What is UTR Number

UTR Number is Unique Transaction Number, which is used to identify a transaction in India. This unique number is generated for determining the transfer of the funds. Your bank creates UTR Number through the transaction is done.

The Unique Transaction Number can be found on the bank statement as Ref. No. below your transaction details. According to the RBI norms, the UTR no. has 16 digit codes and 22 characters long for RTGS. For example, the UTR number is XXXXAYYDDD999999. XXXX stands for bank code like SBI’ bank code is SBIN, and A in the code refers to system identifier, YY stands for two digits of the year such as 19 for 2019 and DDD is a Julian date such as 032 for Feb 1. And, 999999 is 6 digit sequence number.

* In UK, UTR number is referred to as Unique Taxpayer Reference Number. It is not similar to the Indian UTR no.

Role of NEFT & RTGS, Uses of Unique Transaction (UTR) Number

Unique Transaction Number helps to monitor the financial transactions. It can also be used to track your funds’ transfer.

In India, the UTR number is generated while transferring money from one bank to the other. There are two methods to transfer the money from your respective bank. One method of online money transfer through a bank is NEFT, and the other is RTGS.

NEFT refers to National Electronic Funds Transfer. Such a transaction is processed in the batches, so the transfer is not immediate.

RTGS refers to Real-Time Gross settlement. Funds are immediately transferred through RTGS. It does not take more than 2 hours to deposit the money to the beneficiary account. Though it is the fastest method but can only be used if the transaction amount is above Rs. 2, 00,000. There are two types of UTR numbers- RTGS and NEFT UTR  no. Users can easily make tracking through their respective bank apps.

Steps to Find UTR Number

  1. To find the Unique Transaction Number, you can go through the detailed account statement in the online banking section.
  2. Subsequently, click on the transaction details. The detail of the particular transaction will appear.
  3. In the same detail, you will find the UTR no.
  4. The Unique Transaction Number is visible on the statements of the banks like ICICI, SBI, Axis, and HDFC.

How to Track Neft Transaction Status With UTR No.?

Method 1:

  • Go to your internet banking account or open the mobile App of your respective bank.
  • Go to the past transaction section.
  • Look for the particular transfer, and the Unique Transaction number, along with the transaction status, would be displayed on the same page.

Method 2:

Call at the customer care number of your bank and provide them your UTR no. to get all the necessary details.

Example of Axis Bank:

1. Open the App and click to ‘’Detailed Statement’’.

Axis Bank Detailed Statement

2. Then, click on ‘’Transaction Details’’. A pop-up would come along with the UTR reference of the specific transaction.

UTR reference

3. Use the UTR for status follow-up for the particular transaction.

Example of HDFC Bank:

1. Login to the HDFC bank account. On the top of the page (in the left), there would Accounts Section.

HDFC Bank Example

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2. Beneath Accounts, you will find an Arrow. Click the arrow, and soon the details of the account along with the ”View” button will appear.

HDFC Bank details

3. Click on the ‘’View Button’’. Your account statement would be displayed after that.

HDFC Bank Statement with UTR no.

*The number marked in the red circle is the UTR no. for HDFC bank users. You can similarly find SBI UTR number through SBI mobile app or its official website.


UTR refers to the Unique Transaction number in India. It helps to track finds and your past transactions that have been made through your bank account. Every bank like ICICI and HDFC shows a UTR no.


1. What is the UTR number in NEFT and RTGS transactions?

UTR number is referred to as the Unique Transaction reference number. It is used for NEFT and RTGS transactions. For every transaction, the bank provides a UTR no., which you can use for any query related to the transaction in the future.

2. How do I find out my UTR no.?

You can visit your internet banking account or open the bank app. alternatively; you can call the customer care team of the bank for help.

3. How many digits are in the UTR number??

According to the RBI, the UTR no is 16 numbers long, and as per RTGS, it has 22 characters.

4. What is the full form of UTR?

UTR is denoted to the Unique Transaction Number.

5. What is the UTR reference number?

Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) is a reference number that is used to identify transactions made through IMPS, RTGS or NEFT.

6. How to check the UTR number in YONO SBI?

You can call SBI customer care number 1800112211, 18004253800, or 080-26599990 in order to check the number in YONO SBI.

7. How to track UTR numbers?

Above we have explained step by step procedures to track through RTGS and NEFT.

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