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Birthday parties are special for kids. It is a perfect time to meet their friends and celebrate their special day with family &friends. However, hosting a birthday party could be a daunting task for parents as they have to arrange many things which include return gifts. It is difficult to select an ideal return gift since it should be creative and appealing to kids.

In this blog, we have curated some amazing and unique return gifts for a birthday party to help you. These are readily available and economical as well.

List of Top 15 Return Gifts for Kids:

1. Clay Kits

Clay Kits

Clay kits are one of the best and ideal return gifts for kids. Clay kit is handy and not much expensive. Also, it helps to promote creativity amongst kids. The touch and feel of the clay is itself relaxing. It allows kids to show their creativity and enhance their motor skills. Also, these clays are available in different colors, so it would be perfect for kids to learn about different colors.

Age Group – 3 to 5 years

2. Tabletop Miniature Board Games 

Tabletop Miniature Board Games

In this digital age, when everyone is thriving for electronic games or games that could be played online, a board game would be refreshing for kids. This is one of the best ways to inculcate board games practice amongst the kids. Also, the miniature version of the board games would be cost-effective.

Age Group – Above 5 years

3. Racing Car Toys

Racing Car Toys

There would be hardly any kid- boy who would not love to have a racing car toy. Whether they are adults or kids, men like to have cars. Racing car toys make for a perfect return gift for a kids’ birthday party. There are different types of car toys available in the online and offline stores. You can get a colorful collection for the kids and pack them most excitingly. This is also a suitable option if the birthday bash has a creative theme.

Age Group – Above 4-5 years

4. Soft Toys

Soft Toys

Who does not like soft toys; boys and girls love to play with soft toys. Also, these are readily available. You can wrap a teddy bear or any other stuffed animal and gift it to the kids as a return gift. You can gift unique soft toys to each kid.

Age Group – 3 or more

5. Puzzles

Puzzle for kids

If your kid and his friends are big enough to know what a puzzle is, you can even consider giving them puzzles as a return gift. It is a family-friendly game and perfect for both the genders. Seeing this return gift, their parents will also appreciate you. It will help increase the analytical development and help the kids learn different things, and it would be an ideal option with which kids can spend hours

Age Group – 5 years or above

6. Jewelry Kits For Kids

Jewelry Kits For Kids

If it is your baby girl’s birthday party, you can consider gift jewelry kit as return gift for your daughter’s friends. They would love it. Every girl loves to have her jewelry collection and what could be better than gifting her jewelry kit. They would be able to make unique jewelry from themselves. This game will also improve their creativity skills.

Age Group – 5 years or above

7. Lunch Boxes And Bottles

Lunch Boxes And Bottles for kids

You believe it or not, but gifting a lunch box is the best ide. You can gift trendy lunch boxes with different prints. Along with the lunch box, you can also gift them bottles. Lunch boxes and bottles go hand in hand; they both are useful. Or you can give a lunch box to half of the kids and fir rest you can get water bottles.

Age Group – 3 years and above

8. Finger Paints

Finger Paints

Finger paints are one of the creative return gifts for kids above 5. They are available in various colors, which is the best way to guide kids about various colors. Also, they would be able to use it in the art and craft classes. However, make sure that you buy a finger paint that does not have chemicals otherwise; it would be harmful to kids’ health.

Age Group – 3 or above

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9. Story Books

Story Books

Another gift that you can consider to give kids as a return gift for birthday party is storybook. If the kid is below 5, he would not be able to read the storybook; however, their parents can read them. Or, you can gift them cartoon books that have attractive pictures of the cartoons. It is one of the creative gifts that would promote reading amongst the kids above 5. Their parents are going to thank you for the same.

Age Group – 3 years or more.

10. Crayons


Besides finger paints, you can even consider a packet of crayons as one of the return gifts for kids. This is one of the classic gifts. It will also help to boost creativity. Young children love art and what could be the best tool than crayons. There are many types of crayons available, you will also find them in different shapes, and kids would love to use them.

Age Group – 3 years or above

11. Colouring Books

Colouring Books

While we just talked about crayons, how can we not include coloring books in the list of the unique and amazing return gifts for kids? This will also encourage the kids to stay creative in the party. Most of the children like to draw and color, you can support them by gifting a set of coloring books and crayons.

Age Group – 3 years or above

12. LED Bands For Kids

LED Bands For Kids

Next in our list of amazing return gifts for kids is an LED band. Like adults, kids also love to wear accessories, and nothing could be best than LED bands. Not only kids, but parents will also like it. LED bands are available in different colors; you can get them in different colors and gifts to the kids. The best part about LED Band is that it is handy and easy to use.

Age Group – 5 years or above

13. Personalized Mugs

Personalized Mugs

You can also consider personalized mugs. These are readily available; you can get your kid’s name printed on the mugs or can have the mugs with cartoon prints. You can even consider unique kinds of mugs. Mugs can be used in numerous ways. Kids can drink their milk on it. Make sure the mugs are of good quality, and they do not break easily.

Age Group – 4 years and above

14. Puppets


Yes, puppets, it is one of the best return gifts for kids. They would be able to play with it. Puppet will also improve muscle development of the kids. While playing with puppets they can come up with new stories that revolve around the puppets. In this way, their creative skills will be improved.

Age Group – 5 years and above

15. Stationary


If you are not able to figure out what you should gift as a return gift, you can simply get bundles of stationary and customize a pack for each kid. You can even go for a pencil box that all the essentials like a pencil, eraser, sharpener, scale, etc. This would be one of the handy gifts.

Age Group – 4 years and above


One of the common problems that parents find while hosting their kid’s birthday party is what return gift they should give to all the kids who would be coming to the birthday party. To help them here, we have listed unique and amazing return gifts for kids.

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