90’s era saw a fashion revolution; it was the same year when most of us were born. Back then, fashion for us was all about comfort. With cable TV and internet coming to existence, the fashion trends were no more reserved to celebrities, and soon ordinary people had access to it. With the change in time, some of the fashion trends could not find their way, and some became classics. And, some have made a massive comeback this year. Here we have listed eight fashion trends which came back to rule the fashion chart.

90’s Fashion Trends

1. Leather Jacket


Back in the 90’s, leather jackets were rage! The jacket was the epitome of style and quark and was famous among both men and women. The timeless attire is back and is not going out of trend any time soon. The classy piece of the leather jacket adds charisma to your overlook. The best thing about a leather jacket is that it can be teamed up with any attire, whether you are wearing pajamas, shorts or formals.

In fact, in many runways, the models are styled with a leather jacket over their traditional attire, which surely is a cue for us to follow the fashion trend. The quality of the leather denim you are investing in, equally counts, so make sure you choose quality over quantity. A black or tanned denim jacket is all you need to rock all the looks.

2. Mom Jeans


Though the name Mom jeans were not that apparent in the decade before the style was quite common. Mom jeans are high waisted and are quite loose. As the name says, perhaps they were designed for mothers, who look for comfortable yet trendy denim.

We all have had a pair of comfortable and loose denim, which was our go-to attire but little we knew that the same piece of jeans would rule the future fashion trends. Thanks to Hollywood sensations like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Gigi Hadid and all the fashion bloggers who contributed in its comeback. Mom Jeans are widely available on online fashion stores like Reliance trend and Reliance trends coupon codes will get you’re your favorite piece of denim at a hefty discount.

This versatile piece can be styled in an array of ways- you can pair it with your kitten heels, regular T-shirts or with your favorite shirt. Mom jeans are loose so it would be a good idea to pair them with not that loose or body-hugging top. This will accentuate your overlook.

3. Dungarees


If you look back at 90’s fashion, it was all about dungarees. Remember the boisterous look of Anjali from Kuchh Kuchh Hota hai, the red dungaree she wore in the song Koi Mil Gaya became an instant hit. Girls of all age mimicked the look with bob and bangs which were again a big hit in the 90’s and have made a comeback.

The fashion trend almost disappeared in 2000, but thankfully, it has made its way back with different variants. From short, denim to skirts these are available in various fabrics and designs, which makes them perfect for all the occasions and events.

4. Denim Skirt


Our very own denim skirt created a style statement in 90’s and is back in the fashion again. These too can be styled in various ways. What makes denim skirts different from its counterparts, the comfort that it offers, which makes it popular amongst women of all ages.

From floral prints to front slits and A-Line, distressed to polka dots, these are available in many forms and length. You can pick the ideal piece according to the event and occasion. Whether you are heading for a party or have to attend a meeting, a denim skirt will never ditch you. Like denim skirts, denim dresses are also quite famous these days; these too can be worn in different styles.

5. Flannel Shirt


Classic flannel shirts were either tied around the waist or worn as a shirt. Those were the time when fashion was all about sticking to the same look. Thankfully, now the fashion game has been changed or slightly upgraded! The same flannel shirts are no more worn as staple shirts. Taking inspiration from runways and fashion festivals around the corner, the flannel shirts can amp-up your otherwise ordinary dress.

6. Bike Shorts


Taking a hint from its name bike shorts were probably designed for a cyclist, to provide them much needed comfort while cycling, today the piece of the dress has a become a trendsetter. The same bike shots have saved many girls from an embarrassing situation. Don’t you agree? We all have worn them beneath our skirts. Bike shorts have come a long way and rather than being just a piece of underdress they offer much more. From denim to cotton, these are available in different fabrics and styles.

7. Off-Shoulder Tops and Dresses


Like they say style changes but not the fashion, off-shoulder dresses have proved the thought. The 90’s era saw Bollywood divas like Juhi Chawla (in movie Darr) and many others name in classy pieces of off-shoulder dresses. The style ruled the fashion trend, and so does today. We can’t thank enough to fashion gurus and fashionistas for bringing the fashion trend back. Off-shoulder dresses give you a sexy look without showing more.

8. Backpack


Didn’t we all had a classy backpack which was the only accessory we have had back then. With the change in time, today we might have a wide range of bags to style with different dresses, but the backpack has its own charm. Whether you have to go to college or mimic your favorite celebrity airport look, a backpack is your go-to accessory. From solid colors to animal prints to new-age small bag packs, these are available in different designs and styles.

Conclusion: 90’s fashion was simple; it represented the minimalist look, unlike its previous decade, which saw more of gaudy and flashy fashion. As they say, good things come back; we are glad that our favorite fashion of 90’s made a huge comeback. The blog has a list of fashion trends that made a huge come back this year.

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