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The neckline is one of the essential parts of your dress, and believe me, and it can make or break a dress. The design of your neckline should be decided based on face, shoulder, size of bust, and others. You may know three or four neck designs for tops, but there are countless. This is the best thing because you get plenty of options to choose from according to your choice. When you look at a dress, you look for its neckline, halters, straps, and other factors. Among all these necklines consciously or unconsciously creates a difference. Here we enlisted different neck designs for tops that you should look at.

Diffrent Types of Best Neck designs for tops with Name

1. Asymmetric Neckline

asymmetric neckline top

There are various amazing necklines for dresses, but asymmetric neckline design has a different fan base. You can say that it is one of the latest neck designs for tops and dresses. The asymmetric neckline is like one strap running over the shoulder. These are also called a one-shoulder dresses. The other side of the strap runs down the underarm. This is a kind of must-have neckline that needs to be in your fashion rack. You can find various other amazing tops neck designs with asymmetric necklines that make it an amazing choice for your tops and other dresses.

2. Crew Neckline

Crew Neckline top

Crew neckline design is one of the most loved and used neck designs for tops. It is a round like design that sits close to your neck. This design you can easily find in the t-shirt, it generally ends adobe the collar bone. If you are a person with a short neck, then it can you should not prefer choosing a crew neckline because it can make the neck closed. A person with a long neck can look good with a crew or round neck tops.

3. Boat Neckline

boat neckline top

Another popular neck design for tops is the boat or bateau design. The design is named Boat-neckline for the collar shape similar to the curve of a boat. It bends delicately down from the collar bone and goes toward the shoulder. These are simple neck designs for tops; you can prefer this type of dress. Also, they are not too expensive and offer versatility. This can easily make you stand out from the crowd. This also makes as one of the classy yet simple blouse neck designs.

4. Jewel Neckline

jewel neckline tops

It is also similar to the round neckline and resembles a crew neckline with slight differences in the cut. This is one of the most commonly used neck designs for tops and dresses. It is called a jewel neckline because it lies where a necklace is worn. Remember, it is not a crew neckline; many people get confused with this.

5. Collared Neckline

Collared Neckline top

The collared neckline is almost similar to a shirt but with some trendy style. It goes best with most of the dresses. It’s long sleeves with button-down style look casual and stylish. This design is something different from a traditional approach. You usually find crew, round, jewel, etc., kind of neck designs for tops, but the collared design is unique. This can make your stand out of the crowd in a casual day outing. Another best thing is that they are quite comfortable, cheap, and come with easy fastening.

6. U Neckline

u neckline top

As its name says, the collar design is very similar to U, and this design is one of the universal liked neck styles for tops. The design is something that you should try for a classy and sassy look. It is wide as the base of your neck, and that gives quite a good appearance. You can pair it up with various other outfits as well and still look great.

7. Crossover Halter Neckline

Crossover Halter Neckline top

It is one of the most appealing and loved styles of neck designs for tops. The straps come from the sides of the breast and crossover at the front of the neck. This crossover then joins at the back in a halter style. It is a different design from all the daily approaches, and it looks great when paired up correctly. Also, with a small or medium size breast, it gives you a great look. This is one of the most attractive and stylish types of neck designs that you should consider once.

8. Square Neckline

square neckline top

The square neckline is designed similar to a square from the front. It is not that much in use, but it looks great on tops. You should consider using this design for your top, and this suits best with skinny jeans and high heel shoes. You can try various fashion styles to make it look stylish. The square neckline suits best on tops and kurtis. You should also try the kurtis of this neckline. They are the best in class.

9. Florentine Neckline

Florentine Neckline

It is a bit similar to the square neckline but has added some more fashion. This design has shoulder straps that are a little off-shoulder at an angle to the straight edge of the bust. You can go for long and short sleeves designs for this, but usually, the long sleeves suit best with this. It is an old design but nothing less than a modern outfit. You will find this design of neck in various dresses like tops and frocks.

10. V Neckline

v neckline top

V neckline is one of the perfect neck designs for tops. If you want something with a deep cut, then go for this. If you are confused with so many dresses, then go for the V neck design without thinking twice. It always saves your life from such situations. Also, people with short height prefer it most. This can make your body look elongated, and that’s an amazing benefit of this design.

