Airtel DTH Plans

Airtel has introduced a number of affordable digital TV recharge plans across the country. With Airtel, you will get the best of the packages, too, at a minimal price. The service providers have different DTH plans for HD and SD channels, respectively. Now you can watch your favorite channels at ease. But, do you know what is the best plan for Airtel DTH? Well, you can pick the best from the list of Airtel DTH plans and save a considerable amount. The packages are curated according to different cities. You can even add additional channels at an affordable price.

Airtel DTH Plans 2023 with Prices & No. of Channels

Andhra Pradesh Regional Pack SD (Telugu)

This is one of the best Airtel DTH plans. This pack starts at the price of Rs. 279; it includes 32 SD channels that range from Telegu channels, Malayalam channels, Hindi news channels, Hindi movie channels, infotainment channels, and sports channels, music channels, and English news channels. Along with this plan, there are 37 free-to-air channels. The validity of these packs stands for one month.

Dabangg Sports HD Pack

This Airtel DTH recharge plan 2023 is priced at Rs. 360 per month. The same plan would cost Rs. 2101 for 6 months, and for 12 months, it would be available at Rs. 3851. The subscribers will get the benefit of all HD channels that include 11 Hindi entertainment channels, 6 music channels, 2 kids channels, 2 lifestyle channels, 7 infotainment channels, 3 Bhojpuri channels, 2 Urdu channels, 2 sports channels,1 Gujrati, Punjabi, Assamese,  channel, 2 English news channels with 220 FTA channels and free DD channels.

Value Sports Lite HD and SD

This Airtel DTH plan is available for both SD and HD channels, respectively. The SD package would cost you Rs. 332 per month, whereas the HD package is priced at 495. Both the package would have 15 Hindi news channels, 2 kids channels, 11hindi movies channels, 6 music channels, 2 lifestyle channels, 7 infotainment channels, 2 Bhojpuri channels, 1 Gujarati channel, 2 English news channels, 1 Assamese channel, 4 sports channels along with free DD channels and 220 FTA Channels.

FTA Airtel DTH Plan 2023

This digital TV recharge plan is priced at 153 per month, and it offers various channels like 7 Hindi ness channels, Punjabi news channels, 6 Hindi movie channels, and music channels, respectively. It also has 14 devotional channels, 1 Urdu channel, 1 lifestyle channel, 6 Bhojpuri channels, 5 Marathi channels, 4 Odia channels,4 Gujarati channels, and 5 Marathi and 4 English news channels.

Mega Pack for HD and SD channels

The SD Megapack is available at the price of 510, and the HD package is available at Rs. 699 per month. Both the packages have similar channels that include 15 Hindi entertainment channels, 17 Hindi movie channels, 15 Hindi news channels, 2 kids channels, 10 infotainment channels, 6 music channels, 2 Urdu channels, 1 lifestyles channel, 1 Punjabi channel, 3 Bhojpuri channels, 1 Marathi channel, 1 English movie channel, 1 English entertainment channel and free DD channels along with FTA channels.

Airtel DTH Recharge Plans 2023 for All Cities – Complete List

Now you can enjoy your favorite Airtel DTH channels at the best package within your city. Airtel has come up with an array of Airtel DTH recharge plans for cities like Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and many more, to name. These packages are available at affordable prices.

Top Airtel Digital TV Recharge Plans

Name Of The PackPrice (In Rs)Number Of Channels Available
Airtel Black AP Sports and Kids Pack500.3/month116
Airtel Black AP sports pack413/month84
NESA GOLD254/month232
NESA GOLD HD309/month254
NESA Super216/month188
NESA Super HD258/month184
Uttam UDP847 for 180 days74
Uttam UDP HD847 for 180 days74
Uttam UDP HD Pack1407/year74
Uttam UDP Pack1407/year74
Uttam UDP NESA1508/year138
Uttam UDP NESA HD1508/year138

