Diwali Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is an intricate part of Indian festival decorations. These are beautiful patterns and designs made using vibrant colors. One can use powdered colors, flour, flowers, leaves, rice, diyas, and many more rangoli making elements. Unique Rangoli designs can be made for Diwali, Holi, Independence Day, etc. in school, colleges, or corporate events. Here we have listed 50 beautiful and creative Diwali rangoli designs for your convenience.

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Importance of Rangoli

The beautifully drawn rangoli at the home entrance is believed to create an aura of peace and happiness. It has great significance across the country, and it has different names in different states.

Today we see that the culture of Rangoli making persists because it has an aesthetic impact on our decoration for festivals. The schools and colleges host rangoli competition, and corporate events often occasionally include rangoli making. These events keep the culture alive and add beauty to the decoration. Let’s go forward to see the beautiful and unique designs you can use in rangoli-making this time. Also, go through Diwali wishes and greet one another in the lovely festive ambiance.

New & Creative Design of Rangoli for Diwali

Diwali decorations are incomplete without vibrant and colorful rangoli on the floor. It needs talented hands to draw unique patterns with thoughtful color combinations. Here are some latest rangoli with flowers and leaves you can try for this festival.

1. Lotus Design for Rangoli

Lotus Design for Rangoli

Pink lotus on the top with an arch at the bottom can be one of the beautiful Diwali rangoli designs. After you have outlined the design, fill it with various colors. Add details in different patterns to every arch you draw and fill it with vibrant colors.

2. Diya Designs for Rangoli

Diya Designs for Rangoli

Diwali rangoli designs are complete when diyas are used to beautify the design. So when the rangoli is entirely made with shining diyas, imagine its beauty in darkness. You can decorate a high raised platform or the terrace with beautiful diyas with excellent designs.

3. Flower Rangoli Design for Diwali

Flower Rangoli Design for Diwali

The colorful designs of rangoli can elevate the beauty effortlessly. This easy rangoli design can be made by simply spreading the base color and drawing flowers on all sides. Make gradient in the flowers to elevate the look. This is one of the simplest Diwali rangoli designs.

4. Round Diya Rangoli Design

Round Diya Rangoli Design

This is one of the most eye-catching designs for Diwali. For this, you need to draw a diya and use one side to make a semi-circle. Further, use this space to add more layers and write ‘Happy Diwali.’ Add contrasting colors to make the rangoli attractive.

5. Easy Peacock Rangoli Design

Easy Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock rangoli designs are considered quite challenging, yet it tops the list when we search Diwali rangoli pictures. Here is the easy peacock design without the detailed peacock feathers, yet stunning to draw.

Easy Rangoli Design with Flowers and Leaves for Beginners

The best thing about rangoli designs is that anyone can start it, even if they are just beginners. Here are a few rangoli patterns which are effortless to draw.

6. Cute Small Simple Rangoli Design

 Cute Small Simple Rangoli Design

You can draw the outline of this design and then mark the lines with white color. Further, fill the space in the middle with a dark color. Then add a heap of bright color in the flower pattern and press it in the middle to make it like a flower. This design is easy, and you can try it next time. Otherwise, look for rangoli images over the internet which is easy and simple.

7. Simple Diya Rangoli Design

 Simple Diya Rangoli Design

Follow this rangoli design and use it in the corners of the room or as the fillers. This requires less space and few colors, yet it comes out beautiful.

8. White Rangoli Design

Single Color Rangoli Design

Rangolis can look beautiful, even if there is only one color used. Therefore, follow the simple design to make creative rangolis on the floor.

9. Easy White Rangoli

Easy White Rangoli

Use the white color against the dark floor to make creative patterns and designs for rangoli. This can be used in such a way that it looks like the shading on the floor.

10. Simple Flower Rangoli

Simple Flower Rangoli

A simple rangoli design can be as simple as this, yet it can be used in adding the beauty of your house.

Floral Rangoli Designs for home

The festive decorations can be made easy and eco-friendly; for this, you can choose to make rangoli out of colorful fresh flowers. You can look for eco-friendly Diwali decoration to make a difference this festive season. Here are some fantastic floral Rangoli designs for home or offices. Remember that the fresh flowers will dry up soon, so make the rangoli just a few hours before the event.

11. Circle Rangoli Designs with Flowers

Round Rangoli with Flowers

You can make a large round ring on the floor and boarder it with green leaves. Further, you can add multiple color flowers and place them in a beautiful pattern.  

12. Marigold Rangoli

Marigold Rangoli

It is easy to find the marigold garland in the flower shops. You can get two different colors of marigold and make a symmetrical floral design to beautify the home.

13. Loose and Whole Flower Rangoli

Loose and Whole Flower Rangoli

You can use loose flower petals and string flowers to make beautiful Diwali rangoli designs. Make a large circle with the flower garlands and create the flower pattern in the middle. You can spread loose petals on the base.

