Types of Rice

Blinkit is a one-stop destination for all our Blinkit needs and the team of professionals here focuses on everything from affordable cost to greater shopping experience. They offer amazing Blinkit exclusive deals on all the fresh and branded grocery items. The best part is that not just the high quality and Organic Groceries, but they also proffer more than 10 types of rice.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the varieties of rice available at Blinkit. There are not just two or three variants, but there are actually multiple types of rice that you can buy here. We will talk about some of them in detail.

Types of Rice Available at Blinkit

Everyday Basmati:

With high quality and rich flavor, this variety can be consumed on an everyday basis, like for cooking steamed rice, jeera rice or fried rice, etc. It has a very consistent flavor which can never disappoint you in terms of taste and smell.

Mogra Basmati:

This one is non-sticky and its aroma is strong enough to tingle your taste buds. It looks slim and soft when cooked and with non-glutinous feel, it’s a must-have for special dishes like biryani, pulao and more. If you think that good quality means high price, then there are various Blinkit Coupons at TalkCharge that you can apply for amazing discounts.

Dubar Basmati:

This is a type of broken rice and its length is 25% less than that of any usual basmati rice. Even though the length is a bit less than other types of basmati rice, the quality is same and the characteristics like the aroma and texture are good enough to increase your hunger. It is a perfect fit for sweet dishes like, kheer.

Brown Basmati:

It is a special one, as it is sourced from the foothills of Himalayas and has long grains. The texture is firm and tender without splitting. The cooked rice doesn’t stick and it is not as processed as white basmati. It has a high nutritional value too, thus it is even suggested to people having diabetes or suffering from any heart related diseases. In the market, you’ll find it a bit costly, but with Blinkit offers, you can get it at 50% OFF.

Kolam Rice:

This variety is grown in Gujarat and it is suitable for everyday use. If you consume rice on a daily basis, then this could be the one for you.

Tibar Basmati:

It is also a type of broken rice similar to Dubar basmati, but its length is 40% of an ordinary basmati variety. It is usually used in making pulaos and biryanis.

Hyderabadi Biryani Rice:

It has extra-long fluffy grains and is mostly consumed in the Deccan region of India. And as the name depicts, it is the prime ingredient for Hyderabadi biryani recipe in order to add a rich palate and texture to it.

Sonamasuri Rice:

It is harvested in areas of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh as Indian white rice. It is light in weight and has a very mild aroma. Its health quotient is also high, as it is low on starch. It is a chief constituent for many of the South Indian dishes, like Idli, Sweet Pongal, etc.

These were some of the varieties of rice that you can buy at Blinkit, many more are there like Parmal rice, Ambemohar rice, Boiled Ponni rice, and Matta rice. You can buy any variety you want at a very affordable price, just add the Blinkit promo codes while making the payment and enjoy 50% OFF and more such discounts. For more information about the Blinkit discount offers, you can visit TalkCharge.

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