Introduced in 2007, Sun Direct is one of India’s leading direct broadcast satellite service providers. Headquartered in Chennai, Sun Direct is a joint venture between the Astro Group of Malaysia and Sun Network of India. The DTH service gained immense popularity across the country due to its low price range. In 2009, Sun Direct was launched in Mumbai, and in the same year, it became the No.1 DTH service provider of India with more than 5 million subscribers. Owing to its increased subscribers soon, the DTH service provider came up with HD channels. Today it is a well-known DTH Direct-to-Home service provider in South India. It offers an array of channels and recharge plans. Read more about the Sun Direct Packages 2023 for HD and SD channels.

HD Sun Direct Recharge Plans for 1 Month

Sun Direct has introduced a monthly plan in a wide range of languages that includes Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Bengali, Malayalam and many more to name. The service provider has an HD channel at the best price. Now you can enjoy the best picture quality too at a cost-effective price.

Sun Direct HD Recharge Packages Across the Country

PackagesAmount (Rs + GST)No. of ChannelsPrice
HD ROI Smart217.8511 Month
HD ROI Classic251.69541 Month
HD ROI Ultimate294.07771 Month

Tamil Sun Direct Recharge Pack

PackagesAmount (Rs + GST)No. of ChannelsValidity
HD Tamil Prime170.34501 Month
HD Tamil Prime Plus 3 M550.85513 Months
HD Tamil Prime Plus 6 M1059.32516 Months
HD Tamil Smart186.44471 Month
HD Tamil Classic220.34721 Month
HD Tamil Ultimate245.76881 Month

Telugu Sun Direct Packages & Plans

PackagesAmount (Rs + GST)No. of ChannelsValidity
HD Telugu Smart232.2321 Month
HD Telugu Classic291.53721 Month
HD Telugu Ultimate333.9911 Month

Sun Direct Kannada Packages List

PackagesAmount (Rs + GST)No. of ChannelsValidity
HD Kannada Smart216.95331 Month
HD Kannada Classic242.37621 Month
HD Kannada Ultimate301.69811 Month

Sun Direct Malayalam Packages List

PackagesAmount (Rs + GST)No. of ChannelsValidity
HD Malayalam Smart196.61371 Month
HD Malayalam Classic230.51691 Month
HD Malayalam Ultimate272.88841 Month

Sun Direct Bengali & Marathi Packages List

PackagesAmount (Rs + GST)No. of ChannelsPrice
HD Bengali Smart201.69481 Month
HD Bengali Classic233.59651 Month
HD Bengali Ultimate294.92801 Month
HD Marathi Smart244.07511 Month
HD Marathi Classic277.97521 Month
HD Marathi Ultimate311.86751 Month

Sun Direct Bengali & Marathi Packages List

PackagesAmount (Rs + GST)No. of ChannelsValidity
HD Odia Smart210.17501 Month
HD Odia Ultimate252,54751 Month

SD Sun Direct Recharge Plans 2023 for 1 Month

From Tamil to Malayalam channels and Bengali to Udiya channels, Sun Direct has comprised all the major channels in its package. We have listed all the packages you can opt for a month. The number of channels you want depends on the package that you are going for.

SD Channel Package Across the Country

PackagesAmount  (Rs.+GST)No. of Channels
MY FTA49.15140
ROI Economy216.176
ROI Value271.1997
ROI Telugu Kushi305.09107

Tamil SD Sun Direct Packages

PackagesAmount  (Rs.+GST)
MY FTA49.66
Tamil Economy166.84
Tamil Value205.08
Tamil Super238.14
Tamil Kushi304.24

Telegu SD Sun Direct Packages

PackagesAmount  (Rs.+GST)
MY FTA49.15
Telugu Economy203.39
Telugu Value222.81
Telugu Super337.29

Kannada SD Sun Direct Packages

PackagesAmount  (Rs.+GST)
MY FTA49.15
Kannada Economy195.76
Kannada Value219.49
Kannada Super278.81
Kannada Kushi287.29

Malayalam SD Sun Direct Packages

PackagesAmount  (Rs.+GST)
MY FTA49.15
Malayalam Economy194.07
Malayalam Value218.64
Malayalam Super236.44

