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Historically, e-scooters and bikes were conceptualised at the beginning of the 19th century, and after many trials and errors, the first e-scooter was introduced in the ’90s. Though in the beginning,  people were quite suspicious about its usage. Unlike traditional scooters and motorcycles, e-scooters and e-bikes are plug-in electric vehicles. These have rechargeable batteries, just like your smartphone. Also, these come with chargers that you can plug in and charge at your home just like you would charge your phone at home.

E-scooters are environment friendly as they do not require fuel and are ideal options for people who do not commute long distance! With the increase in the demand and supply of e-scooters, numbers of charging stations are constructed in the country where you can stop by and charge your electric two-wheeler. The increase in the demand for e-scooters has also prompted many leading two-wheeler manufacturers such as Hero to manufacture different models of e-scooters in the country. Today we have several e-scooters at a different price range to select from. Here we have shared a list of the best electric scooters in India that would be a worth purchase for you. Before that, let’s ponder on the types of e-scooters and factors to look at while buying an electric scooter.

E-Scooters come in two variants that are:

1. High-Speed Electric Scooters: These types of E-Scooters provide speed up to 70 KMPH.

2. Low-Speed Electric Scooters: These types of electric scooters offer a speed of 25 KMPH, and most of them do not require a licence

Factors to Consider while Buying E-Scooter

  • Price: Obviously, price is the leading factor in deciding the e-scooter that you wish to buy. You can go with the one that fits your budget and offers most of the listed factors.
  • E-Scooter Driving Range-One of the major factors that one should consider while buying an electric scooter is its driving range- how many kilometres the scooter would be able to cover after getting a complete charge. The scooter range depends on several factors that include weather conditions, motor power, average speed, etc. It also depends on you and the purpose of the scooter. For example, if you are looking for a scooter for short drives, then low-speed electric scooters will fit your bill; however, if you want a two-wheeler for a longer distance, then you can go for high-speed electric scooters.
  • Battery Life: Another factor that you must ensure while buying an e-scooter is its battery life. It is calculated according to the number of cycles an e-scooter can undergo within a given time. The battery life also depends on the type of battery used. There are generally three types of batteries used that are lithium, lead and nickel. In general, batteries can hold between 300-500 charge cycles. One with good battery life can serve you 1000 charging cycles. Also, the battery should be shockproof, waterproof and can be easily replaceable.
  • Motor Power: This is yet another important factor that one must look into while buying the e-scooter. It should have decent motor power; if the power is low, it would be difficult for you to drive it on the sloped and terrains. An average e-scooter has 200 watts anything above it will be perfect, especially for the people who tend to drive on uneven terrains and inclined roads.
  • Tyres: Three types of tyres are airless, air-filled, and combined with air pockets and rubber. All these tyres have different pros and cons. Depending upon the distance you will be covering and the terrains you will be driving, you play a vital role in selecting tyres.
  • Wheels: It has been found that alloy wheels are a better choice for electric two-wheelers. These are lightweight and sturdy. However, alloy wheels are a bit costly.
  • Brakes: There are three types of brakes that are either drum, disk or rim. Disk brakes are generally considered to be ideal as they offer strong braking power.
  • Additional Features: It’s always up to you and your budget! Suppose you are investing in the higher model that has a lucrative price. In that case, you can also look for additional features such as smartphone connectivity, LED navigation dashboard, find your vehicle, anti-theft sensors and alarms. Etc.

List of Best Electric Scooters in India with Price

1. Ather 450X

Ather 450X

First on our list of best electric scooters in India is Ather 450X. The scooter is currently available in two variants and three colours that are green, grey and white. Its two variants include 450X Plus and 450X Pro. It has both rear and front disk brakes. The 450X has more features, more power and torque as compared to the 450 Plus. On top of this, it has an all-new Warp mode built with an upgraded battery pack and Battery Management System.

