Domicile Certificate

A Domicile Certificate is proof of a person’s residentship in a respective state. Also, known as residence certificate, it is a legal document which is issued by the respective state government. Every citizen should have one Domicile Certificate of the state where he has been living from the longest regardless of having multiple homes in the same state. This certificate helps the resident to enjoy fundamental rights of that specific state, where the person has permanent residence. In layman language, a Domicile certificate is proof of your residence in the state you live.

Domicile Certificate Eligibility (States Wise)

Every state government has its own set of norms that one has to follow to be eligible in order to get the this Certificate.

1. HaryanaHaryana Residence or Domicile Certificate is issued to the resident who is born in Haryana and is living in the state for 15 years. The certificate is used during employment and education, etc.

2. Uttar PradeshIn Uttar Pradesh, the Domicile Certificate is issued for getting admission in school, college, or for employment. The District Magistrate or any Addl. District Magistrate/SDM authorized by the DMis the right person to issue the Domicile Certificate. The certificate is issued to a person who has been living in the UP for at least three years or whose parents are permanent residents of the district

3. DelhiThe Department of Revenue or Government of NCT is liable for issuing a Domicile Certificate. The applicant should be a resident of the Delhi for the past three years, he should own a property or land in the city, and his name should be in the voter list. Moreover, a female whose spouse is a resident of Delhi can also apply for this certificate.

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4. Karnataka In KarnatakaDomicile Certificate is issued by the Revenue Department Officer that works in the respective Taluk Office. With the certificate, the resident of Karnataka can reap the benefits of quotas and get admission in educational institutes. It also helps people to get preferences in government services and scholarships for education. It proves the residential status of the person. In order to get the certificate, the person should be a permanent resident of Karnataka for a minimum past six years.

5. AssamIn Assam Domicile Certificate is provided by the Deputy Commissioner of the Assam. For this, the person should hold land in Assam, resident of Assam for 20 years, the applicant parent or father must be resident of the Assam from the last 50 years. Domicile Certificate could be used for availing residential quotas in the government services, get admission in educational institutes, and it also works as a proof of the residence in Assam.

6. Odisha The Government of Odisha grants the certificate. The applicant should be a permanent resident of Odisha. The applicant would have to provide a copy of the Record of Rights of the residential plot, which is owned by him/parent or his ancestors. Women married to the male who has been residents of Odisha.

7. Bihar The Revenue Department of Government of Bihar provides the certificate. The certificate can be used for availing residence quotas in school, college, and government services. The certificate can also help to apply scholarship schemes and for getting loans. In order to get the certificate, the person should have a property or house in the state, and the person should have a name in the voter list.

8. Tamil Nadu The parents of the applicant must be the residence of Tamil Nadu for six years and women that are married to the man you are a permanent resident of Tamil Nadu. The residence certificate could be used for government services and Residence Quotas in educational institutions.

9. Uttrakhand In Uttrakhand, the Residence Certificate is provided by the State Government, and it can be used for obtaining government jobs and caste certificates and admission in educational institutes. The person should be a resident of Uttrakhand from the last 15 years, should have a permanent home in the Uttrakhand.

10. West Bengal Residence of West Bengal and women married to the residence of the state can get the document online.

11. Arunachal Pradesh Indian citizens who do not live in Arunachal Pradesh but work in Government services or have been staying in the state form last 5-10 can seek for the certificate.

12. Punjab It is issued by the Government of Punjab for reservation quota in schools and colleges, to apply residence quota reservation and to get the proof of residence. The certificate would be granted to a person who is a permanent resident of the state.

13. Maharashtra Any person gets a certificate. However, he or she should be a resident of the state for the past 15 years.

14. Gujarat The applicant can apply online for the certificate. He should be a resident of Gujarat or living in the state for the past ten years and have a copy of the rights of Record can avail Domicile Certificate in Gujarat.

Documents Required for Domicile Certificate

The following are the documents that the applicant requires for obtaining a Domicile Certificate for the respective state.

  1. ID Proof – Aadhar card, Voter ID, PAN Card, or Passport.
  2. Minors can get a letter for schools principal.
  3. Residence Proof – Voter ID, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, or Water Bill.
  4. Proof of staying in the state (years would carry from state to state).
  5. Affidavit as prescribed in Annexure-I of the domicile certificate form. It should be notarised and on an INR 10 nonjudicial e-stamp paper.
  6. Passport size colored photo.

Application Procedure for Domicile Certificate

Each state has its application procedure that allows the applicant to seek a Domicile Certificate of the respective state.

  1. You can get the application form from Tahsildar’s office /Sub-Divisional Magistrate/ District Collector’s Office/ Revenue Department or any authorized authority in the State/UT.
  2. Alternatively, you can apply online for a Domicile certificate.


A Domicile Certificate is a residence certificate that proves that the person is a resident of the respective state. The document comes handy for availing jobs in government services, admission to educational institutes, etc.


1. How can we get Domicile Certificate?

You can get the application for Domicile Certificate from local authorities like Tahsildar’s office /Sub-Divisional Magistrate/ District Collector’s Office or Revenue Department or any authorized authority in the State/UT. To obtain the certificate, one must have ID proof, residence proof, affidavit, colored passport size photo.

2. What do we mean by Domicile Certificate?

Domicile certificate is a residence certificate that proves that the person is the residence of the respective state.

3. Can a birth certificate be used as Domicile Certificate?

No, a birth certificate cannot be used as a Domicile Certificate.

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