BSNL Prepaid Plans

BSNL Telecom Company is one of the oldest state-run telecom network operators in the country. Even amid tough competition from rival companies, it is standing firm. BSNL offers great recharge plans, including voice calls, data packs, and SMS packs. In this blog, we have listed the best BSNL Prepaid plans for 2021. You can know the prepaid recharge plans, validity, and price at one place.

List of BSNL Prepaid Plans Recharge

Best Unlimited Calling Prepaid Plan 2021

BSNL offers unlimited calling prepaid plans, including benefits of unlimited calls to any network, local or STD.

Unlimited Recharge PlanBSNL ValidityPriceBenefits
Per Second 10860 daysRs.108Unlimited calls 1GB/day 500 SMS
Patanjali SIM (For Members)30/180 /365 daysRs.144/792/1584Unlimited calls  2GB/day 100 SMS/day
BSNL 153 Plan180 daysRs.153Unlimited calls 1GB/day 100 SMS/day
186 Plan BSNL180 daysRs.186Unlimited Calls 2GB/day 100 SMS/day
365 Plan BSNL365 daysRs.365Unlimited calls  2GB/day 100 SMS/day
BSNL 997 Plan180 daysRs.997Unlimited calls 3GB/day 100 SMS/day Sony Liv Free Caller Tune
BSNL Rs 599 Work From Home PlanN/ARs.599Unlimited calls 5 GB data
BSNL 1,999 Plan365 daysRs.1,999Unlimited calls 3GB/day FUP 100 SMS/day Free Caller Tune
BSNL 2,399 Plan600 daysRs.2,399Unlimited Voice calls 100SMS daily Free Tune

Basic BSNL Prepaid Combo Plans

BSNL offers prepaid combo plans, which include unlimited calls, daily data, and SMS packs.

Recharge PlanValidityPriceBenefits
Digital India81daysRs.429Free calls 1GB/day data  100 SMS/day
485 Plan90 daysRs.485Free Calls  1.5GB/day 100 SMS/day
Sixer134daysRs.666Free calls 1.5GB/day 100 free SMS
Plan 699160 daysRs.699Free Voice 100SMS/day
Maha Dhamaka300 daysRs.1,699Free calls Unlimited data 100 free SMS/day
BSNL SMS Pack 137 DaysRs.13130 SMS

BSNL Talktime Plans

When you recharge your number with a certain amount, you can use it until it is consumed.

Recharge PlanValidityPrice
BSNL 110Till talktime  is consumed Rs.110
BSNL 220Till talktime  is consumed Rs.220
BSNL 500Till talktime  is consumed Rs.500
BSNL 2,220Till talktime  is consumed Rs.2,200
BSNL 2,500Till talktime is  consumed Rs.2,500
BSNL 10Till talktime  is consumed Rs.10

BSNL Prepaid Recharge

You can recharge your BSNL Prepaid according to desired validly or benefits.

STV5614 daysRs.56Not Applicable
STV18728 daysRs.187Unlimited calls  100 SMS
STV15130 daysRs.151
STV25130 daysRs.251
STV 599 (Work from Home)90 daysRs.599Unlimited calls 100 SMS/day
Plan 15328 daysRs.153unlimited calls  100 SMS/day
Plan 36560 daysRs.365Unlimited calls  100 SMS/day
Digital India STV 42981 daysRs.429Unlimited calls 100 SMS per day
Plan48590 daysRs.485Unlimited calls 100 SMS per day
Plan666122 daysRs.666Unlimited calls 100 SMS per day
Plan 699160 daysRs.699Unlimited calls 100 SMS/day
Plan 997180 daysRs.997Unlimited calls 100 SMS/day
STV109884 daysRs.1098Free voice calls 100 SMS/day
BSNL 1999365 daysRs.1999Unlimited calls 100 SMS/day

Best BSNL Prepaid Plans for Karnataka

All the plans mentioned below are specific to BSNL Karnataka. 

