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Airtel is one of the leading telecom service providers of the country, and it needs no introduction. Among many services and plans offered by Airtel, here we are going to discuss Airtel dongle plans. In the recent past, we have seen the value of a good speed internet connection for carrying out all the necessary activities. If you are an IT professional, graphic designer, data scientist, web marketer, or any other profession, you need to have a high-speed internet connection. Now we need it even more as work from home comes with many challenges. In this blog, we have curated different Airtel dongle 4G plans best suited for your needs in 2021. 

How to use Airtel Dongle?

  • Purchase the Airtel USB dongle stick data card or portable wi-fi data card.
  • If you are using stick dongle, it is ideal for a single user.
  • Plug or connect the dongle.
  • Install dongle application for quick connection and smooth web interface.
  • Insert Airtel SIM card in the dongle, which is exclusively purchased for dongle use. 
  • Connect the Airtel dongle with your laptop or system and wait till it installs.
  • The application will be launched, and the shortcut icon would appear on your desktop.
  • Open the application and click on connect to establish the Internet connection.

Airtel Dongle 4G Plans For Personal Use

For the person, internet usage would require only 1-3 GB of data generally. Here we are talking about using the internet for social media, phone editing, light video editing, or playing games. You can use the following Airtel dongle plans for your needs.

Airtel 4G Dongle PlansData in GBValidityCost
4G Data Pack1GB28 daysRs.48
4G Data Pack3 GB28 daysRs.98

Airtel Dongle Recharge Plans for Business Use

If you run a business, we know how difficult it is to manage your company from afar. It is frustrating when we face internet buffering and slow speed. It hampers the work and disturbs our concentration. Therefore, we need to have a good and stable internet connection. The following are some of the internet pack useful for you.

Airtel Bundle DataBonus Data in GBValidityCost
5GB2GB bonus dataDailyRs 399
8GB4GB bonus dataDailyRs 599
12GB6GB bonus dataDailyRs 799

Airtel Dongle Plans For Work from Home

When everyone is troubled with a long lockdown period, the people working from home have another problem with the internet. There are electricity cut down, or the weather condition can slow down your internet speed and productivity. For heavy usage of the internet for your working hours, you need Work from Home Plans. There are some Airtel dongle plans for work from home.

Airtel Data SpeedData in GBValidityCost
3G/4G Data1.5GB/day84 DaysRs.598
4G Data35 GB30 daysRs.499
4G Data3GB/day56 DaysRs.558

Common Airtel Dongle Plans in India

There is some commonly used internet pack used by Airtel users. Lakhs of users use Airtel 4G dongle. You can go ahead and browse these Airtel plans.

Airtel Dongle SpeedPlan RateValidity
3G/ 4G Data520 MB Data at Rs.2928 Days
3G/ 4G Data1GB Data/ 28 days at Rs.4828 days
3G/4G Data6GB Data for 7 days at Rs.927 days
3G/4G Data6 GB Data for 28 days at Rs.17528 days
3G/ 4G Data35 GB Data for 30 days at Rs.49930 days

Best Airtel 4G Dongle Plans for Karnataka

If you are looking for Airtel Dongle plans that are best for cities like Bangalore, you can recharge with the following plans.  

Airtel Dongle SpeedData in GBValidityCost
3G/4G data 6 GB7 daysRs.92
3G/4G data6 GB28 daysRs.175
3G/4G data10 GB28 daysRs.248
4G data10 GB365 daysRs.992
3G/4G Data1 GB30 daysRs.200
3G/4G Data3 GB30 daysRs.400
4G Data4 GB30 daysRs.500
3G/4G Data6 GB30 daysRs.700
3G/4G Data7 GB30 daysRs.800
4G Data15 GB30 daysRs.1500
4G Data20 GB30 daysRs.2000

Useful Airtel Wi-fi Dongle Plans for Pune

If you reside in Pune or in the state of  Maharashtra, you can look for the following Airtel dongle plans for better internet speed and stability. You can also consider looking for Airtel Hotspot Plans available in India.

