Healthy Snacks For Kids

One of the major problems faced by mommies is to make their kids eat something healthy. On the other hand, youngsters, especially kids, love to eat delicious food that looks amazing. While snacking is an important part of growing up, it should be equally nutritious and retreat for the eyes. Kids usually don’t prefer to eat much, and thus it becomes hard for parents to give all the needed nutrients. The only best way to overcome this problem is to prepare healthy snacks for kids that look appealing to the eyes as well.

Kids usually love fast food more than healthy food. It is because healthy food is less tasty than fast food. So snacks can be your perfect choice to make something healthy and tasty. There are several surprisingly healthy foods that you should include in your meal. 

Here we have curated 35 easy-to-make healthy snacks for kids that would be no less than bliss for all the young mothers out there.

List of 35 Fun and Healthy Snacks for Kids 

1. RagiCookies

There would be hardly any kid who does not love to eat cookies. However, you would have to be smart if you want to add a punch of nutrients. Ragi cookies are perfect for making at home. These are healthy, and your kid would love to have them. Plus, it is low in fat and has sufficient energy for your kid. These are also surprisingly healthy foods.

2. Whole Grain Crackers

Next on our list of easy-to-make healthy snacks for kids is this scrumptious and nutritious whole grain cracker. These are made from whole grain wheat flour, a good carbohydrate and fiber source. It will improve the digestion process and supply sufficient energy to the kids. It also has flax seeds that are a good source of phytochemicals, calcium, and fiber, making it a superfood.

3. Almond Granola Bar

This is one of the healthy snacks for kids that you must include in their diet. Adults could also have it. This granola bar has oats that provide carbohydrates and protein and fiber. It also contains vitamin B, thiamine, folate, and Vitamin B6 along with minerals such as manganese and magnesium.

4. Steamed Chinese Cabbage Parcels

Chicken is one of the nutritious foods, especially for kids. It boosts metabolism and is packed with other nutrients such as protein, sodium, fat on other white cabbage is an excellent source of Vitamin B6, C, and K. The Chinese cabbage also helps to reduce the issues of inflammation and digestion. Kids usually eat less, and this dish can give a good amount of nutrients and vitamins in less.

5. Oats Apple Crumble

Oats and Crumble are yet another easy-to-make healthy snack for kids. Oats are a rich source of fiber and have multiple nutrients, including carbohydrates and proteins. On the other hand, apples are packed with antioxidants that are excrement for kids. It is a complete pack of essential nutrients and minerals for a healthy diet.

6. Mixed Vegetable Sandwich

What could be better than a mixed vegetable sandwich for your young ones? With wholesome vegetables, this is one of the healthy snacks for kids. It has all the available remediable ingredients like green vegetables, leaf, and carrot. GLVs are known for their iron content, and cucumber is packed with water and essential nutrients, which makes this recipe perfect for kids of any age.

7. Healthier flapjacks 

It is a healthier version of the fruits, cooked with nuts and seeds. It also has oats that combine to make the dish perfect for kids. Oats and nuts are rich in multiple nutrients, antioxidants, and soluble fiber essential for kids’ growth. A normal serving of the dish contains around 4.4 g proteins and 3.2 g fiber, and other nutrients.

8. Mango & Banana Smoothie

Smoothies are the best to give your kid proper nutrition in a tastier way. There would be hardly any kid who will say no to mangoes. And when you can make a smoothie with a banana, then even adults can’t resist it. This drink is rich in vitamin C and good for your kids’ skin and body growth.

 9. Wrap-Your-Own Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are quite popular, especially to curb hunger pangs. You can decide the fillings as per your choices like veggies, garlic, spices, and others. It is filled with protein and nutrients. This is a super healthy snack kind of food that can be served at lunch or breakfast. A single spring roll has around 12 g of protein and about 2 g of fiber.

