India is a vast country and is home to distinguished places that are worth your visit. In case you are wanderlust or love exploring new places, then a road trip is definitely for you. You either drive your way through the bike or choose the car and enjoy the journey with friends and family. Here we have listed some of the serene places that are perfect for road trips in India.

Best Road Trips in India

1. Mumbai to Lonavla via Pune Express Highway

Mumbai to Lonavla via Pune Express Highway

Image Courtesy: Avis India

Mumbai to Lonavla road trip is considered to be the best since Lonavla is one of the closest place to Mumbai that offers peace and tranquillity. However, the best way to enjoy the trip is to visit Lonavla via Pune Express highway. The lush green foliage on your way will surely mesmerize you. On your way, you can take a halt for a while and cherish desi food at Dhaba. You can either choose to self-drive or opt for a bus for your road trip.

Best Time for Road Trip – Monsoon
Distance: 93 KM
Time Taken: 2 Hrs.

2. Manali to Leh Highway

Manali to Leh Highway

Image Courtesy: Leh Ladakh

This is definitely one of the best road trips in India. Manali is one of the most preferred tourist destinations that has mesmerizing views and lots more. In case you are planning for a long weekend, a road trip from Manali to Leh highway is worth it with family or friends. On your way, you will find dark gravy moist roads with snow-capped mountains on the side. The road conditions are safe, so you do not have to worry about that.

Best Time for the Road Trip- April to Mid-October
Distance – 479 KM
Time Taken – 2 Days

3. Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

Image Courtesy: HolidayIQ

Nothing could be more enchanting than watching the meet of the huge seas of the Bay of Bengal with the massive Eastern Ghats. This favourable meet will offer you the best of the road trip experience. While Vishakhapatnam has its charm, Araku valley will also not disappoint you. The way to Araku Valley is dotted with mind-blowing sites such as the Tatipudi reservoir and Borra caves.

Best Time for the Road Trip- October to March
Distance: 116 km
Time Taken: 3 hours

4. Manali to Shimla via Mandi

Manali to Shimla via Mandi

Image Courtesy: Holidify

While Manali to Leh might be time taking, however, a road trip from Manali to Shimla is short and perfect for people who do not like traveling for an extended period. Make sure you go through Mandi if you want to have the best of a road trip experience. The River Bias will accompany you throughout. After long hours of driving, you can soak your leg in the river and unwind all your tensions. This is the reason why Manali to Shimla is one of the best road trips in India.

Best Time for the Road Trip – April to June
Distance: 250 KM
Time Taken: 4 Hrs.

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5. Chennai to Pondicherry

Chennai to Pondicherry

Image Courtesy: MakeMyTrip

Both Chennai and Pondicherry are counted amongst the best places for tourists. While driving to Pondicherry from Chennai, you can take the route along the east coast road and enjoy the trip. The best thing is the road is extremely safe, so you can even ride a bike and relish the amazing view and visit sites like Kalpakkam and Mudaliarkuppan- both are boathouses with the best of the services.

Best Time for Road Trip – October to February
Distance: 3 hours
Time Taken: 3.5 hours

6. Puri to Konark

Puri to Konark

Image Courtesy: TravelHelp

Puri is considered to be one of the best places for religious activities as it is home to an array of temples and other religious sites. On the other hand, Konark is a beautiful place that is worth a visit, primarily through a road trip. The best thing is the fact that the trip takes hardly an hour. In that one hour, you will cross the best of the picturesque views.

Best Time for Road Trip- October to February
Distance: 36 km
Time Taken: 1 hour

7. Bandipur Forest to Bangalore

Bandipur Forest to Bangalore

Image Courtesy: Flickr

Nothing could be as best as your road trip from Bandipur forest to Bangalore. You can either choose to drive a car or bike; in any of the vehicles, you will have the best time of your life. This is one of the most charming highways that one should once in a lifetime. On your way, you might even get a glimpse of animals.

Best Time for Road Trip – October to March
Distance: 235 km
Time: 5 hours

8. Gangtok to Nathula Pass via Lake Tsomgo

Gangtok to Nathula Pass via Lake Tsomgo

Image Courtesy: RailYatri

This is accounted amongst the best road trips in India. There are still many places in North India that are unexplored. If you wish to visit this amazing place, then take a road trip from Gangtok to Nathula through Lake Tsomogo. There would be hardly any place in North India that is not worth visiting. From its picturesque views to local food, everything qualifies this place for your next road trip.

Best Time for Road Trip – April to June and October to November
Distance: 55 km
Time Taken: 60 minutes

9. Chennai to Munnar

Chennai to Munnar

Image Courtesy: Holiday Tour Packages in India

After exploring Chennai to Pondicherry, you can even plan to go on a road trip from Chennai to Munnar. The place is believed to be the nearest hill station from Chennai. Though the trip could belong, it is worth as you will get to see exciting scenes verdant greenery 

Best Time for Road Trip- October to February
Distance: 600 km
Time Taken: 10 hours

10. Jaipur to Jaisalmer

Jaipur to Jaisalmer

Image Courtesy: India Tourism & Travel Guide

While both cities are located in Rajasthan, however, both offer a different experience. The road trip to Jaisalmer from Jaipur is the best way to witness the changing colors of the desert. You can stop to Jodhpur for the refreshment and then head to Jaisalmer. This is one of the best road trips in India because of many reasons. On your trip, do not forget to try different Rajasthan cuisines and do shop authentic accessories and clothes from the local markets of Jaipur.

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Best Time for Road Trip – November to February
Distance: 559 KM
Time Taken: 9 Hrs.

Conclusion: Many places in the country are perfect for road trips. From Jaipur to Jaisalmer and Chennai to Munnar or Pondicherry, you can head to any location to enjoy the view of nature.

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