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The basic definition of shampoo is A hair product that helps to keep your hair healthy by reducing oil, dust, and dirt. Now in today’s market, you can easily find a gamut of options for hair color shampoo. The best thing is that they all claim that they are best suited for your hair. Now it becomes to choose the right one. This happens with everyone; the market is filled with a hell lot of products. Another significant issue is that if you have white hair or any other colored hair and want to color them, then also you will get confused about choosing the right hair dye. We will be discussing the VIP hair color shampoo, which is a combination of shampoo and color. 

Don’t get confused with what to choose in shampoo and what to choose in the dye. This product has all in it. Most people want to dye their hair black, and VIP hair color shampoo is the best option to go with. Later in this blog, we discuss all of its goods and bad.

Why choose a hair color shampoo over a simple dye?

Now, this has a straightforward answer. A dye can long last up to one or two months, and then it starts or gets faded.  If you are using a shampoo like VIP hair color shampoo, it helps keep your hair dyed and prevent fading. This can save your hair colored for a long time, especially if you compare it with normal dye coloring. 

Another benefit of choosing hair color shampoo is that it keeps your hair healthy and maintains its shine. Also, it prevents your hair from drying and has advantages of conditioner and other essential ingredients.

Best VIP hair color Shampoo that you should try

1. VIP Hair Color Shampoo

This is on top because of its best ratings and reviews on several e-commerce websites like Amazon and others. It is an ammonia-free shampoo that helps to strengthen your hair’s health and prevent damage. Some other perks that this shampoo offers is that it can be applied with bare hands. It has tea-free formulation and enriched with a pleasant fragrance and pearl extract. It is a unisex product, which is quite useful because of its 5 in 1 formula. It says that this can be applied to head, mustache, beard, chest, and hands. You just need to use it for 15 minutes, and you are done, simple.

Usage: Try to apply it liberally to wet hairs and work lather through strands. You can use it from scalp to ends and rinse well with water to clean your head.

Rating: 9.6

VIP Hair Color Shampoo Price: Rs. 450 for 180 ML.

2. VIP BUYHAPPY Hair Colour Shampoo

This is another best choice that you can use for your hair colors. The shampoo is also suitable for hairs. Bare hands can apply it, and another best thing is that you can apply to various places like head, mustache, beard, chest, and hands. It offers the benefit of hair color, shampoo, and conditioner. This formulation helps to keep your hair dyed for a long time by maintaining the health conditions. Its conditioner keeps the shine of your health, and shampoo keeps them smooth. You can surely go for this one also as it has tremendous benefits for your health.

Usage: Try to apply it liberally to wet hairs and work lather through strands. Apply it from roots to ends and, rinse well with water to clean your head.

Rating: 9.6

VIP BUYHAPPY Hair Colour Shampoo Price: Rs. 375 for 180 ML.

3. VIP Natural Hair Colour Shampoo

This is also a fantastic piece from the VIP, and you can buy it in different colors like black or brown. The color you get by using these shampoos is nothing less than natural. You can also apply them by bare hands because it has no stain formulation. Another best thing about these shampoos is that they have no ammonia, it helps keep your hair string for a long time. They are infused with a pleasant fragrance that keeps your mood light and happy.  It just requires 15 minutes to do its work, and you can apply it in your hands, head, chest, beard, and mustache.  

Usage: Try to apply it liberally to wet hairs and work lather through strands. Apply it from roots to ends and, rinse well with water to clean your scalp.

Rating: 8.8

VIP Natural Hair Colour Shampoo Price: Rs. 448 for 180 ML.

These are the best hair color shampoo that you should try for at least once, and if you want to use the only shampoo, then try using dove shampoo or Wow shampoo.

What makes VIP Hair Color Shampoo unique and useful?

There are various aspects that we can look at and then decide that seriously VIP hair color shampoo is suitable for use or not.

1. Hand Allergy

You have to apply this hair color shampoo with your hands, and this means you need to check that it is safe for your hand or not. Well, it is claimed by the company that you can use it bare hand, and also this makes it easy to apply and does not cause any side effects or allergy to your hand. There is a various sulfate-free shampoo that you can also try that don’t cause allergies.

2. Easy Application

As we know that this shampoo can be applied with bare hands and that gives the easy application. You can easily use it without taking much time.

