Watch Brands in India

A watch is not just a device that tells time, but it’s much more than that. It is a very personal procession of individuals that speaks volumes about them. According to the Wrist Watch Market Report of India 2019, 80% of the total Indian watch market manufactures and sells wristwatches across various watch brands.  

This means that if we enter the world of watches, we will be welcomed by thousands of wristwatch brands. This gives you a hard time picking the best brand for your wristwatch that will stay with you for years or decades.

So the question is, how do we know which brand will have the type of watch you are looking for? It is actually an introspecting question; it depends on what you want from your watch. Do you want a new watch for work? As a fashion accessory? As a status symbol? Or As a sports accessory? This is your call, but we are here to help you with a list of various watch brands that are available in India, where you will find watch especially made for you. 

Top 20 Watch Brands in India

When smartwatches are taking over the global watch industry, the ultimate craftsmanship of mechanical watches with a number of intricate gears continues to hold a special place in our hearts. With time, the renowned watch brands have come up with many types of watches like Analog, Analog-Digital, Chronograph, and Digital. Here we have made a list of India’s top 10 watch brands according to popularity, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

1. Titan


Titan Company is one of the largest watchmakers globally. It is a flagship watch brand of the Tata Group that sells the timepieces in more than 11000 multibrand outlets.

Titan has all types of watches displayed on its online and offline stores including Analog, Analog-Digital, Chronograph, and Digital Titan watches for men and women. This is also the only Indian watch brand that has won the reputed Red Dot Award (design awards) for 2 Edge watches twice in a row.

That’s the reason it holds first place in top Indian watch brands. This brand launches new 100% genuine products frequently with innovative technology. Talking about new tech, Titan has announced the release of India’s first payment watches, which are one of a kind. SBI powers titan pay for contactless payment, and soon, it will release five watch models to facilitate this feature.

So with its tagline ‘Be More’, we expect to unfold a new timepiece experience in upcoming years.

Launched: 1984
Best Sellers: Octane, Neo, Karishma, Raga
Price Range: ₹ 1000- ₹ 23,000
Warranty: Min 1 year

What’s New: Titan Payment watches are designed for contactless payment, and five new models are launched.

2. Maxima


The Maxima watches are manufactured under PA Time Industries. It has carved its niche in activewear watches and Ana-Digi sports watches. It is among those trusted watch brands in India with a wide range of sports watch, divers watches, adventure watches, and a section of ethnic timepieces. So we agree to it when the tagline of this brand says ‘Get out of the old and get into a Maxima’.

Launched: 1996
Best Sellers: Super Aqua, Attivo collection
Price Range:  ₹700- ₹3700
Warranty: Min 1 years

What’s New: Watches under Adventure series are 100% waterproof and shock proof.

3. Rolex


Rolex SA is a renowned Swiss luxury watch manufacturing company. It is the top watch brands in India when it comes to high-end luxury watches. Carrying this watch wrapped around your wrist is a status symbol as the watch uses precious metals for the case, embedded with gemstones and absolute precision in every model they produce.

This is the most trusted and reliable watchmaker in the world. So if you appreciate Rolex’s craftsmanship and your budget allows you, then this is the best in the market, which is actually ‘A crown for every achievement.’  

Launched: 1905
Best Sellers: Chronograph Rolex Daytona, Rolex Submariner, Rolex Air-King, Rolex Oyster Perpetual, Rolex Sea-Dweller, GMT Master
Price Range:  ₹ 1.20 lakh onwards
Warranty: Min 5 years

What’s New: Watertight Rolex Oyester, gold Sky dweller, Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 with white gold are new brand launches.

4. Casio


Casio is primarily a Japanese electronics company. It is one of the most sought after watch brands all over the world. It offers an array of premium watches. You can find this and other watch brands in India on different online shopping websites and offline stores.  

Launched: 1974 (entered timepiece business)
Best Sellers: Men’s G-Shock, Pathfinder, Sport Watch, Analog Dive Watch, Military Series
Price Range:  ₹ 700- ₹ 27,000
Warranty: Min 1 year

What’s New: G-Shock DW6900 by John Mayer, the latest models of Edifice with solar power, and more.

