Are you finding small dog breeds in India? Does the pet size matter a lot to you? The individuals living in an apartment or condominiums need to think of the pet’s size before buying the small dogs in India.

Numerous breeds are not perfect for residing in apartments, such as the Dobermans and German Shepherd. These dogs require huge spaces, and their noisy barks many times can be a problematic situation for others. So, how can you ensure which breed of dog is ideal for your apartment?

In recent times, dog breeders and pet shops have witness growing craze for small and miniature dogs in India. Small dogs might look tiny but they are full of energy and intelligence, yet they are cute like puppies. These pocket sized cuddly dogs would lighten and brighten your day and the best part is, they will remain adorable like puppies all their lives. If you are fond of such dogs you are at right place. Here we have listed 12 small dog breeds in India with its details and important information.  

Why Choose Short Dog Breeds for Compact Homes?

Few reasons to choose tiny dogs for your home are listed below:

  • Small sized dogs needs less space and thus they are ideal for apartments.
  • Generally, they are quick to bark yet their bark is softer.
  • Small dogs are easy to carry even when you travel.

Where can You Buy Small Dog Breeds in India?

There are majorly four ways to buy a puppy or full-grown dog in India:

  • Puppy Mills– It operates in breeding many puppies in one place. Here you might get dogs in lesser cost but they may not be in healthy condition.
  • Authorized breeders– The best medium to buy healthy dogs is by getting it from well-known breeders who claim to give the best quality of healthy pups.
  • Pet shops– People commonly buy from stores; however, they also sell the dogs and puppies after buying it from a puppy mill.
  • Adopt– Adopting an abandoned dog is the best thing to do as you can give it a home full of love and happiness. You can buy a healthy dog from dog rescue organizations in India.

List of Small Size Dog Breeds in India with Prices

Dog Breed NamePrice Range(₹)Country Origin
Shih Tzu₹18-45KChina
Toy Poodle₹35-50KFrance
Lhasa Apso₹15-30kTibet
Maltese₹35-50KMediterranean Basin (Europe)
Indian Spitz₹5-15KIndia
Japanese Chin₹47K and aboveJapan

Cute & Small Dog Breeds in India for Apartment Living

Let’s dive into the list of small, adorable, squishy, lovable and cute dog breeds in India and all over the world. Also we will know the dog’s prices, temperaments, and other information.

1. Beagle

Beagle Dog

Beagle is a small breed dogs in India that would be a perfect addition to your family. We can say this because it is a happy dog, and you will love how gentle, playful and moderate its temperament is. This watchdog is blessed with intelligence, and you can let your kids play with it. One of the unique features of the Beagle is its excellent sense of smell.

The reasons to love them:

  • Beagle is a very gentle and emotional pet.
  • It shows excellent affection, support, and care for the house members.
  • They are intelligent and great with kids.

Things you may not like:

  • They are easily distracted by any strong smell.
  • It is not easy to train, especially outdoors.
  • They are heavy shedders, and you need to brush them frequently.
  • They can annoy you with excessive barking and baying.

Price Range- ₹15-30K
Height- 33 to 41 cm
Weight- 8.2 to 11 kg
Colors: Lemon & White, Tri-color, Chocolate Tri, White & Tan
Group– Hound Dog
Life Span- 12-15 years

2. Pomeranian

Pomeranian - Small Dog Breed

If you are searching for small dogs in India, look no further than Pomeranian. Pomeranian or Pom is the complete package of energy, intelligence, and loving attributes. As cute as it seems, it exhibits extreme dedication to its owners. They are obedient, and that’s why they primarily excel in the obedience competition organized in dog shows.

This is surely a small breed dog, but it is fearless, so much so that even if you bring the biggest dogs of the world, they will bark to scare them. They show overwhelming affection, comfort, and support to their owners. That is the reason; it is the best pick to train as therapy dogs.

The reasons to love them:

  • They love to snuggle, cuddle and sleep on your lap.
  • This intelligent small dog breed learns new commands and tricks easily.
  • They are compact and do not require much open space.
  • Pomeranian is an extrovert and active dog breed.

Things you may not like:

  • They are heavy shedder, and you might be tired of finding fur lying around.
  • It has double coat fur that requires you to brush at least twice a week.

