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How many times have you heard people saying I wish I were working in another field? I don’t like my job, or I am not satisfied. On average, 75% of working Indians are not satisfied with their job. If you trace back their academic journey and major career decisions, you would know where it went wrong. Many youths make a vital career decision based on others’ views, following friends, or instincts. In the 21st century, where the opportunities are wide as the sea, why restrict yourself in a pond with limited career options that suit your personality the best? Therefore, while making crucial career or academic decisions, you need to consult the best and most experienced advisers and counsellors. Now you need the counsellor evermore as the schooling and educational landscape is drastically changing, and there is gold mine of opportunities in many futuristic jobs. In this blog, we have recognized your needs and listed the best online career counselling platforms with its features.       

1. Tucareers

Tucareers is one of the best online career counselling websites specially designed for Indian students’ needs. You can now get rid of the traditional ways of choosing a career and get expert advice from the best counsellor. The students can register to the website and take up the career decision model to provide step-by-step guidance towards a successful life.


  • Career Decision Model
  • Multiple Trait Assessment
  • Research Driven Framework
  • Economical and feature-rich
  • Analytics-based approach

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2. Stoodnt

Stoodnt is a Califonia-based company dedicated to providing the best opportunities for students across the globe. They help guide you for higher studies, selecting the best university for you and helping you through all the process till admission. It exposes the students to reputed universities and colleges where they can apply for higher studies in abroad. 


  • Tests to reveal strengths and inner talents
  • Career options based on test results
  • SAT/GMAT Preparation
  • Guides to best college/ University
  • Helps to get education loan

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3. Idreamcareer

Idreamcareer is the forerunner when it comes to online career counselling. It helps you recognize and choose your life and career goals. All its services are available online. So you can get world-class advice sitting at your home. How great is that! It will expose you to several career options, help you choose the college, prepare you for the entrance exam, and guide you through the admission process. You will get all of these in one place.


  • Career Counselling and Guidance
  • Psychometric Analysis
  • Scholarship Management
  • College Application Guidance

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4. Mindler

The right time to start working towards your career is when you are still in school. Mindler understands that young minds have to be guided at an early age to grow towards what they aim to become qualitatively. They offer career-shaping from 8th grade onwards. If you have passed 10th board exams and need to decide for the higher study stream, then Mindler is there to help guide and suggest for you.  You can also look for educational websites available in India.


  • Career Counselling (class8-graduation)
  • College application program
  • Advanced Assessment
  • Interactive Career Activities
  • Dedicated Guidance from Experts
  • Continuous support with provided resources

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5. Career Guide

The website caters to students, parents, counsellors, and professionals. When you register with the website, you need to take a Psychometric test. It gives a detailed analysis of your personality and suggests an ideal career.


  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Counsellors available for 14 languages
  • Career Counselling on Phone
  • College Admission Process

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6. Hikewise

Hikewise gives a complete guidance mechanism to the students and professionals. They will help you understand yourself better, which will help you plan for higher studies. If you are dissatisfied with your present job and are looking for a job switch, they will guide you with the best career move.


  • Career Counselling (class8-professionals)
  • Career Assessment Test
  • Cultural context-oriented research
  • Easily accessible to everyone
  • Actionable outcomes

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7. Map My Talent

It is one of the best online career counselling platforms in India. You will be guided by a certified counsellor to sail through your academic decisions to career decisions.  It also prepares you for various entrance exams.


  • Career Counselling (class8-graduation)
  • Online Career Test
  • Detailed Test Assessment
  • Preparation for the entrance exam

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8. Career Fitter

It is one of the few free online career counselling platforms in India. You can get a free career report to further decide on your next step towards success. Career fitter matches your personality and working traits to suggest the best career for you. This is the best place where your personality type meets your decision for a job.


  • Matching career option with work personality
  • Career plan for outgoing and friendly
  • Reserved and introspective
  • Theoretical and idealistic
  • Analytical and objective
  • Empathetic and Sentimental
  • Flexible and spontaneous

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9. My Next Exam

This is the best option for online career counselling during the lockdown. My Next Exam is the most interactive career counselling website for students. It assesses your psychometric test reports and suggests the best career options for you. You can reach the counsellor through phone calls or skype as well. Continuous guidance and support make this website stand out of the rest.


  • Career Counselling (class 9-12th)
  • Career Counselling for college students and professionals
  • Personalized Psychometric Test
  • Skype Counselling
  • Telephone Counselling

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10. Proteen

Proteen is a very comprehensive and dedicated student counselling website. The assessment test reveals your interests and strengths, which plays an essential role in deciding our career. It exposes you to the present career landscape to take a peek into the world where you want to work. This also offers certificate courses to help you upgrade your skills to fits in 21st-century job demands. You can learn futuristic skills which are applicable in your present job.


  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Career Demos
  • Builds Resume
  • 21st Century Certification Programs

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11. Mentoria

Mentoria provides complete mentorship and counselling. It offers a four-step guiding solution for your major career decisions in life. It caters to students, parents, educators, corporates, and counsellors.


  • Career Counselling(class 8-10th)
  • Stream selection for 11-12th
  • Guidance in the college selection
  • Career switch guidance for professionals
  • Dedicated career experts

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12. MBA Crystal Ball

As the name suggests, it focuses on guiding you to get into the best MBA colleges. You need to answer the assessment test, which would reveal your skills and professional inclination. The guidance of counsellors can be done on the call with follow up calls. It works on a goal-oriented system with a systematic work-plan and continuous advice.


  • Career Mock Appraisal Process
  • Online Career Counselling Package
  • GMAT preparation
  • B-School research and admission guidance

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The 21st century is redefining the use of technology, science, commerce, and arts. There is a wide range of career options today, like never before. Gone are the days when engineering and medical were the hotspot career goals Today, you can excel in multiple fields of work like data sciences, environmental studies, marketing, psychologist, and many more work areas, which will make you successful. In this blog, we have listed important career counselling websites that will guide you through making the best career decision. You can consider looking for job sites to move up in your career.


1. What is meant by career Counselling?

Career Counselling is the service provided by education and career experts. It is useful for students in secondary schools (10th), high (11-12th), or college students. The professionals who are looking for a job switch can also get the advice of career counsellors.

2. How is career counselling done?

Career counselling is conducted both offline and online. Firstly, you need to sit for a career test and answer the lengthy sets of questions. This is the most important and basic step in the process.

3. Are the career counsellors worth it?

Deciding on your career is a vital step. Traditionally we depend on other views for our profession, and the limited idea of career opportunities will not help you excel. So, career counsellors help students by assessing their personality, interests, working traits. Further, they guide you with the best career suggestions. You can also consult a counsellor when you are thinking about a job switch.

4. How do I find a career I love?

You can take a psychometric test to know your strength and interest. All the websites mentioned above are the best online career counselling platforms that will help you find the career you love. Go through the blog for further information.

5. How can students choose a career when they are still in school?

When students are still in school, they can take comprehensive psychometric tests and improve the strength and channel their further career actions. You can start a consulting counsellor as early as 8th grade.

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