Airtel DTH Plans for Karnataka

Name Of The Recharge PlanPrice (In Rs)Number Of Channels Available
Airtel Black Bangalore Sports and Kids pack500.3/month97
Airtel Black Bangalore Sports pack41385
Kannada Gold259/month182
Kannada Gold HD316/month176
Kannada Mega HD590/month145
Kannada Super231/month162
Kannada Super HD266/month134
Kannada Telugu Gold318/month220
Kannada Telugu Superstar Pack2048 for 180 days98
Kannada Value HD413/month110
Kannada Value Lite354/month110
Kar Tel Corridor Pack1944 for 180 days106
Karnataka HD Pack1713 for 180 days67
Karnataka Mega HD Pack3424 for 180 days286
Karnataka Mega HD Pack New6947/year286
Karnataka Mega Pack5263/year411
Karnataka Mega HD Pack_New619/month145
Karnataka Mega SD Pack_New478/month139
Karnataka Plus Pack778 for 90 days216
Karnataka Sports plus Hindi  Pack_New1956 for 180 days111
New Karnataka HD Pack_New314/month67
New Karnataka SD plus Pack_New280/month72

Airtel DTH Plans for Kerala

Name Of The Recharge PlanPrice (In Rs)Number Of Channels Available
Airtel Black Malyalam sports and Kids pack500.3/month117
Airtel Black Malyalam sports pack413/month91
KER BB Freedom Sports & Kids plus HD Pack5082/year122
Ker Regional HD Lite Pack1477 for 180 days74
Ker ThiruOnam Plan1501 for 180 days88
Kerala Pack1268 for 180 days174
Kerala HD Pack1576 for 180 days116
Kerala Mega  Pack2447 for 180 days348
Kerala Mega HD Pack2891 for 180 days363
Kerala Mega SD Pack_New525/month119
Kerala Superstar Hindi  HD pack_New444/month71
Kerala Superstar Ultimate  Pack_New1826 for 180 days67
Kerala Value Lite  pack1458 for 180 days73
Kerala Value Plus HD Pack_New1572 for 180 days92
Kerala Value Plus SD Pack_New428/month92
KK Super Star348/month80
KK Super Star309/month160
Malayalam Gold253/month184
Malayalam Gold HD267/month170
Malayalam Mega HD590/month134
Malayalam Super228/month116
Malayalam Super HD243/month146
Malayalam Tamil Gold268/month210
Malayalam Value HD413/month100
Malayalam Value Lit354/month100
New Kerala HD Pack_New235/month58
New Kerala SD Pack_New247/month51

Airtel DTH Plans for West Bengal

Name Of The Recharge PlanPrice (In Rs)Number Of Channels Available
Airtel Black Bengali Hindi sports pack413/month95
Airtel Black Bengali sports and Kids pack500.3/month127
Bengali GOLD254/month232
Bengali GOLD HD309/month254
Bengali Mega HD590/month168
Bengali Super216/month188
Bengali Super HD258/month184
Bengali Value HD413/month138
Bengali Value Lite354/month137
BST ROI Pack153/month86
Freedom Sports & Kids HD Pack_Mah457/month122
Joy Bangla Plus633 for 90 days70
Joy Bangla Plus Pack234/month280
New WB HD Pack_New251/month53
New WB SD Pack_New226/month54
Uttam UDP Bengali HD1508/year138
WB Anand235/month80
WB Anand pack1388 for 180 days80
WB Dabang Sports 1 M pack305/month88
WB Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack371/month89
WB Mega HD pack1777 for 90 days312
WB Mega HD pack New7031/year155
WB Mega pack5408/year447
WB Mega HD Pack_New639/month158
WB Mega SD Pack_New491/month151
WB Superstar Regional _New1181 for 180 days61
WB Value Lite SD Pack_New277/month79
WB Value Sports HD Pack_New493/month125
WB Value Sports lite pack1866 for 180 days112
WB Value Sports lite Pack_New340/month112
WB Value Sports SD plus Pack_New360/month118

