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With a plethora of plans – with varying talk times & data limits -to choose from, subscribers may sometimes find themselves unable to keep track of their usage statistics and remnant balance in their accounts. Airtel is surely amongst the largest telecom operators in India. It offers prepaid and post-paid plans that provide competitive voice and information services, including broadband Wireless Support, 2G, 3G, 4G connectivity, and attractive value-added solutions. USSD codes offer simple solutions to check Airtel Balance for just a need.

Ways to Check Airtel Balance in 2023

Method 1- Check Airtel Balance and validity using USSD:

If you are an Airtel subscriber, you can quickly check your balance via USSD code through following simple steps:

  • To get the balance, dial *123#.
  • Subsequently, for Airtel’s next balance check dial *123*10#.
  • To know about all the Airtel offers, you can dial *121#.
  • For checking Airtel data balance, call on number *121#5.
  • In case you wish to take a loan for the talk time or main balance then you would have to dial *141#

Method 2- Airtel Validity Check via SMS:

You can also check Airtel Validity for call balance, begin or stop a new service, handle other services, etc by doing SMS  to these numbers:

  • To Port postpaid number- SMS ‘PORT’ to 1909
  • To start Do not disturb mode- SMS ‘START 0’ to 1909
  • To choose a service- SMS ‘STOP’ to 121
  • To buy a new service- SMS ‘START’ to 121

Method 3- Check Validity in Airtel via Missed Calls:

You can give a missed call to these numbers in order to verify your Airtel balance and other services connected with your postpaid number.

  • To check Airtel offers- Dial 12131
  • To start DND mode- Dial 1909
  • To avail the recharge code for Airtel- Dial 123

Method 4- Use Airtel Thanks App for Airtel Balance Check

The most easiest way to check balance of Airtel postpaid number is by using the Airtel Thanks App.

  • Download the Airtel Thanks App and open it on your smartphone.
  • Register with your phone number and navigate to ‘Services’ section.
  • Find the information like data usage, airtel balance, plan validity, etc.

Method 5- Check Airtel Balance for Prepaid Recharge Plans

 You could also quickly check your Airtel prepaid recharge balance through the following steps.

  • For managing Airtel Mobile, fixed-line/ broadband and digital TV accounts dial *121#.
  • If you wish, you can start or stop value-added services on your Mobile.
  • With the same number, you would also be able to check the Airtel prepaid account balance and the validity of your digital TV account and prepaid Mobile.

Method 6- Check Airtel 2G/3G/4G Net Balance:

You can check Airtel prepaid status through the following codes:

  • To check Free 2G Data Balance, you can dial *123*10# or *123*#.
  • To check the 3G Data Balance, you can dial *123*11# through the Airtel card.
  • To check Airtel 4G Balance dial *121*8# through the Airtel network.
  • For checking Airtel Night Data Balance, you can dial *123*197#

Method 7- Check Airtel Balance through Customer Care

Not comfortable with USSD codes? Don’t worry; Airtel also offers you simple to use customer care numbers. To know your Airtel Balance, you can call the customer care team at the toll-free number 198 or 121. And follow the below-listed steps.

  • Call on 198 and then press 1 to select the language.
  • For prepaid SIM press 1 and post-paid SIM, you can press 2.
  • Subsequently, hear the Interactive voice over the IVR system to check the balance and validity.

Method 8- Check Airtel Balance via True Balance App

  • Visit play store and install the True Balance App.
  • Complete the Sign-in process with your Airtel number or through any number and add the Airtel number to it.
  • Press the refresh button or swipe down on the screen and refresh the home page.
  • On the bottom of the same page, Airtel Balance, Validity, Airtel SMS, and data usage will display.

Method 9- Check Airtel Balance Online:

  • Go to Airtel Login Page and enter the Airtel number.
  • Click on the ”Send OTP” button.
  • Enter the OTP and log in.
  • On the next page, the Airtel Balance and Validity will display.

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Various Uses for USSD Code for Airtel

What is the USSD Code?

USSD code or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, informally known as “Quick Codes,” connect mobile devices with computer software at the service providers’ end. The network operators provide these codes to allow their customers to access pre-configured services like call forwarding, balance inquiries, and multiple SIM function. The computer software reads a USSD request from a particular mobile device and transmits corresponding information to the device through a message.

