Surprise Gifts for Husband

Looking for a surprise gift for your husband? You have landed at the right place. Here we have curated 20 romantic surprise gifts for husband that wives must give a consider. Like women, men also like gifts, they might not show emotions at times, but they like when you care for them and gift something meaningful.

You do not need any particular moment to gift a present to your man. You can gift him any time and make him unique and loved. There are many online gift-centric shops from where you can buy gifts. You can, in fact, give them a personal touch by showing your creativity or adding a romantic note to the gift. It is not necessary to gift him an expensive gift; what matters is, your love towards him, which should have no bounds.

List of Romantic Surprise Gifts Ideas For Husband:

1. Cube Lit Table Lamp

Cubelit Table Lamp

There is no dearth of personalized gifts, you can customize a surprise gift for him, and he would surely adore it. One of the best surprise gifts for the husband could be a cube lit table lamp. This will catch your husband’s fancy. It is not like an ordinary lamp; it can be tailored in the small size that that too in the cubic structure. To make it interesting, you can add your husband’s or a couple of photographs on all the cube faces and then add an LED bulb under it. As soon as the LED will be switched on, the entire cube will glow, and your husband would love it.

2. The Power of a Magnet

photo magnet

Small magnets look impressive, don’t they? You can stick them to the metal bodies like refrigerator, wardrobe, or anywhere else where you wish. Have you ever realized the common thing between magnets and love, yes you guessed it right! When you are love, you attract each other like a magnet does. You can even consider personalized photo college magnet bond to your husband. Trust us, your husband would love this, mainly because, like photo frames, it will not be limited to your rooms.

3. Personalized Boarding Passes

Personalized Boarding Passes

In case your partner loves to fly around the places, you can gift him a customized boarding pass. It would be one of the best surprise gifts for their husband. He would love and would always treasure it as your token of love. When you would gift him on his wedding anniversary, he would be surprised to get such a gift. Try this and let us know how he felt.

4. Personalized Cushions

Personalized Cushions

There could be no other best and classic gift than personalized cushions. It is also one of the trendy wedding gift ideas. You can both add a single photograph on a cushion and consider multiple photographs. Make sure the pictures you choose are special for both of you. It should remind him of all the special moments that you both have spent together. You can even make it interesting by adding a message to him.

5. Dedicate A Song To Him On The Radio

Song for him on Radio

In case you are not around your husband on his special day, you can use his favorite radio jockey to play his favorite music. If he loves to hear FM while driving, he would be amazed to hear his favorite song playing. It would be one of the best surprise gifts for her husband. He would feel special and would be touched that you remembered his favorite song.

6.  Dinner Under The Full Moon

Dinner Under Full Moon

This is the perfect surprise gift for all the husbands out there who love to watch Bollywood movies. Think of yourself and your partner sitting under the moon while holding each other hand and enjoying the moment together. Does it make you happy? If merely thinking of it, you have gotten excited, and then your husband would feel good when he got this gift. You can even prepare his favorite dinner at home and set up a table and chair on the terrace to enjoy dinner under the full moon with your hubby.

7. Surprise Getaway

Surprise Getaway

A quick trip to one of the close places can not only be a stress buster for you two but can also strengthen your relationship. Since you would be spending quality time with each other, it will make your bond even stronger. You can consider gateway destinations near Delhi if you live in a New Delhi. To make the trip even more unique, you can plan his favorite adventure activities.

8. Grooming Kit

Men Grooming Kit

If your man is more of a hygiene person, then there could be no best surprise gift for their husband than a grooming kit. You can either look for a kit with all the grooming essentials from his favorite brands or customize the one. An ideal grooming kit has a face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen, trimmer or a shaving kit, comb, beard wash, shampoo. He would surely like this gift.

9. Perfume

Perfume for Men's

While you can either add the perfume in the grooming kit or can gift him an everlasting fragrance for men. There are many luxurious brands United Colors of Benetton, Versace, and many others that have an array of perfumes in different flavors. You can choose the one according to his likes and dislikes and pack it one of the fancy yet elegant wrapping paper. Put it under his pillow or his cupboard, he would be surprised and would fall in love with you again. It is not only about perfume but your love towards him

10. Branded Watch

Branded Watch

There would hardly any men who would not like a branded watch. This is one of the versatile gifts. You can even consider giving it your father or brother. There are many brands that offer men wristwatches, you can go through them and choose the one that your husband would like most. A watch would be a timeless memory that he can treasure and stay connected with you all his life.

11. Wallet


A wallet is one of the best surprise gifts for a husband because it is handy and practical to use. To give it a personal touch, you can carve your or his name on the wallet. Look for a wallet that goes a long way with your husband, and whenever he sees it, feel good. Wallet plays an important role in man’s daily life; make sure it matches your husband’s taste and preferences.

12. Body Spa

Body Spa

How about a couple body spa? A body spa will rejuvenate his mind and make him feel happy as it shows your concern for him. You can go for a couple body spa. It would also rejuvenate your mind and body.

13. Pair of Earphones


Whether your man is gym freak or love to hear his favorite music on the go, pair of earphones or headphones are perfect to give him as a surprise gift. Look for the one that offers the best music experience. Also, they must be lightweight so that your hubby can use them while running or walking even.

14. Personalized Beer Mugs

Personalized Beer Mugs

Whether your husbands like beer or not, you can still consider a pair of personalized beer mugs to gift him. To make it fancy, you can add a heart-touching note to it. You can later use it on special occasions or simply display it as a showcase as a memory of love.

15. Bake a Cake for Him

Bake a Cake for him

Undoubtedly, this is the best surprise gift for my husband. There would be hardly anyone who could say no to cake. Whether it is a birthday or a wedding anniversary, you can always bake a cake for him. In fact, why don’t you bake a cake along with him? Though it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore, you both would be able to spend quality time with each other while helping each other. This would also help you to know him in detail.

16. Bouquet of Roses

Bouquet of Roses

A bouquet of roses is one of the classic gifts. You can either gift it individually or can club it with other gifts. Go for red roses as they are the epitome of love. This is also one of the best Valentine’s day gift ideas; you can gift him a bouquet of roses at any day. He would love it and feel special.

17. Anniversary Date Frame

Anniversary Date Frame

Whether your husband remembers the anniversary date or not, you can still gift him an anniversary date frame as a mark of love. The anniversary date is special for both husbands and wives, as that was the day when tied knots with each other and what could be a better way than getting the date framed. You can even add one of your wedding day pictures to it.

18. Accessories Combo

Accessories Combo

Next in the list of romantic surprise gifts for husbands is Accessories combo. You can either gift him a pair of cufflinks, tie or bow. Man likes to wear all these accessories, and he would surely remember you whenever he would wear any of the accessories. What else a wife wants!

19. Surprise Room Décor

Surprise Room Décor

After a long and tiring day at work, a decked up room with flowers and balloons would be no less than a stress buster for him. You can also consider a room makeover like the way your man ever wanted or decorate it with flowers and decorating items to give it a romantic look.

20. Gaming Consoles

Gaming Consoles

In case your husband likes to play video games, you can gift him a gaming console. He would be amazed to see the entire set up and would then you for that.  At times you can join him for a game session and have a gala time. Do consider this!


Whether it’s his birthday or wedding anniversary or you want to make him feel special because of no reason, a surprise gift for the husband is perfect. In this blog, we have curated some of the gift ideas that you can consider to make your husband special. Do share your feedback and share your idea to make your husband feel special.

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