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Who doesn’t wish for a magic potion for hair that can transform them within a few uses? We run here and there trying various products and chemical treatments. Most of us even go for spa treatments to keep them smooth and shiny. Hair can make and break your personality once we start damaging those using heating products, gels, hair sprays, and even wax. UV rays of sun and pollution only add fuel to our hair damaging process. Some resort to hair transplantation or other surgeries. But, prevention is better than cure. Try using hair products that will benefit you in the long run. However, few people have the genetic problem of hair loss, but they can even use Beer shampoo to add extra bounce and shine to their hair. Using beer has been proven to be a home remedy for adding shine and volume to hair. But, wasting a pint on hair seems costly, and the smell of the original beer too can’t be handled by all. Henceforth, beer shampoos were introduced, adding ingredients that amp the overall result.  Here we are with the best beer shampoo reviews in India and a buying guide for a little extra help.

Benefits of Beer Shampoo

There are various beer shampoos available in the market considering the population’s emerging need for choosing only the beneficial products for their hair. Below mentioned are the benefits of using Beer Shampoos:

1. Strength

Beer is enriched with minerals and proteins that are good for hair cuticles. Usage of the best beer shampoo can help in strengthening the roots.

2. Hair Growth
If you are searching for a solution to your hair fall or slow hair growth, then a regular usage of beer shampoo can solve it. Beer contains yeast and malt along with a large quantity of vitamin B12. All these work together to boost your hair growth.

3. Magic potion for flattening or thin hair
Blow drying hair for the bounce and volume can be harsh and damage your roots in the long run. But, beer contains yeast and various minerals that add volume and bounce to your hair from within. When combined with other ingredients used in shampoo, these hops and yeast become the magic potion for them.

4. Adds life to dull and lifeless hair

The vitamin B and antioxidants present in the beer adds a lustrous shine to the hair. Hence, instead of spending heavy bucks on the saloon treatments, try replacing your regular shampoo with the beer shampoo and see the results for yourself.

5. Cleanses dandruff and oil gently

Beer cleanses your scalp deeply and gently. If you have been trying to get rid of excess oil and dandruff, this has to be your solution. Beer-based shampoo is bombarded with all the beneficial vitamins and minerals, so you don’t have to worry about your hair problems anymore.

6. Deep Nourishment

Beer shampoo not just profoundly cleanses your scalp, but the beer-based shampoo will also condition your hair by working on your hair follicles. As we mentioned above, it strengthens your hair by working on your scalp. Hence, beer shampoo deeply nourishes by bombarding your hair with all the proteins and vitamin B12.

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Top Beer Shampoos Reviews in India

Here are the best beer shampoos available in India for your regular use. The best thing is they work best on both men and women. All the ratings have been taken from amazon and Flipkart collectively.

1. Park Avenue Damage Free Hair Beer Shampoo Review

Park Avenue Damage Free Hair Beer Shampoo

A beautifully crafted and presented shampoo with a price range that suits every pocket. Park Avenue damage-free hair beer shampoo not just looks like a beer but smells like one too. Not only boys but girls also can use it. Don’t trust it, then read the reviews by Catherine Zeta for the same.

Why to buy?

  • Removes the fizz
  • Makes hair shinier and nourished
  • Deep cleansing

Price: INR 144

Ratings: 4.2

2. Park Avenue Shiny and Bouncy Beer Shampoo Review

Park Avenue Shiny and Bouncy Beer Shampoo

As the name suggests, it truly adds shine and bounce to your hair. Park Avenue shiny and bouncy beer shampoo not just looks like a beer bottle but also lingers like the one. The final result is quite amazing, and we are quite impressed by this Park Avenue Shiny and Bouncy Beer Shampoo Review.

Why to buy?

  • Comes in a budget
  • Adds life to dull and lifeless hair
  • Does not wash out natural oil from hair
  • Can be used without using a conditioner afterward

Price: INR 325

Ratings: 4.2

3. Park Avenue Anti-Dandruff Beer Shampoo Review

Park Avenue Anti-Dandruff Beer Shampoo

The Park Avenue Anti-Dandruff beer shampoo comes with a bottle that opens with a flip. However, Park Avenue beer shampoo has kept the natural beneficiary ingredients of beer intact along with additional benefits.

Why to buy it?

  • Stands true on the promise of being anti-dandruff
  • Have the correct consistency
  • Contains a very little amount of preservatives and chemicals in it

Price: INR 234

Ratings: 4.2

4. Denver Beer Shampoo Review

Denver Beer Shampoo

Once only referred to a range of men grooming, Denver Beer shampoo has changed its marketing game. A glimpse of the shampoo itself can remind you of a real beer bottle. They have managed to fulfill their advertising mission to make hair cleansing a one-step process.

