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Kajal rimmed eyes give a defined look to the personality. From creating winged eyeliner to adding some drama to your eye, make-up, a kajal comes handy in numerous ways. However, one should be smart enough while buying the right kajal for her eyes, especially if your eyes are sensitive. One should look for a kajal that has natural ingredients and free from all the chemicals that makes it perfect for sensitive eyes. Below we have curated 12 best kajals in India for sensitive eyes that you can consider.

List of Best Kajals in India for Sensitive Eyes:

1. Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal

This is India’s 1st 100% smudge-proof kajal that can stay up to 12 long hours. It does not have any parabens and other chemicals that make it one of the best kajals in India for sensitive eyes. In addition to this, it can be doubled up as the eyeliners as well. It has a soft creamy, gel-based texture that is good for even sensitive skin. A single swipe would give the darkest color and remain for hours.

Price – Rs. 446 (1.2 gm)

2. SUGAR Cosmetics Twist and Shout Fadeproof Kajal

Let your eyes do all the talking with this sensation Kajal from SUGAR. It is easy to use; all you would have to do is twist the applicator and fill it on the lower lash line. You can even use it as an eye line and create your favourite wing. It has anti-slip grip which gives you a steady hole. Moreover, the kajal has creamy consistency and is preservative free, which makes it perfect for sensitive eyes. It does not fade or smear before 10 hours. Plus, this Kajal does not have mineral oil, preservatives, and parabens.

Price – Rs. 399 (0.35 gm)

3. Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal

Maybelline New York Colossal kajal is one of the most preferred kajal. It promotes to stay on the lash line for 24 hours without getting smudge. This is the perfect pick for all the girls who are on a tight budget and looking for a kajal that does not harm their eyes. It has an intense formula with deep black mineral color. It has Aloe-Vera, Vitamin C, and E that are good for the eyes.

Price – Rs. 170

4. Himalaya Herbals Kajal

Next in the list of best kajal for sensitive skin is Himalaya Herbals Kajal. The brand needs no introduction. This Kajal does not have chemicals, and thus it is suitable for watery eyes as well. It comprises of Damask Rose and Triphala, Almond Oil and Castor Oil that nourishes the yes and make it look attractive with the single stroke

Price – Rs. 122 (2.7gm)

5. Faces Canada Magneteyes Kajal – Deep Black

Slay all day with Faces Canada Magneteyes Kajal – Deep Black. This is a smudge-proof kajal that comes in the retractable packaging. It glides smoothly on the waterline without making the eyes watery. It is highly pigmented and has antioxidants along with Vitamin E that does wonders for the eyes. You will get a high color pay off with the single swipe. It is cruelty-free and one of the best Kajals in India for sensitive skin.

Price – Rs. 161

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6. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil

If you are will to invest a high amount for your eyes, then nothing could be best than Bobbi’s brown Long-Wear eye pencil. This Kajal is specially formulated to stay up to 12 hours. It is waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-resistant as well. It smoothly glides without harming the eyes. Besides black, it is available in 4 other colors as well that are brown, Mahogany, Black Navy, and Black Plum.

Price – Rs. 2200

7.  Lotus Make-Up Natural Kajal – Black

It’s time to enhance the natural beauty of eyes along with the herbal touch that Lotus Ma-Up Natural kajal has. It contains extracts of camphor that cools the eyes and helps to improve the eyesight. It also has almond oil that promotes eyelash growth and nourishes the delicate area. It is smudge-proof as well. Owing to all these benefits, it is one of the best kajal for sensitive eyes.

Price – Rs. 145 (4gm)

8. Biotique Bio Kajal

This soothing eye Kajal is made of the Ayurvedic ingredients like sesame seeds oil, sweet almond oil, and extracts of Eclipta Alba along, Indian Gooseberry. It replenishes the eyes and leaves them sparkling. This is also an ideal choice to promote eyelash growth. You can create all types of eye make-up with this budget-friendly kajal.

Price – Rs. 109 (3 gm)

9. Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Gel Kajal – Black

Undoubtedly, Lakme is ruling the cosmetics range for years. The Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Gel Kajal is infused with calendula oil and Aloe Vera. It allows you to create a deep intense look every day. Its applicator is no less than a magic wand that gives a defined look in no time. It is suitable for water eyes too. Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Gel Kajal is one of the best kajals in India for sensitive skin.

Price – Rs. 400 (3gm)

10. Chambor Stay On + Waterproof Kohl Pencil

Chambor Stay on Waterproof Kohl has an extremely soft formula that glides seamlessly and delivers rich color in the single swipe. Moreover, it has high coverage that remains for hours. Also, waterproof and does not irritates eyes. This ultra-pigmented kajal is available in many colors and retractable format.

Price – Rs. 295 (0.28gm)

11. MAC Modern Twist Kajal Liner

The easy-glide formula makes this kajal a single stroke wonder with a soft, silky texture that is perfect for rimming and sensitive waterline. It has intense color that creates an unparalleled impact. It locks into your eyes for eyes and does not cause any discomfort.

Price – Rs. 1090

12. L’Oreal Paris Kajal Magique – Supreme Black

Whether you want to create simple eye make –up or want to do a complete eye make-up, this is the perfect option for you. The brand assures the best quality. It is suitable for sensitive skin, as well.

Price – Rs. 350 (0.35 gm)


Kajals are staples of each woman. A kohl rimmed eyes look beautiful, however one should be particular about the kajal as it wrong ingredients can harm your eyes. This is our list of best kajals in India for sensitive eyes that you can consider. Do let‘s know which is your staple.

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