Videocon D2H Packages

RVideocon D2H is a well-known DTH service provider in India. It provides a large number of channels that include sports, entertainment, music, kids channels, and many more to name. The service providers have customized many packs and recharge plans that you can opt for and enjoy all your favorite shows, movies, etc. Videocon D2H service provider also allows its subscribers to select additional channels according to their preferences. Here we have curated all the latest Videocon D2H packages, amongst which you can choose the best.

Videocon D2H Recharge Plans 2023

Name Of The PackPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
Super Gold300202 + 43 Popular Channels
Gold Max331204 + 45 Popular Channels
New Diamond476237 + 63 Popular Channels
Gold Kids360206 + 46 Popular Channels
New Diamond HD651265 + 28 HD Channels + 79 Popular Channels
Super Gold HD425218 + 16 HD Channels + 50 Popular Channels
Gold Maxi HD456221 + 17 HD Channels + 53 Popular Channels
New Gold Sports401210 + 47 Popular Channels
Platinum550241 + 64 Popular Channels
Platinum HD725276 + 35 HD Channels + 80 Popular Channels
Gold Kids HD485222+ 16 HD Channels + 53 Popular Channels
New Gold Sports HD550231 + 21 HD Channels + 58 Popular Channel
Gold Sports Kids611235 + 21 HD Channels + 61 Popular Channel

Videocon D2H Packs 2023 English

Name Of The PackPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
All In One English Combo146.9837
All In One English HD Combo253.239

Videocon D2H Recharge Plans Bangla

Name Of The PackPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
Aamar Bangla Combo123.5754
Premium WB Pack286.02118
Bengali HD Combo197.8862
Premium HD WB Pack347.21109
Value Lite HD WB Pack168.7952
Value Lite WB Pack99.8048
Value Plus WB HD Pack320.0294
Value Plus WB Pack170.5184
Value WB Pack119.958
Value  HD WB Pack188.8962
WB Win Back174.6436
Bengali Sports HD Combo225.8859

Videocon D2H Odiya Packages 2023

Name Of The PackPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
Value Plus Odia HD311.284
Value Plus Odia SD204.475
Aamara Odia Combo124.2546
Orissa HD Combo197.2252
Oriya Win Back174.6043
Premium Odia HD385.22114
Premium Odia SD287.41109
Value Lite Odia HD155.8049
Value Lite Odia SD104.8246
Orissa Sports HD Combo221.7253
Value Odia HD201.963
Value Odia SD123.1058

Videocon D2H Recharge Plans Telugu 2023

Name Of The PackPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
Dual Language Maharashtra Telugu Combo152.1030
Dual Language Maharashtra Telugu HD Combo234.130
Dual Combo Hindi Telugu205.2269
Dual Language Telugu  Tamil Co13944
Hindi Telugu Marathi Combo208.3273
Hindi Telugu SD187.5564
Kannada Telugu Winback121.0516
Dual Combo Hindi Telugu Marathi208.3273
Bajaj Dual Combo AP TN13938
Dual Language Tamil Telugu Com13142
Dual Language Telugu Tamil Co13939
New Telugu Non Sun76.5019
Premium Telugu310.61112
Premium Telugu HD468.12115
Starter Combo Telugu4413
Telugu Win Back174.6029
Value Lite Telugu HD16434
Value Lite Telugu SD11333
Value Plus Telugu213.0569
Value Plus Telugu HD333.0573
Starter Combo Plus Telugu66.4515

Videocon D2H Recharge Plans List Tamil

Tamil PackPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
Value Lite Tamil101.739
Value Lite Tamil HD148.6438
Value Plus Tamil194.6975
Value Plus Tamil HD300.6980
Premium Tamil301107
Premium Tamil HD457113
Tamil Retention Pack174.6039
Tamil Win Back Pack71.2524
Tamiza WINBACK90.8046
TAMIZHA COmbo90.8041
Tamizha Plus Combo113.7049

List of Videocon D2H Recharge Plans Marathi

Name Of The PackPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNo. Of Channels Available
Value Plus Marathi SD173.8079
Amcha Marathi Combo166.1468
Amcha Marathi HD Combo310.9567
Amcha Marathi Plus Combo164.2572
Dual Combo Hindi Teulgu Marathi196.3272
Dual Language – Karnataka Maharashtra HD Combo219.4031
Dual Language – Karnataka Maharashtra SD Combo134.4031
Dual Language – Marathi Kannada HD Combo259.5550

Videocon D2H Packages: Gujarati  Combo

Name Of The PackPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
GUJ Win Back174.6445
Gujarat HD Combo180.9260
Gujarat Sports HD Combo203.1762
Hamara Gujarati Combo152.6367
Hamara Gujarati Combo152.6367
Premium GUJ Pack HD374.08110
Premium GUJ Pack SD273.79111
Value GUJ Pack HD177.8860

