Best Mountain Bikes in India

Ready to hit the trails, but don’t know where to begin? There are numerous ways to ride off-road and in this article we are going to help you select the best MTB in India for your next adventure.

We all have grown up riding bicycles in our lives. Some of us chose to cycle to get good physic, and the rest of us have ride bicycles for sheer fun. If you are still tempted to ride a bicycle, a mountain bicycle would be a perfect bet for you. MTB’s are meant for tough roads. They have sturdier built and are designed to withstand even the harsh conditions. For all the adventure seekers here, we have listed some of the best mountain bikes in India that you can consider. Also, we have mentioned the mountain bike price in India.

Types of Mountain Bikes (MTBs)

  1. Downhill Mountain Bike – Also, known as specialized bikes, DH bikes are ideal for riding on the steepest courses and terrains. This type of bikes has a sturdy frame, which also makes such bikes heavy. They offer the best of the speed while riding downslope.
  2. Dirt Jump – As the name of the bike suggests, these bikes are bigger and help you to perform all types of airborne acrobatics. These types of bikes are ideal for freestyle terrains and jump.
  3. Trail Bikes – This type of mountain bikes is perfect for all types of mountain biking. It offers reliable security and stiffness. Also, Trail bikes have a full suspension that provides additional control and comfort.
  4. Cross-Country – Fondly known as XC bikes, Cross Country bikes are functional and allow you to pedal comfortably. It is lightweight and offers the best of comfort and control. This type of bikes is perfect for racing events or for the people who want to boost their fitness through mountain biking.
  5. Enduro/all-mountain – Enduro/all-mountain bikes have front and rear suspensions, which allows the person to ride on even rigid terrains. It has all the features that let you ride on the uphill biking locations

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Best MTB Bikes Brands in India:

1. Sturdy Bike Fat Mountain Bike with 26×4 Inch Tires

Sturdy Bike Fat Mountain Bike with 26×4 Inch Types

This is one of the best mountain bikes in India for cyclers. It has incredible designs and is durable as well. It has 21-speed settings and has a capacity of 130 kg. Also, it features 4-inch tires and 24-inch rim that provides a smooth ride on the uneven surface. The frame material is made up of the carbon steel frame and can be adjusted till 5-6 feet. This bike can even sustain at low pressure. It also has dual disk brakes along with the 21-speed gears. Along with the bike, you will also get a tool kit that would; include locker, seat, and I shaped screws. It offers the best performance and does not have any major drawbacks.

Price: Rs.15,999.

2. Hercules MTB Turbodrive Rocky 3.0 26T bicycle

Hercules MTB Turbodrive Rocky 3.0 26T Mountain Bikes

Hercules Turbodrive Mountain Bike is one of the best mountain bikes brands in India because of many reasons. It is durable, has smooth-riding options with the Y-shaped step through free to allow the rider to cycle on the tough roads with ease. It has a 26inch wheel size and 19-inch frame that offers complete support. The Turbodrive chain wheel makes it easy for the rider to ride the bike.

Price: Rs. 6,999

3. Hero Forester 26T 6 Speed Bicycle

Hero Forester 26T 6 Speed Bicycle

Next in our list of best mountain cycles in India, is Hero Forester 26T 6 Speed Bicycle. Undoubtedly, Hero is one of the known brands for bikes and cycles. The Hero Forester 26T 6 Speed Bicycle is designed for safe rides on the roads. One can use 6-speed settings. It has anti-skid pedals that offer grip. This mountain bike also features a mudguard that protects the cycle from dirt.

 It has a durable frame made up of Steel. The dual-cantilever braking system provides safety, reliability, and solid control. While buying this bicycle from an online store, you would also get a tool kit that includes seat, spanner, pedals, reflectors, screws, saddle, and clips. However, the manufacturer does not provide a guide for installation, so it would be difficult for the users to install the cycle.

Price: Rs. 9,499

4. Urban Terrain UT1000 Mountain Bike

Urban Terrain UT1000 Mountain Bike

Urban Terrain is one of the premium brands in India that has a vast number of mountain bikes that, too, at different price tags. Urban Terrain UT1000 Mountain Bike is ideal for the kids above ten years. This is one of the sturdiest mountain bikes in India that, too, at the price tag it is available. In addition to its features, it has shock-proof nature and excellent strength. You can easily adjust the seats of the cycle. It also comes with 21-speed settings, and you would be able to switch the gears according to your requirements.

And, it comes along with a year warranty so you would not have to worry about the repairing costs. Undoubtedly it is best MTB cycle brands in India.

Price: Rs. 9,990

5. Love Freedom Jaguar Fat Bicycle

Love Freedom Jaguar Fat Bicycle

If you are looking for a mountain bike that is rust free and does not have to be cleaned regularly, then you should go for Love Freedom Jaguar Fat Bicycle. It is available in trendy colors. It features an 18-inch steel frame that is suitable for people who are 5-6 feet tall. This mountain bike also has tires with sufficient width that offers grip while riding.

