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Mehndi or Henna holds major significance in Indian culture. It is associated with good luck and people apply it to beautify hands on special occasions and festivals like Diwali, Karwa Chauth, Eid, etc. In Indian weddings, an exclusive mehndi ceremony is organized a night before D-Day where not only brides but grooms also apply henna on their hands and legs. Henna designs are synonymous with creative, detailed, and elaborate patterns that have artistic lines and beautiful elements like jaali, flowers, motifs, etc. that accentuate the overall look. Applying Mehendi is an art, and one needs to practice regularly to master it! Well to start, you can always try simple and easy mehndi designs on glass or on paper. As you master the art you can foray into intricate designs. To help you, here we have curated simple mehndi design ideas with images that look beautiful and are easy to apply.

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Beautiful and Easy Mehndi Designs for Beginners

1. Simple Flower Mehndi Design

Flower Mehndi Design

First on the list of simple mehndi designs for beginners is a floral design as it is easy to create. It is one of the most worn and traditional mehndi designs. The beauty of this design lies in flowers that are made throughout the fingers and back of the palm.

2. Arabic Mehendi on Little Finger

Arabic Mehendi on Little Finger

If you do not want to apply mehndi on your entire hand, then you can simply go for this unique mehndi design that covers the little finger along with the wrist. On the wrist, you can draw a jaali pattern, which happens to be quite in the fashion, while little flowers will accentuate the design and look stunning on the little finger.

3. Abstract Mehndi Design for Beginners

Abstract Mehndi Design for Beginners

This modern mehndi design is an amalgamation of different styles. This is one of the trendsetters and a perfect consideration for college-going girls and for those who do not like elaborate designs.

4. Hanging Mehndi Design

Hanging Henna Design

Next on our list of easy mehndi designs for hands is this classic henna design with a main elaborate pattern at the center of the palm and a simple design on the fingers. The name hanging is derived from the way this design is applied. You can also put jhumka mehndi design or bird with a cage at the center of your palm and a vine line design on your fingers.

5. Easy to Create Jaali Design

Easy to Create Jaali Design

Looking for an intricate Henna design that is easy to apply as well, try this jaali design. This full-hand mehndi design has a net-like pattern. Jaali motifs are drawn in a symmetric way. If you want to keep it simple, you can go for a traditional mandala design as shown in the image above.

6. Glove Patterned Mehndi Design

Glove Patterned Mehndi

As the name of this design suggests, it looks like a fancy glove! This backhand design features chequered patterns along with motifs on the edge. You can take your mehndi a notch high by drawing big motifs on your index finger.

7. Symmetrical Mehndi Design

Symmetrical Mehndi

Symmetrical designs will make your mehndi interesting and intricate. You can add a fun element like shapes of animals or a monument like the Taj Mahal on your front-hand mehndi design. This design shown in the image includes a mandala at the center that complements the entire design.

8. Elegant Henna Design

Elegant Henna Design

Surely, this is one of the most beautiful yet very very easy mehndi designs for hands. Concentric circles along with dotted highlights are appealing to the eyes. The delicate pattern on the fingers completes the design while enhancing the overall look.

9. Trailed Pattern

Trailed Pattern Mehndi Design

This is yet another easy and simple front-hand mehndi design, perfect for girls and women. This is quick to draw and does not involve any intricacy. You can draw this trail pattern on the back of the hand as well.

10. Peacock or Mor Henna Design

Peacock or Mor Henna Design

A peacock design is quite an in-trend and is easy to apply. This single peacock motif covers almost the entire palm, making it a classy full-hand mehndi design. The body of the peacock is embellished with intricate motifs and elements that add life to the entire design.

11. Henna Designs with Elements

Henna Designs with Elements

This design follows a particular theme that boasts traditional elements like Kalash, flowers, pots, birds, and bells along with the dotted pattern. These elements do not cover the entire hand which is why this design looks unique and different.

Easy Arabic Mehndi Designs for Girls

Arabic mehndi design features leafy and flowery trails that begin from the index finger and ends at the wrist. It can be applied on both hands or on one hand. If you wish you can apply it on both sides i.e. back and front of the hand. As the name says, Arabic mehndi design originated in Arabic countries and today this design is popular in Asian countries as well.

