You will hardly find any girl or woman who doesn’t follow any skin regimen. You will get to know one or two skin secrets from all women throughout the world. Whether she is skin conscious or merely has a basic skin therapy routine – skincare is a must for everyone. Well, it ought to be as well. The biggest concern for the majority is skin-aging, firming, and skin-radiance. Nobody wants to lose the luminosity of the skin. If it does, within a moment, they start looking for some effective solutions. Do you know there is a one-stop solution for all these skin issues? Vitamin C Tablets for skin!

Are you surprised? Let’s know all about this magic supplement.

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid. It is present at high levels in the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) and the inner layer of the skin (dermis). It is one of the most crucial nutrients that perform several functions in human body.

By far, you must be knowing consumption of this nutrient helps maintain healthy teeth, bones, muscles, connective tissue, and capillaries. But this vitamin boasts myriad skin benefits as well.

The antioxidant properties of vitamin C is like an army protecting your skin. It also plays a major role in enzymatic production and tissue repair. This nutrient will fight free radical damage caused by the sun, pollution, or any other skin-damaging factor more efficiently.

The human body can’t make Vitamin C. There is a decrease in Vitamin C levels in aged or photo-damaged skin as per many studies. You can get it back either through a proper diet or supplements. However, the fast-paced life makes it challenging to supply a balanced diet to your body at the right time. Eventually, people look out for quick solutions that provide the equivalent benefits.

Hence, they switch to Vitamin C tablets or capsules. It implies you have an option beyond citrus fruits like oranges. Consuming vitamin C supplements means treating your vitamin C deficiency. Moreover, it can reverse various skin problems.

On the other hand, topically applying Vitamin C is another excellent approach to repair damaged skin. Say goodbye to premature aging and dull skin with these skin-friendly topical supplements. You will even see many bloggers, vloggers, and celebrities endorsing Vitamin C serums on social media channels these days.

The Vitamin C supplements available in the stores near you are a capsule or powdered form of Ascorbic Acid. These are water-soluble supplements. What are you waiting for? You, too, reap the benefits of Vitamin C supplements for your dull skin. Allow your skin to breathe and stay healthy and glowing.

What are the Benefits of Vitamin C Tablets for Skin?

Eliminates Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a kind of skin condition that can swipe away the natural glow of your skin. It occurs when melanin is overproduced in some areas of the skin. Some of the factors responsible for the overproduction of melanin are sun damage, specific medications, aging, and even pregnancy.

The signs of hyperpigmentation are age spots, sun spots, and melisma. You may likewise notice them in the recently healed acne area. When you see dark pigmentation on your skin, it is an indication of extra production of melanin in your body. Vitamin C helps decrease this melanin production. The nutrient restrains the enzyme that leads to the creation of melanin on the skin.

One of the best benefits of Vitamin C tablets is they lighten dark spots on the skin. So, it makes your skin complexion more even-toned.

Alleviates Sun Burns

If you are someone whose work demands frequent traveling, then this skin issue will sound relatable to you. Prolonged exposure to UV rays wreaks havoc on the skin. You can witness discolored patches, flakiness, rough areas, rosacea, and much more after returning home.

But you can fix your photo-damaged skin by intaking vitamin C tablets daily. In fact, it will protect your skin from too much sun damage every time you step out. Vitamin C tablets help neutralize free radicals so that they can’t lead to further skin complications.

Besides, vitamin C decreases skin inflammation and keeps skin firm, smooth, and healthy. Your skin will also get rid of roughness and fine lines. Soon you will see a notable improvement in skin appearance.

Overexposure to the sun can also cause a risk of skin cancer. Hence, the antioxidant property of Vitamin C tablets can guard you against this life-threatening UV damage.

Improves Skin Tone

Are you fed up with your blotchy and uneven skin lately? There are a plethora of causes that lead to uneven skin tone in individuals, including hormones, medical conditions, and sun exposure.

Here comes vitamin C for rescue again. The supplements will regenerate the damaged capillaries that lead to skin discoloration. They will even strengthen your capillaries for the future. Hence, you will see a reduction in skin redness after you start taking Vitamin C pills.

Boosts Collagen Production

Collagen is the crucial protein to preserve your skin looks and health naturally. However, your body will stop producing enough collagen naturally when you reach a certain age. Vitamin C capsules for skin can support this process.

These skin-friendly supplements activate fibroblasts cells that will produce new collagen in your body.

Vitamin C for Anti-aging

The antioxidant properties of this vitamin can help maintain skin firmness. As your body stops making collagen naturally, you start getting wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.

So, to reverse the signs of aging skin, you can start intake of Vitamin C tablets for skin. It will keep your skin taught. Vitamin C supplements are touted as one of the most incredible anti-aging solutions in the market.

Naturally occurring protein fibers called elastin and collagen both Keep your skin tight and plump. So, vitamin C topical solutions boost collagen production and counteract premature skin aging. Many researchers claim that women who use vitamin C as their essential skincare ritual have lesser visible wrinkles. Your skin will become smoother and firmer again by adding this vitamin to your daily skincare regimen.

