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In 2016, India faced a major hard-cash crisis as a result of the demonetization of Indian notes. To combat this situation, the Indian Government encouraged digital payments. UPI was initiated by the National Corporation of India or NPCI, along with RBI and IBA. Today we see a boom in the customers using digital baking and UPI payments. If you have registered UPI ID, it allows you to transfer money, pay at shops, book tickets. So, in this blog, we will explore different UPI Apps you can start to use.

What is UPI App?

UPI or Unified Payment Interface, has given a huge push to digital banking in India. It is a rapid real-time payment system that encourages smooth money transfer between two bank accounts.  If you are a UPI user, you can handle your bank account and money transfers using various mobile wallets and apps. There are Bank UPI apps and third-party UPI apps which is compatible with android and iOS smartphones.

Best Third Party UPI Apps List

1. Google Pay

Google Pay or GPay was founded in 2015 by the name of Tez Payment. Today Google Pay is one of the most used UPI Apps in India. You can use this UPI app to make the bank transfers, recharge, and bill payments. It assures multiple layers of security for the protected transition. You can also browse through the recharge plans, pay the merchants, check bank account balance, and book tickets using this app. The new users are likely to get Cashback and referral rewards. Also, for some transactions can give you scratch cards with shopping offers and discounts.

Launch Year-2015

Handle ID- @okhdfcbank, @okaxis, @oksbi, @okicici

No. of downloads- 52,35,734

2. Paytm App

Paytm is one of the leading UPI apps with loaded features for smooth transactions. Using this app, you can send money directly from your bank. You can link your UPI bank account with Paytm and pay at online and offline stores. Along with that, recharge your mobile after a browse through the plans and make bill payments. It also allows you to recharge metro cards and book flights, train, and bus. With the sleek interface, experience smooth digital payment using the Paytm UPI app.

Launch Year-2010

Handle ID-@paytm

No. of downloads- 77,74,419

3. PhonePe

PhonePe is one of the most secure UPI apps in India. It allows the users to experience hassle-free money transfer using UPI, wallet, or debit and credit cards. You can use the app to recharge your mobile number, payment for your utility bills, and contactless online and offline store payment. The app’s unique feature is ‘PhonePe Switch,’ which does not require the QR scanning. Instead, it directly accepts the payment from devices nearby. You can also buy and sell gold using the platform. Therefore, PhonePe is worth exploring UPI App.

Launch Year- 2015

Handle- @ybl

No. of downloads- 52,22,350

4. MobiKwik

Mobikwik boost in its Indian roots. It is one of India’s leading UPI apps that give a safe and secure digital payment platform. You can recharge your mobile, pay for utility, electricity bill, water bill, store transaction, insurance payment, and many more. Using this app, you can transfer money in your bank account, make a wallet to wallet transfer and transfer money to any bank account. The unique feature of Mobikwik is its allowance of personal loans instantly and investment options in mutual funds.    

Launch Year- 2009

Handle ID-@ikwik

No. of downloads- 13,82,669

5. Amazon Pay

Amazon is well-known e-commerce website in India, which has started UPI payment for android users in 2019. You can use this UPI app that allows the users to recharge the mobile, make an electricity bill payment, water bill payment, pipe gas recharge, landline, and broadband recharge. Using this app, you can also pay the municipal tax, donate when needed, and purchase flight and bus tickets. For gifting, you can purchase gift cards and vouchers. You can also use Amazon Pay during Amazon upcoming sale. So, don’t miss to explore the features of Amazon pay. 

Launch Year- 2007


6. My Airtel

Using My Airtel UPI app, you can recharge your prepaid and postpaid of all networks. Along with that, you can buy FASTag using vehicle registration number and RC. Recharge your DTH, broadband, and electricity bills hassle-free.

Launch Year- 2017


Secure UPI Bank Apps

All the major banks in India have launched UPI Apps to promote digital payments. The upper limit for UPI transition is 1 lakh per transition. Following is the list of UPI Bank apps.

7. iMobile

iMobile is the UPI App of ICICI bank loaded with many features. You can use this app to transfer and receiving money from individuals or make the payment directly to the shopkeeper or merchant. It is one of the safe and secure digital payment platforms. This app gives more than 170 banking services on your mobile. You can experience the banking along with bill payment and recharge options. Transferring money using UPI is much smoother than online banking. You can donate, book tickets, and avail offers for ICICI customers. Like the discount you get credit card offers, you are likely to get UPI offers and Cashback.

Launch Year-2016

Handle- @icici, @ybl, @ibl

No. of downloads- 22,56,735

8. BHIM Axis Pay

Axis Pay is one of the best UPI Apps for digital payments in India. This app allows instant money transfer to any other bank account with no extra charges. You can use the app for online recharge, DTH online recharge, and check your account balance. BHIM Axis Pay helps you get instant credit cards as well. Banking was never this easy as it is now. So, explore the app to avail of its benefits.

 Launch Year-2016

Handle- @axisbank

No. of downloads- 52,081


SBI is the largest banking network in India; hence, it has played an essential role in transforming India towards digital payment. Use this app to recharge your mobile number, DTH, and other utility. This also allows you to order food from your favorite restaurants and get great local deals. You can easily send and receive money in real-time. BHIM SBI pay will help you create and manage multiple UPI IDs. Therefore, go ahead and explore one of the best UPI apps in India.