1. Lace Pattern

Lace Pattern Mehndi

As the name of this design suggests, it features a lace-like pattern on the back of the hand along with motifs as the center piece. This lace design beautifully starts from the index finger and ends with an intricate design around the wrist.

2. Heavy-Cornered Arabic Mehndi Design

Heavy Cornered Arabic Mehndi

This intricate design is embellished from one side. The rest of the hand is left empty making this design stand out! To amp up the look, you can add small elements like flowers on your fingers.

3. Bracelet Style

Bracelet Style Simple Mehndi Design

For those who do not like to accessorize much, this is a perfect back mehndi design idea. The pattern justifies its name and looks elegant on the wrists. This is also one of the easy mehndi designs that one can apply on different functions and occasions.

4. Simple Bell Mehndi Designs

Bell Like Design - Easy Mehndi Design

A bell design in mehndi is apt for weddings as it has all the main elements of a wedding and hanging bells are highlights of this design. It also includes motifs and jaali patterns on the wrist and fingers. A simple & easy front bell mehndi design looks elegant on such occasions.

5. Diagonal Floral Henna Design

Diagonal Floral Henna Design

If you do not like detailed designs, you can go for this easy-to-apply design that covers the back of the hand. This diagonal floral design speaks volumes! It is indeed one of the trendy and easy Arabic mehndi designs.

5. Jaali Arabic Mehndi Design

Jaali Arabic Mehndi Design

Jaali designs are undoubtedly appealing to the eyes! This design boasts of contemporary patterns along with soothing details. It is an ideal consideration for bridesmaids or girls who love Arabic mehndi designs. You can even combine it with a floral design to make it more interesting.

6. Heavy Arabic Henna Design

Heavy Arabic Henna Design

If you wish to take the traditional Arabic mehndi design a notch higher then you can opt for a heavy Arabic Henna design. This design features an array of motifs and elements that covers the entire palm, fingers, wrists, and forearm.

7. Intricate Frame Design

Intricate Frame Easy Mehndi Design

Ideal for front and backhand, this mehndi design features heavy frames and intricate motifs that look mesmerizing when drawn nicely on the hands. It’s up to you whether you want to keep it minimal or go for a complicated design that has small frames.

8. Wavy Arabic Design

Wavy Arabic Design - Simple mehndi design

True to its name, the wavy Arabic Mehndi design has a wavy shape that flows from the index finger to the wrist of the hand. This back mehndi design features a beautiful twist along with simple flower mehndi design & motifs that gives a wonderful look.

9. Pakistani Mehndi Style

Pakistani Mehndi Style

Pakistani Mehndi design is a perfect amalgam of traditional and Arabic mehndi designs. It features bold lines and a fine structure. You can accentuate the entire look with the addition of an alluring design on your fingers.

10. Rose Mehndi Design

Rose Mehndi Design

This traditional mehndi design highlights the features of a rose. It is perfect for all the would-be brides who wish to keep it minimal yet quirky. You can also combine the pattern with traditional motifs and elements.

Wedding Mehndi Designs for Bride and Groom

The Mehndi ceremony is one of the most crucial and intimate ceremonies in Indian culture. The ritual is performed on both sides i.e., Brides and Grooms. The day is combined with a sangeet ceremony where wedding songs are played and the entire family, dances together and has a good time. The preparation for this ceremony takes place days before. Since a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event thus, every bride deserves a collection of the best and latest mehndi designs that gets darker with time. To help you, here we have curated some of the trendy wedding designs that one can consider.

Bridal Hands and Legs Mehndi Designs with Image

1. Henna Design with Lotus Motifs

Henna Design with Lotus Motifs

There could be nothing as regal as this design. This traditional design looks elegant on the front and back of the hand. You can add some classy elements like lotus, leaves, etc. to make it stand out!

2. Bride and Groom Portrait Design

Bride and Groom Portrait Design: easy mehndi design

A portrait design is so mesmerizing! It features a portrait of the bride on one hand and the groom on the other hand. You can also personalize your mehndi design with portraits of your loved ones like in the image above.

