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Undoubtedly, pair of earrings is the one accessory a lady cannot live without! It’s a must-have for every woman. Whether you are carrying traditional attire or western attires, putting it together with a set of jewellery can instantly create magic to your looks! Well, Earrings are considered one of the most striking pieces of all the fashion accessories! From studs to chandeliers, there are so many kinds to choose from & if the truth is to be told, you need not have them all. Apart from the kind, it’s very important to choose some classic pieces for all your attires & dresses. Here we have listed the top 10 must-have earrings that you need to have in order to dress up to the nines!

Different Types of Earrings with Names and Pictures

1. Hoops


Seeing the latest trends, Hoop earrings are must to have in your jewellery collection. These are so light and go well with almost all the attires, whether it is western or traditional and casual or formal. These statement earrings are available in different sizes and shapes like squares, rectangles etc. However, circles hoops are classic. Small size hoops are suitable for subtle and easy on eyes, and for a dramatic, bold look, long loops would be just perfect! They can turn any outfit from drab to fab!

Style Tip: For an effortless look, style them with your hair let down. To look different yet elegant, go for hoops earrings studded with diamonds. They will add sparkle to your appearance & will definitely stand out of the crowd.

Ideal for Face Shapes: Hoop earrings are best suited to heart-shaped, diamond or oval shape faces as they enhance their jawlines. Women with round faces should avoid hoops in round shape as it will only emphasize the shape of the face.

2. Stud Earrings

stud earrings

Studs are the best earrings for girls and women as these can be team up with all types of outfits, including formals, casuals and even ethnic. Whether you are a student or a working woman, studs could be your go-to earrings as these can be worn on all occasions. These are an ideal option for women who do not like to accessorize much.

Studs are usually small in size and have one stone in the middle. There are available in single pearl as well. They sit on the top of the ear lobes. These have a delicate design that will instantly punctuate your look. Stud Earrings are also available in different forms, such as cluster and big stud earrings, which are apt for a fancy look.

Styling Tip: Pair your delicate studs with the stylish dress, which could be a maxi, jeans and tops etc. and complete the look either with a complimenting neckpiece or a bracelet. For a dressier look, you can wear studs with rhinestones with your attire.

Ideal for Face Shape: Studs are ideal for all face shapes.

3. Danglers


 Also, called dangle earrings, Danglers are perfect for a fancy look! These types of earrings are hanging, the upper part falls on the top of the ear lobe, and the bottom part falls beneath the earlobes. These could be as long and as small you wish to wear. These earrings have a delicate design and are quite glamorous. Make sure you have at least one pair of danglers that you can wear to give yourself a glam look instantly.  Danglers are versatile, too, so you can wear them with any type of attire or dress.

Styling Tip: Style them with a casual flowy dress to get your inner diva at work.

Ideal for Face Shape: Dangle earrings look amazing on a round face shape.

4. Drop Earrings

drop earrings

As the name suggests, Drop earrings have a drop shape, they extend slightly below the earlobe. These simple pieces either have gemstones, pearls or beads attached at the base of the earrings. Unlike danglers, this pair of earrings does not move. These types of earrings look simple yet elegant. Since these are lightweight and look quite simple yet elegant, you can pair it with all types of dresses. You can also wear them on special occasions with party gowns.

Style Tip: To add a pop of colour to your look, go for colourful or single cored drop earrings. You can either wear drop earrings that match your dress or go for contrast shades to let them stand out.

Ideal for Face Shape:  Drop earrings are ideal for round, square, heart and diamond face shapes

5. Jhumka


Every Indian Women loves Jhumkas; these are excellent staples to have in your jewellery box. These are types of Indian earrings that compliment all types of ethnic dresses. These are available in precious metals like gold and silver. These quintessential earrings are similar to danglers and have a bell shape that hangs below the ears. If you are soon travelling or living in Delhi, you will find a wide range of Jhumkas in shopping places like Sarojini Nagar Market, Lajpat Nagar Market, and many others.

