Bungee Jumping in India

If you like adventurous activities, then you will surely like bungee jumping. Thankfully, there are several destinations for bungee jumping in India that offer a safe ride, and a few of them have no age bar restriction. If you want to conquer your height phobia, this is the best activity for you. At first, you might be scared of taking the first leap of faith, but once you take it, there would be nothing mind-boggling than this. If you are ready to give your adrenaline a rush, read more to know the top sites for bungee jumping in India.

Best Indian Destinations for Bungee Jumping:

1. Wanderlust – Delhi

Wanderlust is India’s oldest company that offers adventurous activities. If you reside in Delhi or a nearby region, Wanderlust is the perfect destination for Bungee Jumping for you. The Wanderlust staff is trained in Germany and uses the best equipment that is imported from Germany. It is located in Khan Market. Besides, bungee jumping, the place also offers other adventure activities that include Zipline and Freefall.

Price – Rs. 3,000
Height – 52 meters
Age – 14+ Yrs.
Best Time for the Activity – October to March

2. Gravity Adventure Zone – Goa

Goa is one of the most preferred tourist sites. People from across the country visit the city to enjoy beach life and adventurous activities that include paragliding, parasailing, and bungee jumping. The bungee jumping takes place around the famous Anjuna beach. It has 25 meters high tower from where the activity is conducted. Unlike most of the destinations, this destination has no age bars. People above 50 years can go for the activity after showing their medical proof, and even kids aged 14 years can opt for the activity if their parents do not have any objections.

Price – Rs. 500
Height – 25 meters
Age – 14+ Yrs.
Best Time for the Activity – October to March

3. Mohan Chatti – Rishikesh

Mohan Chatti is the highest Bungee Jumping spot in India. This is one of the only places where adventurous activity is done from the fixed platform. The existing platform is 83 meters above the ground, which makes it one of the most thrilling adventure destinations in the country. You can go to this activity around the year. However, it is advised to avoid monsoon season as the region becomes slippery, which isn’t safe for activity.

Price – Rs. 3,000 onwards
Height – 83 meters
Age – 18+ years
Best time for the activity – Throughout the year besides Monsoon

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4. Ozone Adventures – Bangalore

Ozone adventures are one of the most famous destinations for bungee jumping in India. The activity takes place from a height of 80 feet, and as a former bungee jumping spot, it does not have any fixed platform for the activity. The mobile crane fastens the bungee jumping equipment. Though the activity is conducted from a huge height, you can rest assured about safety as utmost safety measures are followed.

Price – Rs. 400
Height – 40 Meter crane along with the 25-meter platform
Age – 18+ Years.
Best Time for the Activity – All around the year.

5. Della Adventure – Lonavala

Della Adventure is the largest adventure park in the country. The place is also known to be the best destination for bungee jumping in India. The platform for the activity is 45 meters high from the original ground, and the entire activity lasts for approximately 5 minutes. The activity is ideal for most of the age groups, apart from those who have a medical problem.

Price – Rs. 1500
Height – 45 meters
Age – 10+ Yrs.
Best Time for the Activity – October to May

6. Jagdalpur – Chhattisgarh

If you are trying your hands on bungee jumping for the first time, this is the ideal destination for you. The platform for the activity is located at a height of 30 meters, which is quite less as compared to other places, which makes it a perfect spot for beginners. Plus, you do not have to worry about safety since the staff provides the best of safety equipment. Besides enjoying the adventurous activity, you will also get the opportunity to have a look at magnificent mountains and picturesque views that will surely captivate you.

Price – Rs. 300
Height – 30 meters
Age – 10+ Yrs.
Best Time for the Activity – May to July & September to October

7. Himvalley Camps- Bahang

Price: Rs. 350

Height: 25 meters

Age- 12+

The Himvalley Camps are located in a quiet area named Bahang, which is around 5 kilometers from Manali’s crowded mall road. They charge INR 350 per person for bungee jumping from a 25-meter height. Even though the height is not great, free-falling in the Himachal valleys is an unmatched experience. Take the leap (of faith) the next time you want to feel the excitement since bungee jumping is a sport that must be experienced!

Bungee jumping is unquestionably on the list of adventure sports that every excitement addict out there must try. This sport, which includes free falling while holding onto an elastic cable with your legs, is not for the timid. But once you’ve felt the rush, you’ll want to repeat the experience over and over again. In recent years, adventure sports have really taken off in India, and you can see people flocked to these locations specifically for this.

8. Kolad Bungee Jumping- Maharashtra

Price: Rs. 2800+

Height: 130 Feet

Age- 18+

Kolad has developed into a hub for outdoor activities, attracting throngs of enthusiasts from around Maharashtra. Rafting, hiking, camping, and many other activities are available here. The Kolad bungee jump is not just the newest but also the most amazing addition to our schedule.

Just before you take the ultimate leap of faith, take in breathtaking views of the raging Kundalika River and the lush Raigad woods from the 130-foot-tall platform!

You will receive a briefing from your instructor on the safety measures. Take a deep breath as you buckle up and enjoy the breathtaking views from the platform before you lean over the edge and free-fall 130 feet.

Things to Keep in Mind While Going Bungee Jumping:

  • It is always wise to see straight rather than look down while performing bungee jumping.
  • Make sure the company you have chosen for the activity is credible and offers the best safety measures.
  • Wear comfortable clothes like t-shirts, pants, and shorts. Avoid dresses and heels.
  • Do not overeat before going for the activity.
  • Read all the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing the documents.
  • Do not carry your valuables like phones and tablets as they are not allowed at the activity spot.

Facts Related to Bungee Jumping:

  • The highest spot for bungee jumping in the world is the Macau Tower in China, which is 764 feet above the land.
  • Alan John Hackett from New Zealand is known to be the father of bungee jumping as he introduced the activity to the world in 1980.
  • Ninety-six years old, Mohr Keet is the oldest bungee jumping enthusiast in the world.
  • The name bungee jumping is inspired by robust elastic cords that are used for securing luggage.
  • AJ Hackett Bungy around Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand was the first jumping site that was introduced in the year 1988; it was 43 meters high from the ground.


Bungee jumping is one of the most preferred adventurous activities around the globe. Thankfully, India too has numerous destinations where you can perform the activity safely.

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