Price Range- ₹18-45K
Height- 13-28 cm
Weight- 1.9-3.5kg
Colors: White, Black, Grey, Brown, Orange, Red
Group– Toy Dog
Life Span- 12-15 years

3. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu - Small Dog

If you plan to get cute small dog breeds in India, Shih Tzu would be a great companion for you. This breed has a distinctive and luxurious long double coat. It is a playful, sweet, alert, and happy pet. Once it knows your love, it reciprocates the love multiple times. His favorite place to find comfort would be your warm lap. You can get this cute dog breed in India even through it is a Chinese dog breed.

The reasons to love them:

  • Shih Tzu is a lovely and affectionate dog, yet it knows to stand for itself.
  • They have long hair, but it doesn’t shed much.
  • It requires less exercise and walking. 
  • It is a great show dog.

Things you may not like:

  • It can be rigid at times, and you cannot force anything on it.
  • This dog is hard to train and requires lots of patience.
  • It needs daily brushing to avoid tangling.

Price Range- ₹18-45K
Height- 13-28 cm
Weight- 4-7.2 kg
Color: Black, Grey & White, Red & White, Black & White
AKC Group– Toy Dog
Life Span- 12-15 years

4. Pug

Pug - Cute Dog

Pug is one of small size dog breeds in India. They are very affectionate and sentimental, just like any other family member. They will be hurt if they are not the center of your attention. Pug has well-developed muscles, deep chest, and a distinctive wrinkled flat face. Dog price in India for Pug is between ₹6k to ₹18k. 

The reasons to love them:

  • They live to love you and to get your attention and affection.
  • These dogs are friendly with children and other pets at home.
  • They are outgoing, adaptable, funny, cocky, cuddly, playful and barks less.

Things you may not like:

  • Pugs are hard to train and you need to be patient with it.  
  • It can’t be left unsupervised when it is outdoors.
  • They are very heavy shedders.
  • It is a low-activity dog, which means no ball fetching and no freebies.

Price Range- ₹6-18k
Weight- 6-8.5 kg
Color: Fawn, Silver, Apricot, Black
AKC Group– Non-Sporting Dog
Life Span- 12-15 years

5. Chihuahua

Chihuahua - Small Dog Breeds

Chihuahua or ‘Chico’ is a pocket dog that is one of India’s best cute and most miniature dog breeds. They are very obedient to owners and demand affection, making them an excellent companion. Naturally, it has an aggressive temperament, but you can train it to be more social. As sweet and docile as they look, they bark up a storm when they sense a stranger. If you teach them well, they can be the perfect addition to your family.

 The reasons to love them:

  • Chico is alert, lively, affectionate, courageous, and confident.
  • They are receptive to gentle training; else, it is very hard to train it.
  • They have little appetite and occupy a small space.
  • It is easy to carry them while you are traveling.

Things you may not like:

  • They become aggressive if anyone pesters, tease or poke them.
  • These dogs are too quick to bark.
  • They are very sensitive to cold, and winters are not ideal for them.
  • It sheds a fair amount of fur, and you need to brush daily.

Price Range- ₹12-35k
Height-15-23 cm
Weight- 1.5-2.7 kg
Color: White, Black, Fawn, Chocolate, Tri-color
AKC Group– Toy Dog
Life Span- 12-18 years

6. Toy Poodles

Toy Poodles - Toy Dog

Poodles are one of India’s most adorable and best small dog breeds. Officially, they are of three sizes; Standard Poodle, the tallest of this breed; Miniature Poodle is medium-sized; and Toy Poodle is the smallest breed. It looks like a toy, but it hates being sedentary as Pug.

Toy Poodles are full of energy, stamina, and playfulness.  They are quite athletic and it is the safest dog breed if you are allergic to fur. Their beautiful curly or corded fur makes them more adorable and squishy.  It is very sensitive which needs harmony and peace at home.

The reasons to love them:

  • They are super cuddly, adorable, soft, and affectionate.
  • It is attentive, intelligent and easy to train.
  • It is the most hypoallergenic of all the dog breeds.  
  • The dog sheds no hair practically.

Things you may not like:

  • It is a struggle to maintain and clipping its fur.
  • It is emotionally sensitive and they become uncomfortable with loud voice at home.
  • They are prone to health diseases with the minutest negligence. 
  • Not very ideal for children as they can’t stand the mischiefs of small kids.

