Best Inverters in India

If you are looking for the best inverters that you can easily buy online or offline in India, then you are in the right place. Here we have curated a list of top-rated inverters in India along with the buying guide to help you what all factors w you must consider while buying an inverter for your home.

Long power cuts could be frustrating, especially in the summers, inverters can save you from this problem as they can provide power back up. Let’s have a look at the list.

Important Features to Consider While Purchasing an Inverter:

Inverters call for a long term investment. Thus, it is essential to consider a few features before investing.

Type of Inverter

There are three types of inverters – Square Wave, Pure Sine Wave, and modified Sine Wave. Pure Sine Wave inverters are ideal for heavy appliances such as laptops, mixer grinder, microwave, and TV. They are a bit expensive. On the other hand, Square Wave is available at a reasonable price but are suitable for basic power back up like fan and lights.

Capacity of Inverter

The inverter’s capacity means the number of devices it can and for how many hours it can provide the power back up. The larger would be the capacity of the inverter, the higher number of the appliance will get power back up.

Size of the Battery

The battery is an essential part of the inverter. It stores the electricity for the backup. If you want back up for long hours, go for larger capacity.

Power Requirement

 While selecting an inverter, consider your power requirement, which means the number of appliances you want to connect with the inverter. 

List of Best Inverters in India:

1. Luminous Zolt 1100 Sine Wave Home UPS Inverter

Luminous Zolt 1100 Sine Wave Home UPS Inverter

Founded in the year 1988, Luminous Power Technologies is a well-known Indian company with some of the best inverters. Luminous 1100 Sine Wave inverter is one of the most sold inverters. It has a dual-mode that is Eco/UPS. The UPS provides safety to other home appliances or gadgets like computers, microwaves, and others, while the Eco mode voltage range is extended and reduces battery usage.

One of the benefits of buying is inverter is that it has an in-built safety alarm that would warn you in times of short circuits, overcharging, and low battery.

Salient Features:

  • This inverter is designed with Sinewave Technology that helps to protect sensitive electronics.
  • It has features an LCD that displays battery type, charging time, Eco/UPS mode, backup time, and battery level indicator.
  • It comes with MCB protection that helps in short-circuits, against appliances during the power fluctuation.
  • It alarms the members when there is a significant problem like a short circuit, low battery, wrong wiring, and overloading.
  • This inverter also comes with the Bypass switch that allows you to directly power supply the main to the household during any fault that, too, without any change in the wiring.

Price – Rs. 4,650.

2.  Microtek UPS EB 800 VA UPS Inverter

Microtek UPS EB 800 VA Best Inverter in India

Microtek International Private Limited is one of the leading brands for inverters. The company is certified with ISO 9001- 2008 and ISO 14001: 2015. The microcontroller of the inverter has an intelligent control design. You can easily switch from mains and UPS to mains without any problem. This inverter is capable of handling the load maximum of 5 fans, lights, and 2 Televisions, respectively. In addition to this, this inverter is available with short circuit protection and smart overload sense. It also has a 12V single battery and Auto-reset feature.

Salient Features:

  • It is crafted with square wave technology. This technology supports motors. Thus it is an ideal inverter for the household that has motors.
  • The entire inverter is made of metal.
  • It has a Micro-controller based intelligent design.
  • It offers protection from the short circuit.
  • It also protects against deep discharge, overload, and reverse

Price – Rs. 2,799

3. V-Guard Prime Home Digital-UPS Inverter

V-Guard Prime Home Digital-UPS Inverter

Next in the list of best inverters in India is this V-Guard Home Digital-UPS Inverter. V-Guard is yet another reputed brand that you can consider while buying an inverter for home. This inverter is equipped with battery water topping reminder, UPS mode, battery gravity builder, and high-performance switch.  In addition to this, the inverter is compatible with 80 to 230 AH battery range. It allows you to run your television, fan, inverter refrigerator, mixer, grinder, kitchen chimney, and room cooler.

