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Baby monitors have become a need of an hour, especially for the parents. It allows them to keep a tab on their babies and track their whereabouts when they are out for work. There are many types of baby monitors available in India. Some of them allow you to watch your baby live. However, they do not have sound, and some of them offer both features. And, there are others which have a unique feature called DECT- Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication. It improves security, removes other noise, and lets you watch your baby anytime and anywhere. Let’s look at the array of baby monitors for parents available in India and factors that you must consider while buying an ideal baby monitor.

Features to Consider while Investing in a Baby Monitor:

1. Sound

One of the primary factors that one should look into a baby monitor is sound. Obviously, you must be able to hear the sound of the baby, but what you should consider mainly is its sound activation feature. Look for a baby monitor that starts recording the sound as soon as your baby utters, cry or makes any sound of movement as you would be able to hear the baby properly.

2. DECT Technology

DECT technology allows parents to hear crystal clear voices from the monitor to the handset. Also, DECT technology will enable you to pick the clearest signal.

3. Rechargeable Batteries

A baby monitor with rechargeable batteries is a great feature to consider. Parents can plug-in the headset, and simultaneously it can get recharge.

4. Video and Sound Interference Filters

Another essential factor that one should look at while buying a baby monitor is its video quality. The sound and video of the baby should be in sync, and also the video should be clear in the dark as well.

5. Wireless Encryption

Baby Monitors that come along with wires involve hassles, as you would have all the wires appropriately so that the baby monitor functions properly. And you would have to ensure each wire works properly. To say no to all these hassles, go for a baby monitor that works without wires.

6. Display Size of the Screen

The monitor’s display screen should be big enough to see the baby and things around him clearly without any discrepancies.

7. Two-Way Communication

You might not feel the importance of this feature, but it would be useful for you. The two-way communication feature allows your baby to hear from you. While you are away or not in the baby’s room, you can sing lullabies and make him sleep through the monitor itself.

8. Portability

While there are many types of baby monitors that can be mounted on the wall, and some can be carried while traveling, you can consider this feature according to your preference.

List of the Best Baby Monitors in India 2023

1. Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor

Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor

Phillips is undoubtedly one of the best brands in India when it comes to home appliances. The Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor keeps you connected with your baby in all the circumstances. It has a long battery span. Also, it notifies you when you move far from the monitor. Plus, it has a sound level indicator and updated DECT technology that keeps the monitor secure from any external interference. It is also completely encrypted.

Salient Features:

  • The baby monitor has a variable volume control.
  • It has the capacity of a 30-meter range.
  • It is equipped with five sound-activated LEDs

2. Hello Baby Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Hello Baby Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor from the brand Hello Baby is one of the most preferred baby monitors in India. It works continuously for 12 hours on the power saving mode and 8 hours when the screen is in full size. Along with this feature, it also comes with a night vision feature, clear video sound. The monitor can be connected with four cameras that too, at different angles and directions. Moreover, this monitor can analyze the room temperature of the. What makes it one of the best baby monitors is the LED that turns on as soon as the baby starts crying. It is also known to be as one of the best camera monitor in India.

Salient Features:

  • It offers 360-degree viewing.
  • It has 2-way communication feature.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • The baby monitor features a 2X digital zoom.
  • It has eight levels of alarms.

3. Infants Optics DXR-8

Infants Optics DXR-8

Next in our list of Top 10 baby monitors available in India is Infants Optics XDR-8. This baby monitor is known for its excellent picture quality. Also, it is a boon for parents, as you just have to download the app, and you would be able to see and your baby from anywhere and anytime.

The camera can swivel around so you can closely keep a watch your baby from different angles, and it also allows you to Zoom-in and Zoom out, which another best feature of this baby monitor. Not only this, but it also has an interchangeable optical lens. It also has an interchangeable optical lens that allows you to customize the viewing angles. In addition to this, the monitor also has 12 long battery lives as you can use the monitor for 12 hours with audio-only, and if you want to see the live screen, it will work for 8 hours.

Salient Features:

  • This baby monitor comes with an interchangeable optical lens.
  • It also has a remote pan/tilt and zoom feature.
  • It has a plug and plays feature.
  • This camera is available along with the expandable camera with scan mode.
  • It also has alarm features.
  • This baby monitor has secured wireless transmission that is 2.4GHz FHSS.

4. Fos Baby Digital Video Baby Monitor

Fos Baby Digital Video Baby Monitor

If you are looking for a baby monitor coming with the HD screen, you should go for Fos Baby Digital Video Baby Monitor. This multifunctional digital baby monitor is the best as it features a two-way audio feature and premium HD picture quality. Also, it has an in-built lullaby function that you can play and comfort your baby. Besides all these benefits, this baby monitor is easy to install. It also has a functional storage capacity that is equal to 32 GB. It has beneficial features that include recording scheduler, temperature analysis, sound, motion and detection alert, free FOSCAN DDNS services, free mobile apps, and cloud messaging. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best baby audio monitor in India.