10. Vegetable Pasta

This delicious healthy snack for kids will give them the benefits of vegetables and cheese. To make vegetable pasta try to chop the veggies into cubes and after that boil them. It will make veggies soft and easy to eat for kids. Add other ingredients like cheese, zucchini, and others to make it tastier. 

Healthy Snacks for Kids’ Lunch Box

11. Choc-Orange Energy Boosters

The dish has everything that your kid needs for its initial growth. It is made with nuts, dates, oats, and other protein-rich ingredients. This makes it a perfect snack for your kids’ lunch box. It will give plenty of nutrients to kids’ bodies that help in their physical and mental growth. These energy booster balls hardly take 15-20 minutes and do not require cooking. You just need to mix all the ingredients, and your high-energy snack is ready.

12. Super-Salad Wraps

This snack is best for vegetarian families; you can make a tasty, crunchy salad dish for your kids’ lunch box. You can include tortilla, hummus, lettuce leaf, carrot, and other ingredients. If you want to make it tastier, you can also add some fruits. One serving of this salad wrap will offer around 16 g of protein.

13. Omelet In A Bun

It takes only 20 minutes to make this healthy snack for your kids’ lunch box. This will also give you a feel of a full stomach. Everyone knows that omelets are quite rich in proteins and amino acids. It will surely help in your kids’ growth; with each serving, you will get plenty of protein and fiber. Make it tastier by adding some of their favorite ingredients. Such snacks also help Improve Immune System; you can explore the best superfoods to improve the immune system.

14. Chicken Taco Salad

It is no-cook, crunchy food that can be made in no time. Added with cooked BBQ chicken, avocado, tomatoes, olive oil, and essential ingredients. What could be better than this protein-rich snack for your kids’ lunch box? One serving of this snack will give you 29 g of protein and around 10 g of fiber, which makes it quite healthy.

15. Versatile Meatballs

A good source of protein and fiber made with Swedish-style with potatoes and lingonberry jam. Remember to chop onions and other ingredients precisely so that all can be mixed easily. These meatballs can be served with pasta as well. It has a vast protein content of around 31g making it one of the best and most healthy snacks for kids’ lunch.

16. Creamy lentil & veggie curry

They have nearly all the essential nutrition your kid’s body needs for stable growth. Depending on your kids’ choice, you can pack it with rice or chapati. The veggie curry offers good content of protein and fiber to the body. Remember to add madras curry powder to enhance the dish’s taste.

17. BLT pasta salad

This one is another dish made with pasta, but it will be served with different ingredients. To make it healthier, try to add spinach, tomatoes, cherry, wholegrain mustard, and other ingredients. Also, the best thing is that it doesn’t require much time for cooking. It can be the best option for morning breakfast and a tasty meal for the lunch box.

18. Chocolate-Drizzled Popcorn

Chocolates are one of those sweets that almost every kid loves. This snack can become your kids’ favorite lunch box snack. Popcorn with added chocolate enhances the taste of this dish. One of the best things is that it can be prepared within 10 minutes. You can add fruits with chocolate-drizzled popcorn that will add some more nutrition content to it.

19. Choco-Dipped Tangerines

Another chocolaty snack in the list is choco-dipped tangerines. It is a quick snack that is ideal for kids and adults both. For a normal serving, you just need a tangerine and melted chocolate. You just need to dip some of the pieces of tangerine in chocolate and keep it in the fridge for one hour. Now it is ready to serve as a sweet breakfast or a lunch box snack.

20. Sweet Potato Crisps

Crispy sweet potatoes roasted in olive oil can be an excellent option for kids’ lunch boxes. You just require two things: potato and olive oil mainly. Roast it until it gets crisper and then take it out; here, you can add some spices if you want. It requires no preparation time; it is the best snack, especially for vegan people.

Healthy Snacks for Kids On the Go

21. Almond butter

It is similar to peanut butter but has excellent health benefits. You can use it with honey and bread to improve its taste. Almond butter is known for its vitamin E, vitamin B2, magnesium, copper, and other nutrients. Put it on bread and pack it for lunch; simple, easy, and a quick snack for your kid.