Airtel Dongle Data in GBCost
3G/4G Data2 GBRs.450
3G/4G Data3 GBRs.650
4G Data4 GBRs.750
4G Data10 GBRs.999
3G/4G Data12 GBRs.1299
4G Data15 GBRs.1449
3G/4G Data25 GBRs.2049
3G/4G Data45 GBRs.2999

Selected Airtel Data Card Dongle Plans for Kolkata

If you are in West Bengal and are looking for the best dongle recharge options, the following is the list of recharge options.

Airtel Dongle Data in GBValidityCost
3G / 4G Data3 GB28 daysRs.48
3G / 4G Data12 GBNA.Rs.98
3G / 4G Data1 GB18 daysRs.99
3G / 4G Data1 GB24 daysRs.129
3G / 4G Data2 GB28 daysRs.149
3G / 4G Data2 GB28 daysRs.179

Top Airtel Dongle Recharge plans for Delhi

Airtel 4G data plans have numerous options for recharge. The top recharge options are given below to cater to all the price range. Following is the list of recharge options for people holding Airtel Delhi number.

Airtel Dongle Data in GBValidityCost
3G/4G3 GB Data28 daysRs.98
3G/4G3 GB28 daysRs.146
3G/4G10 GB28 daysRs.398
3G/4G10 GB365 daysRs.248
3G/4G15 GB28 daysRs.998
3G/4G500 MB30 daysRs.150
3G/4G1 GB30 daysRs.200
3G/4G 4 GB30 daysRs.500
3G/4G7 GB30 daysRs.800
3G/4G10 GB30 daysRs.1000
3G/4G15 GB30 daysRs.1500
3G/4G20 GB30 daysRs.2000


Airtel dongle plans give many options of recharge to their customer. If you are fed up with your present slow speed network or wi-fi, you may opt for the portable dongle, which can be assessable anywhere. You can get the Airtel Dongle device or Dongle stick and recharge it with a useful plan. You will yield a good internet connection and stability. You can also reach to Airtel Customer Care Number if you need any assistance or support. We hope this blog was useful to you. Enjoy your high-speed internet with Airtel. 


1. How can I change my Airtel 4g dongle plan?

To change your Airtel dongle plan, you need to visit the website and opt for the appropriate recharge plan for yourself. In this blog, we have listed all the essential plans. Go through it and decide the best for you.

2. What is Airtel 4g dongle?

Airtel 4G dongle is a portable device through which you can assess the internet at any place. It comes in two variations, Airtel wi-fi dongle and dongle stick with USB.

3. Which Airtel dongle is best?

It depends on your needs. If you buy the Airtel dongle stick, then you can use it in a single device. It is advised for personal use. However, if you buy a wi-fi device, you can operate multiple devices through it.

4. What are the plans of the Airtel dongle?

Airtel has plans for every user according to their needs. You can go through this blog to recognize your need and decide on the pack you are whiling to take.

5. Is dongle better than broadband?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, you can go for a broadband internet connection if you are working at a defined pace, and you need not travel. If you want to carry your laptop and work on the go, you need Airtel dongle. Airtel has good recharge packs for both the connections. Go through the plans and offers before you make the purchase.

6. What is the speed of Airtel 4g dongle?

Airtel 4G dongle gives you the speed of 1.9 Mbps to 2.56 Mbps on 4G data. This speed is good enough to work using the dongle. On top of it, you can also go and recharge your dongle data card with the best recharge options.

7. Is Airtel dongle faster than the mobile internet?

Yes, Airtel dongle is faster than the mobile internet, and you can use it to do heavy internetwork.

8. Which company dongle is best?

Many telecom companies give dongle services like Vodafone, Jio, Airtel, and more. They also run on the data card, and the speed depends on the recharge plan you take. Airtel is one of the best companies which provide right wi-fi dongle and dongle stick devices. Additionally, there are many plans and packs offered by Airtel, which caters to today’s need.

9. How can I get 10 GB in Airtel?

Go through the plans mentioned above, and seek the best one suitable for you.

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