List of Updated Airtel USSD Codes

Details of USSD code of AirtelAirtel USSD Codes
Airtel Balance and Validity Check Code*123#
Airtel Offer Code*121#
Airtel Number Check USSD Code*282#
Airtel Balance Check Code*121*2#
USSD Code Airtel Missed Call Alert*888#
Airtel Talktime & Data Loan USSD Code*141# or dial 52141
Check Postpaid Current Bill Plan SMS “BP” To 121
Check Postpaid due/pending AmountSMS “OT” To 121
Check Postpaid Current Plan UsageSMS “UNB” To 121
Check Postpaid Bill PaymentSMS “PMT” To 121
Airtel Gift ServiceDial *141#
Airtel Facebook ServiceDial *325#
Airtel Twitter serviceDial *515#
Airtel Balance Check Number (Data/Internet)Call on 52141
USSD Code Aitel Unlimited Packs*121*1#
Airtel Self Care Menu Code*121#
Airtel USSD Code GPRS Internet Settings SMS “MO” To 54321
Airtel Hello Tune USSD Code*678#
USSD Codes Airtel Voice/Roaming Packs*222#
Airtel USSD Number Check Code*282#
Airtel to Airtel Talktime Balance Transfer USSD Code*141# & Select Share Talktime Option
Airtel Validity Check Code*123#
Airtel USSD Code for Talktime Loan Rs. 10*141*10#
Airtel Internet Loan USSD Code (3G/4G)*141*567#
Airtel Data Loan USSD Code (2G)*141*567#
Airtel Data Loan Code*141# or call 52141
Activate Airtel DND Service NumberSMS “START” to 1909
Airtel USSD Code for Flash Services*121*5#
Airtel VAS Services Charged Details*121*7#2
Airtel Last Call Details Check Number*121*7#3
Airtel SMS Deduction Checking Code*121*7#4
Airtel Data Charged Details Check Code*121*7#5
Airtel USSD Codes for Recharge Details*121*7#6
Airtel Advance Talktime Loan Code*121*7#7
Airtel Unlimited Calling Pack Code*121*8#1
Airtel USSD Code For Rs.29 Data Pack*121*8#2
Airtel USSD Code – Cafe Pack – Rs.5*121*8#3
Airtel Plan Check 2G/3G/4G*121*8#4
Airtel USSD Code for Net Loan*121*8#5
Check Data Balance for 2G Users*121*9#
Unlimited Airtel Packs Check Code*121*10#
Airtel Offers Code (Data Details 2G/3G/4G)*121*11#
Airtel USSD Code for 3G Service*121*111#
Airtel Balance Check Code*123#
Airtel Balance Check Number (2G Data)*121*51# 4
Airtel Check Balance Code (3G/4G)*121*51# 4
Airtel Data Code – Check Best Internet Offers*121*11#
Airtel My Own Number Check Code*282#
START Airtel VAS Service (Airtel USSD Code)SMS “START” to 121
Share Airtel Internet Data Balance*129*101#
Airtel Mobile Internet Setting CodeSMS “MO” To 54321
Airtel Talktime Loan USSD CodeCall to 52141
Get Airtel USSD Code By SMSSend SMS “Short Code” to 121
Rs7 Airtel 2G Data Pack Code(20MB/1Days) *121*8#2
Rs9 Airtel 2G Data Plan Details(50MB/1Days) *121*8#2
Rs10 Airtel 2G Data Pack Details(40MB/1Days) *121*8#2
Rs18 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Code(100MB/2Days) *121*8#2
Rs23 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Details(130MB/3Days) *121*8#2
Rs39 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Details(225MB/5Days) *121*8#2
Rs59 Airtel 2G Net Pack Check Number(340MB/8Days) *121*8#2
Rs98 Airtel 2G Net Plan Details(550MB/14Days) *121*8#2
Rs125 Airtel 2G Net Pack Details(720MB/18Days) *121*8#2
Rs179 Airtel 2G Net Pack Check Code(1GB/28Days) *121*8#2
Rs199 Airtel 2G Data Plan Details(1.25GB/28Days) *121*8#2
Rs206 Airtel 2G Data Pack USSD Code(1GB 2G + 1 GB Night(12-6AM) /28Days) *121*8#2
Rs254 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Details(2GB/28Days) *121*8#2
Rs297 Airtel 2G Internet Pack Details(3.25GB/28Days) *121*8#2
Airtel 75 MB Data Pack 3G/4G/30Days For Activate *121*8#1
Rs11 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code(45MB/1Days) *121*8#3
Rs17 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code(65MB/1Days) *121*8#3
Rs24 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code(100MB/2Days) *121*8#2
Rs27 3G/4G Airtel Data Pack USSD Code(70MB/30Days) *121*8#3
Rs44 3G/4G Airtel Data Pack USSD Code(110MB/28Days) *121*8#3
Rs49 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code(200MB/5Days) *121*8#3
Rs67 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code(270MB/7Days) *121*8#3
Rs99 3G/4G Airtel Data Plan USSD Code(400MB/11Days) *121*8#3
Rs101 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code(1GB/2Days) *121*8#3
Rs149 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code(600MB/16Days) *121*8#3
Rs198 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code(800MB/21Days) *121*8#3
Rs259 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code(1GB/28Days) *121*8#3
Rs359 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code(2GB/28Days) *121*8#3
Rs459 3G/4G Airtel Plan Check Code(3GB/28Days) *121*8#3
Airtel Internet Loan USSD Codes *121*8#2
Airtel Voice Packs USSD Codes *121*8#5
Airtel Offer Code USSD –  Data Pack *121*10#1
Airtel Offers Code – Voice Packs *121*10#2
Airtel Offer Code – SMS Pack *121*10#3
Airtel USSD Code Rs9 Cafe Pack 1 Hr*121*12#1
Airtel USSD Code 50 L+N SMS USSD Code*121*12#1
Airtel USSD Code 10 L+N Minute USSD Code*121*12#1
Airtel USSD Code 50 Night Minute USSD Code*121*12#1
Airtel USSD Code Rs.7- 20MB USSD Code*121*12#1
Airtel USSD Code Roaming Packs*121*14#
Airtel USSD Code 1000 L+N SMS @Rs88 SMS Pack*121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 700 L+N SMS @Rs62 SMS Pack*121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 450 L+N SMS @Rs42 SMS Pack*121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 340 L+N SMS @Rs34 SMS Pack*121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 100 Local SMS @Rs10 SMS Pack*121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 55 Local SMS @Rs5 SMS Pack*121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 140 Local SMS @Rs13 SMS Pack*121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 150 Local SMS @Rs15 SMS Pack*121*12#2
Airtel USSD Code 200 Local SMS @Rs26 SMS Pack*121*12#2
USSD Code for Local USSD Code Aitel Voice Packs *121*12#3
USSD Code Aitel STD Voice Packs *121*12#3
USSD Code Aitel Local+STD Voice Packs *121*12#3
USSD Code Aitel Roaming Packs *121*12#3
USSD Code Aitel ISD Packs *121*12#3
Airtel free Wynk detailDial *121*8# Then Type 6
Airtel Voice Packs DetailDial *121*8# Then Type 7
Airtel SMS Packs DetailDial *121*8# Then Type 8