The outer body of the cycle is made up of the carbon steel and features hardtail suspension. In addition to this, it has a double mechanism along with a 160mm rotor disc. It is available with different frames. The speed could be adjusted up to 26T. The only con of this mountain bike is that its gears may get damage before the promised time as they are not made up of good quality.

Price: Rs. 14,499

6. Cosmic Trium 27.5T Mountain Cycle

Cosmic Trium 27.5T - Best Mountain Bikes in India

When it comes to best mountain cycle brands in India, Cosmic is one of the leading brands. You can rest assured of the quality and features. Cosmic Trium 27.5T Mountain Cycle is exclusively designed for all the fitness freaks about there. The models weigh 16 kg and feature 17-inch frame size along with 21-speed settings. It has a hardtail suspension type, and the size of the wheel is 27 inches. Also, this is one of the best mountain bikes in India for both men and women.

The frame of the cycle is made up of Steel, which makes it lightweight and robust. Along with bicycles, you will get attachments that include bottle holder, water bottle, from LED light, rear danger light, cable lock, wheel reflector, pedal seat, etc.

Price: Rs. 12,860

7. Montra Helicon Disc Bicycle

Montra Helicon Disc Bicycle

What makes this bicycle one of the best mountain bikes is the fact that you will get it in the most assembled state so you would not have any problem to assemble it. This cycle is suitable for people who have 5.8-6.5 inches in height. With frame size 5.8-6.5 inches and size of wheels- 27.5 inches, it is easy to ride on a tough surface. The frame and hardware equipment of the cycle are made of aluminum allow, which is easy to clean. Moreover, it has dual disc brakes on both sides. You can also add a prismatic reflector to the cycle for convenience while riding in the night.

8. Endless 27.5T 21-Speed Mountain Bike

Endless 27.5T 21-Speed Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a mountain bike that does not only stylish but also offers the best riding experience, then you should buy Endless 27.5T 21-Speed Mountain Bike. This mountain bike is versatile. It has dual disc brakes and along with • include front/rear reflectors, mudguard, stand, and trainer wheel. Its wheel size is 27.5 inches, and the frame size is 18 inches. It is ideal for kids above 11 years. It’s without any doubt the best mountain bikes in India for all ambitious trail riders.

Features to Consider while Buying Mount Bike:

  1. Type of Suspension- Suspension of the bike determines the type of the surface for which the bike is suitable to ride. Suspension forks support trail riding as the wheels can move in any direction (upward and downward). They stay in contact with the ground in all the stances. You can choose between the rigid, hardtail, and full suspension.
  2. Size of the Wheel- Another thing that you should consider while purchasing a mountain bike is the size of the wheels. The size of the wheel determines how effortlessly the bike would roll over rough surfaces. Different sizes of the wheels are 24 inches, 27.5 inches, 29 inches, and 24 inches.
  3. Frame Material- The frame material of the MTB determines the strength, weight, and durability of the bulk. These bikes are available in 4 type of frame that includes aluminum, carbon fiber, Titanium, and Steel. Among all aluminum is widely used
  4. Gears of the Mountain Bike- Gears play a crucial role. MTB’s are available in single-speed and gears that ranges from 22 to 30 to allow you to ride on different terrains. The number of gears you select should be according to the type of the surface where you would be riding the bike. Gear offers the right grip and traction.
  5. Brakes- Mountain bikes have two types of brakes. Some have disk brakes, and others have rim brakes. Disk brakes come along with the brake pads. These could be either cable activated brakes or hydraulic brakes. On the other hand, rim brakes are available with pads that hold the wheels
  6. Pedals- Always look for the pedals that are easy to pedal while riding. Advanced riders can go for clipped or clipless paddles which are easy to secure. However, if you are inclined towards stunts, you can prefer large flatter pedals.
  7. Budget – Besides features and functionality, your budget plays an important role. Mountain bikes are available between Rs. 6000 to 2000 range, you can choose the best that fits your budget and requirements.
  8. Brand of the Mountain- Do consider the brand of the mountain bile that you are planning to purchase. Also, ensure it comes along with warranty services.


A mountain bike is designed for kids above 11 years. It has additional benefits as compared to regular bicycles. Though a mountain bike could be expensive, it would be worth the investment. Do tell us which is your favorite mountain bike?


1. Which mountain bike brand is best?

Hercules, Hero, Cosmic, etc. are some of the best mountain bike brands in India.

2. Which is the best mountain bike to buy?

The blog has a list of the best mountain bikes in India that you can buy.

3. Why are mountain bikes best?

Mountain bikes are best because they are more stable, heavier, stronger, and durable. Also, they have wide tires that offer grip on even tough roads.

4. What is the price of an MTB bike?

Best mountain bikes in India are available between Rs. 6000 to 20,000.

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