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Sunglasses are stunning accessories that have the power to make you look attractive with no make-up. With a beautiful pair of sunglasses, you’d look cool, elegant and can definitely ignore eye contact with strangers. Not only this, but you can hide your drunken eyes and still look great in pictures with them. Your sunglasses are one of those things that can help you in leaving a good first impression on others. In my collection, I have a variety of sunglasses in different shapes, which I bought at amazing prices with Lenskart Coupons at TalKCharge. I completely believe that the accessory which covers one-third of our face says a lot about our personality.

With my research I have come up with the following conclusions, let’s check them out:

These make you more confident and impressive which allow other to be intrigued about you. No matter who you are, a teenager with the hangover, an undercover celebrity on a bodega run, a pilot or maybe the former President, with an Aviator you can completely rock your entire look. I would say that these are a perfect match for those who want to be bold and beautiful at the same time.

See – Through Aviators:

These are for those who love to have a chit-chat even with strangers and don’t mind eye contact. For a sunny day, this pair would be a perfect match. Usually, the more friendly people opt for such a design. It allows them to be open towards the world. To buy a smart pair of see-through aviators, you can check out the collection at Lenskart. Don’t forget to check out the Lenskart coupons & offers at TalkCharge before buying.

Cat – Eye Sunglasses:

This one is basically for girls who want to add a drama and classiness altogether to their look. I just love to have pictures in a cat – eye sunglasses lowered to the crook of the nose. Fashion connoisseurs and girls who are a drama queen must get this one. Lenskart has a big collection of cat-eye sunglasses and you can surely find the one for you. For discounts on your purchase, you can use Lenskart Coupons at TalkCharge.

John Lennon – Esque Sunglasses:

For a constructive face, you have round shaped sunglasses which always look the way they are meant to be. You are a chill person and love to be peaceful and relaxed all the time then this is the right pair for you.


You are a practical man and want to depict your functional style in a sober way then this is the pair for you. It is available in many neon colored bands and how can we forget the classic Ray-Bans. But, the thing is these are a bit costly and for that, you can check out the Lenskart Offers at TalkCharge online for discounts.

Heart – Shaped Sunglasses:

So, you are the one who is cute and deadly at the same time and prefers to be funny when in public. Then, you must try heart-shaped sunglasses that’ll make you look like a chic emoji with some added vogue. Complement this pair with a bright lip colour and take full advantage of the summers with this look. Even your photos will showcase a unique sense of style with such a striking pair.

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Now, you can pick any style you want from the above-given options and make yourself a style icon. The collection at Lenskart is very stunning and you must visit there when you are looking for a new pair of goggles.

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