On the other hand, 450 plus has 4kW (7.2bhp) and a 22Nm electric motor. Talking about its lights, the scooter has LED lights along with the Bluetooth enabled touchscreen instrument cluster. So you can play your favourite music, control your calls. Also, it has digital document storage along with integrated 4G LTE SIM connectivity. You can charge it with the home charger, portable charger or through Ather Grid public charging infrastructure. The active is available with the home charger, Ather Grid, Ather Dot.  Though both the models are quite expensive, the number of features it possesses makes it one of the top electric scooters in India.

Maximum Speed: 80 Kmph

Battery Life: 6-7 years

Battery Capacity: 2.61 kWh

Charging Time: 5.45 Hrs

Range: 85 Km

Price: Rs.1,41,631

2. Hero Electric Flash

Hero Electric Flash

Given the fact that it is available, it is one of the most affordable electric scooters in India. It has an essential digital information panel with LED DRLs. The headlight if this scooter a bulb lit. The maximum speed of the Hero Electric Flash is 25kmp, and thus, you would not require a license for the same. This Activa is perfect for riding within the city as it has a range of 65 km after complete charge. In addition to this, it has 16-inch alloy rims and drum brakes on both sides. It does not have any brake. Hero Electric Flash is available in a single colour with a combination of red and black.

Maximum Speed: 25 kmph

Battery Life: 2-4 years

Battery Capacity: 48 V, 28 Ah

Charging Time: 4-5 Hours

Range: 65 km/charge

Price: Rs. 39,990 – 52,990

3. Hero Electric Optima Plus

Hero Electric Optima Plus

Hero Electric Optima is counted amongst the best e scooter in India in 2022. One of the main factors that make it one of the top models is its price range starts from Rs. 51,579 and is available in 4 colours that are Matte Red, Cyan and Matte Grey. It is an eco-friendly two-wheeler and one of the best scooters for men. It has a sleek body and comfortable seat, which makes it perfect for long drives within the city. The low-speed series of this scooter has Lead Acid and Lithium-ion battery. On the other hand, the High-Speed series have a 600W/1200W BDLC hub motor. It uses a single battery that drives in the range of 55 km after fully charging it. Also, one does not need a registration number and licence to drive it.

Maximum Speed: 25 Kmph

Battery Life: 2-4 years

Battery Capacity: 48 V, 20 Ah

Charging Time: 8-10 Hrs

Range: 70 km/charge

Price: Rs. 51,579

4. Hero Electric Photon

Hero Electric Photon

It is available in colours like black, burgundy, white. It generates 1200 W power through its motor. It also features a front disc and drum brakes. Plus, it has a braking system on both sides of the wheels that would give you excellent control on breaks while driving it. Coming from the well-known brand Hero, you can completely trust its performance and features. You can easily go for night drives as this two-wheeler has a headlamp for clear night vision along with the front telescopic suspension and front disc brake with an anti-theft alarm.

On top of all the features, it has two drive modes that are Power and Economy. Unlike many of the above-listed scooters, you would need registration and a licence to drive this e-scooter, making it one of the ideal scooters for women and men. Owing to all these features, Hero Electric Photon is known to be one of the best electric scooters in India at a price it is available.

Maximum Speed: 45 km/h

Battery Life: 60 Km/Charge

Battery Capacity: 72 V, 20 Ah

Charging Time: 8-10 hours

Range: 108 Km

Price: Rs. 61,866 – 72,990

5. Okinawa i-Praise

Okinawa i-Praise

This is yet another one of the top electric scooters in India. The USP of this scooter is a detachable lithium-ion battery pack which you can remove from the e-scooter and charge at your home. One of the main benefits of such batteries is that they are sustainably light. On top of this, it is equipped with smart features such as geo-tagging, GPS, battery health, find my scooter and the vehicle’s status that you can access through the mobile-friendly app.

Maximum Speed: 58 kmph

Battery Life: 3 years

Battery Capacity: 3.3 kWh

Range: 139 km/charge

Charging Time: 2-3 hours

Price: Rs. 1.12 lakhs – ₹1.14 lakhs

6. iQube


The all the iQube from TVS has a contemporary design making it perfect for all types of riders. Its cutting edge technology and sharp lines together will add comfort and convenience to your ride. Starting with its body design, this active has crystal clear LED headlamps with similar Tail lamps. Also, it has sufficient storage.