Airtel DTH Plans for Maharashtra

Name Of The Recharge PlanPrice (In Rs)Number Of Channels Available
Airtel Black Marathi Hindi sports pack413/month89
Airtel Black Marathi sports and Kids pack500.3/month121
MAH Mega HD pack1816 for 90 days326
MAH Mega  HD pack New7226/year163
MAH Mega HD Pack_New651/month165
MAH Mega SD Pack_New491/month157
MAH My Family HD Pack_New595/month143
MAH My Family SD Pack_New457/month144
MAH Value Lite HD with SONY399/month95
MAH Value Lite HD Pack_New_N389/month93
MAH Value Lite SD Pack_New_N322/month95
MAH Value Sports  with Sony Ten2023 for 180 days120
MAH Value Sports HD Pack_New507/month122
MAH Value Sports lite Pack_New344/month114
MAH Value Sports lite with Sony Ten 3351/month114
MAH Value Sports SD plus Pack_New360/month120
MAH Value Sports with Sony Ten 3368/month120
MAJHA Marathi Pack238/month66
Marathi Dabang Sports 1 M pack_N303/month89
Marathi Dabang Sports HD_New384/month90
Marathi Gold296/month250
Marathi Gold HD429/month256
Marathi Mega Pack1361 for 180 days465
Marathi Mega HD590/month169
Marathi Super HD309/month170
Marathi UDP Pack943 for 180 days130
Marathi Value HD413/month135
Marathi Value Lite354/month133
Marathi Value Lite  pack_N876 for 90 days95
Marathi Value Sports HD Pack1394 for 90 days366
Marathi Value Sports lite Pack956 for 90 days342
Marathi Value Sports Plus Pack999 for 90 days240
Uttam UDP Marathi Hindi1607/year66
Uttam UDP Marathi Hindi  HD Pack947 for 180 days66
Uttam UDP Marathi Hindi Pack947 for 180 days66
Uttam UDP Marathi Hindi HD1607 for year66

Airtel DTH Plans for Orissa

Name Of The Recharge PlanPrice (In Rs)Number Of Channels Available
Airtel Black Odia Hindi sports pack413/month96
Airtel Black Odia sports and Kids pack500.3/month126
New Orissa Pack229/month59
New Orissa SD Pack_New205/month54
Odia Gold299/month234
Odia Gold HD429/month250
Odia Mega HD590/month172
Odia Super225/month172
Odia Super HD275/month184
Odia Value HD413/month135
Odia Value Lite354/month130
Orissa pack577 for 90 days106
Orissa Mega HD pack1827 for 90 days334
Orissa Mega  HD pack New7163/year166
Orissa Mega pack1424 for 90 days477
Orissa Mega HD Pack_New651/month169
Orissa Mega SD Pack_New509/month161
Orissa Superstar Regional _New1079 for 180 days60
Orissa Superstar Value Lite Sports _New1712 for 180 days114
Orissa Value Lite pack1559 for 180 days85
Orissa Value Lite SD Pack_New290/month85
Orissa Value Sports  pack1917 for 180 days116
Orissa Value Sports SD Pack_New353/month116
Oriya Dabang Sports 1 M pack315/month91
Oriya Dabang Sports HD 1 M pack385/month94
Uttam UDP Odia849 for 180 days122
Uttam UDP Odia HD849 for 180 days122
Uttam UDP Oriya Hindi  HD Pack1124 for 180 days64

