Have you put on a lot of weight or it’s your BFF’s wedding next month and you need to look your best? You must be thinking to go on diet; But I know it’s just so difficult to keep yourself uptight with all the winter food around. So, here’s the solution…why don’t you try something healthy and tasty altogether? I am suggesting let’s try this new era of ordering food items online, also you can even try ordering healthy food with nourishing ingredients that could help you in maintaining your weight. The best part is that with Faasos coupons are available at TalkCharge, you can even save on online food ordering.

loose weight

Here is the list of ingredients that you can have in your food items, helping with weight loss:



They contain potassium, dietary fiber, phytochemicals, and monounsaturated fatty acids. Due to these constituents, people who regularly eat avocados tend to have lower body weight, the circumference of the waist and BMI. So, why to skip this healthy and tasty green food from your diet. Although the amount of calories in Avocados is high, the very satisfying fiber and fat combo in them to help people slim down a bit. Be it salad, taco meal or sandwich, you can add avocados in any of them.



These protein-rich food items contain very essential nutrients, fats, choline, Vitamin D and more for making you fit and healthy. It’s necessary to pay attention to what you are consuming in a day, as Eggs have high-quality protein which acts as a powerhouse for weight loss. If you are eating eggs in the breakfast, they will surely enhance the satiety while managing your appetite hormones and eventually your hunger. There have been various studies done which confirms that people who eat eggs remain more satisfied as compared to those who eat chappatis. This eventually helps people ignore the untimely hungers. At Faasos, you can find some of the best egg meals at a very reasonable rate. While ordering, do use Faasos coupons for more discounts.



If we talk about beans, then these are fiber-rich foods, which helps in remaining fuller for a long time and enhances the capability for weight loss. Apart from controlling hunger, there are various other benefits of eating beans, like reduction of LDL cholesterol, lowering the Blood Pressure and even decreasing the chances of any cardiovascular diseases. The amount of calories in beans is also very low and it delivers a great amount of protein too. In soups, salads and even burgers, they taste very good. Fassos has a variety of dishes that contain beans; order them at a price you want by using Faasos coupons code.


This food item is full of probiotics and is full of protein. For weight loss and gut health, yogurt is simply the best. Your gut bacterias remain happy with the consumption of probiotics and fibers, so if you haven’t included yogurt in your diet yet, you must. It also provides an increase in satiety and reduction in appetite.

To improve your diet and to make it more effective, just add a few of the above-given food items in your daily meals and you’ll be surprised with the quick results.

If you are not a cooking person, then Faasos quick delivery and delicious dishes are always there to provide you the price and taste you want. Order now by using Faasos offers available at TalkCharge and enjoy more savings.

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