3. Personalised Mehndi Design

Personalised Mehndi Design

Add a theme to your mehndi design. How about a picture of jaimala on the palms and a couple story on your wrist combined with birds, bells, and motifs on your arms? This is definitely one of the stylish front mehndi designs for brides. Do give it a try and we bet you would love it!

4. Floral Design

Floral Mehndi Design

Nothing can beat a rose flower design! It looks amazing on both hands. You can also go for an intricate design that has a bunch of flowers and leaves.

5. Classic Bridal Mehndi Design

Classic Bridal Mehndi Design

This classy yet easy mehndi design is perfect for every bride and her bridesmaid. This might look simple, but this full-hand mehndi design would take hours to complete, and trust us, you will love the result. Don’t forget to add your partners’ and your name initials to it.

6. Combination of Floral and Lines

Combination of Floral and Lines: easy mehndi design

This is one of the latest mehndi designs for brides. It features lotus flowers along with geometric lines that look mesmerizing. The same design could be adorned on the back side of the hand as well. Do add your would-be husband’s name in a creative way and let him find it later.

7. Free Flowing Pattern

Free Flowing Pattern: Easy mehndi designs

Hands adorned with detailed patterns look mesmerizing. With this design, you can go creative and add all your favorite elements that you ever wish to have in your bridal mehndi design.

8. Henna Design with Intricate Paisley Motifs

Henna Design with Intricate Paisley Motifs

This is yet another beautiful back Mehendi design for new brides. It includes paisley motifs that add charm to it. The same design can also be chosen for the front of the hand.

9. Jewelled Foot Mehndi Design for Bride

Jewelled Foot Mehndi Design for Bride

Along with your hands, you would want your legs to outshine on a special day. This gorgeous foot mehndi design is a perfect match for your beautiful hand mehndi design. It depicts the design of jewelry that would look elegant and classy.

10. Mandala Mehdi Design for Foot

Mandala Mehdi Design for Foot

If you are traditional by heart, then this classic and simple mehndi design would be a perfect choice for you. Mandala holds a special significance in our culture; it depicts well-being and connection between people. Adorned with this mesmerizing design, your feet will look beautiful!

Easy Mehndi Designs for Groom

1. Striking Geometric Pattern

Striking Geometric Pattern: simple mehandi design for men

Like brides, grooms generally do not like to go overboard with mehndi designs thus; a simple yet mesmerizing design like this would be perfect for their palms.

2. Minimalist Bride and Groom Portrait

Minimalist Bride and Groom Portrait: easy mehndi designs

This simple Mehdi design featuring portraits of the bride and groom could be an ideal choice. You can twin the design with your would-be-wife and set couple of goals!

3. Name Initials

Name Initials: simple mehendi design for groom

 You can surprise your would-be-wife by adding her name initials in your mehndi. Or, go ahead with both of your name initials in the most creative way.

4. Hashtag as your Mehndi Design

Hashtag as your Mehndi Design

This simple mehndi design speaks volumes! Go creative and create a nice hashtag containing a funny word or a term that represents your relationship! You can get it etched on the sides of the hand for your D-day.

5. A Few Lines for Your Lady Love

A Few Lines for Your Lady Love: Easy mehndi designs

This Mehendi design for the groom would surely rule many hearts! Ask your mehndi artist to write your personal thoughts about your would-be along with quirky design on your palms and seeing this, your bride will surely swoon over you.

6. Full Hand Mehndi Design

Full Hand Mehndi Design

Take a cue from this beautiful Mehandi design that Ranbir Kapoor wore in the song – Channa Mereya in his movie- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Like the actor, your mehndi will also become the talk of the town!

7. Go for Elements

Go for Elements: easy mehndi designs

This front-hand mehndi design is apt for all grooms to be. This has Kalash as a traditional element but you can also add spiritual symbols to your henna design.

8. Twin with Her

Twin with Her: mehndi designs

How about twining your henna design with your would-be-wife? Surprise her by copying the bridal mehndi design that she has selected for herself.