Style Tip: In order to give fusion effects, style an oxidized pair of jhumkas with your western dresses or Kurtas. It will definitely earn you many compliments. For a complete traditional look, you can dress it with your saree or lehenga.

Ideal for Face Shape: Jhumkas are ideal for all types of face shapes.

6. Earcuffs


Though ear cuffs have been ruling jewellery trends off lately these were quite prominent in ancient culture, and both men and women are believed to wear these earrings. Simple or glamorous, ear cuffs have the power to elevate a simple look. This timeless accessory should be in every women jewellery box. Also known as ear pins or ear sweeps, these earrings can be placed on your ear lobe or on the top of your ears without even piercing your skin; this is why these are the best earrings for girls who have not pierced their ears. You can also combine them with studs in order to stand out from the crowd.

Style Tips: Let your ear cuffs speak volumes! Wear them all alone and ditch your earrings. For a special occasion, you can combine it with a layered necklace or rings. These days tribal looking ear cuffs are quite in, you can also style them with a simple looking outfit to let ear cuffs centre of the attention.

Ideal for Face Shape: Ear cuffs can accentuate all types of face shapes.

7. Huggie Earrings

huggie earrings

Also called huggers, Huggie earrings are worn in pierced ears and are a small version of the hoops. These types of earrings are named so since they hug the earlobe. These have a hinge on the top that allows the post to open or close. Huggie earrings are great alternatives to studs since they are small and ideal for all occasions and attires.

Style Tips: For a sheek yet understated look, you can buy plain metal huggie earrings. These versatile earrings can be worn with all types of dresses.

Ideal for Face Shape: These classic earpieces can be worn on all types of face shapes to amp up the look.

8. Chandelier Earrings

chandelier earrings

Chandeliers are different types of Indian earrings and thus are a perfect match for all your traditional attires, be it your saree, Anarkali, lehenga etc. These are available in minakari, kundan and pearls. Chandelier Earrings vary in size so that you can opt for the correct size according to your dress and face shape. These are similar to danglers. In fact, they can be called traditional danglers. Having atleast one pair of these earrings makes it easy to flaunt your ethnic style.

Style Tips: Style it with a silk saree or lehenga and keep your tie in a bun for that luxurious look

Ideal for Face Shape: Girls with angular or oval face shapes should select Chandelier Earrings with a wider look, and girls with a round face can go for longer chandelier earrings.

9. Cluster Earrings

cluster earrings

Cluster earrings are an extension of the studs. These designer earrings have a number of crystals and stones that are closely arranged like a cluster. These types of earrings are perfect for playful occasions such as family get-togethers, lunch dates as these are quite comfortable and at the same time add much-needed oomph as well. Owing to their versatility, cluster earrings can be worn with all types of attires, including western, Indian and casual.

Style Tips:  You can style cluster earrings with coloured stones with your regular office wear to upgrade your look

Ideal for face Shape: Cluster earrings look amazing on each face shape.

10. Tassel Earrings

tassel earrings

Tassel earrings are similar to danglers, the top part sits on the earlobe, giving way to a thread-like structure known as tassles. These come in a variety of designs and materials, including pearls. These look classy and distinguished. The best part about them is you can wear different outfits, and these are lightweight!

Style Tips: Style gold plated tassel earrings with your party dress to make a statement!

Ideal for Face Shape: These look nice on all face shapes. The length of these earrings should fall at your jaw below as it would complement your face type.


A woman can never have enough of earrings! Each occasion calls for different earrings. While selecting a pair of earrings, one should consider her facial shape and the dress, or you can pick versatile earrings like studs, Huggies, hoops that compliment most of the dresses!


1. Which style of earrings is currently popular?

Hoops, ear cuffs, danglers, and others listed above are currently quite popular amongst women.

3. How do you style different earrings?

Style your earrings based on the dress, occasion and facial shape.

2. Which type of earrings will look best with jeans?

Studs, hoops, jhumkas and clustered earrings are perfect to pair with jeans.

4. What are the different types of earrings?

Different types of earrings are studs, danglers, jhumkas, hoops and tassel earrings.

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