So you can store your helmet or other stuff without any hassle. On top of it, iQube has a USB charging port along with the lights that would allow you to charge your mobile phone on the go. Talking about the speed and range it offers, you can ride the scooter continually for two days without charging it. The active is equipped with a silent hub-mounted motor that gives an output of 4.4 KW. And, it provides a power output of 4.4 W, which makes it a sheer joy to ride. You can charge the scooter through TVS SMARTXHOME.

Maximum Speed: 78 km/h

Battery Life: 5 Years

Battery Capacity: 2.25 kWh

Charging Time: 4 hours 30 minutes

Range: 75 km

Price: Rs. 1, 10506

7. Hero Electric Optima LA

Hero Electric Optima LA

The Hero Electric Optima LA is one of the top e-scooter models from Hero. It boasts a 250W hub motor with a maximum speed of 25kmph. If you are a learner or does not hold a driving licence, this scooter would be a perfect option for you as you would not require approval to ride it. The scooter battery is lid acid, and after complete charging, you can drive it to a maximum of 50 km. Currently, it is available in a single variant– Optima LA STD, which is priced at Rs. 44,990, making it one of the best electric scooters in India under Rs. 50000.

Maximum Speed: 25kmph

Battery Life: 2-4 years

Battery Capacity: 48 V, 20 Ah

Charging Time: 6 to 8 hours

Range: 50 km/charge

Price: Rs. 44,990

8. Ola S1

ola s1

Ola S1 is the one of the desired and top-rated electric scooters which you can buy in India. You can choose any of the 11 colours and 1 variant of this scooter. It produces approximately 5500 W power from its motor. One of the best features of OLA S1 is that it gives the best speed and range as compared to other electric scooters available in the market.

Maximum Speed: 116 Kmph

Battery Life: 7 years

Battery Capacity: 2.98 kWh

Charging Time: 5 Hrs

Range: 181 Km

Price: Rs.97,706

9. Bajaj Chetak

bajaj chetak

Bajaj Chetak has been one of the most popular Indian scooters from last few years. Thereafter, it got discontinued and then the makers of this scooter came up with the e-scooter mode. The new version of Bajaj Chetak has a pinch of retro look of the older one. If we talk about one of the most acclaimed electric scooters in India then it it’s none other than Bajaj Chetak.

Maximum Speed: 70 Kmph

Battery Life: 3 years

Battery Capacity: 3 kWh

Charging Time: 5 Hrs

Range: 85-95 Km

Price: Rs.1,60,139

10. Okinawa Ridge Plus

okinawa ridge plus

This scooter comes with a smooth and shiny look as well as sharp edges. It has rear drum brakes. You can buy this scooter at a much cheaper rate as compared to other electric scooters available in India.

Maximum Speed: 55 Kmph

Battery Life: 6-8 years

Battery Capacity: 1.75 kWh

Charging Time: 2-3 Hrs

Range: 120 Km

Price: Rs.66,989

11. Bounce Infinity E1

bounce infinity

Bounce Infinity E1 is one of the best options that you can get your hands on. It provides removable batteries permitting you to immediately restore your battery. It gives an old school design aesthetics and a combined braking system.

Maximum Speed: 65 Kmph

Battery Life: 3 years

Battery Capacity: 1.9 kWh

Charging Time: 4-5 Hrs

Range: 85 Km

Price: Rs.69,783


In this blog, we have shortlisted some of the top electric scooters available in India. Along with the list, we have also shared a couple of factors that would help you invest in the right electric two-wheeler. Also, do share your feedback if you have used any of the above-listed e-scooter.


1. Which is the best electric scooter in India?

Ather 450X, Hero Electric Flash and others listed above are some of the best electric scooters in India.

2. Are electric scooters legal in India?

Yes, electric scooters are legal in India. Electric scooters that are powered by a 250-watt motor and run at a maximum speed of 25 kmph can be ridden without registration, driving licence and PUC.

3. What is the cheapest electric scooter in India?

Some economical electric scooters available in India are Hero Electric Optima LA, Hero Electric Photon and Hero Electric Optima Plus, etc.

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