22. Frozen fruit sticks with passion fruit & lime drizzle

Frozen fruit with lime drizzle can be a great snack, especially in summer. Some of those snacks are rich in vitamins and low in fat. You can add mangoes, melon, kiwi, pineapple, and other fruits. Mix all the ingredients and put the dish in the fridge. 

23. Apple Crunch

One of the best snacks to curb hunger pangs in no time. It is very simple and quick to make; you just need an apple and peanut butter. So cut the apple and spread the butter, Voila! It is one of the quickest snacks that can be made and served. This is gluten-free and pure vegetarian so anyone can eat it.

24. Banana, Honey & Hazelnut Smoothie

It is a 5-minute drink that offers taste and health. It is made of soya milk, banana, nuts, honey, and other ingredients. Now you just need to put all these ingredients into a jar and make a blend. Pour it into glasses and serve it as a quick and healthy breakfast for your kid.

25. Dried Fruit Energy Nuggets

Kids usually like nuggets, but they will love them if you make some dry fruit nuggets. Dry fruits are quite a healthy option to choose for nuggets. You can add apricot, dates, cherry, coconut oil, and other ingredients. Chop every ingredient precisely and blitz it. This snack will give a good energy source, which will help in the kid’s inner growth.

26. Carrot hummus with pitta dippers

A healthy snack that is rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fat. Get the benefits of carrot, hummus, coriander, lemon, and other ingredients. You will get vitamin C which will help to improve skin health. Also, it doesn’t require much time to prepare; you just need to mix all the ingredients properly to make it taste better.

27. Pitta Pockets

Another go-to option that can be prepared in no time is pitta pockets. If your kid loves sports, you should add this to their meal. It will help to boost up the energy while playing or exercising. This is one of the best Healthy Snacks for kids, and that is because of the high content of fiber and protein. The snack has a protein content of around 12 g in a normal serving, which is quite good for health. Also, it requires wholemeal pitta bread, hummus, spinach, olive oil, and other ingredients. It can be prepared within five to ten minutes.

28. Apple & Sultana Muffins

The fruity taste of these muffins will make your kids’ crave more to eat this. It is a healthy snack for lunch. You can also freeze it and use it later in evening snacks. To make it, you need ingredients like eggs, cinnamon, baking powder, semi-skimmed flour, sultana, and others. It gives you the versatility to add fruits to make it more delicious. These muffins require around half an hour to get cooked.

29. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs are excellent sources of high-quality protein, vitamin B2, vitamin D, B6, and various minerals. It is one of the best snacks for your kid because it improves the HDL in the body. Also, eggs contain lutein and zeaxanthin, essential for keeping eyes healthy. The best part is that it can be consumed simply boiled or with sprinkled salt. You need to be precise with the boiling time of the eggs because usually, people overcook them. The total recipe requires around 10 to 15 minutes to get ready to eat. This recipe is ideal for diabetes patients, as well.

 30. Raisin Snack Packs

Raisins are dried grapes, which is an easy and go-to option in snacks. It contains all the needed vitamins and minerals that are helpful for the growth of your kids. The snack has a good amount of iron, oleanolic acid, and other nutrients. If you are searching for something low in fat and cholesterol, and higher in fiber, iron, and calcium, raisin can be your first choice. One of the best things is that it even helps prevent cavities in your child’s teeth. You can even buy packets of raisin online and offline from any store.

Healthy Snacks for Kids to buy

31. Dino bars

Dino bars are available in various flavors and can be said as one of the best snacks to buy for kids. They are easy to chew and made, especially for one-year-olds. These bars are made of all-natural and organic ingredients. Dino bars are simply made without adding any artificial flavors or preservatives. It has three flavors: strawberry, blueberry, and mango. All these three flavors are rich in protein and other needed essentials; also, they are free from chemicals and other artificial ingredients. You can surely choose them as a good buy for your kids.

