Rangoli Kolam Designs

Kolam is an integral part of South Indian culture. In South India, women daily draw Kolam on the floors of the doors. Unlike Rangoli, Kolam design is drawn with rice powder, and to make it appealing; turmeric powder is used.

Kolam designs hold great importance thus, it is also drawn on special occasions like weddings. These designs are different from the regular Rangoli designs; they have more lines and geometric shapes. While there is an array of Tamil Kolam designs 2023 to explore, here we have comprehended 11 Mesmerising Rangoli Kolam designs that you can try.

Beautiful New Rangoli Kolam Designs 2023:

1. Simple Kolam Design for Beginners

Kolam Design for Beginners

If you have just started making rangoli and looking for the basic Rangoli Kolam images, then this is the best start for you. Start with making a wheel in the center of the threshold and create a simple Kolam design around it. You can make curves around. The more you practice this design, the sooner you will master the trick of making complicated designs.

2. Pulli Kolam

Pulli Kolam Design

If you want to know about modern Rangoli Kolam designs with colors then Pulli Kolam designs are the ideal choice. South Indian women generally make these designs on the threshold. It holds great importance. Pulli kolam is a simple Kolam design and does not take much of time.

3. Spiral Kolam

Spiral Kolam Design

Once you get hands-on the basic version of Kolam design, you would be ready to create spiral design. This beautiful design features circles and flowers. The flowers act as a base of the design. It is surrounded by the spiral design, which gives it a unique look. Take a pinch of rice powder between your fingers and thumb and rotate the hand in the circular motion. Begin from the outer area and gradually move towards the inner area. This is one of the most preferred Rangoli Tamil Kolam designs.

 4. Rangoli with Lines

Rangoli with Lines Kolam Design

Another type of Rangoli Kolam design that you can create at your home is Rangoli with lines. These Line Kolam designs are detailed. Most of the designs using lines start with the simple shape of a flower, and as you proceed, it gets complicated.

The number of lines drawn is usually for or five lines. They are parallel and perpendicularly connected by curved lines. Such type of design is made drawn either on Fridays or on special occasions and is decorated with the kaavi borders.

5. Simple Kolam Designs with Spiral and Flower

Kolam Designs with Spiral and Flower

This mesmerizing Rangoli Kolam design is the perfect combination of spirals and flowers. You can draw the outline using rice powder and then add some colors to the drawing with turmeric and powder of colorful pulses. There is no particular norm of creating such type of designs; you can draw according to your imagination. Such types of designs add to the interiors of the South Indian wedding.

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6. Freehand Square Kolam Design

Freehand Square Kolam Design

If you are planning to draw something quirky, then you can consider freehand square Kolam designs and add your personal touch to it to make it appealing. Though it is a bit complicated to make as you should have hands-on the tricks that are used to create the design with a square. But with practice, you will master the skill and design. You can begin with a small Kolam designs by creating simple squares and gradually try to make intricate designs. Once you get hold of the square design, you can try other similar designs as well.

7. Star Kolam Design

Star Kolam Design

Once you master Rangoli Kolam designs, you can dry Star Kolam Design. This design is delicate; however, it looks appealing and is ideal for decoration. This Rangoli design includes complicated and beautiful patterns. The main attraction of this design is the star in the center. There are many variations of this design. You can draw the one in which you are comfortable.

8. Dot-Kolam Design

Dot-Kolam Design

Next on our list of mesmerizing Rangoli Kolam designs is this beautiful design that is made with dots. All you would have to do is take a pinch of rice powder and create dots letting you can create intricate elements. Such designs have many shapes, but the star of the design is the dots that give it an appealing look. There is also a traditional and simple Kolam design that features 9-5 interlaced dots called Idukku Pulli. The design starts with nine dots in the center and ends at the 5th dot by adding interlaced dots at both sides of the design.

9. Kolam Design with Rose Petals and Candles

Rangoli Kolam Design with Rose Petals and Candles

If you do not want to draw intricate Rangoli Kolam designs yet want to give your rangoli a unique design, then you can fill flower petals. Create a simple Kolam rangoli of your choice and then decorate with colorful petals of flowers. You can even add a diyas or candles to it. Flowers and candles will give it a beautiful look.

 10. Colorful Peacock Kolam

Rangoli Peacock Kolam Design

No Rangoli is complete without a Peacock design. If you love colors, then you can go ahead with this type of design, though it would take longer than other kolam designs, it is worth making especially on special occasions like wedding. This colorful and simple Peacock Rangoli Kolam design would be the center of attraction.

11. Dove Rangoli Designs

dove rangoli design

Dove is the symbol of peace and we can make beautiful and easy Rangoli Kolam designs by drawing beautiful bird. You can play with colors or keep it simple like a classic Kolam design. Use the dot technique or go by free hand technique to make a square design with creative details in between. Start making doves on all the four sides. You can be more creative with the pattern and design. And adding a white dove in the colorful Rangoli is a good idea. It also looks great if you are making the Rangoli on dark or wooden floor. So next time when you plan to make Rangoli, try this dove Rangoli design.

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Kolam’s design is similar to Rangoli. It is synonyms to the South Indian culture. Women of the house draw Tamil Kolam designs on special occasions and regularly on the doors. Do try the above listed Mesmerising and beautiful Rangoli Kolam designs with colors and do share your experience of designing the first Kolam.

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