Airtel data plans, SMS packs, and unlimited call plans. Following is the list of internet packs that come with total internet data rather than data per day.

Recharge CostValidityTotal DataBenefits
Rs.192 days200 MBUnlimited calls
Rs.12924 days1 GBUnlimited calls300 SMS
Rs.14928 days2 GBUnlimited calls300 SMS
Rs.19924 days24 GBUnlimited calls100 SMS
Rs.17928 days2GBUnlimited calls 300 SMS
Rs.27928 days42 GBUnlimited calls100 SMS  
Rs.28928 days28 GBUnlimited calls100 SMSZee5 membership
Rs.34928 days56 GBUnlimited calls100 SMS
Rs.39828 days84 GBUnlimited calls100 SMS
Rs.37984 days6 GBUnlimited calls900 SMS
Rs.1,498365 days24 GBUnlimited calls3600 SMS  


Airtel is the second-largest telecom service provider. There are millions of users with different internet needs. Therefore, Airtel has all kinds of recharge plans to cater to its users. If you need a two-day internet pack, 3 GB/day net data, net validity of 84 days, Airtel has it all. You can get your number recharged with the Airtel net pack which suits you the best. In this blog, we have listed the Airtel recharge plans according to 1 GB/day, 1.5 GB/day, 3 GB/day, long-term data, 4G net packs, and other data packs. These segregated lists will give you a clear picture of what you are actually paying for. So, go through the list carefully before you choose your Airtel internet pack. However, if you have any issue with the recharge process of invalid data consumption statics, you can reach Airtel Customer care for assistance and support.

FAQs for Airtel Net Pack

1. How can I get 1 GB per day on Airtel?

Airtel gives the recharge option of Rs.219 for 1 GB/day. This comes with the pack validity of 28 days, unlimited calling, free subscription of Airtel Xstream and Wynk Music.

2. How to check the validity of Airtel Net Pack?

You can use the Airtel USSD code to check your validity instantly. The important information of active plans can be checked on Airtel Thank You App and through the website as well.

3. Which is the best data plan with 2GB data per day?

You have four recharge options for 2GB/day data. Recharge with Rs.298, which gives you 2 GB daily data, unlimited calling, and an SMS pack. If you recharge with Rs.449, you get the same benefits for 56 days. There are two more options under this section, so go through the list above.

4. How to get an additional 50 GB in Airtel?

You can recharge with Rs.251 to get 50 GB data instantly. However, it is only for the users who have any 4G active plans.

5. How much is for Airtel yearly data plan?

Airtel offers two options for yearly plans. One is great for heavy internet users, while the other is good for the basic internet user. If you recharge with Rs.2398, you will get 5475 GB in total, along with other benefits. If you recharge with Rs.1498, you get 2 GB/month, 24 GB in total, with other benefits. For more information, go through the table above.

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