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Zee Marathi is one of India’s famous channels, which is owned by the Zee Entertainment Broadcasting Company. The channel was introduced in the year 1991, and since then, it has managed to be one of the favorite regional channels in Zee Marathi. It is one of India’s famous channels, which is owned by the Zee Entertainment Broadcasting Company. It has recently launched an array of serials ranging from family drama reality based programs to supernatural shows that have caught audience eyes. In this blog, we have curated the Zee Marathi serials list to give you detailed information about all the programs aired on this regional channel.

Updated List of Zee Marathi Serials April 20, 2024 – Afternoon Timings

Zee Marathi Serials TimingsZee Marathi Serial NameZee Marathi Shows Days
12:00 PM – 12:30 PMTu Chaal pudhMonday – Saturday
12:30 PM – 1:00 PMDaar Ughad BayeMonday – Saturday
1:00 PM – 1:30 PMHridayi Preet JaagateMonday – Saturday
1:30 PM – 2:00 PMMazhi Tuzhi ReshimgaathMonday – Saturday
2:00 PM – 2:30 PMNava Gadi Nava RajyaMonday – Saturday
2:30 PM – 3:00 PMAamhi Saare KhavayyeMonday – Saturday
3:00 PM – 3:30 PMNamma VaidyashaalaMonday – Saturday
3:30 PM – 4:00 PMNava Gadi Nava RajyaMonday – Saturday
4:00 PM – 4:30 PMHridayi Preet JaagateMonday – Saturday
4:30 PM – 5:00 PMAappi Amchi CollectorMonday – Saturday

Updated Zee Marathi Serials Time Table 2023 – Evening & Night Timing

Zee Marathi  Serials TimingsZee Marathi Serial NameZee Marathi Shows Days
5:00 PM – 6:00 PMChala Hawa Yeu DyaMonday – Saturday
6:00 PM – 6:30 PMHome MinisterMonday – Saturday
6:30 PM – 7:00 PMMazi Tuzi ReshimgathMonday – Saturday
7:00 PM – 7:30 PMAappi Amchi CollectorMonday – Saturday
7:30 PM – 8:00 PMTu Chaal PudhMonday – Saturday
8:00 PM – 8:30 PMHridayi Preet JaagateMonday – Saturday
8:30 PM – 9:00 PMDaar Ughad BayeMonday – Saturday
9:00 PM – 9:30 PMNava Gadi Nava RajyaMonday – Saturday
9:30 PM – 10:30 PMLokmanya Ek Yugpurush Subodh BhaveMonday – Saturday
10:00 PM – 10:30 PMAga Aga Sunbai Kay Mhanta SasubaiMonday – Saturday
10:30 PM – 11:00 PMSatvya Mulichi Satvi MulgiMonday – Saturday
11:00 PM – 11:30 PM Tu Tevha TashiMonday – Saturday
11:30 PM – 12:00 PM Mazhi Tuzhi ReshimgaathMonday – Saturday

List of New Zee Marathi Serials 2024

1. Tu Tevha Tashi

Star Cast: Swapnil Joshi, Shilpa Tulaskar

Genre: Romance

Directors: Mandar Devasthali


The latest name on the Zee Marathi serial list is the drama series ‘Tu Tevha Tashi.’ On 20 March 2022, the serials’ first episode was telecasted. The storyline of this drama series revolves around two individuals, Anamika Dixit and Saurabh Patwardhan, who are in their 40s. Both have experienced many turmoils in their lives and were earlier college classmates. During their college days, Saurabh liked Anamika but never expressed his feelings toward her. Watch this trending program shown by Zee Marathi to learn how the couple reunites after a long separation.

2. Nava Gadi Nava Rajya

Star Cast: Anita Date Kelkar, Kashyap Parulekar, Pallavi Patil, Saisha Bhoir

Genre: Family Drama

Producer: Gaurav Ghatnekar


Among the Zee Marathi new serial 2023 list, Nava Gadi Nava Rajya is currently landing on the top. The family drama show started in August 2022. Keep watching this new serial on Zee Marathi created under the production company “Black Coffee Production.”

3. Satyavan Savitri

Star Cast: Vedangi Kulkarni, Aditya Durve

Genre: Mythological

Directors: Amit Sawardekar, Vishal Bhosle


One of the trending Indian Marathi mythological TV series ‘Satyavan Savitri’ has currently broadcasted on the Zee Marathi channel. The story of this Zee Marathi new serial tells about the legendary story of Prince Satyavan and Princess Savitri. They married each other, but Savitri didn’t know that his husband, Satyavan was an exiled prince and would die. Follow this fantastic mythological television series to learn how Princess Savitri saved Satyavan from Yama with her immense love, compassion, and determination.

4.  Ghetla Vasa Taku Nako

Host: Bhagare Guruji

Genre: Mythological


Next name on the list of Zee Marathi serials is Ghetla Vasa Taku Nak, an Indian Mythological show! The series presents epic tales of Vishnu Purana, Bhagavat Purana, and Chaturmas. It premiered in March 2021 and is telecasted at 6:30 pm (Monday to Saturday).

