Tips to Celebrate Festive Season While You're Away From Family

With festival season around the corner, almost all the working people, especially the ones who are far away from their family, must have applied for the leaves. Some would be lucky to get the desired days off, and some would have to cancel their plans with no leaves in their kitty. But that does not stop you from celebrating the festival. Though you might not be able to celebrate festivals as grand as you would have celebrated with your family but you can still enjoy the festive season while you are away from them. There are plenty of things you can do by your own to make this festive season special.

Tips to Celebrate Festive season alone

1. Deep Clean your Home

Cleaning Home for Festive Season

What is the first thing that you would do before the beginning of festivals with your family? Obviously, it has to be cleaning the home. Months before Diwali, we would start cleaning our house and shop for new home décor items to decorate our home. Cleaning can be therapeutic, and especially during festivals as it keeps you busy. Begin with cleaning your little space and remove all the unwanted things and scrap from your home.

2. Decorate your Home

Decorate your Home

Once the cleaning is done and you are happy with the way your little space look, it’s time to decorate it and make it festival ready. Add some décor pieces like diyas, colorful lanterns, lamps, and lightings. Fairy lights are your best friends, in no time they will make your home bream and make you forget you are away from your home this festive season. While decorating your home, do not forget to try your hands on rangoli. It will add an instant pop to your home interiors and mark the beginning of the festival. You do not have to worry if you are not good at it rangoli stencils are always at your rescue!

3.  Shop for new Clothes

Shop for new Clothes for Festive Season

Do we really need a reason to shop? Shopping is the best stress buster, not for all, but for some, it is! During the festive season, most of the markets and malls are crowded. Thus, it is not a good idea to shop from an offline store. Instead, buy new clothes, accessories, etc., from online shopping stores like Myntra, Ajio, Craftsvilla, and many more. All these stores come up with different offers and festive sales, making it the best time to shop. Look for the best offers and deals on online portals like Myntra offers today to save more on your purchase. You can even buy gifts online and send them to your family with love. This will definitely put a smile J on their face and bring them close to your family somehow.

4. Binge on Different Foods

Binge on Different Foods this Festive Season

Like shopping, many people find solace while trying different foods and cuisines. It is also an excellent time to show your culinary skills to your friends and colleagues. If you are not good at cooking, you can prefer online food stores like Swiggy and Zomato to order traditional dishes to enjoy. While the food might not match the taste of your mother’s hand-cooked food, but they have a wide range of authentic foods and desserts to try. And not to forget you will get a good offer like Swiggy coupon code today to save your money, what can be better than this. You can invite your friends and colleagues over and relish different food items altogether.

5. Follow your Rituals

Follow some Rituals this festive season

Every family has its own set of rituals for every festival that has been followed since ages. Since you are alone this time what could be better than following all the rituals at least the basics. In this way, you will feel connected with your family and won’t get sad. Besides, it will motivate you and make you a confident person. Call your mother and pen down all the rituals and ways they are performed back at your home and practice it in your own way. You can even explore different rituals. For example, your college or roommate might celebrate Diwali differently; you can learn from her/him and celebrate the festival together.

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6. Create New Memories

Creating New Memories

You must have many memories of bygone celebrations which would remind you of the time spent with your parents, siblings, cousins, and relatives. What if you are not there with them, you can create new memories with your friends, roommate, and colleagues. You do not have to bombard your camera or mobile phone with zillions of photographs for this. Do something new that you wanted to do for a long or simply spend some time at orphanage and old age home.


Festivals call for happiness, and times spend with your family and closed ones. While many are lucky to celebrate the festival with their family, some are not. Nevertheless, this does not subside the importance of festivals. This blog has covered a few things to do while you’re away from family this festival season.

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