Plan 15390 daysRs.153Local/Std Calls 1.5 GB data/day
Plan 18628 daysRs.186250Mins/day Free Voice Calls  3GB/day   100SMS/day for 28days
Plan 365365 daysRs.365Unlimited Voice Calls ( 250 Mins/day) 2GB data/day 100 SMS/day
Digital India81 daysRs.429Local Std Calls (250 Mins/day)  1GB data/day  100SMS/day
Plan 48590 daysRs.485Unlimited calls ( 250 Minutes/day) 1.5GB/day 100SMS/day for 90days
Sixer134 daysRs.666Unlimited calls  1.5GB/day  100SMS/day for 134 days
997180 daysRs.997Local/std Voice Calls ( 250 Mins/day)  3GB data /day
999240 daysRs.999250Minutes/day
Plan 1999365 daysRs.1999Free Voice Calls (250 Minutes/day)  3GB/day 100SMS/day Unlimited Caller Tunes
Plan 2399600 daysRs.2399Free Voice Calls 100 SMS/day Unlimited Caller Tunes

BSNL Prepaid Plans for Kerala

All the plans mentioned below are specific to BSNL Kerala. 

Mithra Plus90 daysRs.109250Mins/day Local STD Voice Calls  5GB Data for 20 days
Plan 15390 daysRs.153Unlimited calls(250Minutes/day)  1GB data/day 100SMS/day Free Caller Tune for 28days
Plan 186180 daysRs.186Free calls(250Mins/day) 2GB/day  100SMS/day
Plan365365 daysRs.365Free Voice Calls 2GBdata/day 100SMS/day Unlimited Songs Change for 60 days
Kerala Plan75 daysRs.446250Mins/day (Local/Std Voice Calls) 1GB/day   100SMS/day for 81days
Plan 485180 daysRs.485Free any network (250Minutes/day) 1GB data/day 100SMS/day for 90days
Sixer120 daysRs.666Unlimited Voice calls (250Minutes/day) 2GB/day  100SMS/day for 134 days
Plan 997180 daysRs.997Local/Std National Roaming Calls (250Minutes/day) 3GB
data/day 100SMS/day
Plan 99920 daysRs.999250Minutes/day Unlimited Song Change
Plan 1999429 daysRs.1999Unlimited Local/STD Voice Calls (250Minutes/day) 3GB/day Free Caller Tune Option  EROS NOW
Plan 2399600 daysRs.2399Free Voice Calls 100 SMS/day Unlimited Caller Tunes for 60 days Only

Best BSNL Prepaid Plans for Gujarat

All the plans mentioned below are specific to BSNL Gujarat. 

Recharge PlanValidityPriceBenefits
Plan 15390 daysRs.153Unlimited Voice calls
(250Min/day) 1GB data/day 100SMS/day for 28days  free caller tune for 28 days
Plan 18628 daysRs.186250 Minutes Free Voice calls 2GB data/day 100SMS/day 
Plan 365365 daysRs.365Local/Std Voice Calls (250 minutes/day)  2GB/day  100SMS/day  unlimited song change for 60 days
Digital India81 daysRs.429Free Voice calls (250Mins/day) 1GB data/day  100SMS/day
Plan 48590 daysRs.485250 Mints Unlimited any network (Local/STD) 1.5GB Data/day 100SMS/day
Sixer134 daysRs.666Unlimited Local/Std Voice Calls
(250 Minutes/day) 2GB/day 100SMS/day
Plan 997180 daysRs.997Local/std Voice Calls 3GB data/day 100SMS/day Free Caller Tune for 2 months
Plan 999 #240 daysRs.999(250 mints/day) free voice calls (Local/STD) Unlimited Songs Change for 2 Months
Plan 1999439 daysRs.1999250Minutes/day free Voice Calls 3GB data/ day + Free Caller Tunes EROS NOW Entertainment Service for 2 Months
Plan 23992399 daysRs.2399Unlimited Free Voice Calls Free 100SMS/day Unlimited Caller Tunes

BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans for Tamil Nadu

All the plans mentioned below are specific to BSNL Tamil Nadu. 

