India boasts numerous diverse gifts of nature that includes deserts, forests, mountains, long coasts, and plains. India has several mountains amongst them. Some stand high and rank amongst the list of highest mountain peaks of the world. Most of these mountains have been climbed by the human. Though some are located in the remote area yet, they are the pride of the country. Read more to know the top 10 highest mountains in India.

Magnificent Mountain Peaks in India

1. Kangchenjunga – Ranks 3rd in the world

The highest mountain peak in India and the third-highest summit in the world, Kangchenjunga, lie between Nepal and India’s border in the great Himalaya range. It features five peaks, and out of which three mountains that are main, central, and south touch the border of the country and rest two touches the border of Nepal.

Kangchenjunga  8,586 m
Kangchenjunga West 8,505 m
Kangchenjunga Central 8,482 m
Kangchenjunga South   8,494 m
Kangbachen   7,903 m

2. Nanda Devi – Ranks 23rd in the world

Situated on the Garhwal Himalayas region in Uttarakhand, Nanda Devi is one of the highest summits. It is also amongst the highest mountains in the world and is one of the highest mountain peaks in India. Also, it is one of the highest mountain peaks in the Uttarakhand with an altitude of 7,816.

Nanda Devi            7,816 m
Nanda Devi East   7,434 m

3. Kamet – Ranks 29th in the World

Kamet is the second-highest mountain peak in the Garhwal region and is the highest summit. It is one of the highest mountain peaks in India. The peak nestled between neighbouring peaks and is close to Tibetan Plateau because of which is not accessible like other Himalayan peaks.

Kamet                7,816 m
Abi Gamin        7,434 m
Mana  7,272 m
Mukut Parbat 7,242 m

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4. Saltoro Kangri – Ranks 31st in the World

Also called Saltoro Range, Saltoro Kangri is the highest peak of Saltoro Mountains in Jammu and Kashmir and is one of the highest mountain peaks in India. It is located in the remote area of the Karakoram and the longest glacier of the world because of which it is not that easy to access. 

Saltoro Kangri          7,742 m
K12   7,428 m
Ghent Kangri  7,401 m
Sherpi Kangri 7,380 m

5. Saser Kangri – Ranks 35th in the World

Also spelled as Sasir Kangri, it is one of the highest mountain peaks in India and the highest peak in the Saser Muztagh. The mountain peak is located in Ladakh. Saser Kangri is more populated as compared to the above-listed mountains, and thus, it is easy to access as well.

Saser Kangri I      7,672 m
Saser Kangri II East 7,518 m
Saser Kangri II West 7,500 m
Sherpi Kangri 7,380 m
Saser Kangri III 7,495 m
Saser Kangri IV 7,416 m

6. Mamostong Kangri – Ranks 48th in the World

It is the highest peak in Rimo Muztagh, which is a sub-range of the Karakoram Range. It stands high in the Ladakh and touches the border of China. The mountain is located in the 20km east-south-east of the Siachen Glacier. Also, it ranks as the 48th highest rank peak across the globe.

Mamostong Kangri- 7,516 m

7. Rimo – Ranks 71st in the World

The Rimo Massif is situated on the northern side of Rimo Muztagh in the famous Karakoram ranges. The mountain is the part of Siachen Glacier. It features four peaks and is one of the highest mountains in India. The peak is from the known towns. However, it sits close to the military sensitive Siachen Glacier

Rimo I    7,385 m
Rimo II   7,373 m
Rimo III  7,233 m
Rimo IV   7,169 m

8. Hardeol

Known as ”Temple of God”, Hardeol is amongst the significant peaks of the Kumaon Himalaya and is one of the highest mountains in India. It is also the highest peak on the northern side of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. It is situated in the Millam Valley and closes to the Tirsuli peak.

Hardeol- 7,151 m

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9. Chaukhamba

This mountain massif is located in the Gangotri Group of the Garhwal Himalaya. It is one of the primary summits and one of the highest mountain peaks in India. It features four Summits, including northeast – southeast trending ridge. Chaukhamba was named after the four peaks.

Chaukamba I 7,138 m
Chaukamba II 7,070 m
Chaukamba III 6,995 m
Chaukamba IV 6,854 m

10. Trisul

Trisul is a group of three Himalayan mountain peaks of western Kumaon. All the three peaks resemble Trident, which is believed to be Lord Shiva’s weapon. Trisul is located close to the Nanda Devi sanctuary.

Trisul I 7,120 m
Trisul II  6,690 m
Trisul III 6,007 m


This was our list of the top 10 highest mountain peaks in India. These mountains stand high and are the pride of the country. These mountains also share borders with other countries. Do let us know if you want to add the name of any other Indian mountain in the list.


1. Which mountain peak is the highest in India?

The highest mountain peak in India is The Kangchenjunga. It is also the 3rd highest mountain in the world.

2. How many mountain peaks are there in India?

There are seven mountain ranges in India that have over 1000 meters peaks. The popular amongst all is the Himalaya range.

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