Convert Vodafone Postpaid to Prepaid

If you have been planning to convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid online, you can change it through visiting the nearest Vodafone customer store. However, if you are a new postpaid user, then you would have to continue using the number for a minimum of three months. Post three months, you can change postpaid to prepaid in Vodafone without altering your current number. Users who have been using Vodafone postpaid for one year or more than a year can straight away convert their number. You can even change the Vodafone plan. Remember one thing, before moving to prepaid, make sure there is no due bill to your postpaid number.

Ways to Convert VI Postpaid to Prepaid

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), it will take tentatively 2-5 working days to change from Vodafone postpaid to prepaid. During this time, a new prepaid SIM card would be activated, and the former postpaid SIM card would be deactivated. Before moving to Vodafone prepaid, make sure that the area in which you live has ideal network coverage. You can only convert Vodafone postpaid number to prepaid by visiting the nearest Vodafone customer care store.

Visit Vodafone Outlet to Convert Vodafone Postpaid to Prepaid

You can easily convert vi postpaid to prepaid by visiting the nearest Vodafone customer care store and follow the below-listed steps.

1. Before visiting the Vodafone store, clear all your dues for seamless conversion.

2. Fill out the Postpaid to prepaid migration form. Enter all the required details, including your name, existing contact number, postpaid account, signature, and the current date. You can also download the form.

3. Attach photocopies of all the required details and the needed details, such as address proof and identity proof (Adhar card). Submit the form along with the documents to the dedicated person at the Vodafone store.

4. Your new prepaid Vodafone SIM card would be activated in the next 3-5 business days, and the existing postpaid SIM card would soon be canceled.

Documents Required:

You will require the following documents in order to convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid number:

1. Address Proof:
-Driving license
-Aadhar card

2. Identity Proof
-PAN Card

3. 2 Passport Size Photos

Advantages of Vodafone Prepaid Over Postpaid

1. Vodafone Prepaid Plans are Better

Vodafone prepaid plans are better than postpaid plans as one gets the option of unlimited voice calls and better data per day. You can choose the best online prepaid Vodafone recharge offers. Also, one gets to enjoy all the perks of the prepaid recharge for a month without paying extra for the same.

2. You Get Extra Data

Recently Vodafone has introduced extra data benefits for the Vodafone prepaid users. The new offer provides a double data offer without charging extra.

3. Prepaid Plans are Less Expensive

It is a no-brainer analysis that prepaid plans are less in the long run as compared to postpaid plans.

4. No Monthly Bills

With a prepaid plan, there is no hassle of paying the month every month. All you would have to do is recharge your prepaid number anytime according to your convenience. The best part is you would not be reminded of the payment of the postpaid bill frequently.

5. Conveniently Recharge from Vodafone App

With a prepaid SIM card, you can recharge your mobile number through the Vodafone app or any nearby recharge shop.

Disadvantages to Change Vodafone Postpaid to Prepaid Number

1. You Have to Pay First

One of the major cons of using a prepaid SIM card is that you would have to recharge the number first, and then you can reap the benefits of the same.

2. Leftover Data Cannot Be Carried, Forward

Another disadvantage of using the Vodafone prepaid plan is that you cannot carry forward your unused data. Once the plan’s validity is finished, the data would expire, and you would have to recharge it again.

3. You Do Not Get a Subscription for OTT Channels

With Vodafone prepaid recharge plan, you do not get the subscription for OTT channels or live TV apps like Zee 5, Amazon Prime, Vodafone Play, Sony Liv, and others.


In case you are unhappy with Vodafone’s postpaid service, you can convert it to the prepaid. All you would have to do is visit your nearest Vodafone outlet along with the necessary documents. You will then be required to fill out the postpaid to prepaid migration form, and within 2-5 days, your prepaid SIM would be activated. In case you are an Airtel user, you can have a look at how to convert Airtel postpaid to prepaid?


1. Can Vodafone postpaid be converted to prepaid?

Yes, you can convert your Vodafone postpaid to prepaid by visiting the Vodafone store.

2. Is Vodafone postpaid better than prepaid?

Both Vodafone postpaid and prepaid have their own cons and pros.

3. How can I cancel my Vodafone postpaid?

You can connect with the Vodafone Customer care team to cancel your Vodafone postpaid.

4. Can I convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid online?

No, you cannot change from postpaid to prepaid online. You would have to visit the Vodafone service center for the same.

5. How to convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid by SMS?

You can send an SMS to the Vodafone customer care team for the conversion. In order to escalate the procedure, you would have to visit the nearest Vodafone outlet.

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