Best PUBG players in the world

With the increase in the popularity of PUBG-PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, many gamers have got the right platform to showcase their gaming skills. Well, this not only has helped to carve a niche in the esports field but has also helped them to earn lucrative money.  IzZo, Zuxxy, SCOUT and many others today have become synonymous with PUBG. These players have taken online gaming to the next level. Many of them also stream their videos on their YouTube channel, where you can follow them and learn their playing techniques. It would not be wrong to say that these players enjoy a star status, and they deserve the same. Here we have shared a list of the best PUBG players in the world who are leaving no stones unturned to make PUBG mobile a world-class online game.

List of World Best PUBG Players

1. Zuxxy (Indonesia)


Zuxxy is first in our list of top 10 PUBG mobile players in the world in 2022. He also has his YouTube channel where his loyal fans can follow his PUBG mobile games. He is an expert in in-game rotation, Pochinki and uses sniper guns in the best way. Not many know that Zuxxy has a twin brother Luxxy is also a renowned PUBG player in the world. The player recently bagged the title of the “Esports Mobile Player of the Year” at Esports Awards. And in 2019, he received the MVP award at the PMCO.

Real Name: Bagas Pramudita

Team Name: Bigetron RA.

Mobile ID: 542761123

Device Name: iPhone XS Max

Follow him at:


  • 1st place finished in PUBG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020: Indonesia League.
  • 1st place finished in the Indonesia Finals in PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020.
  • MVP of the – Fall Split 2019 Global Finals.

2. 33Svan (China)


33Svan is also one of the best PUBG players in the world. He is a well-known sniper and supporter. He was the PUBG Mobile world championship League winner and got the second position in the 2021 world champion final. Also, he got the MVP title at the league stage of PMGC. In addition to this, he also holds the title of Damage Master along with Last Man Standing at PMGC.

Real Name: Zhong Hongsen

Team Name: Four Angry Men

Mobile ID: 51251806863

Follow him at:


  • Awarded MVP of the league stage in 2020.
  • Awarded as Week 4 MVP at PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0: League 2020.

3. Athena Gaming (South Korea)

Athena Gaming

Athena gaming is one of the strongest and best PUBG mobile players in the world. The streamer is best known for his FPP/TPP mode gameplay. You can watch him playing live all the latest tournaments on his YouTube Channel. Also known as Serioton, Athena Gaming holds expertise in sniping, close-range combat and pro gaming skills. This South Korean player usually plays solo and is not part of any of the team. Check out his latest videos on YouTube.

Real Name: Lee Hyeong Seob

Team Name: ROK.ARMY

Mobile ID: 694984807

Device Name: Ipad 0.5 pro

Follow him at:


  • Participated in 17 squads in Season 16 of PUBG with a win ratio of 17.6%.
  • In season 15, he played 459 squad matches and won 39 matches with a K/D ratio of 5.86.

4. Paraboy (China)


At just at the age of 19, Paraboy has become a best PUBG player in the world. He began playing in PUBG mobile as part of the XQF team and later moved to NOVA Esports. Besides being the top player, he is also the highest-earning player as he earns around 10000$ a month. He is best known for his assaulting technique. Paraboy is amongst the few players who are good in TPP and FPP.

Real Name: Zhu “paraboy” Bocheng

Team Name: Nova Esports

Mobile ID: 155943358

Device Name: iPhone 11 Max

Follow him at:


  • Awarded as the MVP of the Year at Peacekeeper Elite League 2020.
  • Titled as Most Popular Player of the Year in Peacekeeper Elite League 2020.
  • Selected as the Team MVP at Peacekeeper Elite League 2020.
  • Awarded as Team MVP at Team MVP

5. Coffin (Turkey)


Coffin is next in our list of 10 PUBG  players in the world. The USP of his gameplay is fast reflexes, tactical gameplay, and close-range combat. He is known as the god of the PUBG mobile. SP-Coffin is undoubtedly pro in all kinds of gameplay. He mainly indulges in the SOLO vs SQUAD matches that are quite intense. The player majorly embarks on the ruthless games. If you want to learn his playing tactics, subscribe to his Youtube channel with more than 800K subscribers and 300 million views.

Real Name: Asim Altan Yucel

Team Name: SapphireMobile ID:510443661

Device Name: iPhone XS Max

Follow him at


  • Founded Coffin Gaming Channel, 1,000 gamerscore.
  • Played 339 matches in the FPP squad mode in the second season and, out of them, won 142 games with a K/D ratio of 15.73.
  • He played 265 matches in the TPP squad and won 88 matches with a K/D ratio of 9.20.
  • Coffin has played 174 solo matches and has won 61 matches with a K/D ratio of 14.57 and a total of 1646 kills.
  • In 2020 he played 361 matches and has won 45 out of them with a K/D ratio of 5.67.