5. Man Jhala Bajind         

Star Cast: Vaibhav Chavan and Shweta Kharat

Genre: Romance and Drama

Directors: Prachi Shinde and Prajakta Kunte


Man Jhala Bajindis next on our list of Zee Marathi new serial 2021. The show starts in August 2021 and airs at 7 pm (Monday to Saturday). It is a story of a highly educated girl, Krushna. She is married to Raya, who belongs to a less educated family. The show explores her struggles and challenges while coping with the new family.

6. Man Udu Udu Zhala

Star Cast: Hruta Durgule

Genre: Love Story and Drama

Director: Mandar Devastali


Starting in August 2021, Man Udu Udu Zhala is one of the most-watched serials on the Zee Marathi channel. It is a love story of Indra and Deepali, who are poles apart. The timings of this show are 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm (Monday to Saturday), and its repeat telecast airs at 2 in the afternoon. You can also watch all the latest episodes of this family drama on the digital platform Zee 5 and Airtel Xtream.

7. Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla

Star Cast: Anvita Phaltankar, Uday Salvi, and Shubhangi Gokhale

Genre: Soap Opera, drama, and love story

Director: Ajay Mayekar


Next in the Zee Marathi latest serial list is Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla. It concentrates on the ordeals of, Sweetu, a poor and overweight girl. She has to move to her mother’s friend’s house for a job, where she meets Omkar, and they gradually fall in love.

8. Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath

Star Cast: Shreyas Talpade, Prarthana Behere and Myra Vaikul

Genre: Romance Drama

Director: Ajay Mayekar


With famous actor Shreyas Talpade in the lead, Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath is the new Zee Marathi Serial. The timings of this show are 8:30 to 9 pm, and you can watch it Monday to Saturday. This soap opera is about a business tycoon, Yash, who falls in love with Neha. The show has already won many hearts with its sweet and gripping story.

9. Tuzya Mazya Sansarala Ani Kaay Hawa

Star Cast: Amruta Pawar and Hardik Joshi

Genre: Romantic drama

Director: Amit Savardekar


Tujhya Majhya Sansarala Ani Kaay Hawa premiered in August 2021. It is a Zee Marathi 9 pm (Monday to Sunday) serial that revolves around a young and smart girl, Shruti, who is born and brought up in a nuclear family. Her life takes a 360-degree turn when she is married to a joint family and adjust according to her new family’s lifestyle.

10. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Marathi L’il Champs 14

Host: Pallavi Joshi

Genre: Singing-based reality show

Director: Rajan Dange


This musical show started in 2006 and is back with its 14 edition. Famous singer and musicians Avdhoot Gupte and Vaishali Samant are judging the show. The show garners huge TRP because of the conventional format, judges, and talented participants.

11. Ti Parat Aaliye

Star Cast: Vijay Kadam

Genre: Supernatural

Director: Ankush Marode


This horror show is based on the reunion of a group of friends who meet at an abandoned place. What happens next will surely leave you in splits.

12. Ratris Khel Chale 3

Star Cast: Pooja Gore, Dilip Bapat and Shakuntala Nare

Genre: Supernatural

Director: Raju Sawant


The show is the extension of Ratris Khel Chale, which revolved around Anna’s family. Years later, Naik’s ancestral home is in bad condition, and its family members have separated. The supernatural television series airs at 11 pm from Monday to Saturday.

List of Zee Marathi Serials with Synopsis 2020

1. Majha Hoshil Na

Majha Hoshil Na

Star Cast: Gautami Deshpande, Virajas Kulkarni, Achyut Potdar, Sunil Tawade

Genre: Drama

Director: Aniket Arun Sane


This Zee Marathi TV serial revolves around a girl named Sai, who has a love marriage. Once the girl is married to her love – Aditya, her life changes completely. Her trials and tribulations to adjust to the family lead to many hilarious situations.

2. Tuzyat Jeev Rangla

Tuzyat Jeev Rangla

Star Cast: Akshaya Deodhar and Hardeek Joshi

Genre: Romance

Director: Aniket Arun Sane


Tuzyat Jeev Rangla is about a well-known wrestler – Rana, who lives in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. His life takes a complete change when he meets the lady love of his life-Anjali. She is a talkative and beautiful girl who, too, loves Rana. To get more insights about the show, do watch the serial.

3. Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko

Star Cast: Anita Date, Abhijeet Khandkekar, Arun Nalawade

Genre: Drama

Director: Ashok Kamble


Next in the programs shown by Zee Marathi is Mazhya Navryachi Bayko. The story of this famous Zee Marathi serial concentrates on Radhika, who lives in Nagpur with her husband. She suspects her husband is having an extramarital affair with one of his colleagues. All the episodes of this show are currently available on Zee5.