Salient Features:

  • This baby monitor has a night-vision option.
  • It has an in-built webserver.
  • It features a motion detection alert feature along with sound and temperature analysis.
  • The baby monitor is equipped with high resolution at 30 frames in a second.
  • It weighs 181 g

5. SereneLife Wireless Camera

SereneLife Wireless Camera

The Serenelife Wireless camera is equipped with a dual system that comes along with the 3.2 digital color screens. In addition to this, the monitor also has a built-in microphone and two-way communication feature. You can easily extend its wireless range. It also controls the interface night version.

Salient Features:

  • The baby monitor is equipped with USB wall power adapters.
  • The wireless operation of the monitor ranges up to 500ft.
  • It has an in-built recharge battery- Li-Po 750mah.
  • The monitor has a Temperature monitoring button.
  • Picture and video quality0.3 MP image processor

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 6. Facelake Video Baby Monitor

Facelake Video Baby Monitor

The Facelake FL602 video baby monitor is one of the best baby monitors available in India. It has 2-way communication feature through which you can talk with your baby while you are at work or during the night in case your baby has a different room. The monitor also has a temperature monitoring feature. On top of that, it has eight inbuilt lullabies in the cameras that you can play to make your baby sleep fast. The monitor also has an automatic night vision along with a distance of 15ft (5m). In addition to all these features, the Facelake Video baby monitor supports different languages that include English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Salient Features:

  • This baby monitor is equipped with power transmission of 17dBm Spread Spectrum: AFH & TDMA.
  • It has a CMOS DC image sensor.
  • The camera makes use of Li-polymer / 400mAh, 3.7V Battery.
  • The camera supports a resolution of 220 X 176.
  • The baby monitor comes along with the power supply support that is 5V/500mA.
  • It is lightweight.

7. iBaby Smart Digital Baby Monitor

iBaby Smart Digital Baby Monitor

iBaby Smart Digital Baby Monitor is no less than a bliss for parents as it has video resolution and can be connected with the WIFI through Android and iOS devices. It is equipped with a near-invisible infrared LED, which allows you to keep a watch on the baby at night or in the dark as well. Plus, it can also record videos, measure humidity, click pictures, analyze temperature.

Salient Feature:

  • It allows two-way communication.
  • It also has an instant smart alert option.
  • You can use the free cloud storage to store the videos.
  • It provides an MFI connection.
  • The baby monitor allows routers DHCP SRV and SSID broadcasting.
  • The baby monitor is available along with the sensor, monitor base, and power adapter.

8. Evoz Glow Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

Evoz Glow Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

Evoz Glow Wi-Fi Baby Monitor is an ideal baby monitor as it enables parents and guardians to watch their baby while they are sleeping and awake. It records all their body movements and sounds. It has a modular magnetic design that allows placing the camera and monitory according to the convenience. It also has its app that you can easily download and track your baby’s whereabouts and other things such as analyzing the temperature, time of feeding, etc.

Salient Features:

  • The monitor comes with the HD-wide camera lens.
  • It easily captures videos, photos, and sound of the baby.
  • It is password protected.
  • The monitor supports Android and IOS devices.
  • It has an infrared LED along with a clear night vision.

9. Snuza Pico Smart Wearable Baby Monitor I

Snuza Pico Smart Wearable Baby Monitor I

Snuza Pico Smart Wearable Baby Monitor is amongst the top 10 baby monitors for parents available in India because you can easily make your baby wear this monitor. It can be attached to the diaper of the baby. It is smaller in size. The monitors vibrated for 15 seconds if the baby does not make in movement. Also, it notifies when the baby does not move for longer. This feature comes handy for parents as they can analyze whether their baby has any abnormality. Besides these soothing features, the monitor can also detect baby body temperature, fall detection- in case the bay falls from the crib or height and external movements.

Salient Features:

  • Real-time viewing
  • Fall detection, baby body position detection.
  • It is a wire-free- monitor and which have no external power.

10. Babysense Video B

Babysense Video B

A Babysense Video baby monitor has two cameras LCD, which allows parents to view two monitors or two cameras in a single room. The monitor has a 2.4-inch premium color LCD. It can improve with 2.4GHz FHSS Technology that eliminates all the interference and give transparent picture and sound. In addition to this, it has two-way communication features that allow you to talk with your baby. On top of it, comes with the temperature monitoring service, sound activation LED indicator, alarm time setting, and voice activation. 

Salient Features:

  • It has a Timer/Alarm setting option.
  • This baby monitor gives a warning when the battery is low.
  • It has in-built lullabies.
  • The baby monitor also comes with an auto infrared night vision.


Whether you are a working parent or the one who is trying to make their baby learn to sleep alone, you would need a baby monitor. It allows you to hear and see your baby. Some baby monitors also have their apps through which you can keep track of the baby. Here we have listed the ten best baby monitors that are perfect for every parent and guardian.

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