Tata Sky Packs 2020

Tata Sky is the leading DTH provider in India. The platform was incorporated in the year 2001 and was launched in the year 2006. Being the first DTH provider to introduce multiple services and products, Tata Sky has redefined the country’s TV viewing experience. Also, it was first of its kind to come up with interactive services and ala-carte channels options, Hindi programming guide, DIY video library, and many more services.

It provides an array of channels and platform services line-up ranging from entertainment, news, movies, and sports channels. It also has its mobile app that enables the users to experience LIVE TV.

Latest Tata Sky Packs

Tata Sky has come up with many DTH plans. To enjoy all the services seamlessly, you would have to recharge your Tata Sky account with the given amount. Initially, the user would have to select the base pack, and according to the preference or the channels you wish to see, you can customize the plan. To this, a user can also select from add-on packs and interactive services.

Moreover, Tata Sky regional packs are available in HD, and you would benefit from the excellent broadband. In addition to these local channels, you can also relish your favorite spiritual, educational, and entertainment channels at a cost-effective price. Click here, select the best plan or service for yourself, and watch all your favorite channels immediately.

Tata Sky DTH Packs 2021 with Price & Available Channels:

Pack Name No. of SD Channels No. of HD Channels Pack Rate
(Inclusive Of Tax
Hindi Smart 39 0 Rs. 96
Hindi Basic 79 0 Rs. 181
Family Kids 97 0 Rs. 212
Family Sports 97 0 Rs. 303
Family Kids Sports 105 0 Rs. 311
Premium Sports English 130 0 Rs. 346
Hindi Starter HD 20 13 Rs. 108
Hindi Lite HD 38 23 Rs. 215
Hindi Basic HD 48 31 Rs. 296
Family Kids HD 61 34 Rs. 329
Family Sports HD 1 54 42 Rs. 447
Family Kids Sports HD 61 42 Rs. 456
Premium Sports English HD 71 63 Rs. 500
Kids 11 0  Rs. 35
English Movies 8 0 Rs. 82
English Entertainment 5 0 Rs. 40
English News 11 0 Rs. 23
Music 7 0 Rs. 7
Cricket English 2 0 Rs. 447
Hindi News 9 0 Rs. 5
English Movies HD 1 11 Rs. 162
Music HD 4 3 Rs. 11
Cricket English HD 0 2 Rs. 44
Cricket Hindi HD 0 2 Rs. 42

Network Capacity Fee (NCF) on Tata Sky is as follow:

  1. Tata Sky charges you a basic fee called the Network Capacity Fee, which is the minimum amount you need to pay per month. The rates for the packs you choose to subscribe to are added to the Network Capacity Fee to arrive at the total amount due any given month.
  2. While taking the primary connection, the users would have to pay Rs-153.40 every month for the first 200 SD channels (taxes they are included in the price.). However, if you wish to watch more than 200 SD Channels that you would have to pay Rs. 188.88 every month (inclusive of tax). One HD channel is equivalent to Two SD channels while determining your Network Capacity Fee.
  3. If you wish to take the secondary or one more Tata Sky connection, you would have to pay Rs. 61.36 every month for the first 200 SD Channels (inclusive of all taxes). But if you want to add more channels (in addition to existing 200 channels), you would have to pay Rs—75.52 per month (inclusive of all taxes).
  4. The total amount you pay would be the sum of the network capacity fee, pack rates of all the packs you have subscribed to, and the GST.

Tata Sky Recharge Offer on 1 Year Plan

Recharge your Tata Sky Account right away for 12 months with below benefits:

  • Instant one month balance in the form of the Cashback in the account.
  • Flexibility to add or remove the channel.
  • One can suspend the account for temporary if required.
  • The user can reap the benefits of all the wallet offers.
  • The user will get free coupons of the amount equal to the recharge on the Tata Sky portal.

How to Avail Tata Sky Cashback:

  • Recharge your Tata Sky account with the amount equal to more than 12 times the monthly recharge value.
  • Alternatively, click here, then click on Recharge Now and enter the amount to recharge your Tata Sky Account. Choose the correct amount to avail Cashback.

Other Offers on Tata Sky:

  1. Get Rs. 400 on Tata Sky HD connection, and you would have to pay only Rs. 1499 instead of 1900.
  2. Refer Tata Sky to your friend and earn Rs. 200.
  3. Benefits of Tata Sky Packages and plans:
  4. The user gets a wide range of channels that too at the best price along with the best picture and sound quality.
  5. Tata Sky plans are available according to the different languages.
  6. With Tata Sky Packages, you can also avail of Broadcaster packs and numerous Tata Sky Services along with current options.


Tata Sky is one of the top-rated DTH providers. It provides an array of packages at the best price. Also, it has come up with exclusive offers that you can grab to get a hefty discount on the recharge.


1. Which is the best Tata Sky Pack?

Premium sports English at the price of Rs. 500 is the best Tata Sky pack.

2. What is the monthly pack of Tata Sky?

Hindi basic, family kids, family sports, and family kids sports are some of the monthly pack of Tata Sky.

3. What is Tata HD Pack?

Tata HD pack includes all the HD channels. You can choose from South special, South sports bonanza, dhamaka kids, and many more.

4. What are the channels in Tata Sky 199 pack?

&TVHD, Animal Planet HD, Asianet HD, and AXN HD are the names of the channels added in 199 pack.

5. What is the Tata Sky minimum recharge?

The minimum recharge amount of Tata Sky is Rs. 20, and the maximum amount is Rs. 1500.

6. How many channels are there on Tata Sky?

There are currently 601 channels on Tata Sky.

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