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Buying a new mattress could be a daunting and expensive task! Instead, you can change the look of the mattress now and then with mattress toppers. They provide an extra layer over the mattress that extends the life of the mattress and makes it even more comfortable. Here we have curated a few best mattress toppers available in India along with types, benefits, and guide to help you consider things while purchasing an ideal mattress topper.

Types of Different Toppers Materials:

  1. Polyester or Feather Blend – Though feather mattress toppers are soft but provide less support and are not ideal for the hot weather. The mattress topper with a polyester blend is less expensive.
  2. Wool Topper – Wool mattress toppers provide an additional layer to the mattress that keeps the mattress in good condition. The material used in these types of toppers is hypoallergenic, which is perfect for all the seasons.
  3. Poly Foam and Latex Topper- If your mattress is enough supportive and firm, then you can opt for polyurethane and latex toppers. It will provide extra cushion.
  4. Memory Foam- Toppers with memory foam would be equally comfortable like mattresses with foam material. It is an excellent option for supporting sore joints.

Top Rated Mattress Toppers in India 2020:

1. AVI Soft 700GSM Mattress Padding/Topper

AVI Soft 700GSM Mattress Topper

This top cover is made up of cotton. It has stitching all over so that the filling remains in their place. It has a thickness of 700 GSM. This mattress topper is available in 10 sizes. It has the best of filling that removes the odor and is hypo-allergic.

The only con of this mattress topper is that it might shrink a little and can trap the body heat to some extent.

2. Rajasthan Mattress Padding

Rajasthan Mattress Padding

Next in our list of top mattress toppers available in India is Rajasthan Mattress padding. It has a premium cotton fabric cell with microfiber filling. It has elastic straps on all the edges. The mattress topper is easy to wash. It does not have any odor and is comfortable amongst all.

With extended use, the size of Rajasthan Mattress Padding might shrink and can flatten out a bit. Moreover, it is not available in any size and color.

3. AMZ 500 GSM Mattress Padding

AMZ 500 GSM Mattress Padding

Owing to its weight, this is one of the best mattress toppers available in India. It has premium quality microfiber filling and easy to wash at home. This mattress cover has cotton upholstery, which makes it light and easy to carry. The thickness of this mattress top is 1.5 inches, and it has baffle box stitching. The elastic bands on the edges can easily fit a mattress with up to 12 inches thickness. AMZ 500 GSM Mattress Padding is available in 9 different sizes.

4. Linenovation 500GSM Mattress Topper

Linenovation 500GSM Mattress Topper

This mattress padding has baffle box stitches that hold the fillers. Plus, it comes with four elastic straps that could be a good fit for your mattress, making it one of the best mattress toppers in India. It is made up of cotton, which is skin-friendly and perfect for all the weather. In addition to this, it has good quality hollow fiber filling. Linenovation 500GSM Mattress Topper is available in different colors and sizes.

Spread it under the sun after every three months. It might flatten out on regular usage. Also, it has 500 GSM.

5. Jaipur Linen 3000 GSM Mattress Topper

Jaipur Linen 3000 GSM Mattress Topper

With a thickness of 3.5 inches, the Jaipur Linen 3000 GSM Mattress Topper is one of the top mattress toppers available in India. It has elastic fasteners all the side, and the top sheet are made of cotton. On top of it, this cover has premium quality super microfiber filling. It also has baffle box stitches all over that that keeps the feeling intact to its place.

However, it could be a bit pricey and has much weight.

6. FITMAT Mattress Topper with Cover

FITMENT Mattress Topper with Cover

FITMENT Mattress Topper with Cover is made of the memory foam and is available with a detachable top along with a zipper. It also has elastic straps on all sides. You can easily wash the top covers at home and is available along with the three years of warranty. What makes this one of the best mattress toppers is that fact that it distributes the body weight equally

It does come with some downside as well, which includes its price, and it is bulky size. Also, it is not available in many colors, and the foam might retain the body heat.

7. Jaipur Linen 500 Gsm Mattress Topper

Jaipur Linen 500 Gsm Mattress Topper

The outer cover of this mattress topper is made up of cotton and is available in various sizes and colors. Like most of the other best mattress toppers available in India, this too has baffle box stitched design and premium design. It is soft and comfortable and has all the corners stitched nicely. It is lightweight and has no odor.

However, Jaipur Linen 500 GSM Mattress Topper is not waterproof and is not resistant to dust mites.

Things to Consider While Purchasing Mattress Toppers:

  • Topper Size – Select the topper of the mattress according to the size of the mattress. Like mattresses, toppers come in different sizes like king, queen, full and twin sizes.
  • Gram per Square Meter (GSM) – GSM refers to the weight of the filling of the topper. The higher would be the GSM; the thicker would be the topper and more comfortable. Toppers are available in 300 GSM / 600 GSM / 1200 GSM. You can choose a comfortable one.
  • The softness of the Topper – Select the softness of the topper according to your sleeping position and weight. It should be neither too soft nor too hard.
  • Price and Quality of the Topper – Mattress toppers could be expensive. They could be half the price of your mattress. While purchasing the topper, consider the remaining life of the topper and make sure you pick the best quality.

Benefits of a mattress topper:

  • It provides an additional comfort layer.
  • It extends the longevity of the mattress.
  • The ideal way to fix a torn or old mattress.


There are different types of mattress toppers available in India. Here is our list of the mattress padding that you can consider according to your comfort and preference. Do let us know which mattress topper are you planning to buy?

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