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Among 70 million active subscribers, Videocon d2h is one of India’s well-known DTH service providers. Recently Videocon and Dish TV merged, and they hold 29.51 million users. If you are one of them, then this blog will be helpful for you. When we recharge, our DTH account takes time to resume the channels. We all have been there! Isn’t it? And we know how frustrating it can be when your favorite serial or cricket match is going on, and you cannot watch even after recharging. Here, we have covered simple steps for Videocon D2H account Refresh Online or SMS.

So what do we do next? How to do Videocon d2h refresh to resume the channels? Or, how to activate Videocon d2h account? Before we answer that, let’s understand when we need to refresh our DTH account. Is it only when channels are not coming up, or you can do it in other errors as well!

When is Videocon D2H Account Refresh Required?

Account Refresh

We need to remember the most important thing while recharging Videocon d2h: turning the Set Top Box on. Not only when you recharge but also while using other services like d2h combo, FTA, A-la-carte, or while adding a channel in Videocon d2h. You need to do Videocon d2h refresh in the following cases:

  • When you have recharged, it takes longer to reflect in your account.
  • If you have added a channel or paid for other services, you cannot see it in your DTH account.
  • When Error E 16-4 is flashing on the screen. This means that the issue has occurred because of insufficient balance or recharge not being updated.
  • When Error ‘E133-4 service is currently scrambled, solution’ is displayed on the screen.

To resolve the errors or problems mentioned above, you need to activate d2h account. Here we have listed three easy ways to reactivate or refresh Videocon d2h account.

Three ways to Refresh Videocon d2h Account?

To refresh your Videocon d2h account, you can use the following easy ways to do. 

Method 1- Videocon d2h login Refresh Account Online

Videocon d2h login Refresh Account Online


For this, you can use your smartphone or PC with and stable internet connection. Now visit the website and follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of Videocon d2h.
  • Click on the self-help tab placed in the right corner.
  • Go to ‘Refresh Your Account’.
  • Type your customer ID, Registered mobile number, or VC number.
  • Enter the code in the space below.
  • Click on submit.

Tips: Wait for at least 10 minutes after recharge before you go ahead to refresh. Keep the STB (Set-Top Box) on while recharging.

Method 2- Videocon D2H Refresh by SMS

Want to know how to refresh videocon d2h by SMS? Well, it’s pretty simple. You can activate d2h account using the Videocon d2h SMS service. For this method, all you need is a phone with a registered mobile number and an active SMS pack. Go through the steps below for Videocon d2h account refresh.

  • SMS ‘REF’ to 566777 if you have a registered mobile number.
  • For a non-registered mobile number, Type REF <<Customer ID number>> and send it to 9212012299

Tips: Check for your SMS pack before pursuing this method. Type the correct customer ID number.

Method 3- Videocon d2h DTH Refresh via Call

Refreshing your Videocon d2h account by calling for customer care assistance is a very convenient.

Simply call 18001370777 from your registered mobile number and request for account refresh.

Important Videocon d2h Number for Troubleshooting

We have listed specific customer care numbers that will come in handy when you face an inactive account state.

  • When you are facing   Error E 16, call 1800 1370 777
  • For Error E 18 Error, call 1800 1370 777
  • To activate any channel on Videocon d2h, call 1800 3150 XXX (the last three digits would be the channel number). If you do not know the channel number, know the Videocon d2h channel list.  


If your DTH is inactive or the recharge is not reflected, then there are a few ways to refresh your Videocon d2h DTH account. You can refresh to resume the channels on your TV through its website by sending an SMS or call. But remember to always keep the STB on while recharging. And do not worry when your account gets inactive, as it can be easily refreshed or reactivated. We hope this blog will be helpful for you.


1. How to refresh Videocon d2h after recharge?

Wait for 15 minutes after you have recharged your account. If the channels did not resume by then, you could use 3 simple methods for refreshing d2h. Visit the website and go to account refresh, call 18001370777 or SMS ‘REF’ to 566777. Go through the blog above to know these steps in detail.

2. How can I reset or refresh Videocon set-top box?

On the back of the set-top box, you will find a small button for ON and OFF. To reset the STB, press the power button for 5 seconds.

3. What is the Videocon d2h refresh SMS number?

To refresh Videocon d2h account by SMS, send SMS ‘REF’ to 566777 from a registered mobile number or REF <> to 9212012299 from a non-registered mobile number.

4. How to get Videocon D2H refresh account?

You can refresh Videocon d2h account for online, through SMS or by call. Go through the blog to learn about the complete steps in detail.

5. How to do Videocon d2h Refresh Online?

You need to visit the website of Videocon d2h and go to the Self Help section. Click on ‘Refresh Your Account’, enter the customer ID or registered mobile number and submit.

6. What is the videocon d2h account refresh number?

The Videocon d2h refresh number is SMS ‘REF’ to 566777.

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