Videocon D2H Packages: Kannada Combo

Name Of The PackagePrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
Dual Combo Kannada Telugu23974
Dual Combo Kannada Telugu Lite191.0059
Dual Kannada Telugu Lite Combo199.1366
Dual Kannada Telugu Lite HD226.1367
Dual Language Kannada Tamil Combo140.8648
Dual Language Kannada Telugu C196.065
Dual Language Tamil Kannada Combo136.8648
Dual Language – Marathi Kannada HD Combo271.5551
Hindi Kannada Marathi Combo221.4567
Marathi HD COMBO197.9453
Marathi Sports HD Combo221.1956
Premium HD Marathi395109
Premium Marathi SD288.81111
Value HD Marathi202.2963
Value Lite HD Marathi188.7955
Value Lite Marathi SD11452
Value Marathi SD127.561
Value Plus HD Marathi284.5980
Value Plus Marathi SD173.879

Videocon D2H Malayalam Package

Name Of The PlanPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
Value Plus Malayalam158.1564
Value Plus Malayalam HD314.7959
Dual Language Malayalam Tamil135.0244
Dual Language Tamil Malayalam148.4951
Malayalam Retention Pack174.6332
Malayalam Winback65.2013
Premium Malayalam213.7084
Premium Malayalam HD368.1484
Value Lite Malayalam94.3025
Value Lite Malayalam HD131.225
Value Malayalam129.8544
Value Malayalam HD265.7943

Other Videocon D2h Packages 2023

Name Of The PackPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
Celebration HD Combo206.2436
Dual Combo Hindi Kannada170.7556
Dual Combo Hindi Kannada Marathi221.4567
Dual Combo Hindi Telugu193.2268
Hamara Hindi Combo175.8687
Hamara Hindi HD Combo315.9088

Videocon D2h Packages: Add On HD Channels

Name Of The PackPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
Best Of Malayalam HD406
Best Of Kannada HD939
Best Of Tamil HD85.1010
Best Of Marathi HD54.245
Best Of Kannada HD939
Cricket HD 253
Mega Marathi HD75.28
Value Kannada HD696
D2H India Cricket English SD18.641
Best Of Tamil HD85.110
D2H India Cricket English HD18.641
Value Tamil HD241.8955
Value Hindi Gec HD Add On78.28
English Movies HD646
Best Of Malayalam HD406
Mega Kannada HD11711
Value Kannada HD696
Mega Kids Add On HD30.511
Mega Tamil HD Add On164.850
Mega Marathi HD75.28
Best Of Bengali HD42.375
Value Telugu HD237.1942
Best Of Marathi HD54.245
Mega English HD187.1041
Cricket English HD38.142
Cricket Hindi HD38.142
Mega Bengali HD77.39

Videocon D2h Packages: Add On SD Channels

Name Of The PackPrice (In Rs) Per MonthNumber Of Channels Available
Best Of Tamil55.110
Value Telugu143.2540
English Premium Sports1038
Cricket Hindi38.140
Hindi Khel460
Mega Kannada9711
Bst Gec068
Music & Lifestyle Bst042
Mega Malayalam59.2010
Mega Telugu11519
Bst East0110
Bst Rest Of India0116
Bst Music041
Best Of Bengali29.15
Mega Marathi45.28
Value Kannada496
Bst Malayalam097
Gec Assamese04
Movies Hindi03
Best Of Kannada739
Best Of Malayalam306
Bst Telugu088
Bst Infotainment029
Best Of Marathi315
Mega Sports11812
Gec Bengali03
News English03
Religious South019
Mega Hindi Movies Add On64.114
Value Hindi Movies Add On47.17
Mega Kids Add On30.511
Mega Tamil HD Add On164.8521
Cricket English33.92
Mega Bengali57.39
Mega Gujarati7.65
D2h India Cricket English SD Add On191
Basic Service Tier (Bst)0175
Bst Tamil092
Bst News086
Gec Malayalam012
Gec South015
Movies Bst08
News Hindi013
News Tamil08
News Telugu013
Mega Hindi Gec Add On12214
Value Hindi Gec Add On78.28
Mega English115.343
Bst Kannada089
News English088
Bst All South096
Bst Movies033
Bst Religious055
News Gujarati04
Mega Tamil Add On87.700
Value Tamil127.9554
Gec South015
News East012
News English013


Videocon D2H is one of the leading DTH service providers in India. To know about various channels, you can also have a look at the Updated Videocon Channel list. In this blog, we have covered all the Videocon D2H packages that are offered in different languages, including English and Hindi, along with the price.

FAQs About Videocon D2H Recharge Plans

1. How can I check my Videocon d2h plan?

Visit the official website of Videocon D2h and log in. Punch in the customer id and a mobile number that is registered. Then click on submit button. Now you would be able to check your plan.

2. What is the minimum amount of recharge in Videocon D2H?

The minimum recharge in Videocon D2H is Rs. 100.

3. What is a super gold pack in Videocon D2H?

The super gold monthly packs provide 296 channels and are priced at Rs. 270.

4. What is the value combo pack in Videocon D2h?

The Gold combo pack offers 243 channels at the price of Rs. 307.51 per month.

5. What is the Star Sports channel number in Videocon D2h?

You can watch all the sports matches including IPL on Star Sports channel number 401 in Videocon d2h.

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