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Sunglasses are one of the most stunning accessories that possess the strength to change your look without any make-up. Now buy a beautiful pair of sunglasses to change your whole look and personality and always indulge in good brands to showcase better finish and style. Pamper yourself with a good pair of sunglasses to look attractive and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays when going out. Many more brands are trying their best to create the best sunglasses style by utilizing the latest technologies to protect your delicate eyes from harmful rays and dust.

Everyone knows how a beautiful pair of sunglasses changes your entire look with elegancy and can help you ignore eye contact with strangers. You may even get a good snap if you have those hangover eyes from the massive party last night, by using a pair of good quality sunglasses. Your sunglasses say about you and your personality a lot, as they are essential accessories that can help you leave a good first impression on others when you meet them for the first time.

Although numerous shades are still only a style embellishment, an ever-increasing number of individuals are getting aware of the significance of protecting their eyes from harmful sunrays by picking the most appropriate shades for this reason.

Almost certainly, as of recently, when you required new sunglasses style, you just considered what kind of casing works best for your face, or what hues suit your style the most, yet the extremely fundamental thing is that the focal points you pick satisfy their main goal and ensure your eyes.

Why do we need Sunglasses?

Apart from being the most iconic fashion statement, sunglasses and shades play a vital role in protecting your eyes from harmful sun rays, heat, and dust. The sunglasses that you use while jogging must not be worn when you go out for a simple beach trip. Always consider choosing the right lens protection for the maximum security of your eyes. Protection against those harmful UV rays is an essential aspect of any sunglasses.

As we all know how if exposed to UV rays for a more extended period may cause corneal problems, it is essential to wear sunglasses if you have to be out in the daylight. There are different sunglasses style and shades available from glasses with polarized lenses to incorporate anti-reflection glass or sunglasses with mirrored glasses. It is essential to protect those beautiful pair of eyes from every harmful sun rays and dust by using the best quality product.

Types of Sunglasses you must own

Your choice of sunglasses say about you, what your attire doesn’t. We all are aware that the shape structure of our face says a lot about us. However, we regularly disregard this significant factor when purchasing a couple of shades. There are various types of shades, depending upon the kind of glass they incorporate, the casing. So forth, along these lines, before purchasing shades, it is fitting to understand their advantages altogether.  Virtual reality technology can help ensure that we choose the best suitable pair of sunglasses for our faces. There is a wide range of shapes and shades.

In addition to being tastefully satisfying, the factor that ought to be organized is to shield our eyes from the sun’s bright beams, particularly in summer. A wrong selection of shades can cause issues, for instance, photokeratitis (corneal injury), advance the improvement of waterfalls, or macular degeneration.

We usually choose a pair of sunglasses based on the style of the frame, the shape of the shades, and the texture’s quality. Everything is perfect when you go out in the daylight wearing your favorite patterns and clothing and accessorizing them with the best suiting pair of sunglasses. On the off chance that you need to realize which kinds of shades are the most well-known, let’s find out the trendiest shapes of sunglasses in the year 2020 and find what your sunglasses say about you!

Sporty Sunglasses

Sporty Sunglasses

With the changing trends and fashion, sporty sunglasses have taken a massive place in the eyewear industry. The sporty look that entirely covers the eyes, and when paired up with a heavy jacket, it accentuates the look even more! A sporty frame goes for both men and women as the frame is unisex. Sporty sunglasses are best for the winter season.



Good old Ray-Ban aviators are the must-haves for any season. They go best with summer dresses, for the ladies and look perfect with a pair of shots and tee-shirt for men. They make you confident enough and are impressive as they allow others to be intrigued about you. No matter your age, a teenager with the hangover, an undercover celebrity on a bodega run, a pilot, or maybe the former President, with an Aviator, you can completely rock your entire look. These pair of sunglasses are a perfect match for those who want to be bold and beautiful at the same time. Get the best frames from reputed brands as they have a variety of brands to choose from!

Cat – Eye Sunglasses

Wayfarer Shades

This one is usually constructed for women who want to add drama and classiness altogether to their look. These pairs of frames add an instant touch of sophistication and sass because of its vintage look. Cat-eye sunglasses say about you, what a normal pair of spectacles can’t. It says you’re fashionable, trendy and yet like classic vintage. Fashion experts and women who are into a lot of drama must own a pair of these beautiful pair. Go for stores with a range of options like cat-eye sunglasses, among which you can surely find your frame!