3. Time Require to see Results

As the company says that it doesn’t require much time to show the results. A maximum of 15 minutes it may require to settle and show the best results. That is seriously amazing. You can use it when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to dye your hair. 

VIP hair color shampoo is India’s first shampoo based on hair color products and gives you instant results. Along with this, you get herbal ingredients in it that nourish your hair.

What are the effects of getting hair color?

Nowadays, it becomes reasonable to see grey hair of every second person. Scientifically it happens because our body stops generating melanin. Now the other thing is that no one likes such grey hair at such an early age. Melanin is vital for the color of our hair, and when the follicles manufacture less melanin, such an issue occurs. Various reasons cause this issue, below we discussed some of the prime reasons.

1. Medical Conditions

Young people who suffer from grey hair problems because of their medical conditions. One of the main issues is the autoimmune diseases that affect the cells of the body, and among these affected cells, one is follicles. Now you may ask how this autoimmune problem occurs well because of many reasons. One of the main reasons is that taking multivitamins or immunity boosters like giloy without prescribing to doctors. Such immunity boosters can result in boosting your immunity so much that your system develops the disease and starts attacking its cells.

You can avoid this is to take medicine only with the consultation of your doctor.

2. Smoking         

Smoking is a prime reason for various dangerous diseases, and grey hair is one among them. If you ask what worse we can do for our skin, probably we say start smoking. This bad habit can do a lot of damage in your body, including skin and hair. Smoking is a death causing habit, so if you are habitual to it, you may continue facing such health problems. It is better to quit smoking, and maybe your health condition will start getting good. This affects the hair growth cells severely and can also become the cause of hair fall.

The best way to avoid hair problems quit smoking as soon as possible or take your doctor’s help.

3. Vitamin Deficiency 

Less intake of vitamins can lead to various minor and major health issues. Grey hair is also one of such problems that occur due to less vitamin intake. You will be amazed that the vegan or vegetarian people are most likely to develop the grey hair issue. It is because of the restricted consumption of diet. This can easily cause premature greying if you are observing such problems start taking vitamins. Some people used to take concentration pills, and some had genetic issues. In both cases, you can easily develop a grey hair problem. 

In case premature greying of hairs consult with your doctor and do not take any vitamin supplement without consulting doctors.

4. Wrong choice of Haircare products

This is done intentionally or unintentionally because most people don’t know which product suits them. What to use and whatnot, seeing ads on TV and buying is not the right way. Sometimes the wrong color for hair can cause rashes or itching problems. You need to research the product before buying it. VIP hair color shampoo has a blend of hair color, shampoo, and conditioner that keeps complete care of hairs. Read more about this product and if you find it suitable, buy it.

What are the special features that VIP Hair Color Shampoo has?

There are many unique and special things that this shampoo has for you, and we enlisted some of them below:

1. It is better to use VIP hair color shampoo because it has many other benefits that a standard dye doesn’t have. This is ammonia-free that keeps the damage control, infused with a pleasant fragrance that keeps your mood light. Another thing is that it is formulated with conditioner, shampoo, and hair color that keeps a hell lot of benefit than hair color.

2. You can apply it with your bare hands, and I don’t think a standard dye offers such ease. This special feature lets you save a lot of time and effort. You can apply it easily without taking help from anybody. Also, it has no side effects on your hands, which means you can use it without worrying about the hand’s condition.

3. The product is an excellent choice when you are in a hurry. It takes only 15 minutes to cover all the grey hairs. If you choose a hair dye, it may take more time than VIP hair color shampoo, and that can be allergic. Usually, hair dye can cause scalp damage and weakens your hair strength. It is always a good choice over a normal dye.


So here, we have a summary of everything that you need to know about the VIP hair color shampoo. We tried to include all the required information that you may require in your research on the perfect hair product. The best thing is that you don’t have to buy different products for different purposes. You can use the same shampoo to your head, beard, mustache, and other areas. I think this would be the best choice to keep your hair shiny and healthy and maintain the color. Tell us how you found this product and what is your opinion on using this product. 


1. Is it safe to use VIP Hair Colour shampoo?

After seeing the countless reviews, we can say that the regular use of VIP Hair Colour shampoo can give the best results. It is an herbal product with no ammonia, which means it is safe to use.

2. Which hair Colour shampoo is best?

You should try using VIP Hair Colour shampoo.

3. Is there a shampoo that dyes hair?

These are color depositing shampoos that keep your hair colored for a long time.

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