How to Check My Airtel Number

Airtel has more than 300 million users in India alone, and the number of connections is increasing every day. If you have purchased a new Airtel SIM card, it is difficult to remember the phone number. Also, you cannot carry the SIM cover with Airtel number everywhere you go. Therefore, we have given four easy methods to check your Airtel number. These methods just require your active SIM card and your SIM supporting the phone. We hope this would help you when you need it the most. If you have further queries, you can reach to Airtel customer care executive.

How to Check My Airtel Number?

Method 1: How to check my own Airtel Number Using USSD Code?

Airtel USSD codes or shortcodes are the easiest way to find the number on your phone. Here we have covered only the codes used for checking your number; you can also learn about the entire list of Airtel USSD code. Please insert your new SIM card in your phone, make sure it is active, and then follow the steps.


  • Open your phone dialer.
  • Type the USSD code *282#.
  • Press the calling button.
  • A flash message will pop up with your mobile number.
  • Please write down the number to save it.

Method 2: How to check my Airtel mobile number by calling Customer Care?

You can check your mobile number by calling customer care as well. Not from the executive but the IRV bot, which response to your questions.


  • Open the number dialer.
  • Type customer care number 121 or 198.
  • Press the green dialing button and be ready to note down your number.
  • You will be connected to the Airtel customer support system.
  • Follow the instructions and press 1 to choose the mobile services option.
  • The IRV will inform you of your number, data, balance, and validity.
  • Write your number for further use.

Method 3: How to check my Airtel number on the phone?

Another method to use the USSD code to get your number involves two steps. Follow the steps given below to check your Airtel number on your phone instantly.


  • Open the dialer on your phone.
  • Dial this USSD code *121*1#.
  • Now press the dial button.
  • Immediately you will get a flash message with offer alerts.
  • Simply click ok and wait.
  • Another flash message will pop up with your mobile number and Airtel recharge notifications.
  • Save the number for further use.

Method 4: How to check my Airtel mobile number using the Airtel App?

This is one of the easiest methods to check the Airtel number on the phone once installed in the Airtel App. For this method, you need to have internet connectivity as the App will not show the results offline. Here we assuming that you are a new Airtel user, so follow the steps.


  • Download My Airtel App from play store or apple store.
  • Open the App and enter your details.
  • You will be registered in the App and sent to the homepage.
  • The homepage contains your mobile number along with data usage, balance, and validity. There a few other ways to know these details go through the list of balance check methods.


There are many instances where we forget out phone number can we need to share it with someone urgently. We feel helpless that such times but you need not worry now. We have listed easy four methods to help you check your Airtel mobile number. Use the USSD codes to instantly get the flash message on your phone or download My Airtel App and find all the mobile details at one go. Another option to get the number detail is by reaching customer care and know your number, validity, and active plans. You can call Airtel customer care number 121 or write to for any complaint about further queries. 


1. How can I find my Airtel number?

You can check your Airtel number in many ways, using USSD codes like *282#, by calling 121 or by My Airtel App. Go through the blog to know four methods to check your number.

2. How to check my Airtel number offers?

To know the Airtel offers for your mobile number, dial 1211#. You will get a flash message with a list of offers; you can choose the options to know more about the offer.

3. What is the shortcode to check Airtel Number?

You can use two Airtel USSD codes for checking your mobile number, *282# and *121*1#. Go can through the blog to know the steps.

4. How to check my Airtel number is 4g or not?

You can go to the mobile setting, then to the mobile network. There you will find a list of networks, including 2G and 3G. If there you cannot find an LTE network or 4G, then your SIM is not 4G.

5. How do I check my Airtel mobile number from my SIM card?

Use the USSD code list of Airtel after inserting the SIM in your phone. Then you follow the above mentioned four methods to know your mobile number.

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