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Best Vitamin C Tablets for Skin

Some Vitamin C tablets can be taken orally while some can be blended with moisturizers, creams, and serums and applied to the face. There are even capsules that you can apply on the face as it is. Ensure to check out the guarantee and laboratory testing details before buying any product.

Add vitamin C tablets for skin whitening in your daily routine and get back the glow on your face. Here are the three best Vitamin C supplements for skin that you can look forward to buying.

1. L-Glutathione Softgels Super Aura

It is one of the best Vitamin C tablets for skin whitening available in the market. The certified supplement comes in a soft gel form formulated with ingredients like berries, vitamin E, and Omega 3 fish oil. All these ingredients are essential for the health of the skin.

These tablets are suitable for both genders. After including them in your daily lifestyle, you will see a pinkish white texture, subtle glow, and evened skin tone.

Your skin will also start looking younger again because the pills will turn your skin smooth alongside diminishing wrinkles and freckles. If you have acne-prone skin, the dosage will help clear out your skin. So, enjoy blemish-free skin by purchasing this product.

2. Boldfit Vitamin C Complex

These vegan Vitamin C tablets for skin whitening are another great option to maintain your skin’s glow. They are formulated by a combination of Amla and Zinc that makes them safe for a person of every age and gender.

With a proper dose, the antioxidant property of these supplements can enhance the skin’s radiance and protect it from harmful UV rays. Make sure you consume only recommended dosage.

3. Riviera C10 Pure Bioactive Vitamin C

If popping a pill is not your choice, you can buy these Vitamin C capsules for glowing skin. The preservative-free topical capsule is made of pure bioactive Vitamin C. The photoprotective and antioxidant properties make them useful for women suffering from skin pigmentation, premature aging, dark spots, and sunburn.

It is easy to apply, just twist open the capsule and rub gently all over the face before going to sleep. The result will be slow, but you will surely get your younger-looking and glowy skin back.

Which is the Right Time to Use Vitamin C Tablets for Skin?

To be frank, time does not make any difference. Vitamin C tablets for skin can work efficiently at any time of the day. Just don’t skip the dose. Keep it regular, and you will soon see the difference in your skin condition. Similarly, it goes for oral Vitamin C capsules for skin.

However, follow the below-mentioned technique if you are planning to use Vitamin C topically.

– Using in the Morning

Apply Vitamin C capsule content before using any serums, sunscreens, and moisturizers. Also, when putting makeup, apply it on your face before foundation.

– Using in the evening

For an evening skin regimen, simply mix a Vitamin C capsule content with your moisturizing lotion for the best results. Massage it well on the face.

Precautionary Measures

Make sure you take Vitamin C dietary supplements only after consulting your healthcare professional because there can be a possibility of side effects and interactions with other medications.

Usually, a vitamin C supplement for skin is a safe option because it helps your body release what is not beneficial. However, a high dosage can cause gas, stomachache, or diarrhea. So, lower the intake of your vitamin C tablets when you experience any of these side effects.

Also, some of the commercial vitamin C supplements can be made from corn. So, you must choose alternative sources if you are sensitive to corn. Do read the ingredients’ label thoroughly before purchasing.

A diuretic effect of Vitamin C capsules and tablets helps the body to get rid of excess fluid. Hence, always stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids while consuming these supplements.

If exposed to sunlight, ascorbic acid can quickly degrade, so always keep them away from sunlight. Besides, you can buy products available in opaque or dark jars.

In a Nutshell

In short: Vitamin C is for everything that your skin requires. There might be an assortment of skincare products stored in your closet drawer. But if you can’t find Vitamin C tablets, capsules, or serums in the stockpile, your skin regimen is incomplete. Sadly, you are missing out on a lot of excellent benefits for your skin.

However, do not expect instant results. The majority of skincare products take time to begin working. When it comes to vitamin C tablets for skin, they can take a little longer, even on regular use. So all you need is patience. Let the powerhouse ingredient start over their process to sprinkle its charm on your skin. Get back your youthful skin complexion through their usage. Your skin will thank you for this healthy addition.


1. How to use Vitamin C tablets for skin-brightening?

Consuming one Vitamin C tablet once regularly can help brighten the skin. But make sure to consult your doctor first. If you are using Vitamin C capsules, empty the content in your hand and massage it over your face and neck daily before bedtime to get a radiant and youthful glow.

2. Is Vitamin C tablet good for skin?

Yes, Vitamin C tablets help lighten dark spots, improve skin tone, cure sunburns, and reduce fine lines on the face. They also act as an antioxidant for acne-prone skin and treat skin inflammation. Besides, Vitamin C tablets are suitable for all skin types.

3. Which Vitamin C tablet is best for skin?

Some of the best Vitamin C tablets available in the market are Boldfit Vitamin C Complex, L-Glutathione Softgels Super Aura, Carbamide Forte Natural Vitamin C, and Himalayan Organics Vitamin C.

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