9. Back Mehndi Design for Groom

Back Mehndi Design for Groom

Set the bar high with this trendy and simple mehndi design. It mimics hath-phool which is generally worn by brides. This pattern is classy and perfect for men who are looking for unique henna designs.

10. Animal Henna Design

Animal Henna Design

There could be nothing more mesmerizing than a design that features animals. From your pet to your favorite animal, you can select any of the animals like a dinosaur in this image for your front or back hand mehndi design.

Easy Mehndi Designs for Festivals: Karva Chauth, Diwali, Eid, Bhai Dooj & Teej

Festivals are the best time to get ready and adorn pretty mehndi designs. A nice design completes the festival look. Scroll down to know about mehndi designs for different festivals.

1. Bail Mehndi Design

Bail Mehndi Design: easy mehndi designs

For all working women, this is one of the ideal mehndi designs for Karva Chauth. This is easy to draw plus, it wouldn’t take much of your time. In fact, you can create this design by yourself.

2. Half Hand Henna Design

Half Hand Henna Design

A half-hand henna design is perfect for all the occasions like Diwali, Eid, etc. A minimalistic design that covers your fingers and half of the palm is quite a trend these days!

3. Karwa Chauth Theme

Karwa Chauth Theme: easy mehendi designs

All the new brides out there, who would be keeping Karwa Chauth ka vrat for the first time, can opt for a full-fledged Karwa Chauth theme on their palms. This artistic design will definitely make him go gaga over you.

4. Well-Coordinated Henna Design

Well-Coordinated Henna Design

A coordinated mehndi design is just perfect for all the occasions like Diwali, Eid, Raksha Bandhan, and others. This design features motifs and flowers that make it stand out!

5. Rose Pattern

Rose Pattern easy mehndi designs

Rose is a symbol of love and what could be best than this beautiful mehndi design for your next Karwa Chauth. Team it up with the jaali design on the back. It would give a modern touch to your oh-so-traditional henna.

6. Match the Dots

Match the Dots: simple mehendi designs

This design might look intricate but it is one of the simple mehndi designs for girls and women. You can draw this jaali design with the help of ear bud or a mehndi cone all by yourself.

7. Traditional Round Design

Traditional Round Design: simple mehndi designs

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this easy-to-create design will be an ideal pick for Diwali and other festivals. The design stretches from the wrist and covers the fingers.

 8. Intricate Design

Intricate Design: simple mehendi designs

If you are looking for heavy mehndi designs for Eid then you can surely mimic this design. This intricate design will cover your entire hand and look beautiful once it turns darker.

9. Geometric Henna Design

Geometric Henna Design

For girls who wish to keep it simple yet appealing then the geometric design would be a perfect match for them. This pattern is neither too intricate nor common, it is ideal for all the upcoming festivals.

10. Birds and Cages

Birds and Cages: easy mehendi designs

Looking for a variety of unique mehndi designs? You can consider this pattern which is adorned with birds and cages. Doesn’t it look regal and beautiful?

How a Beginner should start Practicing Mehndi Designs?

If you are a beginner, it might look difficult to apply an intricate full-hand mehndi, so you can begin it by making designs on a paper and glass sheet. Start with simple designs such as leaves, flowers, circles, boxes, and bug outlines. Later, you can practice with mehndi cones and design simple patterns on a piece of paper or a hand. Once you have a firm hold on the cone you can precede with some significant patterns like Tikki designs and many others.

Tips To Make your Mehndi Dark:

  • Wash your palms thoroughly before applying the mehndi.
  • Let your mehndi dry in a natural way.
  • Once your mehndi is dry, dust off the dried particles and apply essential oils like eucalyptus oil to make it dark
  • Alternatively, you can dab a mixture of lemon juice and sugar with a cotton ball on your hands.
  • You can also heat a few cloves on the pan and hover your hands over it for some time
  • Do not expose your mehndi to water.


Whether you are a would-be-bride who is looking for the latest mehndi design ideas or someone who loves to apply henna anyway, this blog would be a great help to you. Here we have presented a list of easy and simple mehndi designs that are perfect for all types of occasions. Do let us know which design have you zeroed in on for your upcoming function?

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