Recharge PlanValidityPriceBenefits
Vasantham Gold90 daysRs.96Unlimited calls 100SMS /day for 21 days
FRC 10860 daysRs.108250 Mins/day any network 1GB/day
Plan 15390 daysRs.153Free Voice Calls
(250Minutes/day) 1GB data/day 100SMS/day Unlimited Songs Change Option
Plan 18628 daysRs.186Local/Std (250Mins/day) Voice calls+ 2GB/day 100SMS/day for 28days
Plan365365 daysRs.365Free Local/Std Voice Calls (250Minutes/day) 2GB/day 100SMS/day Unlimited Caller Tunes
Digital India81 daysRs.429250Mins/day (Local/Std
Voice calls) 1GB data/day 100SMS/day for 81days
Plan 48590 daysRs.485Free Voice Calls
( Local/Std) 1.5GB Data/day 100SMS/day for 90days
Sixer134 daysRs.666Unlimited Voice Calls
( 250Mins/day)  2GB/day 100SMS/day for 134 days
Plan 997180 daysRs.997250 Minutes/day  3GB data/day 100MS/day
Plan 999240 daysRs.999Free Voice Std Calls  Unlimited Song Change for 2 Months
Plan 1999429 daysRs.1999Unlimited Voice Calls 3GB data/day 100 SMS/day Free Caller Tune
Plan 2399600 daysRs.2399Free Voice Calls 100 SMS/day Unlimited Caller Tunes
Per Second / Minute180 daysRs.74 / 75Free calls 100SMS/day (Local/Std) 2GB for15 days Unlimited Song Change for 2 months

Best Prepaid Plans for Maharashtra

All the plans mentioned below are specific to BSNL Maharashtra. 

Per Second Plan9074250Mins per day for 24 days 2GB data for 15days Unlimited Caller Tune
Per Minute Plan9075250Mins free calls for 24 days 2GB data for 15days
Plan 15390153Unlimited calls(FUP) 1GB data 100SMS/day for 28days
Plan 18628186Free calls(FUP) 100SMS/da 2GB data/day  100SMS/day  
Digital India81429Unlimited Calls (FUP) ( 250 Mints/day) 1GB data/day 100SMS/day
Plan 48590485250 Minutes Free 1.5GB data/day 100SMS/day
Sixer134666Unlimited Free calls
2GB/day 100SMS/day
Plan 776180776Any Network Voice Calls 1.5 GB data/day  1200SMS
997180997Unlimited Local/Std Voice Calls 3GB data/day 100 SMS/day
240999250 Mins/day  Free voice calls ( Local/Std) Unlimited free caller tunes for 2 Months
PV 15513651551Free Voice calls any network 2GB free data 2400SMS (Local/Std)
Plan 19994291999250 mints/day free voice calls  3GB day/data  100 SMS/day Free Unlimited Song Change Option ( 365 days)
Plan 23996002399Unlimited Voice Calls (250Mins/day) 100SMS/day

BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans for J&K

All the plans mentioned below are specific to BSNL Jammu and Kashmir. 

Plan 15390153Free Local/std Voice Calls 1GB/day 100SMS/day Unlimited Songs Change
Plan 18628186Unlimited Calls 2GB data/day 100 SMS/day for 28 days
Digital India81429Local/std Free Voice Calls 1GB data/day 100 SMS/day
Plan 48590485250 Minutes /day 1.5GB/day 100 SMS/day
Sixer134666Free Voice Calls 2GB/day 100 SMS/day


BSNL serves 120 million people in the country, and if you are one of them, this blog would be beneficial. We have listed the BSNL Prepaid plans, validity, and prices for all the commonly used packages. You can go through the blog to know more. Also, consider looking for BSNL Customer Care Numbers for any assistance.

FAQs for BSNL Prepaid Plans

1. Which is the best plan for BSNL prepaid?

Above is the list of all the BSNL prepaid plans. You can go through it can know which plan suits you the best.

2. What is the BSNL 72 plan?

BSNL 72 is Unlimited Calls recharge plans with the validity of 30 days and costs Rs.72.

3. What is STV balance in BSNL?

STV stands for Special Tariff Voucher, which is offers by BSNL to its prepaid customers.

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