SBI Credit Cards offer a wide range of benefits for its users. From shopping and traveling to other requirements, SBI Credit Cards are highly preferred by most of the people. A credit card gives you the option of spending money on any of your requirements, even when you don’t have money in your account. You can pay back the money to the bank at a later date before the interest due date.

Applying for an SBI credit card is a quick and hassle-free process. You have both offline and online options for applying for a new credit card. But if you have already applied for a credit card, then here a short guide on SBI Credit Card Status.

SBI is a leading bank in India and has a dedicated portal to provide all the information about SBI Credit Card Status. After applying for a credit card, you will automatically receive a message (SMS) with the bank acknowledging your application with a reference number and application number.

Ways to Check your SBI Credit Card Status

1. Checking the SBI Credit Card Status Online

  1. Open SBI’s dedicated online portal for credit card (
  2. Click on the “Credit Cards” tab.
  3. Scroll down towards the end of the page, here you will find “ Track my application”, click on it.
  4. You will receive a form where you need to enter the reference number and press the “Track” button.
  5. As soon as you click on the track button, the page displays your SBI Credit Card Status.

What to do if you don’t have the reference number?

It might so happen that you might have accidentally deleted the message received from the bank which had the reference number. Do not panic; you can retrieve your reference number with these steps:

  1. Open SBI’s dedicated online portal for credit card (
  2. Click on the “Credit Cards” tab.
  3. Scroll down towards the end of the page; here you will find “ Retrieve my application”, click on it.
  4. You will receive a form where you need to enter your “First Name” and “Mobile Number”.
  5. Press the “Retrieve” button, here you will find your reference number. Note it down.

2. Tracking the SBI Credit Card Status Offline

If you don’t have access to the internet, you can still track your SBI Credit Card Status. You can call on the below-mentioned numbers. When you make a call on either of these two numbers, the representative will ask you to share your reference number to know the status of your application.

  • 1860-180-1290
  • 1800-180-1290

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3. SBI Credit Card Status Tracking by Date of Birth

  1. Download SBI mobile app from Play Store or from their official website.
  2. Select “Track your credit” card.
  3. Enter your “Date of Birth”.
  4. Press the “Submit” button to know the status of your application.

What does your SBI Credit Card Status mean

  • In-progress: The status indicates that your SBI credit card application has been approved and is under process. The bank will dispatch your card within a couple of days.
  • On-hold: This means that you need to submit a few more documents for verification. More often, a bank representative will contact you regarding this. You can even call on the SBI credit card customer care number for further inquiry.
  • Approved: This indicates that the bank has accepted your application, and your SBI credit card will be dispatched soon.
  • Dispatched: The bank has dispatched your credit card, and it will be delivered to your address soon. You will receive a message from the bank having the Airway Bill Number. This number can be used to track the status of the courier.
  • Disapproved: A bank rejects your credit card application if you fail to meet the eligibility criteria, or some of the documents are missing. As per SBI rules, you can re-apply for a new credit card only after three months after rejection.

Things to keep in mind for SBI Credit Card users

  • Never save your credit card details on a website or any other applications online. When you save your credit card details on the internet server, the hackers will be able to access, which may lead to serious issues.
  • One of the most important things to do as soon as you receive your credit card is to sign on the back of your SBI credit card. This is to ensure the card’s validity.
  • We all are human, and we are bound to make mistakes. So, it is always recommended to keep all your bills and receipts of your transactions.
  • Always remember, no bank including SBI will ever call you and ask for your credit card details like the CVV or the OTP. So, if you receive any such calls, just ignore or cut the call. You can always call up the bank and cross-check if the call was authentic or not.

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SBI Credit Card FAQs

Q. What is the minimum salary for a credit card?

As per SBI norms, if you are applying for an SBI credit card, the minimum salary is Rs. 20,000 per month for a salaried person. Plus, you need to have a credit card score.

Q. Is SBI credit card free?

First-time credit users can opt for the SBI Unnati Credit Card. There is no fee for the first four years, but after that, you need to pay an annual fee of Rs.499.

Q. Can I apply for a credit card without a job?

Even if you don’t have a job, but there is a steady flow of money into your account, then you are eligible to have a credit card. However, you need to submit all the sources of money coming into your bank account.

Q. What is the interest rate for the SBI credit card?

As per SBI rules and regulations, it will charge you interest up to 3.35% per month or 40.2% per annum after you fail to pay the money back within the due date.

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