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Hindi is one of the official languages in India, according to the Indian constitution. Therefore, we use it for verbal and written communication. In MS Word, there is Hindi font to help you write in Hindi script named as Mangal font, which can also be called Devanagari font. However, you need some assistance to use the Hindi typing across online or offline platforms. For this reason you need specific software to help you do that. Here we have listed 12 best Hindi typing software that will be useful to you.

Best Hindi Typing Software for Free Download

As Hindi typing software’s need is increasing, we need to learn and explore more of such tools. So when you are writing a mail, Facebook posts, or even Birthday wishes in Hindi, you can use them. A few free download typing software are listed below for the Hindi language.

1. Indic Input

Indic Input is one of the best Hindi typing software that is developed by Microsoft. It is a fantastic place to start your Hindi typing experience.

You can experience this typing software’s smooth functioning as you can use your English keyboard to type the Hindi script. This is one of the free and reliable software that is used by the Indian government as well.


  • It gives 12 keyboard layouts.
  • You can use an English QWERTY keyboard for typing.
  • You can switch between languages.
  • Use it in MS Office.
  • You can use 12 keyboards.

2. India Typing

This is the free and offline Hindi typing software you can use to ease your typing struggle. Simply use the English keyboard to type and get the script in Hindi.

The highlights of the software are that you can use 10 keyboard layouts for typing. It supports many Hindi fonts like Mangal, Devlys 010, Krutidev 010, and many others.


  • You can effortlessly type Hindi offline.
  • You can use 10 keyboard layouts.
  • You can type fast with its auto-completion option.
  • You can write Hindi on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. Hindi Indic IME

There are many typing software available, but this is one of the best Hindi typing tools. You can use this utility to practice Hindi typing speed with accuracy. It is compatible with Windows PCs and tablets. Hindi Indic IME can be used to translate the English text into the Hindi script.


  • You can type Hindi using the English keyword.
  • It has an auto-text feature for fast typing.
  • You will get a customized word list.
  • There are different types of keyboards.

4. Anop

If you are beginning to learn Hindi typing and need guidance to become an expert or Hindi typing tutor, this is the best software. It allows you to understand the basic to advance level of Hindi typing.

Anop is unique as it can work with or without the internet. So you can work without any interruption. You can consider installing this software to improve your typing skills. This could be your personal Hindi typing tutor.


  • It is a free application.
  • You can use it online or offline.
  • It is user-friendly software.

5. Aasaan

Aasaan is one of the best Hindi typing software recommended if you are looking for comprehensive software. This platform will guide you through your Hindi typing learning process. So we can call it your personal Hindi typing tutor.

It permits transliteration of English, Hindi, and bilingual text effortlessly. Even if you do not have any Hindi language background yet, you can use it with ease. So download it and get started without any delay.


  • It is ideal for beginners.
  • You can transliterate Hindi and English.
  • It is a Hindi typing tutor.
  • It is user friendly.

Best Hindi Typing Software for Windows 7 and Windows 10

The Hindi typing software can be installed on your Windows PC to ease your work. Therefore, consider installing the following software to experience smooth Hindi typing.

6. Hindi Typing Master

You can download this software to type Hindi using your English keyboard. This is comprehensive Hindi typing software which can be used by the beginners. One can take courses and activities that will improve your Hindi typing skills.

You will be able to take typing tests to see the statics of your improvement. So, go ahead and start using this software.


  • You can use it offline.
  • Compatible with multiple English keyboards.
  • It is user friendly.
  • It is ideal for windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • It tutors you to type Hindi.
  • Get courses and activities of Hindi Typing.

7. Soni Typing

Soni is one of the best Hindi typing software for Windows PCs. It uses Mangal font, and when you type, it transliterates into Hindi font. This is smooth and easy to use the software.

If you are going to appear for government exams where Hindi typing skills will be tested, you must download the software. It is customized for government exams, and the aspirants have been benefited through this.


  • This uses the Mangal font.
  • It is customized for practicing for government exams.
  • Easy to use.

8. JR Hindi Typing

JR Hindi is one comprehensive Hindi typing software to help you ace typing. It is suggested for the beginners of the ones who are looking for improvement. You can download it for free, but minimal payment is required to continue.

This software is unique as it allows you to practice for government typing exams, gives hundreds of typing quizzes, and more.


  • Practice Hindi and English typing.
  • Take tests and know your results in detail.
  •  Improve speed, accuracy, and keys per minute.

9. Inscript

Inscript is a little tough to learn using even though many government typing workers prefer this for professional tasks. 

It is great for fast typing and improving accuracy. However, it is not preferred for beginners. So, when you are confident in Hindi typing, you can use this software to carry out your work.


  • It is ideal for professionals.
  • It is excellent for government typing jobs.

10. HindiTrans

Hindi typing is no more a tedious task. You need to install Hindi Trans, which is one of the best Hindi typing software. It is an excellent option for beginners, government exam aspirants, and anyone who wishes to improve Hindi typing skills.

When you download this, you need not worry about anything else. That means you need not install the Hindi keyboard and Hindi fonts separately; you will get it all preinstalled.


  • It transliterates English into Hindi font.
  • It supports Devnagri scripts for Hindi.
  • Wide range of preinstalled Hindi keyboard and fonts.

11. Lipikaar

Lipikaar is one go-to software for most of the Indian script typing. This also makes it one of the best Hindi typing software for PC. It offers a three-day trial, and then you will be required to pay to continue. 

You can use this software for typing Hindi with ease. It is compatible with Windows 7 as well. So next time, if you are struggling with Hindi typing then, this is the best place.


  • It is simple and easy to use software for 18 languages.
  • Complete controlled typing.
  • Works for MS Office and emails as well.
  • Supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.

12. Sonma Typing Expert

Sonma is one of the best Hindi typing apps for Hind and Sanskrit transliteration. This software is not only ideal for typing, but it gives courses and activities for improving multiple aspects of your typing skills.

This will help you increase your typing speed and accuracy with constant effort. You can also appear for tests and know your results’ statistics to work on your weaker points.


  • Gives detailed statistics for skill improvement.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Effective learning through courses.
  • It is customized by your skill level.
  • Improves typing speed and accuracy.


Typing Hindi was considered to be a tedious job as the Hindi alphabets and symbols were not digitalized. To solve this issue, many software companies have come up with Hindi typing options. These can tutor you to improve the Hindi typing speed, accuracy, and keys per minute. Therefore, you can install the software from the listed best Hindi typing software above to work with Hindi texts. We hope this blog was useful to you.

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1. Which is the best Hindi typing software?

There are many software for typing Hindi scrip which includes, Indic, India Typing, Soni, etc. You can go through the list of this software and pick the best based on your skill level.

2. What is the popular Hindi typing teaching software?

There are few Hindi typing tutor software like Aasaan, Anop, etc. where you will be guided and tested for the better skill development.

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