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In this blog, we have explained different ways to avail of various services on your Airtel subscription, such as checking your subscription’s validity, talk time balance, data balance, and other value-added services. With the help of USSD codes, you can quickly check your balance in no time and as little as possible. We have curated the entire updated list to check the balance and validity of Airtel.

FAQs Related to Airtel Balance and Validity Check

1. How do I check my Airtel plan?

Dial *121# and then press 3 (Manage my Accounts) and then press 5 (My Tariff Plan). Airtel will then display your current call plan.

2. How can I check my Airtel 4g net balance?

There are two types of data plans: the night data plan, and the other is Airtel 4G Balance. Dial for 123197# for night data balance and dial 1218# to check Airtel 4G Balance.

3. How can you check the offer in Airtel?

Dial 1211# to know Airtel Offers.

4. How To Check Airtel Daily Data Balance?

Airtel check balance: Use the Airtel USSD Code *123# to check your respective data balance.

5. How Do I Check My Recharge Status?

Use the recharge code for Airtel numbers 1217#6 (Airtel USSD Code Recharge)

6. Are Airtel Data Check Code, 4G balance Check Code, and Balance enquire number the same?

Yes, data check code and balance inquiry number are similar. However, for 4G balance, there is a different Airtel balance check mentioned above.

7. How To Know The Best Airtel Offers?

To check Airtel best offers, dial the USSD Code for Airtel 1211#

8. Are there different Airtel data activation codes and Airtel 4G Activation USSD Codes?

Yes. First, use the airtel plan check number to figure out the plan you have opted. You can use the data activation code that matches your plan. Airtel data balance codes are listed above.

9. Are Airtel Offer Dial Numbers Same as Airtel Offer Codes and Airtel Offer Numbers?

Yes. You can use the Airtel offer numbers listed above to find the best offers for you. The Airtel offer code is beneficial in ensuring you get the best possible Airtel offer.

10. How to check the Airtel offer for my number?

To check Airtel offers for your number, simply use the Airtel offer check code 1211#

11. How Can I Check Airtel Unlimited Packs?

Use the Airtel Unlimited pack check code, which is nothing else but the best offer code.

12. How to check Airtel Validity code?

The Airtel validity check code is *123#. This Airtel USSD Code can also be used as an Airtel account info number.

13. How To Check Airtel Offer Balance?

If you have recharged with the latest Airtel offer and wish to check your balance, simply dial 1212#

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