Launch Year-2016

Handle- @sbi

No. of downloads- 3,47,519

10. BHIM Baroda Pay

 Baroda Pay is another virtual payment platform that serves the customers of Bank of Baroda. However, the UPI features are valid for bother customers and non-customers of the bank. You can quickly receive and collect money from any bank account. There is the same UPI app for consumers and merchants. It allows you to add and manage multiple UPI IDs.

Launch Year-2016

Handle- @barodampay

No. of downloads- 42,029


This is the real-time UPI app for Allahabad Bank. Using the app, you can instantly transfer money to the beneficiary account even if you do not know their account number and IFSC Code. Quickly receive and send money, manage multiple accounts, and see the transaction history.

Launch Date- 2016

Handle- @allbank

No. of downloads- 7,293

12. Pay Zapp

Pay Zapp is one of the most secure UPI apps in India. It is a complete payment solution powered by HDFC Bank. You can use the app for mobile recharge, DTH recharge, bill payment, utility payments. Along with this, you can also book movie tickets, flight tickets, book hotel rooms, and many more shopping related purchases. It is very easy to use and it allows you to make the payment through UPI ID or scanner.

Launch Date- 2015

Handle- @hdfcbank

No. of downloads- 3,59,055


There are many benefits of using Yes Pay, which is among the best UPI apps in India. Using the app, you can recharge your mobile, pay the electricity bill, water bill, broadband recharge, and DTH recharge. You can also buy and make recurring payments for insurances. It is a safe method of money transactions and collection. It has also partnered with PhonePe to issue UPI IDs to the customers.

Launch Date- 2017

Handle- @ybl

No. of downloads- 10,793

14. Kotak Mobile Banking App

Kotak 118 is one of the trusted UPI apps in India.  It has the feature of KayMall, which allows online shopping, hotel room booking, train or flight ticket booking, recharges, and bill payment. You can redeem UPI Cashback and offers using this mode of payment. So download the app to explore its features. Use this UPI app to make the payment in the upcoming Flipkart Sale and get great offers and discounts.

Launch Date- 2015

Handle- @kaypay

No. of downloads- 6,49,899

15. Candi

Candi is the UPI app for Canara Bank, a one-stop solution for all the money transactions and purchasing needs. It has one app for mobile banking and UPI transactions. You can operate bank accounts digitally and make payments using bill pay options. It is one of the safest and trusted UPI App. Therefore, download the app to explore more options for transition and benefits.

Launch Date- 2017

Handle- @cnrb

No. of downloads- 1,46,466

How to set up UPI for your bank accounts?

Almost all the banks and many third-party platforms have come up with UPI apps. It is one of the easiest ways to transfer money without knowing the account number or IFSC Code.

Pre-requisite for setting up UPI account

  • You should have a valid debit card for your bank account.
  • Your mobile number should be linked to that account number.
  • The SIM card should be interested in your smartphone while installing and using UPI apps.

Steps for UPI registration with your bank account

  • Download the UPI app you wish to use.
  • Choose the language and proceed.
  • Allow the app to access SMS, phone calls, and location.
  • Select the SIM number linked with your bank account.
  • You will receive SMS to verify. 
  • Now you are required to set 4-digit passcode, which you need to enter every time you open the app. So remember the passcode.
  • Now the list of bank accounts will be displayed, and you need to select from it.
  • Now enter the last 6-digit of the debit card, expiry date, and CVV.
  • Set the MPIN number, which you need to remember as you have to enter it every time you make a transaction.
  • Now your UPI ID will be generated, and you can you this ID to make transactions.

Transfer money to your contacts using UPI

After setting up a UPI ID, you can transfer money and make payments using various methods.

  • Money Transfer using UPI is very convenient and safe. You need to know the UPI ID of the beneficiary. Open the app and go to money transfer and enter the UPI ID; you will be able to see the receiver’s name. Now go ahead and make the payment using your MPIN.
  • You can also make the transaction using the mobile number. If the receiver uses a UPI app, you can simply enter their mobile number to make the transaction. If the user is new, you can earn a referral reward and UPI Cashback. 
  • You can make the payment using QR by just scanning it. This will also help you gain UPI scratch cards and UPI offers.


UPI Apps are a one-stop destination for all your digital payment needs. You need to set up UPI ID using your bank account, and you can start using the most convenient use of digital payment. Here we have discussed top 15 UPI apps which you can start to use. We hope this blog was helpful to you.


Is the UPI ID the same for all UPI apps?

All UPI apps have a different handle or Virtual Payment Address. In this blog, we have listed the handle under each app.

Which UPI app is best?

Most of the UPI apps have the same basic functions but various on parameters like security, rate of successful transitions, and sleek app interface. You can compare the number of downloads and explore the app to find the best UPI app for you.

What is the UPI ID example?

UPI ID is generally in the format of mobilenumber@upi handle name. For PhonePe, it is your mobile number@ybl, but it varies from App to App.

Are UPI and Bhim the same?

UPI is the digital payment mode, and BHIM is a mobile app to meet your payment needs.

Is Paytm a UPI app?

Paytm is a UPI app, but it has stretched to be a bank. You can use the Paytm app to carry out all kinds of bill payments, recharge, ticket booking, and more.

Which is better, PhonePe, or Google pay?

Google Pay or GPay is one of the oldest UPI Apps, however recently, the users have faced transaction failures, and the number of downloads of PhonePe has increased. So you can explore and compare these apps.

Which UPI is safe?

UPI is a very safe and secure mode of digital payment.

How do I activate my UPI ID?

You download the UPI app and set up your UPI ID through your bank account. This involves simple steps. Go through the blog to know how to activate UPI ID.

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