Price Range- ₹35-50k
Height-24-28 cm
Weight- 3-5 kg
Color: Black, Apricot, Brown, Cream, Grey, Red
AKC Group– Toy Dog
Life Span- 12-15 years

7. Dachshund

Dachshund - Small Dog Breeds

Dachshund (pronounced as daks·hund) is also called sausage dogs because of its long and muscular body trunk. It has tiny short legs that are paddle-shaped, which helps it in digging. It has loose skin that allows it to get in tight burrows as well. This dog has a distinctive long snout that increases its rate of breathing. They have a large lung capacity and don’t get tired quickly. It is a very affectionate dog who loves to cuddle and sleep with you. You can get this breed under ₹50K yet dog prices in India changes across states. It is one of the most famous small breed dogs in India.

The reasons to love them:

  • It is playful, clever, fearless, brave, and determined.
  • They have a digging instinct, and they love to tunnel under a pillow or blanket.
  • This alert watchdog is good with other house pets.
  • It is ideal for a small apartment in a high-rise building.

Things you may not like:

  • They are stubborn and notorious.
  • Excessive barking can be annoying.
  • It is suspicious towards strangers and guests.

Price Range- ₹35-50k
Height-20-23 cm
Weight- 3-5 kg
Color: Red, Cream, Black & Tan, Chocolate & Tan, Blue & Tan, Fawn
AKC Group– Toy Dog
Life Span- 12-15 years

8. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso - Small Dog

Lhasa Apso is a cuddly miniature lapdog you will love to own. It is a clam, observant and well-mannered small dog breed. Don’t go by the size of this tiny dog breed; it is full of confidence just that of a lion. You cannot force it to do anything, but it is very responsible as a watchdog. It is easy to carry when you travel. Whenever they need pampering, you can take them to pet-friendly cafes to spend quality time.

The reasons to love them:

  • It has a long and beautiful coat that practically sheds no hair at all.
  • It is a fantastic watchdog and keen observer.
  • You need not take it for a walk every day.

Things you may not like:

  • They are harder to train as they are slow learners.
  • They are very smart and bossy with other pets.
  • You need to maintain its hair and brush it daily.

Price Range- ₹15-30k
Height-25-28 cm
Weight- 5-8 kg
Color: White, Black, Brown, Black & Tan, Grizzle
AKC Group– Non-Sporting Dog
Life Span- 12-14 years

9. Maltese

Maltese - Toy Dog

Maltese is a small companion dog that was considered a royal dog in Europe. Today you can easily get this small dog breed in India as well. It is a popular small-sized dog that is gentle and mannered. Wherever you go with Maltese, it will turn heads around for sure. It looks adorable and it is irresistible to cuddle. You will love to own this toy dog breed for your small apartment.

The reasons to love them:

  • They are sensitive and responsive to your cuddles.
  • They are lively and peace-loving pets.
  • Maltese are very intelligent and easy to train for new tricks.
  • It does not shed much.

Things you may not like:

  • It is a tedious task to groom them frequently.
  • If you have a child under the age of 7, Maltese is not for you.
  • They are delicate, and it is very prone to get physically hurt.
  • They are quick to catch diseases.

Price Range- ₹35-50k
Weight- 3-4kg
Color: Snow white, Cream, Lemon, Beige
AKC Group– Toy Dog
Life Span- 12-15 years

10. Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz - Small Dog Breed in India

One of the most popular tiny dog breeds in India is the Indian Splitz. Remember ‘Tuffy’ from the Hindi movie Hum Aapke Hai Kaun? This breed got into the limelight after this movie and was found in most of the houses. They are amazing indoor guards who are extremely active and alert. You will be amazed to know how intelligent they are. It is also the only Indian dog breeds on this list.

The reasons to love them:

  • This is easily available small white dog breed.
  • They are loyal, strong, and determined.
  • They love to be pampered and cuddled.

Things you may not like:

  • They bark too much whenever a stranger enters the home.
  • They shed moderately and require daily brushing.

Price Range- ₹5-15k
Height-35-45 cm
Weight- 12-20 kg
Color: White, Black, Dusky Brown
Group– Companion Dog
Life Span- 12-15 years

11. Papillon

Papillon - Small Dog

Papillon means butterfly in French, and it is so because of the shape of its ears. It is one of the popular small breeds dog in India that long for a human companion. The dog will be very upset if left alone. It is ideal for tiny apartment rooms as well. Papillon is one of the most recognizable small size dog breeds in India.

The reasons to love them:

  • Papillon is intelligent and easy to train.
  • They are happy, loyal, and friendly to their owner.
  • This breed is very obedient and affectionate.