6.  Biu Biu- (Malaysia)

Biu Biu

Next on the list of the world best PUBG player in the world is Kow “BiuBiu” Jiunn Jie. The player got the best PUBG mobile player title in the world due to his accurate M416+4x sprays in the game. He began playing the game on the China server and then moved to the Asia server. He is best known for his quick reflexes and excellent game sense, leading him to achieve many milestones. He last played for the Team Secret (Mobile). He uses his 4 fingers, and after a successful career in the royal battle game, the player took a break from the competitive scene and left his team. Though he has bid adieu to his squad, he will always remain a top 10 PUBG mobile athlete in Malaysia. However, he is still active on Youtube.

Real Name: Kow Jiunn Jie

Team Name: Team Secret Mobile

Mobile ID: 5223109594

Follow him at:


  • Winner of PUBG Mobile Pro League 2020 MY/SG.
  • 6th position in PUBG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020: SouthEast Asia.
  • He played 295 matches in the TPP squad in season 3 and won 169 with K/D 25.93.
  • In season 4 of TPP conqueror, he played 505 matches and 289 with the K/D ratio of 18.70
  • In season 5 TPP conqueror, he played 524 matches and won 281 out of them.

7. RRQ Earnny (Thailand)

RRQ Earnny

Known to be one of the top-notch assaulters in the PUBG, RRQ Earnny plays generally plays scrims and tournaments. He became famous worldwide after his 1v1 close combat wins. On top of it, he is the best DMT user. Owing to his achievements and excellent game skills, today, he is one of the best PUBG mobile players in the world.

Real Name: Wachirawit Ramangkool

Team Name: Team Rex Regum Qeon- RRQ’s (PUBG Mobile lineup)

Mobile ID: 536317495

Device Name: iPhone 11 Pro

Follow him at:


  • In season 2, he played 618 matches in the TPP squad and won 300 with a K/D ratio of 11.72.
  • In the last season, RRQ Earnny played 139 matches with the K/D of 3.90.
  • Winner of PUBG Mobile Star Challenge in 2018 and 2019.

8. Sc0utOP (India)


One of the most famous PUBG players in the world, Sc0utOP, has made the country proud over the years in the E-sports industry. The 22-year-old player has around 3.61M subscribers on YouTube. The player represented team India in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and is best known for his assaulting accuracy, Entry fragging, DMR spamming and IGL decisions. He uses the 4 Finger Claw Setup. Besides mastering top gaming tactics, he hosts expertise in using the gun.

His name Scout is inspired by the Game CS Go, which features a SCOUT gun. His fabulous career in PUBG, his name SCOUT, has become the most sought after boys PUBG name.  

Real Name: Tanmay Singh

Team Name: Fnatic

Mobile ID: 5144286984

Device Name: iPhone 11 Pro Max

Follow him at:


  • 6th position in the PUBG MOBILE Club Open Spring Split 2020: India that took place in 2020.
  • 8th position in Peacekeeper Elite Championship in 2019.
  • 1st position in PUBG MOBILE All-Stars 2019 in 2019.
  • 9th position in PUBG MOBILE Club Open Fall Split: South Asia in 2009.

9. Rollexxx (North America)


Rollexxx is a well-known name in the PUBG mobile and top content creator. The young player is famous across the globe. He does not belong to any of the clan and is an independent player. In his illustrious gaming career, he has played PUBG mobile with other leading players such as SOUL Mortal, PowerBang Gaming and many more to name. The USP of this player is its intense gameplay and rush timings. According to the latest states, Rollexxx is amongst the best PUBG players in the world.

Real Name: Guillermo Jimenez

Team Name: Spacestation Gaming

Mobile ID: 514589102

Follow him at:


  • In the Season 3 -FPP conqueror, he played 225 matches and won 141 with a K/D  ratio of 12.27.
  • In Season 4, -TPP Conqueror, he played over 220 matches and 154 matches with a K/D ratio of 23.41.
  • In Season 5- TPP conqueror, he played 290 matches and won 205 with the K/D ratio of 20.00.
  • In Season 7- TPP conqueror, he played 370 matches and won 211 with the K/D ratio of 35.29.
  • Season 12- TPP conqueror, he played 303 matches and won 247 with a K/D ratio of 35.29.

10. IzZo (Denmark)


IzZo is also one of the top PUBG players in the world. He has his own YouTube channel where you can watch him playing in different tournaments. IzZo holds expertise in pro-level gaming, close-combat fighting and fast reflexes. He is a 2 Thumb Player with Gyro On.  As of now, he is not part of any tea but is a known duo SQUAD and SQUAD player.

Real Name: Ismael

Mobile ID: 524764770

Device Name: iPhone XS Max

Follow him at:


  • He has a huge fan following YouTube Channel


Here we have listed all the world’s best PUBG mobile players, along with their real name, team name, the device they use to play the game and their achievements. Do let us known who is your favourite PUBG player and what is his USP.


1. Who is the best PUBG player in the world?

Paraboy, Athena Gaming and the above listed are the worlds best PUBG mobile players of 2022.

2. How many players are playing PUBG?

Approximately 186,110.6 players are playing PUBG.

3. Which country has the lowest PUBG players in India?

Naman Mathur, aka Mortal, is amongst the richest PUBG player in India and has won tentatively 1.1 crores by playing solo tournaments. However, last year he took a break from PUBG.

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