Salient Features:

  • V-Guard inverter consumes less power and is best for electrical equipment.
  • It takes 8-10 hours to charge.
  • The operating temperature of this inverter is between 0 degrees to 45 degrees C.
  • It weighs 9.5kg.
  • It has a display that shows the status of the UPS modem charging and water level.
  • It comes with the gravity builder that enhances the lifetime of the battery.
  • The user can even keep the buzzer option on mute.

Price – Rs. 5,798.

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4.  Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter

Microtek Ups Sebz 1100 Va Pure Best Inverter in India

Ups Sebz 1100 Va is one of the best inverters in India that one can consider to buy in 2020. It is a robust and reliable product from the known brand-Microtek. This is a Sine wave inverter that comes with 15 millisecond UPS transfer time and is capable of taking the load of 1800 W- which would be enough to power your home. It features a Digital Signal controller based intelligent control design that automatically switches mains to UPS during the power cut.

Salient Features:

  • It is a Pure Sine Wave UPS and can take the load up to 880 W.
  • It prevents overcharging of batteries along with the electronic protection circuit.
  • On using the right side of the battery, the inverter can run lights, fans, computers, and washing machine as well.
  • It uses Smart Overload sense to prevent short circuits.
  • It has an input voltage range between 100v to 300v.

Price – Rs. 4,400

5. Luminous Zelio +1100 Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS

Luminous Zelio +1100 Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS

This inverter is suitable for every Indian household as it comes with the 32 bit DSP processor that manages the battery and optimizes the battery charge. The USP of this inverter is that it can protect all the appliances. This inverter features MCB that protects from short circuit and overload.

The UPS mode in the inverter battery maintains the output voltage because of which the energy consumption is increased. However, that can be avoided with the Eco mode.

It has a charging current of 15 AMPS and supports all types of batteries. In addition to this, it also has an LCD that displays information about the water level and back up. Also, it does not make much noise.

Salient Features:

  • It features an LCD that shows all the relevant information related to the battery.
  • Since it is Sinewave, it protects all the appliances.
  • This inverter features intelligent home USP, which can calculate charging time and backup.
  • It features both USP and Eco mode that can reduce the electricity bill.
  • The UPS mode provides safety during the voltage fluctuations.

Price – Rs. 4,949.00

6. Su-Kam Falcon Eco 1000Va Sine Wave Inverter

Su-Kam Falcon Eco 1000Va

Su-Kam Falcon Eco 1000Va is an affordable and stylish inverter that comes with a single battery. This sine wave inverter and double up as an off-grid solar system as well. It can charge batteries by using solar and power grid. This hybrid inverter has features of both UPS and inverter. It is the best choice for the areas where there is a problem with electricity fluctuation or Volga is generally low. However, you would have to buy the battery separately for this inverter.

Salient Features:

  • It comes with 12 months warranty.
  • Its Eco Mode charges during the low voltage as well.
  • This inverter comes with 6 stage battery technology that increases the charging efficiency of batteries.

Price – Rs. 5,000

Buying Guide- Factors to Consider while Buying Inverter for Home

  • Bypass switch – Because of various reasons, the inverter can get overload, or the fuse might blow, this can directly impact the functioning of the inverter, and this is where Bypass switch comes handy. It allows the users to bypass the regular operation of the inverter. It also allows you to remove the connection of the inverter with the mains without any interruptions.
  • Wiring of the House – Before purchasing the inverter, check the wiring of your home. It should facilitate the back up to the entire appliance that you want.
  • Earthing and Other Problems – Make sure your house has proper earthing facilities. It will prevent short circuits and other major problems.
  • Inverter Trolley – The inverter should be placed on the ground level. A trolley would be a better option for keeping inverter and batteries safe in one place.
  • Brand – It is always a good idea to consider known brands, which are listed above. As they have excellent customer care support and provides a reliable product.
  • Price – An inverter would cost you between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000. Compare all the features of the inverter with one and all and settle for the best that is available at the best price.


Summers calls long power cuts and what could be best than installing an inverter that could provide power. In this blog, we have curated six best inverters in India that are worth buying. Also, to help you have comprised a buying guide as well. Do let us know which inverter you would prefer for your home.

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