Bengali SD Sun Direct Packages

PackagesAmount  (Rs.+GST)
MY FTA49.15
Bengali Economy177.97
Bengali Value202.54
Bengali Super269.49

Marathi SD Sun Direct Packages

PackagesAmount  (Rs.+GST)
MY FTA49.15
Marathi Economy178.81
Marathi Value221.19
Marathi Super280.51

Odia SD Sun Direct Packages

PackagesAmount  (Rs.+GST)
MY FTA49.15
Odia Economy176.27
Odia Value200.85
Odia Super244.92
Odia DPO Pack 3337.29

Sun Direct DTH Bouquets

Sun Direct has also introduced an exclusive pack that you can recharge at the lowest price and enjoy your favorite movies and shows. These channels would be available for a month. So what are you waiting for? Select the package and recharge it today.

DTH BouquetsNO. of ChannelsAmount (Rs.+GST)
English Jodi Pack13101.69
Hindi Jodi Pack1092.37
Hindi Movie Jodi Pack1346.61
Kannada Jodi Pack950.85
Malayalam Jodi Pack838.14
Odia Jodi Pack841.53
Tamil Jodi Pack1242.37
Telugu Jodi Pack1566.95
Bengali Jodi Pack850
Kids Jodi Pack825.42
Marathi Jodi Pack843.22
HD English GEC Mini439.87
HD English Movies Mini892.37
HD Hindi GEC Mini7100.85
HD Hindi Movies Mini455.08
HD Infotainment Mini941.53
HD Tamil Mini458.47
HD Telugu Mini 1566.95
HD Telugu Mini 28109.32
HD Kannada Mini340.68
HD Malayalam Mini325.42
HD Sports Mini993.32
HD Bengali Mini451.69

Sun Direct Recharge Plans for 3 Months

Plan NameValidity (Days)Amount (Rs+GST)
Tamil Economy SD Pack90554
Odio Economy SD Pack90590
Bengali Economy SD Pack90597
Marathi Economy SD Pack90601
Tamil Smart HD Pack90625
Tamil Prime Plus HD Pack90650
Malayalam Economy SD Pack90653
Kannada Economy SD Pack90659
Malayalam Smart HD Pack90660
Odia Value SD Pack90675
Bengali Smart HD Pack90679
Bengali Value SD Pack90681
Telugu Economy SD Pack90685
Tamil Value SD Pack90690
Odia Smart HD Pack90705
ROI Economy SD Pack90725
Kannada Smart HD Pack90730
ROI Smart HD Pack90735
Malayalam Value SD Pack90739
Tamil Classic HD Pack90740
Kannada Value SD Pack90741
Marathi Value SD Pack90745
Telugu Value SD Pack90770
Malayalam Classic HD Pack90775
Telugu Smart HD Pack90780
Bengali Classic HD Pack90790
Malayalam Super SD Pack90795
Tamil Super SD Pack90800
Kannada Classic HD Pack90815
Marathi Smart HD Pack90819
Odia Super SD Pack90820
Tamil Ultimate HD Pack90825
ROI Classic HD Pack90845
Odia Ultimate HD Pack90849
Bengali Super SD Pack90905
ROI Value SD Pack90910
Malayalam Ultimate HD Pack90919
Marathi Classic HD Pack90935
Kannada Super SD Pack90938
Marathi Super SD Pack90941