Airtel DTH Plans for Andhra Pradesh

Name Of The Recharge PlanPrice (In Rs)Number Of Channels Available
AP Mega HD Pack1802 for 90 days292
AP Mega HD Pack New7166/year147
AP Mega Pack5516/year420
AP Mega HD Pack_New646/month148
AP Mega SD Pack_New501/month142
AP Regional Plus249/month77
AP Super Strong Telugu HD Lite  Pack1593 FOR 180 days68
AP Super Strong Telugu Lite302/month77
AP Superstar HD Pack_New2232 for 180 days83
AP Value Lite Pack843 for 90 days234
AP Value Lite HD  Pack939 for 90 days154
AP Value Lite HD Pack_New348/month77
AP Value Lite SD Pack_New304/month78
AP Value Plus HD Pack1861 for 180 days108
AP Value Plus HD Pack_New348/month108
AP Value Plus SD Pack_New304/month106
AP Value Sports  Pack2203 for 180 days110
AP Value Sports SD Pack_New408/month110
Telugu Gold285.64/month350
Telugu Gold HD337.65/month258
Telugu Hindi Gold351.18/month454
Telugu Kannada Gold350.90/month438
Telugu Mega HD590/month148
Telugu Super252/month122
TELUGU Super HD319/month138
Telugu superstar 12 month pack2789/year67
Telugu superstar Hindi 6 month pack_New1427 for 180 days68
Telugu Tamil Gold351/month430
Telugu Value HD413/month107
Telugu Value Lite354/month107
Telugu Value SD Pack (ZEE-SUN)_New220/month58

Airtel DTH Plans for Gujarat

Name Of The Recharge PlanPrice (In Rs)Number Of Channels Available
Gujarat Mega HD pack1746 for 90 days331
Gujarat Mega HD Pack New6901/year165
Gujarat Mega Pack1369 for 90 days471
Gujarat Mega HD Pack_New627/month167
Gujarat Mega SD Pack_New491/month159
Gujarati Entertainment258/month97
Gujarati Entertainment HD308/month107
Gujarati Family Kids Sports1648 for 180 days125
Gujarati Family Kids Sports HD2197 for 180 days129
Gujarati Mega2698 for 180 days480
Gujarati Mega HD3498 for 180 days507
Gujarati Premium Family396/month146
Gujarati Premium Family HD508/month292

Airtel DTH Plans for Hindi Entertainment

Name Of The PackPrice (In Rs) Number Of Channels Available
Hindi Entertainment259/month95
Hindi Entertainment HD309/month104
Hindi Family Kids Sports299/month124
Hindi Family Kids Sports HD399/month127
Hindi Mega489/month155
Hindi Mega HD609/month332
Hindi Premium Family398/month143
Hindi Premium Family HD509/month148
Hindi Value HD413/month129

Airtel Dth Plans for Delhi 2023

Name Of The Recharge PlanPrice (In Rs)Number Of Channels Available
Value Sports Lite HD Pack_New490/month123
Hindi Value Sports HD Pack_New508/month127

Airtel Dth Plans for Tamil Nadu

Name Of The Recharge PlanPrice (In Rs)Number Of Channels Available
Airtel Tamil Regional pack HD113/month21
New TN HD Pack_New312/month68
New TN HD Pack_New312/month68
Tamil All South Corridor301/month140
Tamil All South Corridor Lite252/month150
Tamil Mega HD590/month147
Tamil MEGA Star HD364/month114
Tamil Superstar HD251/month97
Tamil Ultimate Superstar HD289/month97
Tamil Value HD413/month114
Tamil Value SD Pack (ZEE-SUN)_New223/month59
TN Kondattam HD pack2301/year82
TN Kondattam pack2015/year69
TN Mega HD pack1703 per 90 days284
TN Mega HD pack New6733/year143
TN Mega pack5186/year417
TN Mega HD Pack_New611/month144
TN Mega SD Pack_New471/month141
TN Regional217/month90
TN Regional  HD Urban317/month66
TN Regional  Kerala Corridor266/month84
TN Regional  SD Plus pack_New258/month71
TN Regional Urban208/month130
TN Regional Urban_new208/month67
TN Regional 1 M Pack205/month72
TN Regional HD Urban  pack1732 for 180 days132
TN Regional Kerala Corridor  pack1459 for 180 days84
TN Regional Telugu Corridor pack1453 for 180 days70
TN Regional Urban pack1034 for 180 days134
TN SSP Pack with Kids pack1094 for 180 days73
TN Superstar HD  Pack_New3442/year126
TN Superstar HD Lite Pack1281 for 180 days82
TN Superstar HD Lite with Kids1282 for 180 days89
TN Value Lite pack1553 for 180 days174
TN Value Lite HD pack2174 for 180 days87
TN Value Lite SD Pack_New280/month87
TN Value Sports pack1873 for 180 days100
TN Value Sports SD pack_New3742/year94
TN Value Sports SD Pack_New340/month100