Things you may not like:

  • You should not get them if you have young kids at home.
  • They shed much fur, so you need to comb it at least twice a week.
  • They are so tiny that they are prone to get hurt.

Price Range-30-40k
Weight- 3-5 kg
Color: White, Fawn & White, Red & white, Sable, Black
AKC Group– Toy Dog
Life Span- 12-15 years

12. Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin - Cute Dog

It is one of the small dog breeds in India that you can bring home. They are intelligent and love to show off their skills and tricks. They have distinguished long hair that makes them look like a soft toy. Because of their small size, they are delicate to handle. They can’t tolerate loud voices or roughhouse. They are one of the calm, peaceful and cute dog breeds in India.

The reasons to love them:

  • They are affectionate and playful lapdog.
  • They need minimal exercise.
  • It requires only occasional grooming.

Things you may not like:

  • It is hard to train.
  • It is a very heavy shedder.
  • They are prone to seasonal allergies.

Price Range- ₹47k and above
Height-20-27 cm
Weight- 1.4-6.8 kg
Color: Black & White, Sable & White, Red & White, Tri-color, Lemon
AKC Group– Toy Dog
Life Span- 12-15 years

Timely Vaccination for Dogs is Essential

To keep your dog away from common diseases vaccination is crucial, especially when we have small breed dogs. They are prone to seasonal sickness, diseases, worms, and more. Therefore, go through the table below to know more.

Vaccination NameEffective For   When to Give the Vaccines  
DHPP(distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza)3 years6-7 weeks old puppies can be given DHPP vaccine
Bordetella1 year6-7 weeks old puppies can be given DHPP vaccine and then it will reoccur annually.
Leptospirosis1 yearPuppies can be given this vaccine at the age of 12-13 weeks
Canine Influenza1 year12-13weeks old puppies can be vaccinated for this.
Lyme Disease1 year12-13 weeks old puppies can be vaccinated for this.
Rabies3 yearsThis is for dogs which are 15-17 weeks old.

Interesting Facts Of Cute Dog Breeds in India:

  • In French, “be’geule” means baying sound of hounds, and it was trained for rabbit hunting.
  • In 1888 Queen Victoria saw Pomeranian in Italy and instantly fell in love with this breed. Later, she brought red Pom that increased its popularity.
  • Shih Tzu was a royal pet for generations in the Ming Dynasty of China.
  • The Pug is among the oldest dog breeds, which were pets of Buddhist monks even before 400 BC.
  • Prince William II had Pug after becoming the King of England.
  • Chihuahua is named after a Mexican State, where it was found first. 
  • The Poodle was initially trained to sniff truffles, and later this breed was trained for performing in circus as they were quick to learn tricks.
  • Indian spitz is a cross breed of German Spitz and Indian Pariah dog breed.

Final Thoughts

Small Dog Breeds in India are getting more visibility at the present time. Nowadays, you will see celebrities owning small and cute dogs rather than big and heavy dogs. If you wish to catch up with the global pet trend, then we are here to help you with the best options available in India. You can compare all the breeds mentioned in the blog and analyze if it is suitable for you before deciding to buy any.


1. Where to buy best small dog breeds from the Indian market?

You can buy small and pocket-size dogs from puppy mills, pet shops, or the authorized breeders in India.

2. Which small dog doesn’t grow with age?

We have listed the dog breeds like Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, etc., that do not grow over 45 cm, and the tiniest one can be as small as 13 cm. They are full-grown dogs but do not grow in height.

3. Which dog is best for small flats in India?

You will need a small-sized and moderately active dog for small apartments. Here we have listed many such small dog breeds in India. Go through the blog above to know the details.

4. Which is the cutest dog in India?

Shih Tzu, Japanese Chin, Lhasa Apso are some of the cutest dog breeds in India.

5. Which is the most expensive small toy dog in India?

Dachshund, Japanese Chin, etc., are some of the most expensive small size dog breeds in India. The cost of these adorable dogs can go upto ₹50 thousand.

6. Which toy dog barks more but is harmless?

Chihuahua, Dachshund, Indian Spitz are some of the small dogs that are quick to bark but are quite harmless.

7. Which small dog breeds are friendly with strangers?

The toy breed dogs like Pug, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian are friendly with strangers and guests at home.

8. What is pocket dogs price in India?

The range of pocket dogs in India can be between ₹12-35K.

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