Why to buy it?

  • A one-step process that eliminates the need for conditioner
  • Comes in a travel-friendly bottle
  • Unisex and can be used daily.

Price: INR 160

Ratings: 4.2

5. Denver Anti Dandruff Beer Shampoo Review

Denver Anti Dandruff Beer Shampoo

Denver beer shampoo is good, and since it is a recently launched product, we gave it a try. The results were very clear from the first wash, and the smell of real beer gave a tantalizing fragrance that vanishes in minutes of washing.

Why to buy?

  • A mild shampoo that is not harsh on the scalp
  • The beer smells vanishes away right after you wash your hair.
  • Nourishes the scalp from within

Price: INR 160

Ratings: 3.2

6. Boot Ingredients Egg and Beer Shampoo Review

Boot Ingredients Egg and Beer Shampoo

Have you ever tried egg and beer together for your hair? If not, then do give it a try by using boot ingredients egg and beer shampoo. This provides extra nourishment for your hair and strengthens them from the root. We are drooling over the shine and volume it adds to hair.

Why to buy?

  • Contains beneficiary properties of both egg and beer
  • Will not dry out hair and removes the frizz with the first wash.
  • A product of Thailand and hence contain their expertise too.

Ratings: 4

7. Duffy’s Brew IPA Craft Beer Shampoo Review

Duffy’s Brew IPA Craft Beer Shampoo

It is not a regular sight to have a vegan shampoo. Duffy has done a commendable job with this product. They have simply added the nourishing vitamins and minerals to the hop and malt of the beer. With one wash, you will understand why this is the best beer shampoo you will see in the market and why this beer shampoo price is so high.

Why to buy?

  • Does justice to the pricing
  • Contains amino acids and Vitamin B
  • Even a small amount will work wonders in nourishing and sealing the benefits

Price: INR 4810
Ratings: 4.2

8. Continent Spice Khadi Beer Shampoo Reviews

Continent Spice Khadi Beer Shampoo

The continent spice khadi beer shampoo is an organic best beer shampoo. This does not harm your hair cuticles and maintains the pH level of your scalp. Since it is organic, you need not worry about the SLS and paraben.

Why to buy?

  • It contains only natural vitamins and minerals
  • Can be used by any hair type
  • Makes hair shine without making them greasy.

Price: INR 385

9. The Body Care Beer Shampoo Review

The Body Care Beer Shampoo

This not just provides nourishment but also makes hair bouncier. It wipes away all the extra oil, and hence, one must refrain from it if they have a dry scalp. The brand has always worked towards the products which don’t harm sensitive skin. The unbelievable Body care beer shampoo review has proved that it is one of the best product for hair nourishment.

Why to buy?

  • A mild shampoo beer shampoo that is not too harsh
  • Makes hair voluminous and bouncy
  • It contains Barley Extract for added advantage.

Price: INR 234

Ratings: 4.5

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Buying Guide for Beer Shampoo

1. Hair Type

We were wondering if beer shampoos good for curly hair? We would like to say that they work best for every hair type. Try using the best beer shampoo meant for your hair texture. If you have a dry scalp, go for the nourishing ones and oily scalp them for the mild ones so that they don’t rip off natural oil.

2. Skin Type

Sometimes the harsh chemicals present in shampoos (not just the beer-based shampoo) contain methylchloroisothiazolinone or benzisothiazolinone harmful to your skin. Shampoo not just lathers up our hair but affects our skin too. Hence, try to avoid one with such ingredients.

3. Benefits

There are numerous benefits of the best beer shampoo for men, but even the women can be benefited from them. For that, you need to ensure that you are reading the label correctly. Most of the beer-based shampoos are paraben and sulfate-free. This makes them useful for even colored hair. There are many benefits that you can reap from beer shampoos.

4. Gender

No shampoo is designed especially for a specific gender. Women, too, can use them just like men uses many of the products advertised for Women. All you need to take care of is the ingredients used in the product and the benefits they will be providing.

5. Usage

It is advised to wash your hair with beer-based shampoo at least twice a week. However, you can remove them regularly if you have an extremely oily scalp or are exposed to dust and pollution regularly for a longer time.


We have mentioned all the beer shampoos and buying guides for making it easier for you to help you find the best-suited product. We advise giving them a try so that you can determine their benefits. However, the results from person to person. It is crucial to take care of your diet as what we eat reflects on our hair and skin. Ensure that you are inducing vitamin E and proteins in your daily diet as they both work wonders for your hair. Do let us know if you are using any other brand proven to be a knight with shining armor.

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