5. Swatch


Swatch is one of the Swiss Watch companies, which is a renowned luxury brand company. You will love to buy the watches from this brand and flaunt your taste in fine watches. If you are looking for antique and unique watches that stand out from the other watches in the market, you need to go through the catalog of this brand.

Launched: 1986
Best Sellers: Irony Chrono Blackie, Mens Casse Cou White Dial, Juts white
Price Range:  ₹4500 to ₹45,000
Warranty: Min 2 years

What’s New: It is known for unique and valuable watches, but now it moves towards the smartwatch industry.

6. Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

This fine Italian brand is counted among one of the best watch brands in India. The latest technology and unique style are what Armani boasts for, so if you want to wrap around an Armani watch lookout for it in Amazon Upcoming Sale or other sales.

Launched: 1982
Best Sellers: Aviator Round Analog, Renato Round Analog
Price Range:  ₹14000-₹600000
Warranty: Min 2 years

What’s New: The latest models of Armani are men’s Townsman, Men’s Dean Chronograph, women’s Carlie Mini, and more.

7. Fossil


Fossil is counted as the top watch brand in India because of its high-quality watches. They manufacture watches that are complementary to today’s latest style, along with advanced technology. It has entered the world of smartwatch manufacture. Therefore, you can get a wide range of watches under its banner.

Launched: 1984
Best Sellers: Townsman, Gen 5 Carlyle HR, Hybrid Smartwatch, Sport Smartwatch
Price Range:  ₹5,000 – ₹1 lac
Warranty: Min 2 years

What’s New: UpcomingGen 6 Smartwatch series, Hybrid Smartwatches

8. Sonata


Titan Company has launched its brands of watches, including Sonata. It is counted among the most trusted Indian watch brands. You will find more than 700 watches that are excellent for daily use. It is durable and looks good with a formal get up. It also has a collection for young customers. This is a very affordable watch brand to buy for ₹1000.

Launched: 1997
Price Range:  ₹700-₹3500
Warranty: Min 6 months

9. Omega


Omega is a Swiss Luxury watch brand that is available in India. This brand has a range of products with high-end quality, style, and design. Of course, it is among the top watch brands in India that have been in the market for decades. So if you are looking for a watch that correctly represents style, legacy, and modern design, this brand has the perfect combination of all of these.

Launched: 1848
Price Range:  ₹7,000- ₹45 lakh
Warranty: 3-5 years

What’s New: New Omega watches are eco-friendly. You can look forward to new launches of OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra, OMEGA Seamaster Diver, and more.

10. Fastrack


It is a brand by Titan Company that was created for the youth. There were Indian watch brands in India but not specific for young adults and teenagers. So Titan launched Fastrack in 1998 but made it into an independent brand in 2001. It is an affordable brand and has an array of designs and models, including Best Smartwatches Under 3000.

Launched: 1998
Best Sellers: Fastrack FastFit, Fastrack x Ananya Pandey, Fastrack Space Rover
Price Range: ₹1000-  ₹5000
Warranty: 2 years

Best Wrist Watch Brands in India for Men

Timepieces are a vital part of men’s dressing. In India, there are many brands of watches, but there are some which outshine others. Here we have listed popular watch brands for men in India.

11. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is another luxury watches brands in India. You can also call it a fashion watch as it caters to the present age fashion demands. The watchmaker of this brand is Movado, which is an American watchmaker company. If you are looking for a minimalist style, you can surely go for it.

12. Timex


It is not wrong to rank its second most famous watch brand in India as Timex. It is a German company with Italian design. It manufactures durable analog and chronograph watches for both men and women. However, it has wider range of watches for men.

13. Citizen


Primarily, Citizen is an electronic company, but it is better known for its watches. It is one of the affordable watch brands in India. It was founded in 1918, and as the motto of the company suggests, it produces products that every citizen can afford. It has moved towards eco-drive, and the new model is coming up with a solar charge battery.



Launched in 1978, Diesel is an affordable watch brand in India. You can actually pick your casual watch from this brand and get the latest sports watches. It is ideal for teenagers or for young people who love to go on an adventure. You will find watches in peppy colors, modern designs, and for a fashionable look.