14. Simple Flower Rangoli

Simple Flower Rangoli

The easy flower rangoli can be made using just a few flowers and simple patterns, as shown below. You can make your child make this rangoli design.

15. Lampstand Flower Rangoli

Lampstand Flower Rangoli

If you have the lampstand at home or are preparing for the stage lamp lighting ceremony, you can always decorate the base lampstand with flower rangoli. Make multiple circles at the base and add the curved ends, which makes it look beautiful.

Freehand Rangoli Designs

Rangolis are traditionally made using hands, but these days there are many tools to help you. Here we are listing some creative and unique designs you can easily make using freehand.

16. Half Rangoli Designs

Half Style Rangoli

If you are planning to decorate the door entrance, then this semi-circle design is appropriate. You can make half-circular designs spreading out towards the exit. Place the candles and admire its beauty. Use the contrasting colors to make it stand out.

17. Elongated Rangoli Design

Elongated Rangoli Design

Rangoli designs need not be circular or rectangular every time. You can try and experiment with many designs similar to it. Here we have put horizontally elongated designs.  

18. Easy Freehand Rangoli

Easy Freehand Rangoli

A simple rangoli design needs to have easy to fill larger design areas. You can use a few colors and details to make the designs look attractive.

19. Quick Rangoli Design

Quick Rangoli Design

This is an easy rangoli design that requires you to make outer curves and making finner curve loops in the middle. Fill the outer curves with white flowers, and the center of the rangoli will have a bigger white flower. Use multiple colors to make them vibrant.

20. Long Rangoli Design

Long Rangoli Design

Use the vertically elongated rangoli design for this festival and fill it with the colors you like better.

Holi Rangoli Designs for offices and homes

Holi is the festival of colors, so rangolis compliment it quite well. Here are some vibrant and creative rangoli design ideas you can use during Holi decoration at home or office.

21. Color Splash Holi Rangoli Design

Color Splash Holi Rangoli Design

This design is simple yet appropriate for Holi. Use the white color to make the flower in the center and add small flower designs around. Then put the head of multiple colors around it and spread it to give color splashing design.

22. Welcome Happy Holi Rangoli Design

Welcome Happy Holi Rangoli Design

There are many designs of rangoli to make at your front gate. You can use this colorful and vibrant on the occasion of Holi.

23. Small Flower Office Rangoli Design

Small Flower Office Rangoli Design

The small flowers around a single colored base look pretty when you use the blank space for writing Happy Holi.

24. Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock is one of the most beautiful Diwali rangoli designs everyone loves to see. Use this design to make rangoli patterns to decorate in your office.  

25. Small Holi Rangoli

Small Holi Rangoli

There could be unique small design and rangoli patterns to make in smaller places or corners of the room. You can try making these designs this time.

Unique Pongal Rangoli Designs

During Pongal, everyone is involved in the beautiful rangoli making events. The special rangoli Kolam designs are the traditional and classic ones.

26. Leaf and Flower Rangoli

Leaf and Flower Rangoli

The combination of green leaves and white flowers is impressive. Use light-colored flowers to make the flower pop out in the green background. You can give it a try next time.

27. Shankh Rangoli Design

Shankh Rangoli Design

Shankh (sea snail shell) holds a great significance in Indian culture. You can use its design for your flower rangoli as well. Use the flowers in small bunches and in a particular pattern to make it look beautiful and unique.

28. Pongal Pot Rangoli Design

Pongal Pot Rangoli Design

Pongal is a joyous festival that makes you participate in many rangoli-making events. Here is one rangoli design you can use for making rangoli on Pongal.

29. Pongal Kolam Rangoli Design

Pongal Kolam Rangoli Design

Kolam is a traditional rangoli design that generally uses white color for drawing patterns. Here is one example of a kolam rangoli design.

30. Round Pongal Rangoli Design

Round Pongal Rangoli Design

There are designs that can be made on the bare open ground, and you can decorate it well with diyas. It is one of the best examples of outdoor rangoli design pattern.

Traditional Onam Rangoli Designs

Onam has a long tradition of making rangolis out of flowers. Here are some beautiful rangoli designs you can try this time.

31. Flower Peacock Rangoli Design

Flower Peacock Rangoli Design

You can make the peacock rangoli design using flowers as well. You can use this multi-color flower design for the Onam rangoli competition.

32. Large Flower Rangoli Design for Onam

Large Flower Rangoli Design for Onam

This beautiful and large flower rangoli design adds to the aesthetic value of the room. You can use it to make it in the smaller form as well.

33. Easy Flower and Leaves Rangoli

Easy Flower and Leaves Rangoli

The flowers can be used to make multiple designs. Organize leaves and local flowers in such a way that you can see the beauty of flowers in rangoli.

34. Onam Flower Rangoli

Onam Flower Rangoli

Use the Onam rangolis to display the culture of your place. In the design below, the houseboat, a vital part of the region, is made at the center.

