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BSNL-Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is one of the oldest and largest telecommunications companies in India. It facilitates internet and voice services across the country. Previously, known for its landline telecommunication services, the operator has now come up with various prepaid and postpaid services that are no less than bliss for the subscribers. Not only this, it provides an array of other user-friendly services that includes activation and deactivation of caller tunes. BSNL caller tunes are ringing back tone. The operator allows you to activate or deactivate the caller tune as per your wish.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has introduction a service- Personalized Ring Back Tone (PRBT) service, through which BSNL subscribers can set jingles/movie songs/funny tunes or album songs as their caller tunes rather than standard tune i.e. tring tring. The service is operational for both prepaid and postpaid users. Read more to know different ways to set and stop BSNL caller tunes.

Benefits of Activating BSNL Caller Tune

  • You can choose your favorite BSNL caller tune in any language. It could be Hindi, English, or regional languages that include Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and many others.
  • BSNL allows you to choose the hello tune from different genres that include devotional, entertainment, and others.
  • BSNL allows you to set Busy hello tune when you are in a meeting or occupied with important work.
  • You can also customize the BSNL hello tune.
  • Also, if you like another caller tune, you can make it your caller tune.

How to Set Caller Tune in BSNL?

BSNL users can quickly change and activate their caller tunes in the following ways:

  1. By dialing BSNL caller tune number-56700.
  2. By Sending an SMS.
  3. Copy the preferred tune/song from other BSNL mobile number.
  4. Activate BSNL Caller tune through BSNL mobile application.
  5. Visit BSNL portal to set caller tune in BSNL

Method 1- Dial BSNL Caller Tuner Number

  • Dial toll-free number-56700 from your registered BSNL mobile number.
  • Subsequently, select the language you wish to continue in.
  • Further, follow the IVR instructions and select your preferred song.

Method 2- How to Activate BSNL Caller Tune via SMS?

You would be charged Rs. 2 per SMS in order to set your BSNL Caller tunes. Follow the below listed steps to activate caller tunes through message.

  • Send an SMS- SUBSCRIBE or BT ACT to 56700 from your registered mobile number to activate caller tune service.
  • Subsequently, you will get the code of numbers that you can set as your hello tune in the BSNL number.
  • Go through the songs’ codes and send the song code to 56700, and soon your caller tune would be activated.
  • Alternatively, you can send SMS to 56799 or simply SMS search to 56799

Method 3 – Copy the Song from Other BSNL Number to Make your Caller Tune

BSNL users can also set BSNL free caller tune through the star copy channel.

  • All you have to do is press *9 after hearing the caller tune of the end-user (the person who you are calling).
  • Soon the same song would be activated as your hello tune in your BSNL mobile.

Method 4- Download BSNL My Mobile App to Set Caller Tune

BSNL has its user-friendly mobile application that you can download and activate the hello tune of your choice.

  • Open My BSNL mobile app.
  • Go to Value Added Services (VAS).
  • Subsequently, select your telecom circles such as Haryana, Maharashtra, or the state in which you live.
  • Then enter your registered BSNL mobile number.
  • Click on ‘’Caller Tune’’.
  • Click on ”Subscribe”
  • Subsequently, search for the song that you wish to make the caller tune and select it as your hello tune.

Alternatively, you can download the My BSNL Tunes app and select your favorite hello tune.

Method 5- Visit BSNL Portal for New Caller Tune

You can change the BSNL caller tune through the website in the following steps.

  • In the search engine, type BSNL Tunes.
  • Click on
  • Subsequently, enter your contact number along with the password in order to sign-in at the portal.
  • Then select from Songs/Movies/Albums/Artists/RBT Code/Name Tune and accordingly enter the name of your preferred songs/movies/albums/artist/RBT Code etc., and click on Go.
  • Also, select the language and category of your desired caller tune and click on Go.

For More Queries: BSNL Customer Care Number

How to Deactivate BSNL Caller Tune?

Just like the way you can activate caller tunes, you can also deactivate the hello tune by following below-listed steps:

  1. Dial 56700 for deactivation. Subsequently select the subscription option.
  2. Send an SMS <UNSUB> to toll-free number- 56700 or 56799.
  3. You can also deactivate the subscription of BSNL caller tunes through the BSNL portal.

Different Subscription Packs for BSNL Caller Tunes

There are majorly two BSNL subscription packs that are Bada Subscription Pack and Chhota Subscription Pack. Let’s know about both the packs in detail.

1. Bada Subscription Packs

Name of the PackValidityPrice
Quarterly BSNL Tune Subscription Pack3 monthsRs. 60
Half-yearly BSNL Tune Subscription Pack6 monthsRs. 110
Yearly BSNL Tune Subscription Pack12 monthsRs.200

2. Chhota Subscription Packs

If you do not want to subscribe to the Bada BSNL subscription pack, you can opt for the Chhota Subscription pack. This pack is budget-friendly as you would have to spend Rs. 7 only, and you will get the validity of 5 days. Rs. 5 would be debited for the PRBT subscription, and Rs 2 would be deducted for the song you have chosen.

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 Bored with your standard caller tune in your mobile? If yes, is the answer you have the option to change or activate a caller tune in BSNL. You can either download the My BSNL app or visit the operator’s official website to activate or deactivate the hello tune.

The BSNL personalized Ring Back tone service allows BSNL subscribers to greet their callers with their favorite tunes, such as a song, jingle, or album.


1. How to set caller tune in BSNL?

Above, we have listed all the possible ways through which you can set the caller tune in BSNL.

2. How to deactivate caller tune?

BSNL users can deactivate caller tune through a call at 56700, OR SMS- to toll-free number- 56700 or 56799 or visit BSNL portal.

3. How to set caller tune in BSNL for free?

Currently, BSNL has come up with Combo Special Tariff vouchers through which users can avail free caller tunes. Users can subscribe to STV’s to get caller tunes for free. On the other hand, standard subscribers who have not availed STV will not get the free BSNL caller tune.

4. Can we activate BSNL default tunes from the My BSNL app?

Yes, BSNL users can set BSNL default tunes as their caller tunes; however, it is not free.

5. How can we activate name tune in BSNL?

Call 5670087 in order to set BSNL name tunes or SMS your name to 56777.

6. What is BSNL name tune?

BSNL name tune allows BSNL subscribers to set their name as the caller tune. New users would have to pay subscriptions charges of Rs. 12 to avail this service.

7. What is Commercial name tune and how to set it?

Now you can set your business name as your caller tune. For this all you have to do is SMS CT to 567777. Rs. 30 would be deducted for this service.

Garima Kaushis

Garima Kaushis

Garima is an enthusiastic writer from Gurgaon. Her content holds value and information which is sourced from her long writing experience. Through her writings, you can explore vistas over wide range of topics. She loves to share her experience and bond with people around her. Her favorite leisure day would include shopping, reading book, good food and movies.

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Garima Kaushis

Garima is an enthusiastic writer from Gurgaon. Her content holds value and information which is sourced from her long writing experience. Through her writings, you can explore vistas over wide range of topics. She loves to share her experience and bond with people around her. Her favorite leisure day would include shopping, reading book, good food and movies.

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