15. Roadster


Roadster is an Indian watch brand that is a part of the outdoor lifestyle segment of Myntra. It offers a wide range of youthful watch collections suitable for casuals and funky outfits. It is actually India’s largest authorized timepiece for men in India. Roadster Men Black Analogue Watch, Charcoal Grey Chronograph Analogue & Digital Watch are among most sold Roadster watches.

Best Watch Brands for Women in India

Women deserve a high-quality watch that is delicate, fancy, and tough at the same time. So here we are with the ladies watch company name in India.

16. Raga


Titan has launched Raga watches segment only for women. It is a highly recognized and trusted brand of the country, and it releases new products frequently. With its new campaign, ‘Khudse Naya Rishta’ new range of watches for women is launched. You can find watches with gems and stones embedded in them with a beautiful chain and a dial.

17. Chumbak


The new watch brand in India is Chumbak, which has a casual watch collection for girls. The simple, lightweight watch with an owl logo on the dial is an exciting timepiece. You can get this watch on various online and offline stores. Recently, it has widened it women watch collection by adding vintage and classic collection.

18. Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein

One of India’s best watch brands is Daniel Klein, which has an affordable and cost-effective collection of watches. It is a South African watchmaker company that exhibits inexpensive and versatile watches in all watch range. A woman can find the perfect watch jewelry to match the outfit from this brand.

19. Giordano


HongKong based watchmaker brand is Giordano. Established in 1981, it has a wide range of classy watch collection. You can get analog, digital, and chronograph watches with automatic, quartz, and hand-driven movement. They also display water-resistant watches among the famous watch brands in India. We have placed this brand under the women section as they have well-crafted women’s watch designs.

20. Michael Kors

Michael Kors

For distinctive luxury watches with supreme craftsmanship, Michael Kors is the place to go. This is on the top of the ladies watch brands list in India. This brand manufactures functional and high-end products, but it has a status symbol attached to it. So you can actually go through the models and pick the best for you.

Famous Watch Brands in India

Luxury watches are the supreme range of timepieces that have been on the desire list for millions. One wishes to own these high-end watches because of many reasons. Increasing fashion consciousness, growing marketing, and slashed GST on luxury watches have made the sales of these watches go higher in the recent past. Here are some well-known luxury watch brands in India.

21. Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet

This brand is a Swiss manufacturer which is well-known for luxury mechanical watches, and different clocks. It is among watch brands in India that is very expensive. It has also manufactured India’s flattest automatic watch. The new launch self-winding chronograph costs around ₹37.80 lakh.

22. Nomos Glashutte

Nomos Glashutte

The Nomos Glashütte is a renowned German Watchmaking brand. It is an award-winning company which has won red dot best watch design.

23. Breitling


Another Switzerland based luxury watchmaker company manufactures an amazing collection of watches. It was launched in 1884 and focused on chronometers designs for precise watches.

24. Girard-Perregaux


Girard-Perregaux is among the best watch brands in India, and it exists since 1791. You can buy from a range of luxury watches to redefine your style and fashion. This could be your priced procession for ages to come.

25. Franck Muller

Franck Muller

Last but not least, we have placed Franck Muller. It is a global luxury watch brand that can twinkle the eyes of a watch enthusiast. Cristiano Ronaldo uses this million-dollar watch, and if you too are passionate about high design expensive watches, you can go for it too.


Everything comes down to the fact that purchasing a wristwatch is a personal choice, and you can buy it for various purposes. It might depend on your priority and need. However, for any purpose, you should buy from a good brand so that your watch does not end up in one corner of your draws after a few months. Therefore, we have listed the 25 best watch brands in India that widen your option for picking the best watch suitable for your need.


1. What are the top 10 watch brands in India?

Titan, Fossil, Audemars Piguet, Casio, and RADO are some of India’s top watch brands. You can go through the blog above to read more about the top watch companies in India.

2. Which watch brand is best in india?

Titan, Sonata, Fastrack, etc., are more some of the Indian watch companies.

3. Which is the best watch company in india?

Fastrack, Casio, Rolex, Titan, etc., are among the best company for watches in India.

4. Is Fossil an Indian brand?

No, it is an American Fashion company that manufactures high-end watches.

5. Which are the best analog watch brands in India?

Titan, Casio, Emporio Armani, Times are some of the top analog watch companies in India.

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