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The time for celebration has arrived, as Diwali is around the corner and like every year, you must be thinking about what all gifts you should buy for your loved ones. I know this job is very hectic and even though it’s time to party hard, you have to spend your days buying a variety of gifts. If I say that I can resolve your problem, then will you believe?

I know you’d think that I will suggest you the regular gift items. But, actually we here I am going to talk about the modern kitchen appliances that you can buy as Diwali gifts without spending too much. The best part is that you don’t have to go out to buy them; just order them online at while availing various discounts through Croma coupons at TalkCharge.

So, let’s start with our list and to grab latest croma offers avialable at TalkCharge:
1. Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Cooker:

Stew Cooker Croma offers  For the home-makers, a modern cooking appliance can be a good choice and this cooker tops the list. For making it easier for the housewives to do multi-tasking, this cooker is the best choice. They can cook an extensive selection of meals and sear the meat at the same time. It adds richness and fuller flavor into the dishes and this is what the food lovers require. So, buying this would be a smart decision.

2. Coffee machine:

Coffee Machine Croma offersFor starting every day with energy, coffee is the best option and thus, a coffee machine for Diwali would serve the purpose of gifting in an effective manner. This appliance would instantly make a cappuccino coffee, espresso or even latte in just a few seconds. So, considering this as a Diwali gift would be a smart decision. At Croma, you can find Philips Coffee Maker and many more; while ordering does avail the Croma offers available online.

3. Hand blender:

This one is the smartest and the most purposeful appliance which resolves many kitchen troubles. You can chop, mix and blend any type of ingredients in no time with this amazing kitchen tool. It doesn’t use much power and makes smoothies, chutneys, lassis, and purees with no effort. You can even create spice mixes. All these features make this appliance a perfect addition to a smart kitchen. At Croma, you can find a variety of hand blenders of various brands like Morphy Richards, Boss, Philips, Vitek, Bajaj and more. For discounts on your purchase, you can check out the Croma Exclusive Deals at TalkCharge.

4. Gas Grill:

Barbeque has now become a cool trend and Diwali is the best time to have some grilled dishes with the guests. A gas grill comes with stainless steel burner and porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates. It even has a lid made up of cast aluminum that ensures that the food is cooked perfectly. So, this new addition to Indian household would be a good choice for a Diwali gift.

5. Air Fryer:

You all will agree to the fact that oily food is something that we want to avoid during the festivals, but it is generally not possible, as, in any ordinary Indian home, festivals are the perfect occasion to have the tastiest fried snacks. So, offering an Air Fryer would be similar to gifting health to your loved ones. You can check out the variety of Air Fryers of different brands at Croma.

For more ideas, you can visit At TalkCharge, you can find many exciting Croma offers that’d make your purchase more advantageous.

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