Sun Direct DTH Plans for 6 Months

Plan NameValidity (Days)Amount (Rs.+GST)
Tamil Economy SD Pack1801059
Odia Economy SD Pack1801120
Bengali Economy SD Pack1801130
Marathi Economy SD Pack1801139
Tamil Smart HD Pack1801185
Malayalam Economy SD Pack1801235
Kannada Economy SD Pack1801245
Tamil Prime Plus HD Pack1801250
Malayalam Smart HD Pack1801255
Odia Value SD Pack1801280
Bengali Smart HD Pack1801285
Bengali Value SD Pack1801290
Telugu Economy SD Pack1801296
Kannada Value SD Pack1801298
Tamil Value SD Pack1801299
Odia Smart HD Pack1801340
Telugu Value SD Pack1801349
ROI Economy SD Pack1801379
Kannada Smart HD Pack1801380
ROI Smart HD Pack1801390
Malayalam Value SD Pack1801399
Tamil Classic HD Pack1801405
Marathi Value SD Pack1801409
Malayalam Classic HD Pack1801470
Telugu Smart HD Pack1801480
Bengali Classic HD Pack1801499
Malayalam Super SD Pack1801509
Tamil Super SD Pack1801519
Kannada Classic HD Pack1801545
Marathi Smart HD Pack1801555
Odia Super SD Pack1801560
Tamil Ultimate HD Pack1801565
ROI Classic HD Pack1801605
Odia Ultimate HD Pack1801609
Bengali Super SD Pack1801715
ROI Value SD Pack1801729
Malayalam Ultimate HD Pack1801739
Marathi Classic HD Pack1801770
Kannada Super SD Pack1801775
Marathi Super SD Pack1801789
Kannada Kushi SD Pack1801830
Telugu Classic HD Pack1801860
ROI Ultimate HD Pack1801875
Bengali Ultimate HD Pack1801879
Kannada Ultimate HD Pack1801919
Tamil Kushi SD Pack1801939
ROI Telugu Kushi SD Pack1801945
Marathi Ultimate HD Pack1801985
Telugu Ultimate HD Pack 1802130
Telugu Super SD Pack1802149

Sun Direct DTH Plans & Packages for 1 Year

Plan NameValidity (Days)Amount (Rs.+GST)
Tamil Power SD Pack3601799
Malayalam Economy SD Pack3601991
Kannada Economy SD Pack3601992
Telugu Economy SD Pack3601993
Odia Economy SD Pack3601994
Bengali Economy SD Pack3601995
Marathi Economy SD Pack3601996
Marathi Value SD Pack3602259
Telugu Value SD Pack3602279
ROI Economy SD Pack3602499

FAQs for Sun Direct Plans

1. What are the packages in Sun Direct?

Aforementioned are the latest Sun Direct packages.

2. How do I add extra channels to Sun Direct?

Log in to your Sun Direct account through RMN/SMC/CR-ID.
Visit the subscription package and select bouquets/Ala-Carte (Add-on)
Move to the payment page.

3. How can I check my sun direct recharge plan?

Visit the ‘Online DTH Recharge’ page from the official Sun Direct website and log in to your account. Enter the subscriber ID, select your plan from View Plans, enter your email ID, and proceed further.

4. What is the Sun Direct DPO pack?

Sun Direct has come up with several DPO packages that include Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, and other DPO packages. The package has both SD and HD channels.

5. How much is Sun Direct monthly?

There are different Sun direct plans for a month, which are listed above.

6. How do I select channels on Sun Direct?

You can choose channels on Sun Direct through the respective mobile app or can visit the nearest store for purchasing recharge coupons or can connect with Sun Direct customer care team at 1800 123 7575.

7. Is Sunnxt free for Sun Direct users?

Yes, Sun Next is available free of cost to Sun Direct users.

8. How do I recharge my Sun Direct ETV?

You can connect with Sun Direct customer care at 1800 123 7575 to recharge Sun Direct ETV.

9. What’s Sun Direct 6 monthly Telugu pack?

Tamil Economy SD Pack – Rs.1059
Tamil Smart HD Pack – Rs.1185
Tamil Prime Plus HD Pack – Rs.1250
Tamil Value SD Pack – Rs.1299
Tamil Classic HD Pack – Rs.1405
Tamil Super SD Pack – Rs.1519
Tamil Ultimate HD Pack – Rs.1565

11. What are Sun Direct plans for 1 year Tamil?

Sun direct recharge plans for Tamil one year is: Tamil Power SD Pack for Rs.1799

12. What are Sun Direct recharge plans for 6 months Tamil?

Tamil Economy SD Pack for Rs.1059
Tamil Smart HD Pack for Rs.1185
Tamil Prime Plus HD Pack for Rs.1250
Tamil Value SD Pack for Rs.1299
Tamil Classic HD Pack for Rs.1405
Tamil Super SD Pack for Rs.1519
Tamil Ultimate HD Pack for Rs. 1565
Tamil Kushi SD Pack for Rs.1939

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