32. Kind Kids Granola Chewy Bar

Kind Kids offers a wide range of snacks, especially for kids, made of peanut butter, chocolate chips, etc. They are like energy bars that taste so good that your kid will crave for more. It is available in three flavors Honey Oat, Chocolate Chip, and Peanut Butter. Among all these three, the chocolate one is the most delicious and the first choice of kids. Also, it has no genetically added ingredients and is free from gluten. It is filled with wholesome ingredients that make it taste awesome. These snacks can be used in the lunch box as well.

33. Mini Larabars

Larabars are one of the perfect buys for your kid as it is vegan and gluten-free. Peanut butter chocolate chip and peanut butter cookie is the best choice for your kid. The mini larabars are deliciously made with ingredients like peanut butter, chocolate chips, and others. It doesn’t include any dairy products in it; also, it is a non-GMO bar. Even adults can use this as an energy bar for a pre-workout energy boost and post-workout performance recovery. It has a balanced taste of fruits and nuts that every kid will love.

34. Kids RX Bars 

RX bars are quite famous for their kids’ protein bars. You will get a variety of bars like protein bars, nut butter, kids snack, oats, and others. Also, you will get plenty of options for flavors to choose from. Its top three delicious flavors are chocolate, strawberry, and double chocolate. These bars contain eggs, peanuts, nuts, milk, wheat, and various ingredients. It is simple for parents to choose any of them because they all offer similar kinds of protein and energy content. This can be one of the best healthy snacks for kids that you should try.

35. Perfect Bar Kids

It is a cooler way to snack your kid, filled with peanuts, making it taste excellent. Get their soft, chewy, and tasty cookies and chips for your kids. They are made of healthy ingredients like gluten-free oats, honey, freshly ground peanuts, kale, carrots, and many others. It is a perfect combination of health and taste that can be consumed by adults as well. Chocolate chips are also quite popular and easy go-to options for your kid’s snack.


This was our list of easy-to-make healthy snacks for kids. We tried to include all the snacks you can use to fill your kids’ energy and nutrition needs. The list has each type of snack, from easy to cook to easy to buy. You can use most of them for their lunch box, breakfast, and dinner. One thing to remember is to always try to make homemade snacks for your kid because they are healthier than any other market product. Sometimes you can consider using market products as a quick and go-to option. 

Usually, kids get hungry between meals, which is when you can use these healthy snacks. These snacks can be used as the best option to curb hunger pangs. Instead of using any carb and fat-loaded snack, offer them nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and other essentials using these snacks. Choose your snacks from the list, and do tell us which your favorite dish is and love to prepare for your kids.


1. What is a healthy snack for a child?

Snacks that will help keep a kid’s mental and physical health fit can be termed healthy snacks. Various tested healthy snacks for kids are chocolate hummus, Low-carb granola bars, fruits, and others.

2. What can I eat that is sweet but low in calories?

Blueberry muffins, Almond dates, Raw sandwich cookies, vanilla avocado pudding, and many more.

3. What are some tasty, healthy snacks?

Whole Grain Crackers, Almond Granola Bar, Steamed Chinese cabbage Parcels, Oats Apple Crumble, Mixed Vegetable Sandwich, Healthier flapjacks, Mango & banana smoothie, Wrap-your-own spring rolls, Vegetable pasta, etc. are some tasty and healthy snacks.

4. Why are snacks important for a child?

Snacking is very vital because kids have small stomachs that get filled quickly. So snacking helps fill the stomach with protein, nutrients, and other essentials. Some studies also estimated that 20% of the daily energy intake comes from snacks.

5. How many snacks should a kid have a day?

Snacking is essential, but that doesn’t mean that you are giving snacks 5-6 times a day. Kids require something to eat every 3-4 hours, so they usually need to eat three meals and two snacks daily, which is sufficient for their small stomachs.

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