Airtel Dth 6 Months Plan 2023

Airtel has introduced an array of long-term digital TV recharge plans for 6 months. It includes the Hindi value SD pack. This pack offers all the leading channels for 195 days. The monthly price of this plan is Rs. 280, and for 6 months, it is priced at Rs. 1681 for standard users, and for multiple connections, it is priced at 1,326. The same plan could be extended for a year. It will cost Rs. 3081 for the standard users, and for multiple connections, it would be priced at Rs. 2,431. You can choose any of the given packages from the Airtel DTH 6-month plan list.:

Gujarat Mega SD

This pack provides SD channels for 6 months. The monthly price of this plan is Rs. 510, and for 6 months, it would cost you Rs. 3,062. For a year, the same Airtel Dth plan would be available at Rs. 5612. However, for multiple connections, it would be priced at 2,424 for 6 months,and for a year, it would be available at Rs.4,444

Gujarat Value Sports SD Pack 

This plan is also available for 6 months (195 days) The basic monthly price of this Airtel DTH plan is Rs. 336, and for 6 months, it is priced at 2,016. At this price, you will get a standard subscription. For multiple TV connections, you would have to pay Rs. 1662. For an annual subscription, the plan would cost Rs. 3,696, and for various connections, it is available at 3,047.

Gujarat Value Sports HD and Gujarat Mega HD

Besides DTH plans, the service provider has also introduced HD recharge plans for 6 months. Both the above-listed plans are also available in HD  for 6 months and one year. The Gujarat Value Sports HD pack is available at Rs. 475 for a month, and for 6 months, the same Airtel DTH plan is available at the price of  2,851. In order to get the same plan for 12 years, you would be charged Rs 5,227. However, for multiple connections, you would have to spend Rs. 4,312.

Airtel Dth New Connection with 1 Year Plan

Airtel has introduced a new connection that offers HD channels. The subscriber can get more than 200 complimentary channels with their preferable pack. The connection comes with the dish, box, and remote. It is priced at Rs. 1,599, including delivery and installation charges.

Airtel Digital TV Add-On According to the Language

Name Of The Recharge PlanPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
Gujarati Regional HD74
Marathi Regional HD898
Marathi Regional Mini HD605
Oriya Regional HD478
Malayalam Regional Mini HD635
Malayalam Regional HD8210
Kannada Regional Mini HD897
Kannada Regional HD13413
Telugu Regional HD18919

Airtel Digital TV Free DD Common Channels

Name Of The Recharge PlanPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
Airtel Digital TV  DD Channels025


Airtel DTH is one of the popular DTH service providers in India. The company is backed by Bharti Airtel. It has come up with many digital TV recharge plans that are blissful for subscribers. The service provider has different DTH plans for different cities. You can also opt for the add-on channels to get additional channels. Besides monthly and yearly recharge plans, you can also opt for the Airtel DTH 6-month plan. For any query, you can connect with the Airtel Customer Care team.


1. Which plan is best for the Airtel DTH recharge?

There is an array of Airtel DTH new plans that are listed above. You can choose the best one for them.

2. What is the monthly pack of Airtel DTH?

All the monthly packages are listed above.

3. How can I check my Airtel DTH plan?

Go to the Airtel thanks application and then click on Recharge; click to DTH Recharge and select the required details to check your Airtel DTH recharge plan.

4. How can I customize my Airtel digital TV package?

Switch on your Airtel digital TV, Go to channel number 998. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen. SMS the displayed code to 54325 from your registered mobile number.

5. How to change package in Airtel DTH?

To change plan in Airtel DTH, just go to the Airtel website and sign into your account. Select the DTH account and thereafter navigate to the Connections button and Change Base Pack option. From the various Airtel DTH plans, you can pick any as per your need.

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