Wayfarer Shades

Wayfarer Shades

You are a practical person and indulge in portraying your functional style most somberly; then, this is the best pair for your style. It is available in many colors and how can we forget the classic Ray-Bans. They are known to revolutionize these frames as well, along with the classic aviators. You may notice the famous Audrey Hepburn rocking these pair of shades in the 80s and is still an iconic look for many!

Rectangle Sunglasses

Rectangle Sunglasses

For a constructive face, you must invest in a good pair of rectangle frames of shades that always look the way they are meant to be. If you are looking for a much softer look, this is the frame for you. Any rectangle framed sunglasses provide much more delicate angles to your round facial features and accentuate your face cut in the best possible manner.

Oval Sunglasses

Oval Sunglasses

What oval sunglasses say about you? These pair of sunglasses is incredibly versatile in terms of their use. An oval-shaped sunglass can be paired with your best suit for a formal look and can also be worn with much casual attire. They go best for both men and women. Because of their more full frames, they comfortably cover your entire eyes, providing the maximum protection from the harmful sun rays.

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

We all have that one friend or a family member who is over the top cute and try to be a bit out from the rest through their style and fashion. Sunglasses style with the heart-shaped lens is meant for such people who prefer being funny and a bit odd in public.  Own your heart-shaped shades today and increase your oomph level. Even your snaps and insta stories will highlight your quirky look by showcasing a unique sense of fashion and style!

How to choose sunglasses according to the shape of your face?

The shape of our face and sunglasses says about you a lot, as we have discussed earlier. Few brands have introduced the feature of augmented reality just for the sole purpose, to make their customers select their favorite pair of sunglasses that suits perfectly to the shape of their face. So let’s understand what frames fit perfectly for different face shapes.

Sunglasses for a square-shaped face

Round sunglasses style is the perfect match for a person who has a square-shaped face. A square-shaped look always has a well-defined jawline, and since the length and width of your face are approximately equal, the round-framed sunglasses are the best pair of eyewear for them. The trick here is to accentuate your face cut by softening the angles to make them look less shaped, buttoning down the sharp cuts. Round pair of sunglasses always does this magic to give peculiar structure to your face and softening the sharp edges and angles.

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Best Sunglasses for Oval or round shaped-face

Oval or round shaped faces are usually softer on the edges with the rounded jawline and possibly less or no sides on their faces. They are often the exact opposite of a square-shaped face, and hence any round or oval face cut needs a square frame to give a better constructive look. They provide the much-required edges and finish to your softer face making it a distinct, edgy look. Wayfarers and rectangle sunglasses are the best choices for these shapes, and it is advisable to avoid cat eyes and round glasses like aviators.

How to select sunglasses for a triangular face?

The triangular face shapes are those face cuts that have a wider forehead or chin area. If you face falling into this category, then making your face look a bit wider and defined is what the purpose of your sunglasses style must be. Again, for such face cuts, wayfarers are the best suitable frame of sunglasses that will suit their face shape and highlight all their narrow edges. Like the square-shaped faces, a triangular-shaped look also has a few definite advantages. Hence, it requires a softer way to accentuate those edges more delicately.

Best Sunglasses for Men

Men have a definite style in terms of eyewear. They usually go for a simple and sober look when looking for sunglasses. Sunglasses like Sporty goggles, aviators, and oval-shaped shades are the most favorites among men as they can go well with any formal and casual occasion.

Try selecting your sunglasses according to your face’s shape to make it look more appealing and intimidating. However, even today, men tend to overlook such important aspects and just select the pair of sunglasses that feel appealing on the rack. The shape of the frame, the color of the lens, and texture play an important role when selecting your shades. Now grab those beautiful sunglasses for men for gifting your father.

Finest Sunglasses for Women

Any women’s wardrobe journey is incomplete without the pair of perfect eyeglasses suiting their attire as well as their face shape. Their goggles are not only to glam-up their look but also to protect their pretty eyes from the harmful UV rays, heat, and dust. The pollution in our cities is enough to harm our eyes, and hence a good quality pair of sunnies is essential.

Be it cat-eyes, a classic aviator or just a simple sporty sunglasses, the shape of your face defines what your sunglasses must look like. So, invest in something that suits you the best rather than waste your hard-earned money on sunglasses that does not even help you accentuate your face cut. Now grab your favorite pair of sunglasses for women for gifting your mother.


With such long research and analysis, we have concluded that buying eyewear is essential to protect your eyes and stand out from the rest with the best quality and fashionable pair of sunglasses. It fits perfectly, accentuating your face in the best possible way.

You may select your style, if you wish, and choose your shade from the above-given options and turn into a style icon.

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