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ACT or Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd. is a Bangalore based internet service provider. It gives broadband services through optic fiber in various states. The Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) technology is efficient in carrying numerous data through optic fiber. ACT claims to be the most admired wired broadband internet service provider.   It has a vast range of plans and offers for its subscriber. In this blog, we will explore broadband plans offered by ACT in significant cities of the country.

City-wise ACT Broadband Plans

ACT provides services across cities in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi. Here we have listed 10 major cities with its broadband plans, speed, data, and price.

ACT Broadband Plans Bangalore

As the headquarter of ACT is in Bangalore, the optic fiber network was first set there. Here is the range of broadband plans offered by ACT in Bangalore. The package also provides free installation, a free router, Netflix subscription, and many more.

Plan for ACT BangaloreMonthly DataInternet SpeedMonthly Price
ACT Swift200 GB40 Mbps₹ 710
ACT Rapid Plus350 GB75 Mbps₹ 985
ACT Blaze450 GB100 Mbps₹ 1085
ACT Storm650 GB150 Mbps₹ 1185
ACT Lightning800 GB200 Mbps₹ 1425
ACT Incredible1000 GB250 Mbps₹ 1999
ACT Essential1500 GB250 Mbps₹ 2999
ACT Advance2000 GB250 Mbps₹ 3999
ACT Progress2500 GB250 Mbps₹ 4999
ACT GIGA3500 GB1000 Mbps₹ 5999

ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans Chennai

Chennai’s plans are closer to the plans of Bangalore, and the plan name may also match, but the plan cost differs. If you get the new connection, ACT offers free installation, free router, and exciting benefits.

Plan for ACT ChennaiMonthly DataInternet SpeedMonthly Price
ACT Basic200 GB50 Mbps₹ 820
ACT Blaze500 GB100 Mbps₹ 1020
ACT Blast Promo1000 GB150 Mbps₹ 1075
ACT Storm1250 GB200 Mbps₹ 1125
ACT Lightning1500 GB250 Mbps₹ 1325
ACT Incredible2000 GB350 Mbps₹ 1999
ACT GIGA3000 GB1 Gbps₹ 2999

ACT Broadband Plans Coimbatore

Another serviceable area in Tamil Nadu is Coimbatore. You can go through the monthly broadband plans below.

Plan for ACT CoimbatoreMonthly DataInternet SpeedMonthly Price
ACT Basic200 GB40 Mbps₹ 675
ACT Rush350 GB75 Mbps₹ 825
ACT Sprint600 GB125 Mbps₹ 1025
ACT Race750 GB150 Mbps₹ 1125
ACT Zoom1000 GB175 Mbps₹ 1325
ACT Bolt1500 GB200 Mbps₹ 1499
ACT Remarkable3000 GB200 Mbps₹ 2999
ACT Exceptional4000 GB250 Mbps₹ 3999
ACT Phenomenal5000 GB250 Mbps₹ 4999

ACT Broadband Fibernet Delhi

Delhi is well networked with optic fiber serviced by ACT. Browse through the plans and packs customized for the people of Delhi. 

Plan for ACT DelhiMonthly DataInternet SpeedMonthly Price
ACT Silver Promo500 GB100 Mbps₹ 799
ACT Platinum Promo1000 GB200 Mbps₹ 1049
ACT Diamond1500 GB300 Mbps₹ 1349
ACT Remarkable1500 GB300 Mbps₹ 2999
ACT Exceptional2000 GB300 Mbps₹ 3999
ACT Phenomenal2500 GB300 Mbps₹ 4999

ACT Internet Plans Hyderabad

The ACT services in Hyderabad as well. Below are the broadband monthly plan details.

Plan for ACT HyderabadMonthly DataInternet SpeedMonthly Price
A – Max 500300 GB30 Mbps₹ 500
A – Max 700500 GB50 Mbps₹ 700
A – Max 10751000 GB100 Mbps₹ 1075
A – Max 13251250 GB150 Mbps₹ 1325
Incredible 19991500 GB200 Mbps₹ 1999
ACT GIGA2000 GB1 Gbps₹ 5999

ACT Broadband Internet Plans Kakinada

Kakinada of Andhra Pradesh is on the way of becoming a smart city, so the initiation of high-speed internet connection by ACT will benefit the subscribers.

Plan for ACT KakinadaMonthly DataInternet SpeedMonthly Price
ACT Basic100 GB10 Mbps₹ 424
ACT Silver200 GB20 Mbps₹ 549
ACT Gold300 GB40 Mbps₹ 699
ACT Diamond400 GB60 Mbps₹ 999
ACT Platinum600 GB80 Mbps₹ 1499

ACT Broadband Plans Vijayawada

Vijayawada is another city with ACT broadband connection. Go through the plan offers below.

Plan for ACT VijayawadaMonthly DataInternet SpeedMonthly Price
ACT Silver400 GB40 Mbps₹ 574
ACT Silver Plus500 GB60 Mbps₹ 749
ACT Gold750 GB100 Mbps₹ 1024

ACT Broadband Internet Plans Ahmedabad

Gujarat is another state with ACT broadband connectivity. These packages and plans below will help you decide the suitable plan for you.

Plan for ACT AhmedabadMonthly DataInternet SpeedMonthly Price
ACT Advantage100 Mbps500 GB₹ 749
ACT Lightning150 Mbps1000 GB₹ 999
ACT Remarkable300 Mbps2500 GB₹ 1899

ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans Jaipur

Jaipur also hosts ACT broadband services. Go through the plans below.