4. Aggabai Sasubai

Aggabai Sasubai

Star Cast: Tejashree Pradhan, Nivedia Ashok Saraf, Dr.Girish Oak, Ashutosh Patki, and Ravi Patwardhan

Genre: Drama

Director: Ajay Mayekar


Aggabai Sasubai busts myths that say daughter-in-law and mother-in-law could not share a healthy and deep bond. The story is about a mother and daughter-in-law duo. The daughter-in-law wants her mother-in-law to lead a glorious life and thus, gets her remarried. The show last aired in August 2021 and completed 432 episodes.

5. Vastu Doctor

Vastu Doctor

Expert- Dr. Mahesh Surve

Genre: Vastu Shastra


Next on Zee Marathi Serials List is Vastu Doctor. Want to know about Vastu Shastra in-depth? Tune in to Zee Marathi’s latest show Vastu Doctor. You can directly connect with the Vastu Shastra expert-Dr. Mahesh Surve. He would help you know all the hacks to bring positivity to your life and plan an ideal layout of your space.

6. Honar Soon Mi Hya Gharchi

Star Cast: Shashank Ketkar and Tejashree Pradhan

Genre: Indian Soap Opera

Director: Mandar Devasthali


Honar Soon Mi Hya Gharchi focuses on Shri, a young businessman who loves all the ladies of his home that have raised him. After getting married to Janhavi, the love of his life, he gives responsibility to her to keep all the ladies of the house happy and satisfied.

7. Home Minister Swapna Gruh Lakshmiche

Home Minister Swapna Gruh Lakshmiche

Host: Aadesh Bandekar

Genre: Game Show


The home minister is a game show hosted by Aadesh Bandekar – a host-Marathi actor and Shiv Sena leader. He visits people’s homes in Maharashtra and challenges them to a series of games that would win them a grand prize. Amidst COVID-19, the format of the show is under change.

8. Mrs. Mukhyamantri

Mrs. Mukhyamantri

Star Cast: Tejas Barve, Amruta Dhongade, Anuradha Patel

Genre: Comedy-drama

Director: Harish Shirke


Mrs. Mukhyamantri concentrates on a small-town married who is married to the chief minister. After the marriage, her life completely changes as she faces new problems and struggles. The show will keep you smiling throughout! To know more about the show, tune in to live TV apps like Zee 5 or the Zee Marathi channel.

9. Chala Hawa Yeu Dya

Chala Hawa Yeu Dya

Host: Nilesh Sable

Genre: Chat show and sketch comedy

Director: Nilesh Sable


The chat show has been completed for over five years, and it first aired in 2015. Chala Hawa Yeu Dya is hosted by Dr. Nilesh Sable, who invites stars from the Marathi film industry and discusses their work. He also calls celebrities to participate with his eccentric family to spice up things.

10. Ratris Khel Chale

Ratris Khel Chale

Star Cast: Madhav Abhyankar, Dilip Bapat, Nupur Chitale

Genre: Family Drama

Director: Pralhad Kudtarkar


After Anna’s death, his family learns that Anna has also left the share of the property for her illegitimate daughter, whose mother attempted suicide near Naik’s house. The family members soon experience strange activities that are thought to be pronominal activity; however, the daughter-in-law of the family search for the practical reason behind the activity.


Zee Marathi, the regional channel, is popular in India due to its combination of TV series that has touched all genres, including soap operas, family drama, reality shows, comedy, etc. In this blog, we compiled a Zee Marathi all serials list with timings, schedules, and synopsis. Tune in to Zee Marathi or Zee 5 to watch all the serials.


1. Where can I watch Zee in Marathi?

You can watch it live on Zee 5 or Airtel Xtream.

2. Which new serial is coming on Zee Marathi?

Lokmanya and Aga Aga Sunbai Kay Mhanta Sasubai are new serials on the Zee Marathi channel.

3. Can I watch previous episodes of Zee Marathi serials online?

You can watch all the old and Zee Marathi new serials on the channel on Airtel Xtream and Zee5.

4. Which serial airs at 7 pm on Zee Marathi?

Aappi Amchi Collector is telecasted at 7 pm on the channel.

5. What is Zee Marathi 7.30 pm serial name?

The name of the show that is telecasted at 7:30 on the channel is Tu Chaal Pudh.

6. Which serial is aired at 9 pm on Zee Marathi?

Nava Gadi Nava Rajya is telecasted at 9 PM.

7. Which serial is ending on Zee Marathi?

Recently, channel famous serial Devmanus has gone off the air.

8. What are some latest names on the Zee Marathi new serial 2023 list?

The shows like Hrudayi Preet Jagate, Nava Gadi Nava Rajya, Daar Ughad Baye, Aga Aga Sunbai Kay Mhanta Sasubai, Satvya Mulichi Satavi Mulgi are some newly telecased programs shown on Zee Marathi.

9. What is Chala Hawa Yeu Dya timing?

Chala Hawa Yeu Dya timing is telecasted on 5 PM on Zee Marathi channel.

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