11. Grecian Neckline

grecian neckline top

This design may look similar to a halter neck style to you, but it is quite different. The neckline comes out from underneath the arms to the center of the chest. This is twisted at around a one-eighty degree and tied behind the neck. This can make you feel like a halter neck design, but it is classier than that. You should have at least one top or other dress on this neckline, and they look seriously amazing. Another thing is people are rarely seen with different types of neckline designs for tops, so it can make you stand out of the crowd.

12. Scoop Neckline

scoop neckline top

This one is also one of the most commonly used neck designs for tops. It has a design similar to the U neckline, but it is more extensive than your neck base. If you want something sexier and fashionable, then you can go for this. It suits most of the body shape, faces, or shoulder length. This can be paired with most of the dresses, and that makes it a versatile choice. Another best thing is that it can make a short neck look elongated.

13. Halter

halter top

You may get confused with the crossover halter and halter neckline. Crossover straps coming from the sides of the breast and then crossover each other at the front of the neck. This crossover then joins at the back in a halter style. The straps are tied behind the end without making any crossover at the front. This is one of the simplest and best neck designs for the tops. Mostly the halter neckline suits with sleeveless shirts like broad neck tops. It is an ideal neck for tall women with broad shoulders or if you have an athlete’s body.

14. Gathered Neckline

gathered neckline top

It is a simple neckline design but gathered around your neck. You can get a plain band, elasticizing casing, or the drawstring around the neck to make it gathered. The basic design is like a V or U neckline with added drawstrings to gather the neckline. If you want some attention to your top body, then you should go for this otherwise do not buy it. This neckline suits many other outfits, but you need to be conscious about what you wear with this.

15. Halter Strap

halter strap top

The name is halter strap neckline, but it barely resembles a halter design. This halter strap design is one of the most fashionable and trendy kings of design. If you seriously plan to buy some, then go for this one. The strap goes around your neck and holds up the dress from the front. This neckline design best for the upper body dresses and can be best paired with heels. If you love clubbing and parties, then this neckline dress is a must-have piece for you.

16. Strapless Neckline

Strapless Neckline top

Strapless design, as its name says it doesn’t have any strap, you know how it looks. This is an excellent design for stylish tops if you have a beautiful bust. Strapless neckline usually gives a sexy appearance. This is the neckline that your wardrobe needs to have, and you can get plenty of dress options in this neckline design. You can go for a strapless midi-length dress or a full-sized dress, they all look perfect on your body.

17. Keyhole Neckline

keyhole neckline top

Keyhole neckline has an opening just under the edge, and now this hole can be of any design circular, oval, or any of your choice. Another thing is that the location of the whole can also be changed as per your requirement. If you want a neckline that has a hole at the front, you can have it, or you want a hole at the back then also you can go for it. The keyhole design is known for its 9 different variants, and you will love most of them. You can also follow some ultimate guides for the best fashion.

18. Straight Neckline

straight neckline top

The straight neckline is also something strapless but with something different. This neckline has a straight design one to another shoulder, along with that you get straps over your shoulder. The design is best for you if you have medium to big shoulders. It is like a perfect cool boho dress for you, and if you don’t have this in your wardrobe, you should get at least one piece of this neckline.

19. Sweetheart Neckline

sweetheart neckline top

One of the most amazing and beautiful neck designs for tops is the sweetheart neckline. This neckline can be used on many occasions, including your wedding. It is one of the most loved designs, and it has a curved shape heart around the bust line. This is one of the most appealing dresses that every girl should have in its wardrobe. The lower portion of the neckline looks like the top portion of the heart, making it the sweetheart neckline. You can check for some best brands for such clothes.

20. Off-shoulder 

off-shoulder top

Bardot neckline or off-shoulder neckline, they both are the same and need no introduction. This neck design can easily bring attention to others to your neck and shoulder. This is one of the most appealing necklines that you can try to add to your list. Off-shoulder necklines are quite popular because of their easiness and stylish appeal.


So here is the complete list of some of the great neck designs for tops and other dresses. You can surely go for any of these. All of them are good in style and offer a slender appearance. Tell us what you like the most in a dress and which neckline is your favorite. Also, we remain with many other fabulous neckline designs, but if you think that there is something that we need to include in the list, please comment down, and we will surely add that.


1. What neckline makes you look skinny?

A broader and deeper neckline can make you look taller and slimmer.

2. What neckline is best for a large bust?

There are many options you can go with: Scoop, V-neck, Square, crew, etc.

3. Who should wear V necks?

The neck adds a little more visual interest and is a bit less formal than the crew neck.

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