35. Gradient Rangoli Design

Gradient Rangoli Design

Flower rangoli can be used in the gradient pattern that makes it look beautiful and creative. It is easy to make it when you have different colors, shades of flowers.

New Year Rangoli

Rangolis are also made during the New Year celebration. You can use these designs for home or office decoration. Try these creative designs around the New Year.

36. Door Entrance Rangoli Design

Door Entrance Rangoli Design

The door entrance can be made beautiful just by adding beautiful pieces of rangoli art.

37. Beautiful Rangoli Design

Beautiful Rangoli Design

This peacock rangoli design is simple yet elegant. You can use the blank space to write Happy New Year.

38. Large Area Designs for Rangoli Competition

Large Area Designs for Rangoli Competition

If you have a large open area, then use it well for creating the best designs. You can choose this fantastic rangoli design for the competition.

39. Three Circle Rangoli Design

Three Circle Rangoli Design

You can make three circles in a loop, and the overlapping circles give an excellent outline to add creative designs in the circles within. You can fill these patterns with vibrant colors.

40. Square Rangoli Designs

Square Rangoli Designs

This is one of the unique designs you can try for making rangoli. Make a square in the center, and on every side, make rectangles and add the floral designs. You can use the small rangoli design elements on the edges. Use a few colors and make a neat design to get this beautiful rangoli.

Independence Day Rangoli Designs for schools

Independence Day is when schools organize many programs for singing, dancing, Rangoli competition, and more. So this time, along with searching for Indian Independence Day wishes, you can look for great designs as well.

41. Tricolour Rangoli Designs

Tricolour Rangoli Designs

There are many ways to include tricolor in your rangoli design. You can make a round design using the flag pattern in the center and boarder it with creative designs. See the picture below to understand it better.

42. Map with Flower Rangoli Design

Map with Flower Rangoli Design

One of the best ways to decorate your school corridor or hall is by making the flower rangoli in the shape of India’s map. You can also show the unity in diversity by putting all the religious symbols on the map. 

43. Beautiful Independence Day Rangoli

The all-time favorite peacock rangoli design can be also be used in Independence Day rangoli. You can use this design for the occasion.

Beautiful Independence Day Rangoli

44. Flower Rangoli Design

Flower Rangoli Design

You can also use the tricolor flower petals and leaves and place them accordingly. Now you can set it at the entrance and let the beautiful flower rangoli stand out of the rest.

45. Small Design for Rangoli

Small Design for Rangoli

To fill the corners of the classroom door and the edges, you need small designs to add the beauty everywhere.

46. Dove Rangoli Design

Dove Rangoli Design

You can make white dove followed by the Indian flag. Write ‘Vande Matram’ or ‘Jai Hind’ at the bottom. You can pick this design the next time you decide to make rangoli for the occasion.

Simple Rangoli Design of Ugadi

Sometimes, we need a simple rangoli design, which is easy to make without compromising the beauty for different occasions. Here are some easy rangoli designs for Ugadi.

47. Parrot Rangoli Design

Parrot Rangoli Design

You can make simple Ugadi rangoli using a few design elements in a particular pattern. Here you can see the parrot design, which is repeated clockwise. You can use other design elements as well and place them in a symmetrical way for beautiful designs.

48. Rangoli Design with Dots

Rangoli Design with Dots

One of the easiest Rangoli designs is by drawing it using dots. You can make dots at the same distance vertically and horizontally. Then you can make the designs finding gaps in between the dots. 

49. Simple Ugadi Rangoli

Simple Ugadi Rangoli

Ugadi rangoli is better if you use large flower patterns and vibrant colors. You can also choose to write Happy Ugadi in the rangoli.

50. Large Area Rangoli Design

Large Area Rangoli Design

If you have a large courtyard area that can be used as a blank canvas for your rangoli design. You can check this lotus design for the occasion.

Different Names of Rangoli in Different States of India

  • Bihar – Aripana designs
  • Uttar Pradesh – Chowkourana
  • West Bengal – Alpana
  • Rajasthan – Mandana
  • Gujarat – Saathiya Rangoli patterns
  • Chhattisgarh – Chaookpurna
  • Kumaon – Alikhthap
  • Andhra Pradesh – Muggu
  • Karnataka – Rangavallie
  • Kerala – Kolam designs
  • Tamil Nadu – Kolam


Rangoli is a vital part of any festival we celebrate in India. The bright colored beautiful design is a thing of beauty and it is believed to invite good fortune. There are thousands of ways one can make the rangoli, and you can explore through plenty of rangoli designs. However, it is challenging to filter out the designs according to the occasion and our skill. Here we have listed 50 beautiful and creative rangoli designs that would fit the occasion you are looking for. We hope you will try these Diwali rangoli designs and use it for more than one occasion. Let us know which one you liked the best.

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