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Like me, many of you must be surprised when you first heard of red bananas existence. And surprisingly, not just that they are even healthier than yellow bananas. These bananas are found in the Southern part of the country, which is why we North Indians do not know much about this fruit. But with the increase in their popularity and number of health benefits they own, red bananas are gradually finding their place in this part of the country as well.  People who have tasted it find it sweeter than the yellow ones. It tastes like sweet raspberry and regular banana. Since there are several red banana benefits thus, it would be an ideal addition to your breakfast.

Red banana is an excellent source of Potassium, Antioxidants and Vitamins, which take care of your overall health, hair and skin. Also, these are good for people with diabetes and people with high blood pressure.

Red Banana Nutrition Facts

NutrientsPer 100 grams
Water74.91 grams
Calories89 kcal
Protein1.09 grams
Fat0.33 grams
Carbohydrate22.84 grams
Fibre2.6 grams
Sugars12.23 grams
Calcium5 mg (0.05 % of the DV)
Magnesium27 mg (7% of the DV)
Phosphorus22 mg (3% of the DV)
Potassium358 mg (10% of the DV)
Vitamin C8.7 mg (10% of the DV)

Red Banana Benefits for Health

1. Helps in Weight Loss

One of the major benefits of red banana is that it helps to reduce weight. Red bananas are a rich source of fibre. Thus they hold more satiety value as compared to regular yellow bananas. It keeps you full for a longer period. One single red banana has only 90 to 100 calories, making it one of the ideal weight loss foods. In addition to this, the red banana is packed with a good number of carbs that prevents you from craving carbs and binge eat. Additionally, it gives an excellent boost to your metabolism as it is rich in vitamin B-6. This improves your body’s metabolism and further supports your weight loss goals.

2. Beneficial for Kidneys

Red bananas are also an excellent dietary source of potassium that prevents stones formation in the kidney. It further helps in retaining calcium that makes your bones strong. Thus, it helps in maintaining kidneys health. Red bananas are also packed with magnesium that is good for kidney’s health.

On top of this, red bananas are loaded with Vitamin B6, increasing the production of red blood cells and removing unwanted chemical compounds from the kidney and liver.

3. Helps in Quitting Smoke

In case you or your friend or anyone from your family has been trying to quite smoke but is failing repeatedly, he should give it a try to red bananas. These can help in quitting smoking to a huge extent. What red banana does is, controls nicotine consumption. Both the magnesium and potassium present in red bananas helps to cope with the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. It provides you with instant energy and prevents you from smoking.

4. Good for Skin

Consuming red bananas regularly can also give you smooth and glowing skin. It helps to shrinks the facial pores. Red bananas are also known for their water and antioxidants content that works in favour of the skin. A red banana mask would replenish all the skin cells from within, giving you hydrated and clean-clear skin. It would also keep your skin tight and prevent dryness, so make sure you apply a red banana mask to reap its benefits.

For a soothing skin mask, mix powdered oats with mashed red banana and few drops of honey. Apply this mask on your face and rinse as soon as it completely dries.

5. Purifies Blood

One of the benefits of eating red banana is that it purifies the blood. Red bananas have Vitamin B-6 that improves haemoglobin count along with the quality of the blood. It also helps in protein breakdown. This also supports the transformation of tryptophan to serotonin. This is the reason why the red banana is suitable for people suffering from Anemia. In order to improve their RBC count, anaemic can consume 2-3 red bananas regularly.

6. Helps to Treat Piles

It is a known fact that banana helps cure constipation because banana is a rich source of fibre. One of the leading causes of piles is chronic constipation. Thus, red banana’s works wonder! It helps to cure piles. If you have piles, then make sure you have a red banana after your lunch. It will improve digestion and would help in curing piles.

7. Red Banana Benefits for Hair

Whether you have dry locks or dull strands, a red banana would be bliss for your hair! You might have applied a yellow banana on your hair for silky and healthy hair, but next time, try red banana on your hair. Since it has more nutrients and antioxidants as compared to yellow banana thus, it will give more effective results.

Dandruff is one of the common hair problems, and guess what you can treat it with red bananas. All you would have to do is, mix mashed banana with any hair growth oils like coconut, almond or sesame oil. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Apply this hair mask evenly on your hair strands. Leave it for some time, and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo.  And soon, you will get shiny and bouncy hair.

8. Wonderful Stress Buster

You might not believe but a red banana is a great stress buster. A single red banana would instantly elevate your mood. Vitamin B-6 present in red bananas transforms tryptophan into serotonin, which is also known as a ”feel good” hormone. It can also help in treating depression and problems related to anxiety. That’s not it; red bananas also have potassium that relaxes the heartbeat and controls water stability in the body. Start eating one red banana daily, and soon you will see a difference by yourself.

9. Increase Immunity

Red Banana has Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene; both together work as powerful antioxidants. It helps to boost the immunity system. Thus red banana is the best superfood to improve the immune system. Antioxidants help the body to fight back viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. Not bacteria and viruses in the body mean lesser chances of cold and flu.

10. Boost Energy

One of the red banana benefits is its capability to boost energy. Surprisingly, red banana has three types of natural sugar that are sucrose, fructose and glucose. Some of this sugar breaks down quickly, giving you the energy to sustain throughout the day. Because of this benefit, you can include red bananas in your breakfast.

11. Good for Fertility

Another benefit of consuming red bananas is that it improves fertility. As discussed above, red banana is a good source of Vitamin C and beta-carotene; these two antioxidants are essential for women fertility. This fruit is not only beneficial for female fertility but male fertility as well as it has zinc which is a crucial mineral that contributes to male fertility.

Possible Red Banana Side Effects

Though there have been no side effects of consuming red bananas are found, however, anything eaten in access can lead to minor problems such as cramping, gas, bloating, vomiting, nausea etc. Also, some people are allergic to bananas. If you are one of them, then avoid consuming red bananas.


There are many types of bananas across the globe. Amongst them, most of us are familiar with only one type, i.e. yellow bananas. You might be surprised to know that there are red bananas as well. From helping to reduce weight to giving you glowing skin, red banana benefits are many, making them a must-have fruit in your diet.


1. What happens if I eat a red banana every day?

Red bananas host several nutrients and antioxidants that are good for overall health, so it is good to consume one red banana regularly.

2. Can we eat a red banana at night?

Yes, one can consume red banana at night as well.

3. When should you eat red bananas?

Ideally, one should consume red bananas in the morning and post-lunch.

4. Can I eat red bananas during early pregnancy?

Though there is no harm in eating a red banana during early or throughout the pregnancy as it has several nutrients that are good for the mother and her baby. However, it is always wise to consult the doctor.

5. How many calories are there in a red banana?

A small red banana has around 90 calories only, making it an ideal food for weight loss.

7. Which banana is healthiest?

Brown bananas are considered to be the healthiest amongst all types of bananas.

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