Plan for ACT JaipurMonthly DataInternet SpeedMonthly Price
ACT Silver500 GB100 Mbps₹ 749
ACT Gold1000 GB150 Mbps₹ 999
ACT Platinum1250 GB150 Mbps₹ 1249
ACT Remarkable3500 GB100 Mbps₹ 1999
ACT Exceptional5000 GB150 Mbps₹ 2999

ACT Broadband Plans Lucknow

Lucknow in UP hosts ACT service of high speed wired internet connection. These packages below will help you decide the best plan for you.

Plan for ACT LucknowMonthly DataInternet SpeedMonthly Price
ACT Silver100 Mbps500 GB₹ 749
ACT Gold150 Mbps1000 GB₹ 999
ACT Platinum150 Mbps1250 GB₹ 1249
ACT Remarkable100 Mbps3500 GB₹ 1999
ACT Exceptional150 Mbps5000 GB₹ 2999

Best ACT Internet Offers for 1 Year, 6 Months & 3 Months Plans

ACT broadband also gives excellent offers to its customers. We have listed city-wise plans, offers, and costs for well-known plans.

Bengaluru• ACT Swift
• ACT Rapid Plus
• ACT Blaze
• ACT Storm
• ACT Lighting
• ACT Incredible
• ₹ 9170
• ₹ 12470
• ₹ 13020
• ₹ 14220
• ₹ 17100
• ₹ 23988
• Free 2 to 6 Months ACT Swift
• 1-12 Months Advance rental
• Installation Charges
• 25 GB Free
Chennai• ACT Basic
• ACT Blaze
• ACT Blast Promo
• ACT Storm
• ₹ 9840
• ₹ 12240
• ₹ 12900
• ₹ 13500
• ₹ 38188
• Free 1 Month ACT Basic
• Free WiFi Router
• 1-12 Months Advance rental
• Free Installation
Coimbatore• ACT Basic
• ACT Rush
• ACT Sprint
• ACT Bolt
• ACT Phenomenal
• ₹ 8100
• ₹ 9900
• ₹ 12300
• ₹ 17988
• ₹ 59988
• Free 1-2 Months ACT Basic
• Free WiFi Router
• 1-12 Months Advance rental
• Free Installation
Delhi• ACT Sprint
• ACT Platinum Promo
• ACT Remarkable
• ACT Exceptional
• ₹ 12300
• ₹ 12588
• ₹ 35988
• ₹ 47988
• Free 1-2 Months ACT Exceptional
• Free WiFi Router
• 1-12 Months Advance rental
• Free Installation
• 20% additional data every month
• Extra GB
Hyderabad• A – Max 500
• A – Max 1325
• Incredible 1999
• ₹ 9000
• ₹ 23850
• ₹ 35982
• Free 1-18 Months Advance rental
• Free Installation
Kakinada• ACT Basic
• ACT Silver
• ACT Diamond
• ACT Platinum
• ₹ 5088
• ₹ 6588
• ₹ 11988
• ₹ 17988
• Free 1-2 Months ACT Basic
• WiFi Router
• 1-12 Months Advance rental
• Free Installation
Vijayawada• ACT Silver
• ACT Silver Plus
• ACT Gold
• ₹ 6888
• ₹ 8988
• ₹ 12288
• Free 1-12 Months Advance rental
• Free Installation
Ahmedabad• ACT Advantage
• ACT Lightning
• ACT Remarkable
• ₹ 8988
• ₹ 11988
• ₹ 22788
• Free 1-3 Months ACT Remarkable
• 1-12 Months Advance rental
• Free Installation
• Refundable Security Deposit
Jaipur• ACT Silver
• ACT Gold
• ACT Remarkable
• ACT Exceptional
• ₹ 8988
• ₹ 11988
• ₹ 23988
• ₹ 35988
• Free 1-2 Months ACT Exceptional
• 1-12 Months Advance rental
• Free Installation
• Refundable Security Deposit
Lucknow• ACT Silver
• ACT Gold
• ACT Platinum
• ACT Remarkable
• ₹ 8988
• ₹ 11988
• ₹ 14988
• ₹ 23988
• Free 1-2 Months ACT Remarkable
• 1-12 Months Advance rental
• Free Installation
• Refundable Security Deposit

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If you wish to experience high speed and stable internet connection, then switch to a new-age optic fiber broadband connection.  This is serviceable in some cities, and the users are mostly satisfied with the speed, no buffer, and stable internet usage. In this blog, we have listed the broadband plans and packages offered by ACT. They have prime packages customized for specific cities. You can go through the package name, data speed, and price to decide the suitable package for you. There are offer plans for every city with extra GB and free Netflix subscription. Go through this blog to know everything about the plans and packs of fibernet broadband. You can also see the Jio Fiber Broadband Plans.


1. Which ACT plan is best?

Every city has customized broadband internet plans. ACT bolt, ACT diamond plan, ACT lightning, ACT Rapid are some of the popular plans.

2. Which modem is best for ACT Broadband?

You can use D-link or Netgear modem for using ACT Broadband.

3. Is ACT Fibernet good in Delhi?

ACT fibernet is the most reliable wired broadband connect in Delhi. You can browse the customized ACT Delhi plans.

4. Which is better WiFi or Broadband?

Broadband gives a very secure and stable connection, while WiFi can be unstable at times.

5. Is Netflix free with ACT Fibernet?

Yes, ACT is offering a free annual subscription of Netflix in selected plans.

6. Who owns act Fibernet?

Sunder Raju is the founder of ACT fibernet Broadband service provider.

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